Andrey Kurkov: Syndicate Russian news - it's like to cut my arms and legs without anesthesia

Since the beginning of the conflict in the Crimea world famous Ukrainian writer Andrey Kurkov on the rights of ethnic Russian has repeatedly called on Russia to stop defending it. At the same time he knows that Vladimir Putin plans for the annexation of the Crimea is in no way affected. And despite the fact that the Crimea captured, the writer believes that for Ukraine the situation is not hopeless. About how the situation may develop in autonomy and what the consequences will lead our country events of the last three months, he said in an interview with "Commander».

How do you assess the current behavior of Russia in Ukraine?

On the one hand - this is the place of Ukraine for trying to live without Russia. Because Russia without Ukraine - it is certainly not the Russian world, but purely Russian world that does not border with Europe.

In fact, Putin looks in the mirror - sees Stalin period in May 1945. Before he prepares to take the victory parade. Because Stalin to Putin - a historical figure higher echelon. And now, finally, Putin will be reason to think that he, too, the liberator, the invader and the winner in the great war against America. Because, fighting on the territory of Ukraine, it is intended to not only take part of the territory and strengthen their bridgeheads against Europe, but also to show the United States that Russia is stronger and can afford to do whatever they want, regardless of their membership in all international organizations. < br />
In your opinion, escalation of the conflict continue?

It can not continue. Crimea, occupied and annexed, can not survive just like that, without infrastructure. Gas, electricity and drinking water served in the Crimea in the Kherson region. Trains from Russia in the Crimea go through Ukraine. These flows, energy and transport, through the Kerch can not redirect.

In the indigenous population - the Crimean Tatars - not asked whether they want to Russia. In principle, knowing that such a historical memory, I think they will decide to remain Ukrainian citizens living in the occupied territories. This will confirm the status of the occupied Crimea for whatever solved the Supreme Council of the ARC.

In fact, laid conflicting position of the Crimea in the coming decades. I do not think that immediately after the annexation of the Crimea, Putin will go to war with Kherson region to seize control of the supply of gas and water.

Now - do not go. And then?

Crimea - a ticking time bomb. If he now annexed - then later it will explode. And explode so that this explosion can spread a third of Ukraine.

Our politicians should be prepared to be aware of this and think what to do with the gas that comes from Russia through Ukraine to Europe. You have to think what to do with the gas pipeline "Red Chaban-Dzhankoi", which supplies gas to the territory of Crimea, and is now near the gas distribution stations are machine-gun nests - five meters from the tube enormous pressure.

If an occupied territory (as if it is not called, no matter what she did not raise the flag), is not recognized by the world, it remains occupied territory as Transnistria. In the world coordinate system of Transnistria does not exist. Abkhaz - does not exist. Crimea has the potential to not exist in the world coordinate system.

What are the consequences of the current occupation and annexation of the peninsula?

Ukraine does not recognize the annexation of the Crimea. Diplomatic relations between Russia and Ukraine today violated. RF will need to provide the Crimea captured gas, electricity and water. To do this, enter into any agreement to negotiate payment. How? The two countries have no diplomatic relations, can not agree about anything. The country, which was occupied, will not negotiate with the occupier country unless the country victim of occupation not surrendered. So, there are questions, the answers to which are not. And if you will be blocked supplies of water and electricity in the Crimea - there will devastation, chaos begins.

The holiday season is in jeopardy. Crimeans, of course, can expect that Putin will buy two million vouchers for their own money, and distribute their Russian patriots of the Sverdlovsk region, so that they rest in the Crimea. Crimea but it will not save.

In addition, there is, for example, is located a certain number of penal institutions, which are protected by the Interior Troops of Ukraine. Now, probably, will try to capture and release of criminal prisoners. And there prisoners serving sentences from all over Ukraine. If they get out of prison and go to look for money to go home - will suffer the usual Crimeans, and not the Russian military. And so on. We do not know and 5% of future problems of Crimea, which can begin as early as tomorrow.

Than all of the current situation may result in Ukraine?

Ukraine will not perish. Therefore, all is not hopeless. But the fact that we lost the Crimea - is unfortunately a fact. At any time - it depends on many factors. Including - and the professionalism of our politicians.

On the other hand - politically reconcile with the occupation of the Crimea and at the same time build a new relationship with Russia is losing statehood.

Do you think there is at least some factors that could change Russia's plans?

No. Russia to adjust their intentions will not. They have plans for the annexation of the Crimea were ready for a long time. This is evident in coherence of all military structures to coordinate advocacy.

You, as an ethnic Russian, as well as thousands of other Russian and Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine appealed to the Russian leadership to defend you. Was there any chance that these requests will be heard?

No. I am now asked why Jewish businessmen of Ukraine sent an open letter to Putin, but a letter written in English. The fact that they understand: no one in the Kremlin will not read the letters. Therefore, the letter is addressed to Putin, but it is written for those who can read it. That is - for the world community.

In principle, Putin and his entourage do not care for public opinion. - Especially on foreign public opinion. He has his own interests, their ambitions and their actions, he meets them.

Nevertheless, the entire Russian propaganda works out to create his image of a savior and rescuer ...

But while he himself created only way a liar.

Even in Russia?

There, too, he is not going smoothly with public opinion. But Russia crushed a one-party system. Actually, it is the system we have tried to recreate Yanukovych. Party of Regions is based on the model of the United Russia, which controls all the organs in Russia, ministries, departments, and everything else. But advisers Yanukovych not smart enough to realize that in Ukraine because of the difference in the regional mentality, one-party system can not exist.

In Ukraine 90% of literature and print media are Russian-speaking, at the household level problems between people who speak Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​never arose. Where in Russia there was such an occasion - the oppression of Russian-speaking population?

We must understand that in Russia the majority of the population believes that the Maidan organized fascists. Because Russian television enough videos with performances Fahrion, Sasha White, Tyagniboka, Mihalchishin. They spun on some channels, these rollers 100-150 times. In Ukraine, the comments were taken only from those who know what to say when asked Russian television. This is enough to create the impression that in Ukraine are going to kill the Russian.

Does it make sense to somehow try to break through this wall of propaganda?

Now - no.

In Russia, not everyone thinks like Putin. But they have no platform. The whole of Russia has the TV channel "Rain", which feeds and objective information that is present on the Internet or in packages of satellite channels. There is one newspaper "Novaya Gazeta", where she worked murdered Anna Politkovskaya and one radio station "Echo of Moscow", which for Moscow is almost inaudible. That's all. The rest of the media machine operates at the Kremlin on his propaganda. Any attempt to speak now in Russia the truth about what is happening in Ukraine is doomed to failure.

And if you take the south-eastern regions of Ukraine? There may struggle with Kremlin propaganda?

There are discussions. Will continue tours writers will be involved universities. I think there is on our side everything will be fine. As long as there will not Russian "liberators».

In addition, there is no notion of Western Ukraine. There are pro-European Ukraine is Ukraine, where there is a certain percentage of pro-rossiykogo population. They watch Russian TV over the years, only take information from Russian sources, and live in their information space, remaining hostage to the information that they receive from the Kremlin.

Now it is necessary to solve this problem, because to continue to broadcast news channel Russia 24, NTV and everyone else - it's like that without anesthesia cut off his left leg, right leg, and so on.

As Russian writers react to what is happening in Ukraine?

From my circle - all are treated with great understanding. And with great fear for the future of Ukraine and Russia. All normal writers who are not members of the Kremlin pool of writers and Vladimir Sorokin, and Ulitskaya, and Tatiana Shcherbina - all of them, anyway, against Russian aggression in relation to the Ukrainian state.

According to your observations, the events of recent months have changed the Ukrainians?

Sure. They consolidated the nation. Russia has been the fact that unconsciously began to make Yanukovych. The Ukrainians united against him, and now Russia joined the Ukrainian Center of the East (though not all) and the West. Again - for negative emotions. Because everyone knows that you can survive only if you feel responsible for their own state.

This process of consolidation of the society has been completed?

No. He will end only when there a new political field. Who should be new political parties. One - on the basis of the right sector. Several parties may be based on the Maidan. Should happen substitution of dead souls. In a list of 184 games that are registered with the Ministry of Justice should join four, five, six fresh political forces, who need to monitor further purification Ukraine. And from political corruption, and from passive foreign policy and domestic policy from passive. Because our main problem, due to which there is what is happening today - the passivity of domestic policy. '22 Was in the Presidential Administration Department of internal policy, and damn the 22 years he did not. The purpose of its creation was to coordinate domestic policy in all regions of Ukraine, that is, roughly speaking - smoothing differences and unite the nation. But it was just a propaganda department, which worked on the problem of control over local authorities by the Presidential Administration.

So terrible if the right sector, as about it tell?

So far, the right sector - a big picture, image, and not the idea. While they have not issued as a political party, they will not have their platform and its clearly defined position. According to various sources, Kiev Participation Rule sector 250, in different regions - from 50 to 100 people to the area. This is not a political force now. They have created a myth. They took a very active indeed radical involvement in the recent events. Now they need to use this myth to turn the group into a party. As soon as they arise, as a party, I think that each region would not be 50, and 5000 who wish to join it. And only then begin the process of the evolution of ideas and de-radicalization. Just as it happened with the party "Freedom". Once they have become a parliamentary force, there was a de-radicalization of ideology, they have to control their public appearances.

In many countries, there are right-wing party. I do not feel no fear and do not see any threat from right-wing sector of Ukraine's political future.

Do you think the political situation change? Still, it sounds a lot of applications that have merged Maidan ...

It will always say. Changes have occurred and continue to occur. Now the country is under stress. In all work stress three times more efficient. From this point of view, the longer the stress, and it will continue, the more correct decisions will be taken.

Especially because these decisions are made now, if not controlled, then under the supervision of the European Union. And there, with all the availability of European corruption, corruption at the political level no. That is, there is nothing wrong with us no advise will not.

In addition to political problems, now there is still a lot of problems of economic. Each of our president believes that Ukraine will manage without shock therapy, she was just a socialist economy will enter into a capitalist future. Here we now have to go through the economic bottom. It may take a lot easier than it was in Poland, Hungary or the Czech Republic, with the help of the European Union or the IMF, but it will be. We never tight Do not tighten their belts, but now we have to do it. You will need to go down to the real budget for real money, which is in the country, and slowly rise. But, already aware that you need to change a lot. Not the name of the country, not job titles, and to change the system, the system of economic relations. It will be a different system of responsibility.

The media and social networks last days periodically raised the hype around the possible death of the former president. Why are these rumors ply and where they come from?

It does not matter - he died or not died. For Ukraine, he died.

He can sit in a personal zoo Putin, and if he thinks Yanukovych legitimate president, he may be asked to sign a few papers. For example, that Yanukovych is not against the occupation of the whole of Ukraine. But it will not play any role. These papers will then be in some museum. But talking about Yanukovych has no sense.

Basically looks funny that Yanukovych, knowing that his cheating Putin promises, signed Kharkov agreement, endorsing the return of the Crimea Russia, and then ran to escape Putin. This historical farce, I think, will still be analyzed by many political scientists and writers.

There are many applications that the deployment of Russian troops in Ukraine - is the beginning of the end of Putin. Do you share this view?

Hard to say. I'm not sure. This political scientists wishful thinking, most likely.

Protest movement in Russia. The opposition in Russia is practically destroyed. In its place a long time assigned Zhirinovsky's party the Liberal Democratic Party, which does what the Kremlin wants. Act in Russia against Putin, to be exact - against Putin's Russia can only minorities. But I doubt very much that they are ready for it. Therefore, to say that Putin's Russia will collapse under political protest - naive. Russia could collapse economically, but it is a complicated process and a little predictable. I think the only protests that Russia can expect in the near future - a social protests related to the deteriorating economic situation.

How do you assess the appointment of the "voice of the Maidan" Eugene Nischuka for the post of Minister of Culture? As far as he was acquitted?

This is - a tribute to the Maidan. I was told that he did not wish for this position, but he was persuaded. Of course, it can not be an administrator. He probably did not quite understand what will be his duty.

Ministry of Culture - is accounting. It has never been a laboratory of ideas, or the headquarters of contemporary art. This accounting, through which the money go to the National Theatre, groups, circuses. Therefore, the expectations of artists and writers that the new minister and a new ministry will be engaged in contemporary art and new projects - a pink naivety. First you have to change the structure of the ministry, it is necessary to share: accounting part - to the left, some new independent committees or commissions - to the right. It is necessary to introduce a system of competition for state grants. Nischuk it will not deal with, because he has no administrative experience. And it is unlikely he will change something.


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