What men need to know about women.

"Man - is a living seed of the Spirit of Fire Dimensions of the Information Matrix universe. My dear, you have chosen yourself how potoki- men, not just because you like to drink beer, to caress the earth, and women have a car, not only because that being a man means to be a Force and then be free. What are they to you? You do not use them! What is your Strength, dear friend? What is freedom for you, people of the earth? What You Love, Divine Ray - Man? Answer these questions yourself. They are the most important of all that has ever come into your head, because you were born in order to respond to them, you were born, driven by the immensity Laska Solemn Mysteries of the Universal Being. What do you answer when choosing their earthly - cosmic status? Remember, the reason for all - Lyubov.Ty came to Earth in search of the highest Love. You came to Earth as a warrior, possessing the power of Consciousness, maturity and freedom of spirit. Answer yourself now, what do you have masculine energy flow? You've come to the Great Arsenal Defender Divine Forces and commander. You - Live Fire, breathable Heat universe and I'm telling you - awake, Keeper of Earth Protector, husband and father of the universe Radiant Crystal Living Seed absolute knowledge and balance. I say - WAKE UP! Renounce spiritual slumber for their women for the sake of his earthly child for the sake of the Blessed Mother, which has become the open doors for you in this world. Be grateful. And be responsible for their choices, for you, my dear friend, came into the world in these times and in this embodiment, in order to protect life, not to kill it, in order to search and find love, but not to make it, in order to protect the Earth, but not to destroy it, to love the earth and caress a woman through her entire universe. Is there a more beautiful mission? Is there a nobler path? »

Lee Carroll "Kryon»

"For me, modern man - a rebel who seeks his true nature, his true face. This is someone who is willing to lose all the masks, all the pretense, hypocrisy, and show the world who he really is. It does not matter, love him or curse, respect, appreciate or shame, leading to the throne or the crucifixion. Be yourself - the greatest blessing in my life. Even if such a person is crucified on the cross, he will feel great satisfaction from the fact that served its purpose. It is a sincere, frank and to know the love and compassion - a man who realized that people are blind and neosoznayuschi they are asleep, that they are in a spiritual dream ».

Osho on the Men

What you need to know the men about women

What a woman needs more than anything else.

A woman wants to know that the man she loved only. A woman wants to be understood and loved, pay attention, valued and treasured. If the worst, in your opinion, would you say a woman that she is the best, she will love you for the second time. When a man loves a woman as it is here and now, it blooms and becomes the way he wants it to be. But when a man puts a condition that will love her when she will be what he wants to see it - it will change and, of course, change, but change its attitude to the man ... Or it will start to please him than cause only irritation or even aggressive, but never will be what you want it to be. It is only your love, your woman will create for you.

Woman created biologically and genetically different

Logic and a woman's brain is different from the male - related to the perception of things she is different from men. Therefore men is difficult to understand why women so often changing mood. For a woman, every man, appeared in its field of view, it is a potential partner. Or rather, the woman every man regarded as a potential partner at least once in life. So women are arranged. After all, a woman chooses, in response to a pulse sent by a man. But for a man not every woman will do. They think that other women are not as capricious as theirs. Just you are not familiar with them ...

A woman requires empathy and understanding

Men treat women like a fragile vessel that nothing will hinder that you want. All, without exception, the women developed maternal instinct - to take care of others, so the woman also expects you to attention. If your spouse sometimes crying - not annoying! Embrace it and let cry. Learn to hear it. For women it is important to talk to someone about their feelings and problems. Men are not always interested in her inner experiences. But! If you do not listen to her, she still finds someone cried, "waistcoat" and the relationship between the listener and the storyteller can end intima. Ability to listen - it is art. Even if you're not interested, try to show sincerity and care. If you do not want to understand and listen to - a woman crying or closed and well, if not forever. Priority for women - not the material, and the personal attention and time man. Spend more time with her, talk, talk.

Show interest in domestic affairs

There is no division for women's or men's case, and if there is, it is self-deception and pride when someone says: "This is not a man's job." For women, the important fact - the willingness to help men - is an expression of respect and love. For a woman - it's like to wear it on his hands in front of all, this is a manifestation of your love - whether you like it so much that assists in all its affairs and work.

The woman - a fire that must be maintained constantly

What woman wants ... just - a distortion of the truth. ... For a woman begins not in bed. ... Begins in the morning. But this is not to jump to it in the morning in bed ... It's caress, attention, care, compliments. The woman - a burning fire, which constantly need to throw the wood in order not extinguished. Men by virtue of its rationality, prefer to act rather than talk. Therefore, the feelings they do not talk a lot, voicing their once assumed that women perceived their words and now forever remember that the man loves her. But the woman, it is not efficient to create and tell her about his feelings once, then do not say anything. Due to their emotional, women need constant repetition and reminders about their feelings, so they did not lose confidence in them, as if your love recharged again and again. Call, leave love notes, to do surprises, often confess in love. Let your romantic relationship remains. The concept of love - it's not .... and attention. When a woman is used as an object ... - it's disgusting to her. Warning - this is the compliments, gifts, concern, care, and respect. When you have the attention of these components - born as a continuation of ...

Woman puts into words a different meaning.

It is full of illogical and incomprehensible. When she asked the man if he wants to eat, it is because of that she is hungry and it would be nice to eat right now. When she said she was tired, it is a plea for help, even if the request is not sounded directly. Sorry, she said that her feelings are important are important, but does not mean - "I will not do it anymore." When she asks a bunch of flowers or a fur coat, she wants to feel that it is still important and necessary. And that is why the most expensive gifts - the ones that feel the love. Batteries, much work is not charging a certain amount of time and then need to recharge again, and with a female sensuality. As is the case with a declaration of love, a time to give a gift, like roads and it was not great, would not constitute proof of the man's feelings for years, it only confirms the love for the near future. That is why women need to give gifts more often - the frequency and nature of gifts may depend on the wallet, and imaginative abilities. Silly offended by phone, if he is dead. If you restrict a woman attention, she enters into a state of survival and go to the store. For women, the most affordable, simple and favorite way of therapy - shopping. All men know what is built on a huge number of shopping malls and stores. Arriving there, choosing things, buying, women filled a little. And satisfy their inner emptiness. The main secret is that buying something that a man does not approve of or not ready for it to allocate funds in a sufficient amount, the internal filling is still not happening. Items bought from the state of resentment and survival, do not want to wear because they are energetically connected with this uncomfortable condition. Women, too, need to de-stress. Shopping is just one of the ways. The man there protested - "Do you want another and another and another? "- This is another and another and another occurs when a woman does not feel that a man is willing to give it your attention and care. Go once together and choose something more than it can afford, but your circumstances. All you then do not need more, more and more, because the joint purchase associated with a sense of security just: "My husband will gladly do it and bought me more than I wanted to." It does not apply to women who are simply using men as a purse.

What is absolutely not like women in men

A man who needs a woman's attention. You are very emotional, share all their experiences and chuvstvami.Vy constantly doubt yourself, you need to hear that between you and your half so good that you have a good job, friends ... attractive men are such traits as the confidence and independence . Women tend to get strong spirit of a man, so your sentimentality may scare her. But as you know, women being contradictory they simultaneously feed two opposite qualities. Your sincerity will be your trump card, when you get closer and will develop a little attitude. Then you can talk heart to heart as much as necessary, but at the level of exchange of information - and then the woman will even seek to find out what you have in mind and heart.

Man, predskazuemyy.Skuchno communicate with a man who always acts on a template and never surprises. Unpredictability and the spirit of freedom attract women, so they often give themselves into the hands of "bad guys." This does not mean that you should become a "bad guy." Just be different, mix predictability and unpredictability. For example, suddenly called and invited her to dinner or a trip into the countryside. Do what you have before you and did not think, manifest illogic in the behavior ...

The man, arrogant. He condescends to communicate and speak with the woman as if she was worse and more stupid than it rude to those he considers inferior. A woman appreciates a man by how he communicates not only with her but with others. Thus, she foresees how a man will talk to her when closer acquaintance. If you want to impress a woman, show more respect for others. Remember, she is watching you.

Man, ill-mannered. He frankly looks at other women in her presence, maybe even flirt, tells them compliments. And worse places in the example of one woman to another ... It does not bother him. He can talk about his past victories on the love front or close contact with the woman he is with such a "shirt-guy", ie "If I brought for you, then be patient enticing way I am." All in all, this suggests that he has no respect for women. This behavior does not please a woman and did not develop a serious relationship. Think about it ... because love changes a person, and he tries to be better than it is, and in the end this becomes.

Man, greedy. He invites a woman out on a date and subtly hints that would be nice to pay every man for himself. He once again not fork over a bunch of flowers and find a reason to avoid the holiday, so as not to give a gift. Already from the first date a woman feels austerity. Believe me, man, your woman will be very economical when you are together become allocate the budget of a joint life. But a woman should feel special, it is next to you, so sometimes men manifest extravagance, otherwise nothing will happen.

The man argued. Any conversation he turns into an argument. The woman in this case does not feel comfortable, it has to defend itself, to think about what she said. Communicating with a lover argue - is stress. If you have this feature, try to relax as much as possible during the interviews, as the desire to start a dispute you arises from the fact that you are nervous and do not know what to say. Pre-think about possible topics for conversation and questions that you can ask your companion.

The man who thinks he is always and everywhere the right. Such a man feels entitled to judge others. It starts to indicate the woman what she should do and what it should not do. This behavior does not cause a woman is nothing but feelings of irritation and anger. Loved that it begin to report on every occasion and without it ... do, features, character and human behavior, it is a private matter. If you do not like a lot of your woman, to end the relationship. And best try to understand that each person has strengths and weaknesses, with some of them you can put up with the others not. Remodel another person, it is a thankless task. Try and find something good that you are attracted to your woman and tell her about it. Turn lack of dignity ... illogical? Yes! But believe a miracle will happen ...

Man, woman-hater. A man of this type does not hide his attitude towards women, releasing cynical and offensive comments treatment for all women in general, and to the side of his companion, in particular. It's definitely the only one of all the male qualities that absolutely cause a negative reaction in any woman. If you're a misogynist, why would you do a woman? To again verify the correctness or hoping to find still your ideal? If you still want to find a woman, then you have to discard the illusion (ideal people do not happen), change yourself - to become more tolerant.

What Women Want


For a woman, it is important to feel the closeness with other people - intimate conversations with friends, romance, intimacy and love. And the woman is very important to feel a man to know what was in his heart. Call and ask, "Where are you?" Several times a day - this is not to control it. And just to hear what you think about them sometimes. The woman lives negative and positive emotions when he talks about them, but at this time a man wants to be alone. But if he will remember that you just need to talk to her and cry in the man's shoulder - it is easy to be both. It is not easy, especially for men. After all, women do not want tips, recipes, job, she needs to know that "all of us together - and the feelings and thoughts, and events" - "I am with you. And I love you ».


A woman wants to feel valuable and necessary - it is important to understand that you value cooked dinner, a clean shirt in his closet. What is important to you, her beauty and grooming. With compliments, this woman feels gratitude. Men, do not be stingy with compliments, but be sincere, diverse and focused in their attention on any subject. A woman is able to melt one of your words. It would be nice if the words are in resonance with the actions.


Inside every woman has always lived a little fragile girl madly in vulnerable and sensitive. And whatever armor she wore herself or she wants sympathy and concern. Without men caring woman loses her femininity and beauty. Is it difficult - to shake hands when you exit the bus, hold the door to help with heavy bags, found a job ...? Perhaps these men of action seem unnecessary, but care for such a woman is ready to inspire you, to promote and worship. Another woman wants to stop working from dawn to dusk, and begin to create a cosiness in the house, harmony, love and the atmosphere - to cook magnificent meals, buy new curtains ... That is our nature women - to create and to be women. Many men think that every woman wants. You look in her eyes - a deep and long - inside you'll see the little girl, which is so like to create the world around them. For a man who would allow a woman to do, she is ready to give everything without a trace.

What do women want?

Often, women themselves have no idea what they want.


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