The power of healing is wise - Health at Your Fingertips

Wise art originated in China more than two thousand years ago. Healers of the time believed that the vital functions of the body is supported not only food, but also the energy that it receives from the cosmos.

This energy circulates through special channels-meridians, providing "delivery" to all organs and tissues of the body. If one or more meridians fails, power "fuel" ceases to flow to the his destination, and internal organs disrupted. The reasons may be different: adverse external conditions, bad heredity, stress, and one result: a person begins to ache


Six major energy channels related to the heart, lungs, brain, liver, spleen, cardiovascular system, small and large intestine, are on the hands and fingers of man. That is why the hand has a huge healing power! Combining the fingers in certain combinations, you can activate the meridians and direct the energy throughout the body, restore energy flow and eliminate the "failure" in the bodies of patients.

Learn how to put your fingers in the healing combination is simple. Mudra Perform better in a quiet environment, facing east. But in case of need they can be done anywhere-on a walk, in transport, at work, during your lunch break. At the same time it does not matter, you are sitting, standing or walking.

Keep your hands relaxed, stress-free. Some exercises can be done on the street, his hands in his pockets, as well as mittens (the thumb you have to release and mudra folded right inside mittens). Gloves is better to remove. In the hands should not be any jewelry: rings, bracelets

. Of great importance is attitude, which carried out wisely. Getting classes, you need to be absolutely sure and confident that the medical gestures bring you relief. Forget about the troubles and sorrows, mentally ask forgiveness from those you have wronged, and do try to forgive the one who hurt you. If you are a believer before exercise read the prayer, ask for a higher power to help you, and after school do not forget to thank that to anyone seeking help.

In therapeutic use gestures normalized energy flows in the body, not only the one who carries them, but also in the surrounding space. This means that the wise can be treated at a distance. Home -ispytyvat sincere desire to help someone who needs it. If the person next to you quietly, trying not to attract attention, walk up to him and start making wise, that is most appropriate in a given situation. If you're away, imagine a destination and mentally hold it in front of the image at all times while performing the exercise.

Choosing the right Mudra, remember, you can relieve the pain and discomfort, but do not get rid of the causes of the disease. For example, the head can hurt not only by what you jumped up pressure, and not due to degenerative disc disease or poor digestion. To effect on the body was a complex, perform during the day is not one but several wise.

To enhance immunity, relieve fatigue and stress follow Mudra of Life, Earth, Energy, "Three pillars of the Cosmos", "Turtle", "Bowl Chandmana", "Shield of Shambhala»

. In diseases of the cardiovascular system - Mudra of Knowledge, "to save lives", "Dragon Temple," "Temple of the Heavenly Ladder", "turtle", "Strela Vajra»

. Hypertension - Mudra "save lives" and the wise knowledge, and then, alternately, the Wise Wind and Life

. You do not have to order light, tormented colds and respiratory diseases? Take into service Mudra "Shell" and "lift", and the Mudra of Water, "Dragon Head", "Flute Maitreya»

. You suffer from diseases of the digestive system? Follow Mudra Water and Mudra 'Bowl Chandmana "," Scallop "

" Floating Lotus ". When the pain in the joints - Mudra "Cow", Wind, Life, Energy

. In disorders of the nervous system - a wise knowledge of the Earth, "The window of wisdom", "Stairs Heavenly Temple", "Dragon Tooth", "Cap Shakya Muni", "Flute Maitreya»

. In diseases of the stomach, intestines, bladder, uterus - Follow Mudra

«Floating Lotus". If you have a hearing problem, so no Sky Mudra you can not do.

Reduced vision - to help cope with the discomforts of Life Mudra

. Each exercise perform five or six times over the course of 5-10 minutes. The best time of one session -45 minutes, but you can break it up into shorter intervals (10, 15 and 20 minutes). If you drink medicines it is better to do the exercises for half an hour before or half an hour after taking the medication.

Attention! When performing this or that wise, you feel any discomfort, stop the exercise immediately, and after a while try other wise to the same effect.

Open a reserve force that will help you stay healthy and live happily ever after!


Mudra "Shell" - an attribute of Shiva

Indications: all diseases of the throat, larynx, hoarseness. When you perform this Mudra amplified voice, so it is especially recommended to singers, actors, teachers, speakers.
technique of execution: two clasped hands represent the sink. four fingers of his right hand embrace the left thumb. the thumb of the right hand touches the pad of the middle finger of his left hand.


Mudra "Cow" - in India the cow is considered a sacred animal

. Indications: rheumatic pain, radikulitnye pain, joint diseases
. technique of execution: the little finger of his left hand touches the heart (unnamed) finger of the right hand; As for the right hand little finger of the left hand thumb heart. at the same time connects the middle finger of his right hand with the left hand index finger and middle finger of the left hand with the index finger of his right hand. thumbs placed.


Mudra of Knowledge - one of the most important. It relieves emotional stress, anxiety, restlessness, melancholy, sadness, melancholy and depression, enhances thinking, stimulates memory, concentrating potential.

indications: insomnia or excessive sleepiness high blood pressure. This mudra revive us again. Many thinkers, philosophers, scientists have used and use of the Wise.
technique of execution: the index finger can be easily connected with the pad of his thumb. the remaining three fingers are straight (not stretched).


Mudra Heaven - associated with higher powers, with the "top man" - head

. indications: for people suffering from diseases of the ears hearing loss. Execution in some cases, leads to a very rapid improvement in hearing, prolonged exercise leads to almost complete cure of many diseases of the ear.
technique of execution: medium folding finger so that he touched the pad to the base of the thumb, and the thumb presses the bent middle. the remaining fingers straight and tense.


Mudra of Wind - in Chinese medicine in the wind understand one of the five elements, it is a violation of wind disease

. Indications: rheumatism, sciatica, trembling of the hands, neck and head. in the performance of the wise after a few hours you will notice a significant improvement. in chronic diseases mudra should be done alternately with life wisely. Exercises can be stopped and started to improve after the disappearance of the disease.
technique of execution: the index finger should be laid so that it took out the pad of the base of the thumb. thumb lightly holds the thumb and the remaining fingers straight and relaxed.


Mudra "lift" the testimony: if any colds, sore throat, pneumonia, cough, rhinitis, sinusitis. The implementation of this Mudra mobilizes the body's defenses, improves the immune system and contributes to the rapid recovery. Simultaneously with the execution of this Mudra you need to follow the following diet: during the day to drink at least 8 glasses of boiled water. daily diet should consist of fruits, rice, yogurt.

technique of execution: both palms joined together, fingers crossed among themselves. thumb (one hand) dismissed and is surrounded by the thumb and forefinger of the other hand.


Mudra "save lives" - (first aid for heart attack)

Indications: heart pain, heart attacks, palpitations, discomfort in the heart with anxiety and anguish, myocardial infarction. when these states should immediately proceed to implement this Mudra with both hands simultaneously. Relief comes immediately, the effect is similar to use of nitroglycerin.
technique of execution: bend your index finger so that it touched the pad of the terminal phalanx of the thumb base. at the same time we put pads middle, ring finger and thumb, little finger is rectified.


Mudra of Life - aligns the energy potential of the whole organism, it enhances vitality, improves performance, gives endurance, improves overall health

. indications: the state of fatigue, 6essiliya, blurred vision, improves visual acuity, treatment of eye diseases
. technique of execution: pads nameless, little finger and thumb are joined together, and the remaining free straight. performed with both hand at the same time.


Mudra of the Earth - according to the Chinese philosophy of nature, the Earth - one of the primary elements of which our body is built, is one of the elements that determines the type of personality and propensity for certain diseases

. indications: the deterioration of mental and physical condition of the body, state of mental weakness, stress. perform this Mudra improves objective assessment of self, confidence in themselves, and also provides protection against negative external radiation.
technique of execution: ring finger and thumb pads are connected with a small a press. the remaining fingers straight. performed with both hands.


Water Mudra - Mudra Water God Varuna. Water - one of the five elements that make up our bodies and the planet. water element gives some color to people born in the zodiac group of elements, as well as susceptibility to certain diseases. In the general understanding Water - the basis of life, without which all life on the planet

. indications:.. in excess moisture in the body of water or mucus in the lungs, stomach (increasing the production of mucus in inflammation), etc. excessive accumulation of mucus in the body can, according to the oriental concepts cause whole body energy blockade. The implementation of this Mudra is also recommended for liver disease, colic, bloating.
technique of execution: the little finger of the right hand turn down so that he touched the base of the thumb, which lightly presses the little finger. left hand grabs right from the bottom, with the left thumb is on the thumb of his right hand.


Mudra Energy - without energy is inconceivable life, energy fields and radiation permeates the entire universe, interacting with each other, emitting and absorbing, to be reborn

. indications: for analgesic effect and excretion of various poisons and toxins that poison our bodies. This wise treats diseases of the genitourinary system and spine, leading to cleanse the body.
technique of execution: medium pads "nameless and thumb are joined together, the remaining fingers freely straightened

. Mudra

Mudra "Window of Wisdom" - opens a vital life-centers, contributing to the development of thinking, activating brain activity

. indications: stroke, multiple sclerosis of cerebral vessels
. technique of execution: a heart (ring) finger of his right hand pressed against the first phalanx of the thumb of the same hand. similarly folded fingers of his left hand. the remaining fingers loosely apart.


Mudra "Dragon Temple" - The dragon symbolizes strength, flexibility, strength, longevity, wisdom. Temple - a collective way of thinking, strength of mind, holiness and discipline. Put it all together into one whole, we are creating a unity of thought, mind, nature and the cosmos. The implementation of this Mudra guides our steps on the path of knowledge and worship of the higher mind, for good works, it creates a sense of unity with the cosmos.

indications: arrhythmic heart disease, discomfort in the heart, arrhythmias; It promotes peace and concentration of energy and ideas.
technique of execution: the middle fingers of both hands are bent and pressed against the inner surfaces of the hands. the remaining fingers of the same name left and right hands are joined in a straightened position. with index and ring fingers are connected to each other over the bent middle finger. so wise performed "dragon temple." index and ring fingers symbolically represent the roof "temple", the thumbs - the head of the dragon, and the little fingers - the tail of the dragon

. Mudra

Mudra "Three Pillars of the Cosmos" - the world consists of three pillars, or layers - bottom, middle and top, which symbolizes the past, present and future. The unity of these three pillars gives birth, life and death

indications: metabolic disorders, decreased immunity, the update forces
. technique of execution: middle and ring fingers of the right hand placed on a similar fingers of his left hand. the little finger of the left hand is placed near the base of the rear surface of the middle and ring fingers of the right hand, then all is fixed the little finger of his right hand. the terminal phalanx of the index finger of the right hand is clamped between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand.


Mudra "Staircase of the Temple of Heaven" - the intersection of the paths and destinies - is the foundation of relations between the world and man, the relationship of society and man, his views and contacts between a

. indications: mental disorder, and depression. The implementation of this Mudra improves mood, relieves the state of hopelessness and despair.
technique of execution: the tips of the fingers of his left hand pressed between the fingertips of the right hand (right hand fingers are always at the bottom). little fingers of both hands are free, straight, directed upwards.


Mudra "Turtle" - for Indian mythology turtle helped the gods to get Amrita (holy drink of immortality) from the ocean
. Closing all the fingers, we reimplemented the basis of all the meridians of hand, forming a vicious cycle, thus preventing energy leakage.

indications: asthenia, fatigue, impaired function of the cardiovascular system
. technique of execution: the fingers of his right hand interlock with the fingers of his left hand. thumbs of both hands are interconnected,

forming a "turtle head". Mudra

Mudra "Dragon Tooth" - tooth Dragon symbolizes strength and power. Fulfilling wise, people like to acquire these qualities, it improves its spiritual and consciousness.

indications:. with confusion, poor coordination of movements, with stress and emotional instability
execution method: thumbs of both hands are pressed against the inner surface of the palm. third, fourth and fifth fingers are bent and pressed against the palm. forefingers of both hands straight and facing up.


Mudra "Chandmana Bowl" ( "Nine Treasures") - consists of nine jewelry body, mind and consciousness of the person, as well as the world around us. collecting all nine gems in a bowl, we affirm the unity of soul and body, the unity of man and the cosmos. Filled bowl symbolizes prosperity and wealth.

indications: promotes digestion, eliminates congestion in the body
. technique of execution: four fingers of his right hand supporting the bottom and bow similar to the fingers of his left hand, the thumbs of both hands free to set aside a few outward, forming a handle bowl

. Mudra

Mudra "Hat Shakyamuni" - the most common is the image of Sakyamuni Buddha. Most often he is depicted seated on a diamond throne and have attained supreme enlightenment. Its main Mudra: assurance, the wheel of life. Symbol - beggar bowl, color - golden throne - red lotus
. Brain - the most perfect form of perception of thought and reason, the basis of all life processes, control of all functions, the most important remote control over the organism

. indications: depression, vascular brain pathology
. technique of execution: pinky, ring and index finger of his right hand in a bent position are connected with the same finger of the left hand. middle fingers of both hands are straight and connected. thumbs are locked together side surfaces.


Мудра «Голова Дракона» — голова представляет центр восприятия и мышления. В тибете голова ассоциируется со знаком Дракона, верхним светом, верхний свет отождествляет основу Духовности.

показания: заболевания легких, верхних дыхательных путей и носоглотки, профилактика простудных заболеваний

методика исполнения: средний палец правой руки обхватывает и прижимает концевую фалангу указательного пальца той же руки. аналогичную комбинацию выполняют с пальцами левой руки. соединяем обе руки. большие пальцы обеих рук соединяются между собой боковыми поверхностями. остальные пальцы скрещены между собой.


Мудра «Морской Гребешок» — жизнь, богатство, сила, насыщение энергией.

показания: выполнение этой Мудры рекомендуется людям, страдающим отсутствием аппетита, астенизированным, худым, больным с нарушением пищеварительных функций всасывания.
методика исполнения: большие пальцы обеих рук соприкасаются своими боковыми поверхностями. остальные скрещены таким образом, что оказываются заключенными внутри обеих ладоней.

Регулярное выполнение этой Мудры повысит аппетит и будет способствовать нормализации пищеварения и улучшению внешнего вида.


Мудра «Стрела Ваджра» — ваджра — «громовая стрела», оружие Бога-Громовника Индры. Это особая сила, способствующая освобождению; молния — символ мира и могущества Духа. Мудра — это концентрированная энергия в виде грозового разряда, сгустка энергии.

показания: Мудра весьма эффективна для лиц, страдающих сердечнососудистой патологией, гипертонией, недостаточностью кровообращения и кровоснабжения.
методика исполнения: большие пальцы обеих рук соединены своими боковыми поверхностями. указательные пальцы выпрямлены и тоже соединены вместе. остальные пальцы скрещены между собой.
руки согнуть на уровне груди, локти в стороны, пальцы сплести в мудре
Выполнение этой Мудры концентрирует целительную энергию каналов и направляет ее мысленно для нормализации сосудистых нарушений.


Мудра «Щит Шамбалы» — Мудра невидимости и неузнаваемости для сил зла. Шамбала, это страна высших сущностей, процветания, добродетели и благополучия. Олицетворяет долголетие, доброту, вечность и достижение высокой Духовности. Щит — защита жизни, здоровья, достатка, благоденствия.

показания: Мудра «щит шамбалы» охраняет вас от негативных воздействий чужой энергии. если вы не защищены вашей Духовностью, то эти воздействия могут иметь весьма тяжкие последствия.

методика исполнения: пальцы правой руки согнуты и сжаты в кулак (рука). кисть левой руки выпрямлена, большой палец прижат к кисти. выпрямленная кисть левой руки прикрывает и прижата к тыльной поверхности кулака правой руки.


Мудра «Парящий Лотос» — лотос — водное растение, которое служит религиозным символом. Лотос уходит своими корнями в землю, его стебель проходит через воду, а цветок раскрывается в воздухе, под лучами солнца (стихия огня). Так, последовательно проходя через все стихии, он олицетворяет весь мир и пять стихий. Его цветок не смачивается водой, не касается земли. Лотос — это символ Духа.

Цветок лотоса служит троном Богов, воплощает чистоту, мудрость, плодородие, приносит счастье, благополучие, вечную молодость и свежесть.

показания: при заболевании женской половой сферы (воспалительных процессах), а также при заболеваниях полых органов (матка, желудок, кишечник, желчный пузырь).
методика исполнения: большие пальцы обеих рук соединены, указательные пальцы выпрямлены и соединены концевыми фалангами. средние пальцы соединены между собой. безымянные пальцы и мизинцы обеих рук перекрещены друг с другом и лежат у основания средних пальцев.


Мудра «Флейта Майтрейи» — символ всего светлого, благочестивого, Духовного; победа Светлых сил над темными.

показания: болезни ветра — заболевания дыхательных путей, легких; состояние тоски и печали.

методика исполнения: большие пальцы обеих рук соединены вместе. указательный палец левой руки лежит на основании указательного пальца правой руки. средний палец правой руки располагается на среднем и мизинце левой руки. безымянный палец левой руки под средним и безымянным пальцем правой руки. мизинец правой руки помещен на концевой фаланге среднего пальца левой руки. мизинец правой руки располагается на среднем и безымянном пальце правой руки и фиксируется средним пальцем правой руки, который располагается на нем.
Выполняйте эту мудру рано утром при всех заболеваниях легких и острых респираторных заболеваниях, а также при состояниях грусти, тоски и печали.


Мудра поддержания Здоровья

показания: применяется в качестве профилактического средства и дополнительного лечебного средства при различных заболеваниях.
методика исполнения: соединить кончики больших пальцев. соединить кончики мизинцев. согнуть безымянные пальцы обеих рук и направить их вовнутрь. указательный палец левой руки расположить между средним и безымянным пальцем правой руки. выпрямить указательный палец правой руки.


Мудра укрепления Здоровья

показания: выполняется с профилактическими целями.
методика исполнения: безымянный палец левой руки соединить с большим пальцем левой руки. средний палец левой руки положить на безымянный палец левой руки. мизинец левой руки прижать к безымянному пальцу левой руки. указательный палец выпрямить. безымянный и средний пальцы правой руки согнуть и прижать к ладони. мизинец, указательный и большой пальцы правой руки выпрямит. правую руку наложить на левую руку на уровне основания кисти.


Мудра для снижения повышенного кровяного давления

показания: применяется при гипертонии — хроническом заболевании, которое характеризуется постоянным или периодическим повышением артериального давления, связанным с расстройством нервной регуляции.
методика исполнения: средний и безымянный пальцы, а также мизинцы правой и левой руки скрестить. мизинец правой руки должен находиться снаружи. выпрямить указательный палец левой руки. выпрямить большой палец левой руки. согнуть указательный палец левой руки, и прижать его к основанию указательного пальца правой руки. большой палец правой руки согнуть и помесить под согнутый указательный палец левой руки.


Мудра для лечения брадикардии

показания: замедление сердечного ритма.

методика исполнения: соединить кончики больших пальцев правой и левой рук. указательный палец правой руки расположить на указательном пальце левой руки, под средним пальцем левой руки. средний и безымянный пальцы правой руки поместить на среднем пальце левой руки, под безымянным пальцем левой руки, расположив их кончики ни мизинце левой руки. выпрямить мизинец правой руки.


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