Women love with their ears, and men love with their eyes. WHY man loves his eyes?

Why is the woman loves the ears and the eyes of man? If a man says he loves. How does the loving man?

Men and women - are different, but know how to love with the same force, though in different ways. They say women like ears, and a man - eyes. Why?

This is because boys and men, first of all, pay attention to the appearance of girls and women. They can be as much as necessary to say that the main soul. Soul - is good, but it is no better than the appearance of women. At least, so say almost all men.

Oh, how they love the women in mini - skirts in kolgotochki in earrings .... And if it is on the face or simpatichnenkaya krasivenkaya - man becomes a slave woman. In any case, until such time as it achieves it. What makes a man and a man, to gain the love and beauty of the location? He is capable of much.

If a man says he loves the behavior of the loving man?

He can lie, that knows how to cook well, hinting that he liked the woman will not disappear for a long time in the kitchen. Then it turns out that it is - just a "trick of conversation," which was supposed to help win the heart of a native woman. Of course, many women are thrilled with the men, whose culinary skills are not limited to only one fried eggs with tomatoes.

Another man tried to "buy" a single, walking with her expensive restaurants and shops. Well, of course, buying her everything your heart desires. If a woman does not like her boyfriend just money - the fan, it will not be it financially, "exploit". Prezentik thank for little will ask to hold home and everything. Yes, purchase - a great temptation to just. But if a woman likes a man (in - and really serious), it does not even remember the hypermarkets and boutiques of his company. After all, the main thing is that he was there.

Women love with their ears, and men love with their eyes. - Men's tricks.

To the woman was with him, a man of Zadar her compliments. As women are like gifts! Why do they love the ears? Because, perhaps, that they love to talk. And all the compliments and warm "tenderness" consist of words. This is where the legs are growing something. A bloom of beauty ears said. And women think that the whole world turned upside down. How few women need from men ....

Of course, affection and compliments listen nicer than reproaches and "dostavaniya", such as "where have you been?", "What do you plague", "how are you I have hesitated." By the way, if a man say something like that, he only thinks about what would be a "calamity" said the girl and just melted it all roughness. And sweet words triggered a win-win: a few beautiful words, beautiful and clever willing to share the life and to give heart.

An interesting, but the real kartinochka: women are born beautiful, and men are born to worship this beauty, and often remind her. This here is the cooperation in female ears and eyes of men. And cooperation is not only beneficial, but also a pleasant, satisfying moral needs and fill the gaps in the self-assessments of men and women.

Women love the ears. - Alas, men often use the knowledge that the woman is able to love not only the heart and soul, but also the ears. Here, men and "ride" on women's ears to catch the beauties of what they want. I wanted them to, for example, vstre6chatsya Woman's sake ... They will "fill in" the kind of girl beautiful, beautiful, charming and beautiful. By the way, in order to achieve the intimate relationship, men may tell women anything. They are even prepared to make an offer directly to bed. Of course, women are "deemed" for a romantic moment, and the man and forget that they are generally talking about.

Men like eyes. So they like to watch movies ... and throw in a life views on women's favorite. See and it excites them, the more they see the readiness of all to ... Men are so fond of ... and so good with him are, do not miss any of the right moment to do it. Well, men's brains during ..... generally completely disconnected. Why think when so nice and so magical? Not to thinking and to the brain, for men, at the time of sex.

How insulting for women! They are accustomed to believe what they want to believe. Consider: a man said - man will do. It does, but not what dreams so beautiful. Men can be viewed and evaluated women as their favorite toys. They can forget that women - people who, in the chest, the heart beats too. When the male instincts overcome men - it is frightening: they resemble some animals that tend to mate or female conquest.

If all men and all women know how to love, sincerely, only hearts, the world would long ago have had no quarrels or disagreements or divorce proceedings. But in the world - everything is different. It is good that there are still those who do know how to love, no matter what part of the body.

Very often there are people who do nothing and have never loved and fell in love. Either because they did not want to, or because they do not even consider it necessary to love someone other than yourself. Then do not matter no eyes, no ears or any other body.

Love - a very wonderful feeling. It inspires people and gives them light and happiness. It is unfortunate that the feeling mercilessly overshadow people themselves, their prejudices, moods and characters.

The woman loves the ears. Her ears "crazy" one just "love", and she do not want to think about what that word can turn wrong. So let the man speak the truth to please the women's ears, and let the women take care of themselves, to men's eyes were happy. Very true. Do not you think?

This article is not about what men are liars. The women also know how bad lie. The bottom line - in the other: Let the harmony is present not only in the hearts of women, but also in the hearts, in appearance, in moral qualities. You will see: the whole world will be different. People will be able to believe in a fairy tale and that everything can be better than just good.

Men should remember that women - different. And everyone is not given by nature to be super super models and beauties. And women should not forget that their great ears could fly a beautiful lie, from which a lot of bitterness and pain.

Let love triumphs! Let it live and beating heart of every person in this huge and vast land!


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