Love between men and women. LOVE men to women. SIGNS OF MEN LOVE MEN.
How does the man in love? Signs of a man in love.

Man and woman…. How much mystery, so much sensuality between them. And yet, through it, "pass" and to answer the question of how a man shows his love to a woman?

I will say commonplace: in different ways. "Decorating" the banality: a variety of ways. For those who doubt, I add: men have a heart. Real, live, beating. It can live for love. This lively, real and flailing.

Love between a man and a woman. The love of man to woman. - Signs of man's love for men.

As a man expresses his love? Excessive attention. Which, by the way, often bored woman. And someone like "focus time", which smoothly passes into obsession, or something like it? Letters (e), "dostavalki" chats, calls, messages on mobile phone .... All this, of course, more than a pleasure. But only if this "nice" - not too much.

A man can confess his love, dial on the radio, or on television. Especially nice if this recognition is expected. Because, otherwise, she can not hear a word of love, spoken in this way. A man and not upset: he will be glad that he had committed such an act. His example is likely to be followed by his friends, which he, of course, boast.

A loving man would dissuade favorite of constant dieting, because he knows how it is harmful. He will feed his beloved sweetly if she loves him. If a woman goes in for sports, do not add to the weight, he did support both verbally and effectively. He did not even take the trouble, before work, run with her around the house. On the contrary, it will give him a lot of fun.

It will gratify her in bed, do whatever she likes. He had little to think about getting a buzz for himself. All - for the beloved and only for her. But she, too, loves the person who is trying to please her so. She will not stay in debt: arrange everything so that it was good and nice together.

Never, man, will not respond to questions favorite, rude and careless. His voice, always will sound gentle and pleasant notes that remind you of a happy woman, that she is loved and appreciated.

Woman prepared most delicious dinner and called a man dear to the table. Man will make a compliment to her and cooked meals, expressing admiration for her culinary skills. He will say "thank you" and take away for themselves, smiling, from the table.

Of course, the perfect relationship does not happen even among couple in love. Cases and quarrels and deceptions and scandals, and omissions. But it's not "destroy" a great love that lives between a man and a woman. The man just a woman all. Just as it it.

How does the man in love? - Signs of a man in love.

The man, in love with "blindness" forgive even treason. He can not let go of, to miss and to give, your lovely creature, someone else. It is, for him - everything. He is without - no. Yes, she had betrayed him, slept with another .... But he has no idea how he, without it, you can live at least one a second.

Is it true that if a very long time, not to do with a man ..... he finds another, in spite of the strong feelings? Not true! Men, though the males, by their nature, they are able to wait for their favorite will not say "yes" (it applies to painting, and relationships ...).

A woman bought a new dress and jewelry to him. The man says, "You look amazing!". Such a response can not make a woman: she waits on the beloved, more detailed response, more "detailed" statement of reactions. If a man wants to add and "you are beautiful in all", the woman will appreciate it as an insult, but not as beautiful "placer compliments." She decided that it was not interested and do not care about what and how she dresses. Woman offended (very, very), and the man did not understand the reason for this resentment. If he told the truth, that most woman to attract men in general without any clothes, the woman will generally be regarded as a man preoccupied vulgar, who, except ... nothing from her need.

Woman unbelievable "jealous" to a man ... She, for some reason, I'm sure if the man of her dreams ... - it is no longer attracted to him. This - not so much as a man, even when the most passionate in the world will not be able to change their habits. Some men say that ... and ... - it is very different "actions", which bring different meet.

A man not in the mood - he is buried, a nose, a fresh newspaper, and trying to forget about their problems. Woman talking, at this moment, words of love "read". He responds short little "uh huh," and a woman - in tears or on the phone to complain to, a friend, to the "insensitivity" to her dear man. Why, women with a "clear" an intuitive, can not imagine: a man does not want to "load" and upset the one who always lives in his heart?

Love between a man and a woman. - Love "inspires" the man. But his wings very fast breaks "wind of jealousy." Where jealousy - and I love it. These two "women" are connected and interrelated. Each person is jealous lover. Not only are jealous of those who "do not care" to each other, who live for the sake of gain or for the sake of fame, for the sake of status in society.

My favorite woman decided to part with a man .... He was crying like a baby, want not "breathe". He did not even go to work. He does not care that reprimanded or fired. No favorite, in the soul of the lover, "reigned" the emptiness, the silence, and a sharp pain that will not soon leave him alone.

The love of man to woman. - Love can fight for his "ideal woman" can fight for it.

But the bad news - not now! Let all and all will only be mutual and bright, warm and cheerful, colorful and rainbow!

Love between a man and a woman - a great gift of fate, since not all know how to love. So, we need to preserve this valuable (priceless) gift and love, even when there is no love in the echo reply.


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