Corruption in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs an open letter to Putin

Open letter

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

Russian Prosecutor General Chaika UY

Chairman of the Russian Audit Chamber Sergey Stepashin

Director of the Financial Monitoring Service Chikhanchin YA

Director of the Russian Federal Security Service Bortnikov AV

Russian Finance Minister Siluanova AG

We, the staff members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on several occasions addressed to you all for the help in the elimination of blatant corruption that pervades the entire system of economic and financial activities of the Foreign Ministry, gave concrete examples that leave no room for doubt, and naively hoped that learning about the egregious facts you are instructed his services to check and stop bezpretsendentnoe embezzlement of budgetary funds, state property and eliminate the workers of iniquity. [next] Recognizing the special situation of MIDA we did not want to wash dirty linen in public and did not want to make these materials in the Internet in the case of the adoption of the measures requested not to disclose our names because we would be taken to the most repressive measures And what have we got? And the fact that all of our letters were forwarded to the those involved in corruption or handouts, which say below on the vine were bought by the Ministry.

Ladies and gentlemen, you, knowing vnutriministerskuyu backstage life, as opposed to the general public should be aware that the Foreign Ministry for a long time is an atmosphere of impunity which does not honor diplomatic agencies. You certainly remember well-known facts reported by the media, such as embezzlement by the former Consul General in New York, then Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs I.A.Kuznetsovym several million dollars, the purchase of about a hundred cars to MIDA deputy Potapov AV by one and a half times as high prices and many other less known facts. Although the facts of theft and corruption in these cases have been established and heard in the media, but in this regard, Kuznetsov immediately was performed on retirement, after which he joined the Office of the President, and Potapov as a punishment sent into exile away from home - Ambassador to Bulgaria, where he successfully worked for about 5 years, and of course helped Mr. Gennady Gudkov buying scandalous land. Deputy chief of staff at the time MIDA drunkard A.Gibova, which Lavrov appointed there after many years of work on pulling suitcases Lavrovsky who negotiated directly with the supplier of the sesqui prices for cars, was sent to work abroad, and later he became head of the department to work in GlavUpDK with only one salary of 200 thousand. rubles plus various bonuses. No damage on cars are not reimbursed.

This situation is maintained at the Foreign Ministry today, corruption is completely eroded the entire system of procurement, capital construction, the activities of all subordinate organizations of the Foreign Ministry, especially the Main Administration for Service to the Diplomatic Corps. Significantly increased levels of corruption in recent years, which is associated with the rumors about the imminent resignation of Lavrov and his team are trying to grab all you can, using the shortest time-corruption schemes, floating direct forgery, intimidation, blackmail, threats, bribes and other such dirty methods. By the way, the salary of the Chief GlavUpDK in the amount of 350 thousand rubles per month, instead of the 200 thousand, installed himself Lavrov and illegally inflated almost twice as when setting the salary was taken as a basis for deliberately inflated the number of employees GlavUpDK, which underlies in establishing salary . Head of the salary were established as a percentage of illegally inflated salaries of his deputies, heads of departments, divisions, all employees are assessed at inflated premiums and other payments. Thus, for many years due to the fault management MIDA, owner GlavUpDK illegally plundered billions of public money only for the overpaid salary. It is surprising that we have on this and other egregious facts wrote to all of you, and it can be checked from the comfort of a high cabinet, only picking up two documents - the order of establishing the salary and the corresponding resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation, but no one do not care, nobody cares how it could be agreed by the Commission, the Minister deputies, heads of departments, and it would not hurt.

We are more than a dozen years working in different departments of Foreign Affairs and therefore know everything that is happening in all areas of its activity and cheer for his native ministry.

So in order. Becoming Minister Lavrov were appointed to senior positions in the central apparatus of the Ministry of its people on the basis of loyalty, not merit., So that any issues can be resolved in the right way. For example, the director of the Department of Administration MIDA without cowboy's office, was appointed a former driver Lavrov A. Golubkov, who finished vocational school already, director of currency finance department was naturally appointed accountant's permanent mission to the UN, Russia Logutov V. (permissible to remind you that the post of minister Lavrov was appointed to the post of Russia's ambassador to the UN), to which the position of a bookkeeper is very sting in the shoulders and mnogochislennyh puncture after he was sent to work abroad, the Foreign Ministry chief doctor clinic was appointed doctor of the same permanent mission Buzenkov SV, which, as has shown a life should not be allowed not only to administrative work, but simply to work with people. Taki same purpose have been carried out in other departments, according to the principle of loyalty, and only from among their classmates. This, I may say executives have acquired the same substituents from the circle and finally destroyed all the directions of the Ministry, especially the social, financial and economic components of it, ensuring the interests of their own pockets. It amazes and surprise one, do this orgy and impunity will continue forever? After medical case recently arrested generals from the Defense Ministry and the Interior Ministry only sophomoric in comparison with ours. By the way, why in all departments have been checking medoborodovaniya procurement, including hackneyed price scanners and GlavUpDK this cup? And for good reason. GlavUpDK bought useless scanner with fantastic features that practice in the clinic will never be in demand, of course, and at a fantastic price pullback was fantastic - 2, 375 million. Dollars.

Another story about the inspirer and leader of the Foreign Ministry headquarters for the organization of corrupt activities within the MIDA Suren Semenovich Santuryane, which is for many years the most confidant Lavrov, during Primakov ran for the post of Minister of Agriculture and then for many years nowhere officially worked up recently, is not an employee of the Foreign Ministry, which is only just a freelance adviser to Minister Lavrov, but why for many years who had a private room at the Foreign Ministry, is included in the permanent Lavrovskaya entourage traveling abroad, and had illegally paid per diem, travel and other benefits. In addition, his instructions, especially regarding the definition of the correct winner of the bidding for capital construction, procurement and other issues of economic and financial activities carried out and implemented by all officials MIDA unquestioningly, including deputy ministers and CEOs MIDA, as everyone knows, that they are consistent with Minister, but they had not been given to them directly. By the way, at the moment, on the personal orders of the President of the Russian Prosecutor General's office is trying to figure out - how could land allocated many years ago directly Mead near platform Testovskaya, which were agreed by all agencies, and is the only reserve to accommodate many foreign diplomatic missions in one place on the type of Mosfilm streets to get to Ms. Baturina, thereby has suffered great harm and relationships with a number of countries, which have already been promised sites in the area and the budget, as the allocation of Moscow's new, already point areas will require billions of dollars of budget expenditures as compensation? Since the issue of accommodation and GlavUpDK Foreign controlled and, like, in this dual control nothing would happen, but the money but do everything. Calling to the currently possible MIDA D.G.Zavgaeva former CEO, who has ambassador in one of the European countries and is rarely seen in Moscow and Deputy. director of the department of personnel, which, de facto headed the legal department, SV Baranova, who signed and initialed the relevant documents, but you have to put a lot of effort, so they said that they gave such an indication Santurian and abandon its implementation was fraught. Moreover, the Baranov to it vised any necessary documents, without any legal basis was provided for one-bedroom apartment in Moscow, although he lived with his parents in a two-bedroom apartment in the Moscow suburbs. By the way, for him, as for many other deputies illegally for many years secured personal two-shift car, which carries it to work and to work illegally spent huge budget money. This test, like all other facts presented by us, too, could take five minutes, but no one is not necessary. But back to separate stories.

Recently, Lavrov issued a decree on the appointment of Santurian Deputy Chief of the Service to the Diplomatic Corps under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and he's in charge of capital construction, with no proper education (he studied at the Moscow State Institute in the same group with Lavrov) any required specific experience, but looking at Online his biography, you can call it a great expert on the scroll scams. Why uninformed person in the building threw on a job site? The answer is simple, because the annual costs for the repair and GlavUpDK capital construction account for about 120 million. Dollars. Chief GlavUpDK was appointed a former director of the department of capital construction MIDA Pasko VI in connection with the retirement age for the civil service, which is headed by Santuryanom continues to organize wins the companies you want any and all tenders and contracts for trading on capital construction and repair, concluded the Foreign Ministry objects abroad. Now the picture is simple, 120 mln. USD GlavUpDK plus 60 million. Dollars (annual limit on capital construction MIDA) turns solid figure at 200 million. Dollars, 30 percent of which ends up in the pockets of corrupt officials from MIDA only one that direction, but they are also quite a lot and all, without exception, on the exhaust technology for many years, including due to impunity, are the years spent corruption schemes, and things nobody. In particular, money and other benefits estimated cost of works on capital construction and repair missions abroad previously agreed with the Rosexpertiza, to the Accounting Chamber and other regulatory authorities could not verify the concerted thus significantly inflated the estimated cost of the works and in practice they never tested, and as a result at times overstated the value of objects in New York, Kabul, Ghana, Odessa, Minsk, Turkey, Pakistan, Algeria, Bonn, India, Japan and many others. To illustrate, for example, a square meter renovated residence of the Ambassador of South Korea has managed the treasury of 7, 5 thousand. Dollars. Regarding the poor quality and timing of construction management MIDA received hundreds of letters, phone calls and telegrams. By the way, it is very significant for the authorities concerned that after Pasko Director of the Department of Capital Construction MIDA was appointed faithful man, a former deputy director of the same department KA Loshkarev, which previously lay the responsibility for direct talks with the leaders of payoffs competitions firms on specific amounts and technical rollback side of the case. To all at once everything became clear I must say that Loshkarev as his senior colleague Santurian nothing to do with capital construction never had he finished Correspondence Institute of Commerce and now properly manages all kapitalnvim construction in the ministry in Russia and abroad. Imagine a beauty and quality of the construction of facilities for our diplomatic missions abroad.

Next on Santuryane. In any way we can not ignore a very interesting and spicy mishap, which need to be clarified, all known that since GlavUpDK a regime organization and work in it without proper clearance can not, how could Santurian having along with Russian citizenship and an American citizen, get a serious higher tolerance , as the deputy head of the central board, he certainly higher than that of ordinary workers, and tolerance we can also get through connections or for money? Maybe he's still a good citizen of Russia and we are wrong? Well, no, if interested look at concluded GlavUpDK contracts, including capital construction, only lazy people do not pay attention, that the final, again - certainly the average cost per square meter of built renovated area of ​​1, 5 - 2 times, and in some objects in several times higher than the average rate of all-Moscow, and the corresponding MIDA officials agree it all and no one cares. Probably fittings used gold or platinum, and all other materials are imported from Latin America's planes.

Some of the employees that have signed this letter, stood in queue for housing long before March 1, 2005, ie, standing in line for 10 to 20 years and due to the corruption of our leaders have lost all hope of legally solve their housing problems, though for this purpose from the budget according to a time was allocated 12, 6 billion rubles. that 5-6 years ago have been listed construction companies for the contracts, and housing is still there and the prospects for its production is not visible until we have anyone any case, no one does not deal with us, money was gone, there is no housing. Even in 2005, it has passed seven years. We have such a waiting list of about 120 human resources staff MIDA, including Winnick, Filippova, Belova, Karganova, Samsonov, fisherman, Zakharov, cap, Zevahin, bad, Popkov, Kapustin, crushed, Tarasova, Drums, Bikmamedov and many others in the queue from 10 to 20 years. And during that time, some employees have died, many were born and raised children, the parents have died, have been abolished various incentives, which significantly affected the order of the size of the housing, which they will have to obtain other essential points.

Let's start from the beginning. To provide housing waiting list MIDA from the budget was allocated 12, 6 billion. Rubles without reasonable settlement really necessary means, "from the ceiling." In order to exclude the absolute cost overruns applicable laws and elementary logic dictated that the relevant service concluded by MIDA competition agreement with the real estate company, which with the filing of the housing group engaged in the affairs of the Office of each individual waiting, picking his desired option from the available apartments in the housing market. That is, if the waiting list was a studio apartment, and he needed a bedroom, the real estate firms under the contract were to evaluate and sell the existing apartment and found suitable by the meter in accordance with the applicable rules on the family member's version of the new apartments, which, after its approval the housing commission had to disburse the Foreign Ministry after the registration of documents and entry of what was to take a very short time, the employee was removed from the queue. Only such a scheme is guaranteed order, the reality was totally transparent from a financial point of view. However, to obtain kickbacks guidance MIDA were elected other schemes, including illegal investment projects that could not be lawfully and that led, in addition to the corruption component, to the waste of hundreds of millions of rubles from the budget, delaying for years the timing solutions housing problems, waiting or, as it turns out now, making them does not solve at all, or solving them illegally through subsidies or through illegally obtaining Apartments GlavUpDK, trying to hide his past corrupt practices so that employees do not make a fuss.

It is not right.




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