The law of karma: each of our actions the universe has some resistance

We will try to consider one of the fundamental laws of the universe - the law of karma, or as it is known in the scientific world, the law of causation.

In short, this law can be formulated even a schoolboy: every action has a reaction. The same claim and the Vedas: "For every action, be it a thought, feeling, word, or physical act, the universe has a certain resistance, but the reward - or punishment is - depending on the action. And if a person in real life and can not wait for a reward or punishment from the government, the justice system, the people around them - because they are under the influence of this law, at the universal level of compliance with this law follows the Creator. "Even a blade of grass does not move without the will of God." That is the law of karma and destiny of the human forms.

What is the fate and where does it come from?
I hope that every reader thought about the question: "Who am I? Why was I born in this place and in this family? "," What is the meaning of my life? "," Why am I suffering? "- It is with these issues and begin to truly human life. If a person thinks only about how to eat, to sleep, to copulate and protect themselves, it is no different from an animal.

Each person has a destiny - born baby, and it has a line of life, there is the natal chart, which enables you to easily determine the fate of the major milestones. I remember that in March 1994 was in a small town near Chennai (South India), where the temple of Vishnu, two Brahmin (priest, cleric), looking at Rashi (natal chart, made for the Indian system) and on the line in his arms, told you your destiny: who you are, what country, what was your childhood, what is your family and financial situation, what awaits you, and so on. d., and so on. n. - up to 90 percent. And by and large, it is not so difficult.

I have students in courses within a few months of training might say, for example, a person will develop family life in this incarnation. There are so many great people (and not great, by the way, too), which in childhood predicted their fate: it is Alexander the Great, Alexander Pushkin, President Kennedy and others. Also, everyone knows that at all times there were great visionaries such as Vanga and Nostradamus to predict with great accuracy the future. All this refutes the views of those scientists who believe that everything in this world by accident. But the future that is predicted with an accuracy of at least a few percent, is not accidental.

Also, to put it mildly, is complemented by modern Christian doctrine (I emphasize the modern, because the first three hundred years Christians believed in reincarnation. And only one of the first ecumenical councils treatise on the transmigration of the soul has been deleted - this is a historical fact). Ask any Christian preacher: "Why have children who die hard death, and where do they go?", "Why is one born into the family of a millionaire and does not know what disease, and someone born into a poor family and all life is suffering? "But if we take the concept of reincarnation and the law of karma, everything will fall into place. For physicians, we also obtain, in accordance with their own destiny. I am writing this article just during surgery that makes my daughter.

The operation is very serious, complicated is only a heart transplant. It also once again reminds me of the law of karma. Six years ago, Vedic astrologers known in Moscow, examining my life and karmic problem (we have a rule that we "conduct" to each other), they told me that in a previous life, I made that and then some, and this I have a girl with a heart condition. And I had no choice but to recognize that this is already born. Although all doctors speak with one voice - it will live a maximum of 3-4 years, I knew her fate, had another opinion. And at this point (as, indeed, in the past and in the future) it lives according to the destiny and the Supreme Will, and not in accordance with the opinion of doctors.

As, however, and each of us.

Classification of karma - from primary sources. Now I would like to describe the law of karma - one way or nearly so, as it was given directly to the original sources of the Vedas. So as of now the word "karma" is known, and different people, saying it put in it a different meaning.

There was a lot of "experts" on karma, which claim that they can "clean up" your karma, without knowing what is meant by the word "karma". Karma - it means "action" (Sanskrit).

It includes the following concepts:

sanchita - karma accumulated in previous lives;
prarabdha - part of the accumulated karma, determined for the current incarnation;
kriyyaman - karma created by us in the present life;
AGAMI - Karma future incarnations if the current is not the last.
There are also vikarma, it includes:

antiroditelskuyu karma;
anti-family karma;
antisocial karma;
anti-human karma.
Akarma: He who has attained a certain level love of God, no longer has duties, but his karma remains. Reach akarma possible, doing their activities with complete detachment, without desire for results, with love.

The results of these different types of karma:

akarma leads to salvation;
vikarma - a punishment from above, a series of horrible incarnations and endless suffering;
Karma may lead to akarma and vikarma.
Element akarma leads to salvation, and the element vikarma - to slavery. Chi thus comprises four elements. Explain them in more detail. Sanchita chi - full aggregate balance of karma. Only a person produces karma, the animals are in a state Bhoga-Yoni, in which they can only suffer or rejoice, and can neither be created nor eliminate karma, as humans do. Sanchita-karma - karma is created by the individual in her previous human incarnations. A prarabdha part sanchita determined in this incarnation. It has both positive and negative side. Human joy and achievements derive from its positive side, and the misery and loss - from negative. Another part sanchita can be described as pre-existing motivation, which can enter the present life at any moment. And when people are suddenly doing something that they are least expected, it may be the result of just such a motivation.

Therefore, human life - is a history of prarabdha and motives for which there is no sensible explanation from the point of view of heredity and environmental influences. The behavior of the individual, thus, formed by four factors: heredity and environment, prarabdha and motivations that have source in a previous life. Kriyyaman chi - this is an area in which the person can enhance or ruin their destiny. Only in this rather restricted area, he can enjoy the freedom of action. Although the motivation of the previous life and prarabdha often create conflicts. The best advice all the great yogis give to people - to live it consciously (have gone through much suffering) prarabdha. And do good works in kriyyaman. That is, humbly and patiently accept what can not be prevented, and in the freedom of the will to take actions that bring us closer to akarma, transcendent level.

Karma and health. Speaking about the fate and karma, we did not want the reader came the fatal attitude. "Why be treated, if everything is predetermined?" Well, first of all, not all - some freedom of choice is always there. Secondly, in Ayurveda it says that disease, fire and debts need to start fighting immediately, making every effort. Third, according to Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda, as well as a huge variety of other sources, we are on the threshold of a new era (the golden age, the Age of Aquarius, and so on. D.) And the accelerated pace of our lives today as the external level, and the domestic. And if earlier for testing, decision of any karmic task took several lives, but now it can be solved in one lifetime, and even a few years. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Now more than ever, the hazards of improper outlook, resentment, anger, fear for the future and so on. D., And a person can twist very quickly, without even letting him know: "What ?!" It is important now more than ever, be guided by love, forgiveness, tolerance, if you want your life to be long and healthy. According to studies, people who live a long time believe in God, adhere to vegetarianism, live in clean places, eat right, use the services of modern medicine, etc. But there are long-lived, which do not comply with any of the above conditions. And what do they have in common? It is love, kindness, patience and a good sense of humor. No one has ever seen or heard of a touchy, hysterical woman lived long and was not ill. As, however, and aggressive, irritable, restless people. That is on our happiness and health, as well as the people around us are very strongly influenced by our character and outlook.

By the way, the proof of the above, you can find not only wise men - the saints of India and Tibet, but also for many of our contemporaries. In particular, Edgar Cayce (you can download the book by Kevin Dzh.Todeschi. "Edgar Cayce and the Akashic Records" in our library), the man who predicted many events with great precision. But the most important thing is that he could not find the origin of each disease in past lives. Registered ninety thousand of such cases at the institute named after this great American. There are other important studies in this field, but we can not bring them all. But such research is more, the disease will be defeated and not the discovery of new medicines, and by changing the consciousness of the people! So let's enter into a new century with a pure mind and a healthy body!

Rami Blekt


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