Personality test. CHOOSE YOUR EYE and find out what kind of person you.

Eyes - the windows of the soul. Have you heard? Indeed, they can tell a lot about your personality.

Just look at these nine different eyes and without thinking, choose the one you liked the most. The main thing - not to meditate, and make a choice in favor of the drawing, which is aesthetically appeals to you most.

Just be warned: this test - a rather free way of interpreting science. Nevertheless, it is based on real scientific calculations.

So, let's look at all the options.

1. If you choose one, it means that your main feature - openness.
You - a man who will rejoice over the new acquaintances. You can open your heart to anything, and often run the risk of stuffing bumps, but it does not become a reason that you face from the outside world.

You never show others their fears and their insecurities. Do you consider that almost all the problems you can solve yourself. At the same time, you are always ready to help others.

2. The main feature of your - honesty.
You - the person who loves to make a good impression and is always trying to make things right. You feel like no one else, that person must be judged by his actions.

You try not to tell anyone when you feel bad. The world should not see you worried or upset. Around us too much grief and injustice to even worry about their small problems. Do you live in order to devote himself to other people.

3. If you select the eye at number 3, which means that now you are probably unhappy man.
You must have been very turbulent past, and it still has an impact on you today. Life may seem to you quite angry and incomprehensible joke. You are trying to find their own world, but can not yet.

At the same time, you prefer not to tell anyone about his dark thoughts. You know, for everyone - including yourself - it's better if you leave your dark thoughts and predictions to themselves. After all, you know, in the end, everything will work out. And it's just such a difficult phase right now, which can be overcome.

4. If you select the fourth eyes, it means that deep down inside you - a philosopher.
You're the type of people who bother about issues that seem to no one else interested. You - one of the few who are trying to understand how the world works at a deep, true level.

Would you like to know more deeply the essence of things. Sometimes it is difficult: you are lost in your thoughts, you do not notice the world and always think about all at once.

Sometimes you find answers to your questions, but after a while start to look for new puzzles. For your life - it's a huge, never-ending puzzle. You do not know what it is to you, but keep it folded.

5. Eye №5 - a symbol of mystery and inscrutability of your soul.
You still do not understand who you are and where your place in this world. However, you're going to keep trying!

Your soul - mash of contradictions, and your mood is changing every day, and sometimes - a few times per day.

Usually, however, you're not talkative and does not like to talk about himself. Are you wondering when someone else tells about his life.

6. Opting eyes №6 - a sign of high sensitivity.
You - the man who sees all and never forgets anything. Because of this you live in a state of extreme harmony with the world. Your feelings - deep deeds - sometimes silly, but always nice and you have a very, very easy to laugh and moved to tears.

However, you are hiding from the outside world its fragility. Instead, you show him my insight.

In general, you - positive person, and wait for good things in life. And if in the world there is something new and strange, you - one of the first who wants to learn about it.

7. If you chose an eye №7, then you are always in my heart burn.
You bursting with energy and passion. In the world there is nothing more exciting for you than simple, ordinary life.

Your feelings - it is always extreme. You either love with all your heart and with all my heart hate. Do you have an opinion on any issue and any issue. You have a lot of energy, and you often spend it just the fact that the nervous and worried.

On the other hand, you would be happy to stay, but you can not. Still hope for you. And rely on you. If you're someone can not help you for this - a real tragedy.

8. If you selected Eye №8, it means your main feature - eccentricity
You - the person who has unusual interests and beliefs. Perhaps you practice something ancient, even as no one says, still do not understand. For some you - just a weirdo. But, strictly speaking, you do not care about this sort of opinion.

You do not care about the rules and traditions. Are you looking for your way. And if, in order to find it, it is necessary to fill a lot of cones, - then so be it.

Usually, you do not hide from others, but not to impose them from voting. You understand: everyone - his way. Therefore, when you condemn, you just laughed it off. At the same time you want to find people like you. Someone who is also a nonconformist, and for whom the search for its path - joy.

9. If you chose the eye at number 9, then you - a man who lives in accordance with what it intuitively.
You - one of those people who are very thin feel and understand the world around them. You can understand that a person is thinking or feeling, not by his words but by his intonation and facial expressions. You do well to understand people - and, from an early age.

You sometimes embarrassing to admit it, but you know how to "read" people and their ulterior motives. This innate skills repeatedly saved your life and work. You always know when someone is trying to manipulate others and always recognize the deception. And you never "planted" there is no gypsy!


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