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site publishes a compilation in the style of "BRIEFS", which is so attracted to our regular readers. Under the article you will find links to our other collections of facts. In Peru, near the town of La Rinconada, there is a gold mine, where people work for 30 days without any charge. But on the 31st day they are allowed to take with them out of the mine as much ore as they can bear on their shoulders. In Japan, formed a whole class of people called « kiberbezdomnymi ». These people live in an internet cafe because it is cheaper to rent housing. These cafes are usually equipped with free shower and where you can buy underwear. Macedonian reporter Vlado Taneski, who made his name in the papers about a serial killer, then he turned out to be a serial killer most of which he wrote reports. Maniac reporter eventually committed suicide by drowning in the tub with water. Hummingbirds build their nests using the spider web woven together. The invasion of Iraq in 2003, originally was named «Operation Iraqi Liberation» («Operation Iraqi Freedom"). But since the first letters evolved into too unambiguous abbreviation « OIL » (ie "oil"), it was decided to change the name to «Operation Iraqi Freedom» («Operation Iraqi Freedom"). Figure do not necessarily grow in water. Users simply use the ability of rice to carry a lot of moisture to rid it of weeds and other pests, and thus to secure a good harvest. The famous jeweler Harry Winston decided to transfer large diamond weighing 45, 52 carats, known as the "Hope Diamond", the Smithsonian Institution as a gift and sent it safely normal airmail, wound precious cargo rough wrapping paper. According to Chris Hadfield, all astronauts / cosmonauts to the International Space Station before the start of write on the right rear wheel of the bus, is dovozit them to the spaceship. So they give a kind of tribute to the Yury Gagarin, that is (as they say) did the same thing before the first flight into space. Two twin razluchёnnye and an adopted immediately after birth, by pure coincidence were named James. Growing up, both married women named Linda, then both divorced and married again. Second wives, both named Betty. From his second marriage they were born a son, both of whom have named James Allan. Plus, in the families of the two brothers was the dog, who wore identical nicknames Toy. In 1904, the Swedish boat sailor Carl Petterson wrecked one of the islands of Papua New Guinea tribe of cannibals municipality. The poor man was taken to the King, and certainly would eat if I did not ... love. The daughter of the King had conceived a passion for the seafarer and wished to become his wife. After a while the old king died, and the former Swedish sailor became the new ruler of the island.

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