50 amazing facts about men

Yes, we are all humans, and are arranged in a similar way, but not the same. Differences between male and female body and the structure of the brain largely explain the differences that exist between the sexes.

Website offers its readers into the world of facts about a man's body!

1. Men see color differently than women. Because of the two X chromosomes palette of colors, who see women more widely. Therefore, women in conversation operate shades and men talking about the fundamental colors.

2. Men better developed tunnel vision. Women peripheral.

3. In the men's blood more red blood cells and hemoglobin.

4. The men slowly lose collagen, so their skin ages more slowly. However, regular shaving and neglect to care about his own form nullify the advantage of a natural man.

5. According to the latest research, due to the high level of testosterone the male body produces fewer antibodies, making the male immune system is weaker than the female.

6. The volume of blood in men more than women. 5-6 vs. 4-4, 5.

7. in the male body in an average of 12% fat by weight. In the women - 26%.

8. The jump in the level of prolactin in men can occur from constant stimulation of the nipple, because of the hormonal failure or due to starvation. In history there are many examples of male breast feeding.

9. Leather men by an average of 0, 2 mm thicker than that of women and almost 10 times less sensitive.

10. in the male brain worse than developed corpus callosum. It is thinner and it is 30% less nerve connections, so men worse cope with multitasking.

11. The overabundance of DHT in the male body weakens the hair follicles, which either die or shrink to the size observed in newborns.

12. The higher the level of testosterone, the greater the propensity for aggression can manifest man. There is an inverse relationship. Scientists from the University of Nipissing, Canada found that aggressive action to increase the level of testosterone in the blood.

13. The average male brain is 8-13% higher and 150 grams heavier than the female. Men have larger hippocampus - part of the brain responsible for memory and attention.

14. In men, the electrical activity of the brain during sleep to fall by 70%, and for women - only 10%

15. Men burn fat more efficiently than women. About 50 calories per day.

16. The men lower levels of oxytocin than women and less-developed areas of the brain responsible for long attachment, so the altar is usually more willing women.

17. The diameter of the male hair is generally two times more than women.

18. Men's heart beats more slowly than women.

19. In the language of men is less than the taste buds than women.

20. In men less pain receptors, but due to increased levels of estrogen women experience pain better than men.

21. In the past year at Harvard has been proven that an excess of testosterone in men increases the level of bad cholesterol LDL. It promotes the formation of cholesterol plaque narrows the arteries.

22. In the men's ligaments and muscles less collagen and elastin, so men are less flexible.

23. The men worse than women distinguish shades of sweetness.

24. men's ears are less susceptible to high-frequency sounds.

25. In men, it is responsible for only one brain center, so they are, according to statistics, say half words per day than women.

26. In men less developed sense of smell.

27. The development of boys in the womb is slower. Because of this, they are 14% more often born prematurely.

28. the male hormone testosterone has a direct impact on life expectancy. Chinese eunuchs lived to an average of 71, that is experiencing its "testosterone" compatriots in 17 years.

29. men to reach orgasm in average only four minutes. Women are 2-4 times more. The male orgasm lasts only 6 seconds, the female 23-24 seconds.

30. Men on average 15 cm taller than women. Ucheny explain this activity ITM2A gene on the X chromosome. As we know, women of these two chromosomes.

31. Men cry on average from 6 to 17 times a year. The women - from 30 to 64.

32. The men worse than women intuitively feel the danger that is associated with reduced levels of progesterone, estradiol and cortisol.

33. According to the American Association of heart disease study, men in 1, 5 times more likely than women to die from cardiovascular disease.

34. For the past hundred years men seriously increased. The average growth dynamics in Europe - 11 cm -12 cm in Spain. Today, the highest men - Dutch. Their average growth of 1, 85 m.

35. Men's noses tend to be more massive than the female. This is due to large consumption of oxygen.

36. Men and women react differently to the problematic situation: the men use the right hemisphere amygdala and perceive the problem. Women employ the left hemisphere amygdala and stored parts of emotions.

37. genetic males are simpler women as active X chromosome cells are a set of maternal and paternal cells. Men get the X chromosome from the mother. The Y-chromosome contains less than 100 genes, while the X chromosome carries about 1500 genes.

38. Do men and women differ in the so-called cognitive maps. Men perceive the entire space as a "card-scheme", while women see the world as a "circuit-path" and strongly tied to benchmarks.

39. In men with low testosterone levels in the blood may increase qualities such as greed, the propensity for hoarding. Therefore, eunuchs - Ideal bankers.

40. Compared with women, men have more of the hormone androstenone. In some mammals, it functions as a pheromone. He plays a similar role in human society.

41. Contrary to popular belief, shaving stubble men becomes more dense. Stubble visually seems more rigid and dense due to the fact that she has not had time to plunge the effects of the environment.

42. The men are three times less likely than women have migraines. This is due to the fact that the male brain is more difficult vyzvat wave activity.

43. The men are half as likely to suffer from depression than women, but they have twice the risk of developing schizophrenia. And it runs harder than women.

44. In men, a higher risk of becoming drug addicts and alkogole-. Women are more likely than men to suffer from anorexia.

45. The men differently than women respond to stress. Men tend to suspension, in women, the mechanism, which scientists call the "protection and support." That is the protection of children and the search for Support from the social group.

46. The brain men are not involved in the process of ejaculation. For it meets the spinal cord.

47. Men better orient themselves in space. Parallel parking manages the first time in 82% of them. In women, this figure is different - 22%.

48. When a man hailed, they usually turn the whole body. This is due, firstly, to the low mobility of the neck, and secondly, a protective reflex "hit-and-runĀ».

49. Baldness is X-linked recessive trait, his men inherit from their mothers.

50. Due to the presence of only one X chromosome, men are more prone to complications and women with chronic illnesses.

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