Man on each pass a small spiral goes through four stages of birth and death of the four stages.

By cosmogonic concepts in Vedic canons, the material world was created by God, as the world of virtual reality. It consists of 33 thousand universal layers packed into one another, and only one fourth of the spiritual universe, but not in the geometrical or temporal sense, but in terms of its manifestations. Modern hypothesis of parallel worlds is very close to the concept. In the material universe there is only past and future, in the spirit world - only the present. The mind of modern man is not able to accommodate this amazing idea.

Only a fool Cchitaetsya that it is independent. Only a fool feels that he is irreplaceable.

In the spiritual world, each of us is connected with God love races (relationship). We strive to get closer to God, to achieve absolute perfection, but it is impossible in principle, because only God is perfect. Thus was created the world of virtual reality, filled with all kinds of illusions - so that we could play any role, until the position of the Lord, if you so wish.

Thus, once we plunged into this illusory energy to enjoy their independence and feel that is experiencing the Almighty, controlling the other living beings.

In one celebrated Vedic canons "Shrimad Bhagavatam" material world is compared to a dense forest. When the Jiva (living being) is in it, it is completely entangled in his endless path. I must say that a living being is not only material but also spiritual senses, but in the world of virtual reality spiritual senses are under cover, as the sky under a thick cloud, so people can not directly perceive God. Tired of these walks, experiencing constant pain and frustration because of the separation from the Lord, we come to despair and then the Almighty is always in our hearts, gives us a spiritual mentor or open knowledge through the canonical literature. From that moment begins our return home, back to Godhead.

Spiritual evolution of living beings (jiva) in the material world is a very long process. According to Vedic tradition, there are 8.4 million levels of consciousness, each of which is a big turn of the spiral of evolution, one step on the path to God. Only a portion of these coils refers to a biological life form (a certain way of being and piramidinovyh purine bases). The rest are more subtle structure of the material energy. To move to the next level of consciousness, it is necessary to work out a huge package of karmic problems, go through many trials sent from above, and successfully pass the exams. This is similar to the gradual laundering glass does not transmit light of the sun. You can not perform this for one life - one to take the fortress by storm. It requires painstaking and hard work on themselves. Therefore it is necessary and just a small spiral of evolution, consisting of twelve stages, like the school. At each turn of the helix a person can incarnate from one to ten times, depending on the success of the tasks.

Man on each pass a small spiral goes through four stages of birth and death of the four stages.

The four stages of birth
After the birth of a person goes through four stages of birth and death of the four stages. They have been described in the ancient Tantras and Puranas, and in the XX century, confirmed by numerous studies of psychologists. Question four stages of birth, or four perinatal matrices, one of which is fixed at the time of the birth of human consciousness, purposefully engaged Stanislav Grof. He has used the method of regression, plunging the person into a certain state, in which he recalled his previous incarnations in the smallest details, and the details.

Vedic shastras (canons) say that there are four kinds of suffering in this world that is virtually impossible to overcome: birth, disease, old age and death. Oddly enough at first glance, the greatest of these is considered to be the birth of suffering.

The path of a living being to the next incarnation begins with the death of his former body. At this point, the two outer shells destroyed the soul - Anna-Maya-Kosha (physical or anatomical) INRA-Maya-Kosha (the etheric or energy-).

Then the living entity - Jiva - in the "thin" body consisting of ahankara (false ego), buddhi (intellect), Manas (mind) and Indra (feelings), passes through the outer corridor in accordance with their deepest desires and most mature karmic program (prarabdha karma) is a new birth on a certain planet in the country, city and family.

The scenario with which we come into this world is laid long before the next birth. Selecting a parent of a child entirely accidental, and the moment of conception and birth to a certain extent predetermined. The internal cause of our birth lies only in ourselves, and parents are given only to those who can best ensure our development and help us execute a predetermined program.

If a man and a woman love each other, then sooner or later they will create a single energy field - family egregore - the world like an amazing garden filled with beautiful plants love. This should not be allowed neither friends nor relatives, nor the teacher; Only children have the right to do.

When a man and woman have reached full understanding, we passed all tests and are confident in their love, they can start preparing to conceive a child. Ayurveda recommends that this period dlilsyane less than nine months.

At this time, prospective parents must be:

cleanse your body of exotoxins and cell "slag" (best to take "soft" ayurvediche-cal drugs like Triphala-guggul);
tidy neuroendocrine, and immune systems ...;
accept only clean food and water;
completely abstain from relations (necessary to accumulate enough energy shakti);
not to make long bath in the hot springs (hot water reduces the activity and viability of cells ...);
Regular use of Rasayana (rejuvenating ayurvedic elixirs like "Chavanprash┬╗);
devote more time to spiritual practices.
Only under these recommendations, expectant parents can look forward to the birth of physically and psychologically healthy child.

For two or three months before conception a woman may feel close to a living being, preparing to become her child. She slowly awakens maternal instinct in her dreams she sees a baby and begins in a special way to treat children.

When combined internal and external causes of birth, the living entity enters the sperm of the future father, and at the moment of conception in the womb of the mother moves, losing consciousness and the ability to perceive the world around us. In this condition, called Swapna, or dreamless sleep, dzhivabudet be about three months.

This stage is considered to be transitional. If at this time a woman, for whatever reasons, to get rid of the child, the living entity once again be able to wait for the next incarnation and, most likely, will again and again try to enter into the bosom of his mother. But if it will always be disposed of there, he will have the opportunity to be born in a different family egregor. However, for this to live in the world, those who can provide him with the appropriate education and development - otherwise jive have to wait in the small space of the universe as long as it is needed. Sometimes this takes tens or even hundreds of years (for example, if someone has a unique development program, which is able to implement a strictly defined family).

Therefore, from the point of view of the laws of the universe to get rid of the child is considered more sinful activities than murder, and women who commit such an act consciously, in this life or the next may lose the ability to have children. It may also happen that her offspring will die in the first few years of his life, or is mentally and physically handicapped. Such a situation is not a kind of punishment of Destiny, as some people think, but is given to develop a woman's maternal instinct and teach her maternal love.

"Ocean Paradise┬╗
It takes three months, and the transition phase ends. The child is included consciousness, and comes first, the longest stage of birth, which is called the "oceanic-tion" (Stanislav Grof in the system it is called the "first perinatal matrix"). Despite the fact that during this period, starting from 12-13 weeks after conception, lasts about five to six months, ie before the beginning of birth pangs, the individual, the relative perception of a living creature its duration is equal to the whole of their lives.

At this time the embryo is most closely associated with his mother, not only by the umbilical cord through which it receives oxygen and necessary nutrients, but also because of psycho-emotional contact. The child feels as if in a "dissolved" state. Its existence at this stage like living deep-sea fish, starfish and jellyfish. His etheric body harmoniously embedded in a matrix of energy-mother, and their "thin" (mental) body merged. Channels Nadi mother and child are related to each other, intertwined to form a single system.

Never again mother and the child would not be so close as now. Their mutual love seemed to flow from one to the other without encountering any obstacles. A woman at this time can be very much aware of and open to change in yourself. The child makes her look all communication with the outside world. As never before, it feels like a particle of the universe, and is immersed in a downward flow of energy information, so the pregnancy for a woman - a truly mystical period in her life.

A child at this time, too, feels cell of the universe, a particle of God, a drop of the boundless ocean. He sees the world through his mother, and all that she is doing at this time, it will correspond to the energy-matrix. He "scans" the surrounding space, which he created for the parents, as well as all thoughts of a mother and her emotional state. He is immersed in the memories of their past lives recorded in the matrix of the mind (Manas), and like a sponge soaks up information about the outside world. A mother's love surrounds and protects it.

Depending on the mother's thoughts, her feelings, behavior, lifestyle and physical condition of her body a child's life can turn into a heavenly or hellish existence.

In the "Bhagavatam" and other Vedic canons written more than five thousand years ago, it is claimed that during the prenatal period of life a child is attacked by a variety of "worms" and "parasites" sucking the lifeblood out of it. Modern physicians and biologists such statements seem absurd, because the womb and amniotic fluid are completely sterile environment. They laugh at the "primitive" ancient Aryans, and this canon criticized as unscientific, even knowing that so many slokas are secret or symbolic meaning.

Tantric texts indicate that the child is able to scan the field of mental mother sees her good thoughts in the form of angelic beings. When the mother is in an elevated and peaceful state, the child is experiencing bliss, amounting to ecstasy. He gets to be like a heavenly planet, and bathed in the divine light. He feels his oneness with the infinite creations of God. It "eats" this divine light, and its development is faster and more harmonious.

When the inner world of the mother is unbalanced, and she felt anger, irritation, envy, hatred, depression or fear, views the heavenly planets are replaced by pictures of destruction, natural disasters, hellish worlds full of evil and insidious creatures, devouring everything and everyone. Due to the fact that the mind is filled with negative mother and destructive stereotypes, the child is faced with the terrible demons, vampires, monsters, the likes of which can only be seen in horror movies or video games.

Ayurvedic recommendations for pregnant women. During pregnancy, the woman is very vulnerable to the negative impact of other people and different Bhutia (spirits), which can be fueled by its energy. It becomes more vulnerable for different diseases, because in this period there is a violation of the programmed homeostasis (equilibrium of the internal environment of the body). Cholesterol synthesis increases because it is required for the construction of cellular membranes. Increased levels of glucose, which is the main energosubstratom to maintain the cells not only the mother but also the fetus. Reduces the activity of cellular and humoral immunity (B-lymphocytes, T-killers, NK cells, complement), for the fruit of the mother's body is perceived as a foreign body. Change indicators of activity of many hormones and enzymes. It increases the likelihood of developing the so-called "developmental" diseases after pregnancy (this is possible if a woman has broken a tuning fork system of the body - energy-matrix).

Therefore Ayurveda recommends women during pregnancy particularly careful in behavior, nutrition, medication. Most of the time it is desirable to be in a clean and quiet place. It should not be possible to go out in the evening (when they become more active malicious bhoots) remain alone in the night, to visit the cemetery, crematorium, slaughterhouses, gambling houses and large gatherings of people, reading or watching movies related to violence and murder. All this may negatively impact on the psyche is not only the mother but also the baby. You can not be close to sources of high-frequency radiation (computers, TVs, cell phones, microwaves and high-voltage transmission lines).

During pregnancy, it is best to use only freshly prepared and not leave them even at night. It is desirable to take food in the same time, four times daily in small amounts (not more than one or two cups of solid foods). Preference should be given unleavened cheese ("Adyghe"), natural (not restored) and fresh milk (not perekisshim) Biokefir because they are not only a source of valuable protein, but also easily digestible calcium. Supplementing dairy products can be soy milk (or cocktails) and tofu. At intolerance of dairy products should be included in the diet supplements containing chelating (natural or easily digestible) form of calcium. Vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries as possible is better to use the ones that do not contain preservatives and are grown without chemical fertilizers. It is recommended to eat less potatoes (especially old crop) as it promotes the accumulation of abnormal mucus in the body; beetroot, as it absorbs the environmental toxins; radish and cabbage causing increased motility of the colon. Because legumes can only eat mung dal (mung bean), Turkish peas, string beans, asparagus and fresh or quick-frozen peas. It is not forbidden often include in your diet wild and brown rice, buckwheat, sprouted wheat, oats and barley. You can cook porridge dairy (milk add 5-10 minutes before end of cooking). It is undesirable to use semolina and corn grits, corn products and refined wheat flour because they contribute to the development of hyperinsulinemia, which may subsequently lead to the development of obesity. For the same reason it is necessary to replace sugar fructose. It should often include in your diet seafood, especially algae, because the baby needs during this period, large amount of iodine and selenium. It is best to cook in olive and ghee (the first should be 70% of the diet, the second - 30%), margarine is not be used. Meals can bake, braise or simmer; easy grilling is allowed only on ghee. Because nuts are best pine, are an excellent source of easily digestible magnesium. You can not eat peanuts and pistachios, as they may contain aflatoxin, which causes liver cell damage. It should also eliminate from your diet meat of cows, pigs, goats, sheep and rabbits.


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