Blissful products — therapeutic effect

According to Ayurveda, every taste characterizes certain qualities of the character. All plants also have their own taste, they are supportive, passionate and ignorant. For example, a sweet fresh taste is goodness. Acute — in the passion, acidic — closer to the ignorant. Tart — between goodness and passion. Bitter — the taste is quite ignorant. Salty — between passion and ignorance. The dominating features of human nature and preferences of tastes correspond to each other.

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In the winter, because it is a period of ignorance, increases the astringent taste, bitter taste is a period of ignorance. Summer should increase the number of sweet taste in food; in spring; sour; in the autumn and salted. Each season has their own tastes.

Meat gives the subtle energy of violence, taking the meat food, it is difficult to engage in spiritual practices. Spiritual happiness is there, where there is no violence.

Passionate products offer the ability to work, but products that have a mixture of passion and ignorance are ruining the health and character.


He has 85% of goodness. Increases hormonal function and attractiveness in women, and also optimism. It is associated with the power of the Sun, therefore, gives optimism. If you have a weak gut, apricots. However, if you have stagnation in the gallbladder, liver, if you feel that the suffering of the eyesight, the bone system, it strengthens the skeletal system very well, improves vision, stimulates release of bile from the body. It also improves the hearing, and the impact on the sense of smell.


A very strong effect on the nervous system. Useful in neuritis. If you attach a whisk pineapple on arms and legs, it will intensify the growth of nerve tissues. However, this is not a fast process, and it may require months.

The pineapple gives optimism, mental speed, speed, clarity. If you feel the mouth tingling — so is it not worth it. Good for eyesight and hearing. The best treatment for neuritis of the auditory nerve. Improves the taste buds.


It 60% goodness, and 40% of passion. Gives pleasure and mental fortitude. But it can also give corrosion and tension, so do not eat often. Peel orange have great therapeutic power to treat migraines and headaches. If they snap on the wrist and calf, it activates the vascular system of the whole body, and relieve spasms.

Watermelon, melon

Watermelon has 70% goodness, and 30% of passion. Increases the strength of character and buoyancy. Gives the body plenty of prana (qi), you need to eat when there is a weakness. In winter or when aching joints, is not necessary.


Chokeberry give calmness and kindness. In it 70% of goodness 30% of passion. Increases the tension and dryness of character. The best action reduces the tension of the joints and improves cerebral blood circulation, reduces pressure. Useful in hypertension.


Contains 75% goodness, and 25% passion. Very strongly associated with the Sun, so increases the most optimistic. Helpful for depression, especially in the morning. Improves blood, stimulates hearing, vision, counteracts inflammation of the lungs, stomach and rectum. Increases the production of blood cells, red blood cells.


Has 60% goodness, 40% of passion. This is a unique Krupa, first, it is not a grain, so it can be eaten in the evening and morning, unlike other grain products. Mentally soothing. It stabilizes the activity of the bronchi, lungs, thyroid, skin, activates the kidneys several. Increases the activity of small blood vessels.


Useful for Russian terrain. Has a 5% goodness, and 45% of passion. It can be eaten both in the morning and evening. It gives the fortress, strength, calm and poise. It improves mental activity, as it balances the psyche. Dryness is his biggest flaw, if you have dry skin, dryness of character means lack of emotion, zначит, it may not work for you. He works mainly in the right hemisphere, therefore, can be successfully treated by the liver, inflammation of the liver. Strengthens the lungs. Good treats pneumonia (like grenades).


He has 45% of goodness, 55% of passion. Ginger in Russia only in the spring, autumn and summer. In winter, only to those all the time hot. Anyone with moisture in the body and very hot, it is possible. To those who constantly feel cold and have dry — better not to eat in the winter.

Ginger gives activity, but enhances the tension. It gives activity, vitality, stamina, calmness, vitality. This spice, it is well stimulates the immune system.


This is one of the best vegetables. When staphylococcal infections do diet: oatmeal, zucchini and cucumbers, and the zucchini and cucumbers need to simmer. Zucchini never hurts. It also offers peace of mind and durability. His character expressed the power of honesty, it is well to treat the liver. The liver is falsity. In addition, it treats the stomach, spine, bone. Well stabilizes.

Cashew nut

This is an expensive product, but it has the ability to warm. Treats the joints and spine. When the sick joints, you can bind to all four limbs on the nut (it is important that has not been salted) and carry a single sweet pea for three days, the effect will be good.

Quality: calmness, kindness, increases the fortress. 70% of the goodness. As a passionate nature — somewhat inhibits the psyche (in the winter). Improves peripheral circulation. Increases strength muscle tissue, including the heart. Anti-inflammatory action on the joints and spine. Increases thyroid function, pituitary and adrenal glands. So if you have high thyroid function if you have high blood pressure and if you have a strong hormonal disorder, before its use in the food, it is necessary to test, to smell it. If a warm smell, so cannot be used in food.


Increases the power of the moon, that is, activity of mind, health. In winter it is impossible to consume in large kolichestvah strongly cools the body. It can disrupt digestion. His most important character trait — resilience, strength, activity. Brings some relaxation. 60% of goodness — give relaxation to the muscular system and reduction of vascular tone. It activates the nervous system and simultaneously cools the body. Can raise blood pressure in some cases, but not always. He treats the spine, joints and stomach.


Useful for anyone with low blood pressure. Affects the stomach, bronchi, liver, sexual organs, spine and joints. The evening should be avoided because it stimulates the body. Completely replaces coffee, but without the bad side effects. Has antidepressant action. When depression is useful in the morning to drink fermented baked milk sweetened with honey, with cinnamon. Good for the immune system, heals psoriasis, eczema.

Corn grits

If you want to get better, you need to have before going to sleep. In her strong power of the moon (Yin), so it is very well absorbed and transformed into fat. All grain is better in the afternoon and in the evening after 4 hours, not to eat. 11 day of the moon (ascending and descending) is better not to eat grains and legumes in to fast.

Good effect on the thyroid gland and normalizes its function. Also useful for stomach, tracheae and hormonal functions. Very useful to women and children. It is necessary to prepare with milk, and hormonal functions — cream.


Very good, 5-10% of passion. Increases cheerfulness, optimism. Activates the nervous system, all organs: hearing, sight, lungs, ureters. Therefore, when there are stones, it is not necessary there. Very good healing the lymphatic system.


The lemon has 45% of goodness and 55% of passion. But it is impossible to overestimate the importance of this product. The lemon gives the opportunity in the summer to enhance digestion and cool the body. In India, summer only sell this drink: water, lemon, salt — plain water I do not drink, otherwise they will not survive. To remove the temperature, you can RUB person of the same liquid.

Winter lemon is contraindicated, otherwise will suffer the joints, the spine. It increases cerebral blood flow, vascular permeability, increases diuresis — urine. Lowers body temperature and tension of the nervous system. At very high temperature it is possible to RUB the body. Any acidic product that lowers the temperature of the body: vinegar, lemon.


60% of goodness 40% of passion. If the orange effect in the right hemisphere, the Mandarin on the left. Therefore, the tangerines for women, orange for men useful. Mandarin gives a soft character and appeal. It improves blood circulation, activates the intestines. Very good treats inflammation in the eyes and ears. Just peel of Mandarin is tied at the hands, feet, and inflammation cease. Not on the eyes, and the hands on legs.


All vegetables that grow in the ground, have a predominance of ignorant qualities. Vegetables, which are lying on the ground have a mixture of goodness and passion. Vegetables that grow above ground, have more benevolent qualities of character (except tomatoes). Carrots and beets — the exception because of the sweet taste. Carrots have 75% goodness, 25% passion, and gives a person vitality and optimism. Treats all bodies at the center: the stomach, the trachea, bronchi, large intestine, spine, urethra. The only drawback: it may be over-stimulation of the psyche.


Nutmeg is very good to add in the evening before bed in milk. It relaxes and soothes the psyche.


50% goodness, 45% passion. The main qualities — hardness and tranquility. Disadvantages — dryness and stiffness. Rye is one of the best means of strengthening the immune system, especially good treats the lumbar spine. To make dressing of rye (on wrists and ankles, the effect occurs immediately). Rye improves bone tissue, relieves inflammation in the kidneys, heals the skin, lungs, pneumonia, lymphatic system. This product improves the ability to contract the muscle tissue, it is useful to everyone who works hard physically. You need to eat at lunch. All grain products you should eat from 11 until 2 PM, not late and not early.


Peach gives the attractiveness that operates on the left hemisphere, and is more suitable to women. Gives happiness, joy, cheerfulness. Increases the strength of bone tissue, normalizes lungs, kidneys, genital organs. Slightly increases the insight of the vessels in inflammatory processes it is better not to use.

Red Rowan

One of the best berries — acts on all sides of hematopoiesis and immunity. In the winter it is good to use two to three berries per Cup of boiling water. Also prevents the development of viral hepatitis of any category. Treats of meninges when arachnoiditis, lungs, stomach, enhances immunity, activates the immune system in the thyroid gland.


Pumpkin seeds have nerve step on all worms. Raw seeds are better. If three days to eat only those seeds, then all the worms will come.

Pumpkin gives humility, and therefore heals the liver. Mainly affects the right side of the body, affecting will power. More aggressive product, so you may be allergic to it. It soothes, relieves tension in the body. Therefore, pumpkin can be eaten in the afternoon.

The root of wormwood cures almost all types of infectious intestinal diseases. He treats amoeba (disease in the southern countries). The root of wormwood heals all fungi need root to tie as a bracelet on your wrist and wear two, three months. One root can be worn up to a week.


Increases calmness, cheerfulness. 65% of goodness, stabilizes the nervous system, strengthens the lungs, reduces inflammation in the stomach and in the spine.


He is one of the best anti-inflammatory drugs. Especially good treats inflammatory processes in the lung, kidney and brain cortex. Cucumbers can be cooked as a soup. Lettuce and cucumbers should be eaten before dinner, as an entree and then everything else, otherwise there will be bowel problems. Treats veins and can remove varicose veins. Also a good effect on the hair follicles. If there is dandruff, it is possible to lubricate the head with a cucumber.


Increases the firmness of character and strength, but it has a lot of passion — 65%. It's a little better to producivity or pour over boiling water, otherwise it can overexcite the pancreas. It activates the colon, immune system, lungs, spine, vision, hearing and skin sensitivity.


Parsley, like St. John's wort, useful in all diseases of the female reproductive system: epididymis, uterus, tubes. Men she too, strengthens the skeletal system and the immune system. Parsley is also good cures the lungs and the duodenum.


Improves calmness and honesty. Useful in liver trouble. The most severe hepatic patients can be cured if you use a diet of spinach and lettuce (slightly put out). Cures intestine, larynx, nasal mucosa, lungs, bronchi, stomach, strengthens immune system, vascular system.


Almonds increase the activity of the hormonal functions in General, and normalizes them.
Normalizes nervous system function and digestion. Treats the thyroid gland. Affects the left hemisphere, therefore, the most suitable for women.


A unique product, one it increases the growth of vertebrate tissues. Especially useful for children. Strengthens the back and heals the joints, lungs, bone, meninges. Can relieve inflammation of the heart muscle. Qualities: vitality, toughness, tranquility, honesty. Gives strength to the body.


The most useful product after milk. Wheat — gives mental power, and the oats give it physical strength. Oats normalizes cerebral circulation. Well normalizes blood pressure, blood circulation in the kidneys, heart, removes inflammatory process in the pancreas. Calms. Relieves excitement and inflammation of the intestine, improves the activity of muscle tissue. Helps to get rid of acne. One of the best remedies for treatment of hernia and prolapse of organs. Elderly well to make the dressing from oats (dry, not cooked) on the Sunny area (lower leg and wrist, with the nail side) for a month, to be replaced every day. The nature of plants greatly affects people's health.

Oats heals everything, including the veins, removes the veins.

Pearl barley

Gives vitality, increases the body's defenses. Hard to digest, so eat only in the afternoon. In porridge add the butter, asafetida, Shambhala and coriander to improve digestion. Very good treats the spine and esophagus, strengthens the lungs and muscular system, the lymphatic system.


Sunflower seeds and cabbage — the best way to enhance hydrochloric acid. Sunflower gives peace, kindness, gentleness of character, improves hormonal function all organs, treats the spine, improves cerebral blood circulation.

Black pepper

Black pepper activates the immune system, cures skin diseases. Improves memory, gives the character of hardness, strengthens the skeletal system, gives vigor and ability for a long time without usali to work. Therefore, according to Ayurveda, black pepper is one of the best spices. It is best to add food to lunch. Red pepper is not advised to use constantly.


This berry has blessed — 50%, 35% passion 15% ignorant qualities. It is a depressing effect on the mind. Therefore, the hawthorn is best used in the evening, before bed, in the second half of the day. And well there are those who have increased pressure and overexcited nervous system.


Great kills bacteria. The grapefruit seed used as a natural antibiotic. Grapefruit should be eaten in the first half of the day, gives strength, optimism, increases immunity, cures all infectious diseases, including viral. Treats the spine, eliminating salt from the joints.


Gives blissful and passionate impact, so it may be allergic. It treats the liver and thyroid gland. Strawberry is the worst strawberry. In children not breastfed, often develop an Allergy to strawberries.

Cleanses the body of toxins and salts.

Bulgarian pepper

It has a lot of goodness, because that grows above the ground. Improves the nervous system, heals the lungs, the intestines and has anti-inflammatory effect. It should be protected from pollination Cayenne.


Eggplant give some ignorant action is oppression. If the production is a lot of cursing and spiteful words, eggplant keep the immunity, mental stamina for it. Calms the nervous system, they can be eaten in the evening. It is when a sick liver.


You can eat only in lunch, good for enhancing immunity. You can eat a couple of radishes before dinner, but not anymore. Activates the nervous system. However, it can all overexcite the digestive tract.


It and increases the immunity and at the same time heals the gastrointestinal tract. Black radish is a medicine, not a food product. Black radish can be eaten only at lunch, otherwise disturbed rhythm of the heart. In pneumonia it is well kills staph in the lungs. You can also tie on a limb and the effect.


Well its a little boil, then fry, so it will be more useful. If eaten raw, it can hurt the joints and spine. Improves cerebral blood circulation and affects hormonal function. Stimulates the liver, has bile action. Peel the beet root lowers blood sugar and beet sugar boost. Diabetics can use all together.


The main qualities — kindness and peace. Kindness means good digestion, so it increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid. It should always be used in soups. The soup is in the middle of lunch. In winter it is not advisable to eat raw cabbage, it is better to extinguish. Cabbage cures headaches, even if you just applied cabbage leaf to his head.

In winter, the actual cauliflower, it improves the heat transfer in the body. Treats joints, the spine, calms the nervous system.


You should know that, despite our strong attachment to this product should not have any morning or evening because it spoils health. However, you can always have for lunch. That is, in this case, it activates the nervous system, the lymphatic system, but there are poor quality — for example, he breaks the immunity. If the body is weakened, potatoes.


You can eat only at lunch, the same applies to tomato paste. They enhance digestion in the body, but they just freak him out the stomach and increase heartburn. When diseased liver is better not to get involved. Tomato has 60% passion, 25% of goodness, 15% of ignorance. A strong love for tomatoes indicates passion and a lot of unnecessary activities in life means that the body is somewhere inflammation.


Beans always increases the strength of muscle and force immunity. You need to eat at lunch time, treats the joints and spine and the meninges, lungs, bone. Beans need enough to soak first, then boil until well cooked. Black pepper, coriander, nutmeg — spices that help the beans be soft after boiling.


Easy to digest. One of the best means for activation of the lymphatic system. Can sometimes cause the tendency to cough, perevozbuzhdenie the trachea, the esophagus. Useful for sedentary work, tones up the mind, gives you focus.


Asafoetida — resin, one South of the tree. It possesses the odor and taste as onions and garlic combined. Her power is very large, so the food can be added with pinhead. Cure sexual organs, inflammatory processes. Its qualities are kindness, tenderness. Heals gums, stomach. Good to eat in winter, increases heat in the body, improves digestion.


Reduces high blood pressure. Relaxes the body, reduces pressure. Sleep disorders it is useful to add in warm milk at night. It inhibits the activity of the nervous tissue, so when the pain in the teeth, you can chew.


The best remedy for the treatment of viral respiratory diseases. The flu you need to take the mustard, add the cinnamon, until then, until the smell is fresh and to impose on all four limbs. If that doesn't work, then leave only on his right arm and right leg.

Black mustard (Indian spice) greatly improves cerebral blood circulation. Normalizes thyroid function, reduces excess activity of the adrenal glands, therefore, treats hypertension. Useful in winter.


Gives protection from aggression, strength, durability to resist aggression from outside. Treats malignant tumors in fact. This is one of the best spices that digest bread, so when you bake bread, there always add cumin and coriander.


This is the only spice that activates blood and clears blood from all the staphylococci, streptococci, it activates the immune system, heals wounds very well and stabilizes, activates the nervous system. Gives vitality to the body.

Black poppy

Good for those who doesn't sleep well. Treats high blood pressure.


Treats the brain vessels, reduces the activity of the ureters. Tones of the bile duct. Allspice is one of the best tools that simultaneously improves cerebral blood circulation and reduces blood pressure. Therefore high blood pressure is very useful. And it promotes the resorption of atherosclerotic plaques. As well as nutmeg. If you want to treat atherosclerosis, one should not eat meat, fish, eggs.

Bay leaf

Treats all the organs in the center. Good treats bladder. If there is a tendency to cancer, it also heals.


Gives the propensity for malignant tumors of all organs which are in the center. And Bay leaf removes this property.


This spice is very healthy, increases peripheral circulation and in the winter, thus, retains heat. However, it is not necessary to get caught up in it for those who have high blood pressure. Shamballa heals the joints, the spine, the small blood vessels.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

  • Banana peel can be dried on the battery. It treats heart. You can finely chop and fry with sugar and spices. Heals the heart and increased thyroid function.

  • The best dietary Supplement is sprouted wheat. You can scroll in a meat grinder and mix with any vegetables, add a little oil and spices.

  • All that passes through the lower centres is defiled. Urine therapy can only use one who is dying. The exception is the cow dung. Shell of mollusk — clean.

  • After a heart attack it is good to eat oats.

  • In the Vedas it is written that onions, garlic, mushrooms, meat, fish and eggs — are ignorant products.

  • With periodontitis can be sucked in the mouth asafoetida.

  • Soy never gives violence, like meat, slightly inhibits. Strengthens the joints, the spine, and has a great warming effect. But you have to be careful with hypertension, can increase the pressure.

  • When you are grinding foods after 20-30 minutes out of prana, but do not go mental qualities. In the winter, don't need a lot of prana, and so much in the air, so in the winter do not need much fresh food can you eat dried.

  • All vines are in ignorance, increase aggressiveness, cunning consciousness of the human psyche. Live plants can be blissful in that case, if they have flowers, delicate and fragrant. All plants without flowers and edible fruit are passion, all the vines are in ignorance, and shrubs can too be in ignorance if they are poisonous berries. All plants with poisonous fruits are in ignorance.

  • All products need to smell to understand if they fit you.

  • Yin foods: zucchini, cucumber, and squash. All the sweet spices, milk, coconut, and all the watery vegetables.

  • The peanut is too dry, because it can overexcite the stomach. The soup is very good to add walnuts.

  • I want to eat those foods that meet the qualities of character that we expend.

  • Cumin heals all the organs in the center, relieves inflammation in the nose.

  • Mushrooms always adapt to the environment where they live. They parasitize. The love of mushrooms indicates the tendency of nature is to be deceptive. They reduce the immune system because the immune system depends on honesty. The honest man, the stronger his immune system.

  • Onion and garlic increase the activity of the lower centres and spoil the character. Garlic increases pride and anger. Horseradish increases the audacity of the man. So it is well named. Four ingredients: hops, horseradish, onion and garlic is always used in medicine to increase the reproductive functions of man. But they can not be used on a regular basis.

  • Coffee causes a sense of strong affection. If every 3-4 hours you want coffee, then the body fell into the addiction increases such qualities of character as an aversion to life, rudeness. Very harmful to the mental product.

  • Chocolate is less harmful qualities than coffee, but increases the tendency to depression. You can substitute carob. The tea you can drink for older people, but in General, those who are engaged in spiritual practices, is contraindicated, since it dulls the mind. Green tea is less harmful, but also has such qualities.

  • All kinds of alcohol also apply to ignorant products, alcoholic products are also in ignorance. They reduce the power of the mind. They may not spoil your health, a person can be healthy, consuming alcoholic products, but the power of the mind is reduced. This is reflected in women that they become more loose and less obedient to her husband, and the man is expressed in irresponsibility.



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