The unique healing practice! 7 is wise for all occasions.

So far it is not known when any are wise, if understood in a broad sense, as carry the specific information sacred gestures and postures In Buddhism and Hinduism were used for thousands of years, these symbolic gestures are very popular in our time. And now is the time to learn a little more about this Eastern wisdom!

"The language of communication with the universe", "Yoga for the fingers", "The ritual sign language" - as soon not call ancient practice ! Reduce everything to the fact that a particular arrangement of the fingers has a positive effect on well-being and state of mind.

< «Website» will introduce you to the 7 mudras, which favorably affect the health and mood Some even take care of your success!

Known mudry

Mudra "Three columns of space" to improve immunity < br> It is called the symbol of the unity of the three spheres of life, namely, past, present and future. This Mudra gives great energy to the body. If you suffer from low immunity, impotence and problems with metabolism, practice is location fingertips ! Impose middle and ring fingers of the right hand similar to the fingers of his left hand. Put the little finger of his left hand near the base of the middle and ring fingers of the right hand on the back side. Then secure it with the position of the little finger of his right hand. The end phalanx of the index finger of his right hand Clamp between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand.

Puuta Mudra for purification of toxins
It will be useful if you're sitting on a diet, because it is one of the wise, and slimming! Touch the tip of the thumb to the side of the third phalanx of the ring finger. Arrange the rest of the fingers in the hand.

Ganesha Mudra for Heart
It not only helps to improve the cardiovascular system, but also gives confidence and courage. Bend the fingers of both hands and grasp the left hand with the right hand, directed inwards. Breathe in and out, leaving clasped hands, pull them in different directions. On the exhale, relax your arms again. Repeat 6 times, then switch the position of the hands and repeat as many times this exercise.

Mudra "Shield of Shambhala" negative energy
The legendary wise counsel to perform with feelings of anxiety, insecurity and nervousness increased. It helps to remain calm and peaceful. Women need to squeeze his right hand into a fist and press it against the palm of his left hand on the inside, while also pressing the thumb to the palm of your hand. Men - perform the same movement, only the "shield" is, on the contrary, the right hand


Mudra "Prayer of happiness»
It is called "the Queen among the wise!" This wise man drives away from negative energy, calms and elevates the soul. It is useful to carry out, if you feel the need to support and energy supply. It is said that the wise capable of fulfill a wish - it needs to visualize desired, when you practice it ...

His fingers, except for the large, "comb". Thumbs start delay little fingers of the opposite hand. Unnamed put your fingers vertically. It is desirable that they touch the nails. A forefinger grasp middle fingers of the opposite hand and pull towards the center of the palm. It seems that it is very difficult to perform, but only start - and soon you will succeed!

Mudra for finding love
You want to become a magnet of love? This mudra is just for you! To practice it is especially helpful to those who are in search of the second half or severely suffering from loneliness. Squeeze the pad and fourth fingers of both hands to the palms. The rest of the finger right up. Raise your elbows to the chest level and, eyes closed, is in a position at least 2-3 minutes.

Mudra «Energy»
Down with the breakdown! This mudra has a positive effect on the internal state of comfort It helps to become more energetic and active as reviving the flow of vital energy Qi. Only unite on each arm pads large, ring and middle fingers, without bending at the same time or little fingers, index fingers either. The more vybudesh practice this mudra, the more energy you will receive.

This is the case when the health and vital energy is literally in your hands! To increase the strength wise to remember their regular performance, quiet breathing and upright back. Do not forget also about the good mood. Yes, yes, positive thoughts are important helpers in this practice!

These unique hand posture can be easily performed anywhere! But do not forget to work with wise remove rings, watches and bracelets. Lots of times you can perform 2-3 wise - do not spray your energy for nothing.

Perhaps your friends will be interested to learn how healing is huge strength wise !


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