Ayurveda: preparation and assimilation of food is a sacred process

Our every desire, our every thought generate in the space of a specific visualization, which is called elemental. How harmonious or disharmonious, sinful or virtuous our desires, depends on how their images will look. Sometimes they look like visions of nightmares, sometimes they remind us of divine beings. Some, combining Krasouskaia qualities, neutral.

Sometimes in a dream or special state of consciousness, at certain angles the reflection of the moon light, we can see generated by us elementals to understand what thoughts were knit with them.

Among these images we live in. We are enveloped in his thoughts constantly radiated into space. Having defined the yogic or tantric practices, we may be able daily to observe the state of his mind, and would see that constantly covered by a thin "film" of misslebanon. It does not give us the ability to correctly perceive the environment, to penetrate our inner world, to see reality for what it really is. If we were connected only with their own elementals, all was otherwise. But we are constantly enveloped by the elements, the people around us, we live in the energetic matrix that they create transmitted to the outside world. We continually share these States with each other and are constantly immersed in them.

But why am I talking about this, to gather to talk about nutrition?

Because if we want to study we want to study Ayurvedic nutrition, we must know what our idea of what our desire is as they are transformed within us.

We must understand that cooking and her acceptance of the mystical processes.

Our dense (or physical) body in Sanskrit is called Anna-sarira. what does "body food". It consists of various types of energy, condensed to the state of the substance, forming the seven tissues and intertwined in the organs of the physical body. These energies are constantly replenished from the outside, mainly due to the food. But the body is based not only on the basis of the food — it is organized much more difficult. Even modern medicine with all its technology is not how.

Anna-sarira has inclusions of many other thin shells, one of which is the energy-informational matrix in the form of two tetrahedrons, designed the grounds to each other. The energy-informational matrix of all the balances entering the body types of energy and ensures the functioning of the physical body. It is a space where the body of any living creature, and has several layers. It is based on 49 the energy-centers in the system yoginathaswami chakras. Chakra is a special, constantly spinning sphere, which emanate numerous channels.

Ayurveda says that digestion process is a sacred process. We very often refer to it inappropriately: they eat only to maintain the body, to satisfy your hunger or delight the language of a particular taste. However, many live the way of life in which simply no time to think about food. In the morning, without having Breakfast, running to work, in the middle of the day to eat a sandwich, and in the evening eat very tightly. The process of power seems to them boring, and ill, they start thinking about how to eat.

While in medical school, I was very disappointed by the amount of information that was given to students regarding nutrition. A vast array of disciplines, this important topic was given only a two-week course at the last stage of training — We were told that there are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, and people need to get some certain number of them. In particular, it was argued that the daily rate of protein is 100-120 grams per day. Meanwhile, according to my observations, many people, limited to 20 grams of protein per day, perfectly felt, and those that ate protein ten times more was sick all the time. We were also taught that all foods contain a certain amount of calories and the level of demand depends on physical or mental labor involved. Told us and that everyone needs to consume some essential amino acids, without the second it just dies, and these amino acids cannot be synthesized in the body and are contained only in animal proteins... Later on I visited a religious community in the Caucasus. People who called themselves spiritual Christians who lived high in the mountains, was a stern ascetic and practiced the nivritti-Marga, or the path of full renunciation. The members of this community ate very little only once a day — and had taken no animal food, including milk. They were perfectly healthy.

Then I realized that in our body there are certain systems of transformation of energy, but modern science about them simply knows nothing. This conclusion polnostyu were confirmed when I began to study Ayurveda and Ayurvedic system of nutrition that is so important that it occupies in the science one of the main places

ViDi followers of the tradition of Ayurveda is explained that from time to time, in certain phases of the moon, in the case of acute diseases and their prevention a person may use any medicines and herbs. But the food a person takes from birth to death (life-long — from 20 to 40 tons) and it has a tremendous impact, which until recently, scientists didn't even know existed. Most of the food has the ability to not only synthesize the tissue of a biological body, not only to supply energy in the form of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, but also provide information impact. The state of human consciousness is determined by the modes, or qualitative States of nature, and the food is indirectly capable of "switching" of consciousness from one level to another.

Therefore, any Ayurvedic doctor, starting a conversation with the patient, especially asks if he is willing to follow imposed by the power system. If the patient responds that for one reason or another he can not fulfill of his recommendations, Vidya usually refuses to help him. Because the treatment of many diseases, proper nutrition gives 40-50% and even 70% of the result. If you do everything else right, but eating food that is destroying you, or programmed to some unwanted actions, you seem to add fuel to the fire of the disease and at the same time trying to put it out.

Ayurveda is a holistic approach to life and to human health. You need to understand the essence of this approach, not just to establish which you have the type of Constitution and in accordance with this you need to eat. If you possess the Ayurvedic system of nutrition, you do not need mountains of books and advice of many doctors. You will know how to eat.

The process of eating begins with the fact that you took some food, put them in a pot, cooked and began to eat, but much earlier. First of all, you need to choose the right original products. Choosing them on the market, preference should be given to the seller, which he raised very important with the condition of his mind. Each cucumber or Apple has its own energy-informational matrix and a positive or negative elemental. Depending on the product that you will use it in food, can fill you with love or to harm you. Look at the people who have you buy products, pay attention to how they relate to what you sell. Remember, as you buy flowers. If you purchase them from the seller rude, indifferent, bored, standing with a cigarette in his mouth, and even swearing with customers, the bouquet will quickly fade. If flowers sells you the person who take care of them, wets the water, looks at them with tenderness and with love, they will please you very long.

So it is with food. If the seller is mad, if he wants to cheat on you, or if foul language all the time something to chew, do not buy his products, even if they look good. The seller sends them your negative status and positive energy-information matrix of such products will be distorted.

When choosing products try to include intuition that will tell you what is bad for you, what is good, what is useful and what is harmful. It so happens that you wanting to buy some vegetables, come to the counter and suddenly I felt a block: "No I don't". Listen to yourself and do not buy them. Some people may feel even radioactive contamination or presence in products of nitrates or pesticides. This ability to determine which products are suitable to him and which do not, there is in each of us, and it can gradually develop.

As for cooking, it also has its own inviolable rules. Before start cooking, wash room, wipe the floor, tables, stove. For cooking use a separate table; it never eat and do not place a dirty plate. On this table you can keep only cooked food you've ever tasted. Can't eat anything from boards on which food is prepared, and you should not use dirty towels.

It is also important what you wear. Clothing absorbs the all our vibration, and if you prepare in the same clothes go to the toilet or outside, the food will be defiled.

The utensils used for cooking, also special requirements. Need to use only the utensils used to cook and never one from which to eat. You can't eat directly from the pans in which you cook your own food, as is often accepted.

The perfect utensils Ayurveda considers iron. In the second place the glass on the third — enamel (it should be no potholes). It is permissible to use utensils of stainless steel, but only if its content will not be very long heat treatment. In addition, in steel utensils, the food is quickly oxidized, and therefore, immediately after cooking it, you need to shift to another — enameled or cast iron.

Ceramic or earthenware dishes can be used only once, because clay has the ability to absorb negative information (that's why in the East pottery after cooking immediately break). Teflon coating harmful, so the Teflon to be carcinogenic. Utensils made of aluminium (including spoons and forks) are hazardous to health so that in 70 years even in us prisons are forbidden to feed her prisoners. Aluminium oxide is a strong carcinogen, and additionally, aluminum push from the connective tissue calcium. Many, particularly those born in the 20-50-ies, it is very difficult to part with the usual aluminum cookware, they are in large quantities bought because of its cheapness. But you need to remember that its use by the elderly may cause osteoporosis, bone fragility, even minor trauma can cause fracture. In young connective tissue (teeth, hair, nails and skin) suffers the same. The displacement of calcium leads to early degenerative changes of the spine and joints, tooth decay and hair loss.

Which type of fire food is cooked is also important, because different types of fire different energy. Ideally it is better to use wood, which gives fire with an especially clean energy. In second place is coal, then gas, and later electricity. In a city apartment, our options are limited to gas or electric hob or microwave. The latter can be used for heating food but not for cooking, which violates the energy-matrix products.

After all the ready-to-cook food, you need to follow a few important rules.

First, before that, can't eat anything (even if you are cooking for others), because otherwise you will lose the necessary condition. If during cooking you have to visit the toilet, it is necessary not only to wash my hands, but to change clothes and rinse my mouth.

Secondly, the environment itself should be special. You can't watch TV, but it is not forbidden to listen to relaxing music. If you cook together, you can discuss what to do, but not to engage in idle conversation, especially not to gossip. You should be concentrated, as the cooking process is, in fact, the process of meditation. Starting to cook, you do not have anything to try. Don't be afraid to make the wrong amount of salt or spices — learn this very quickly, within one to two weeks. If you are configured correctly, you will naturally add as many as you need. Generally, you need to salt food as little as possible, then everyone will be able to add salt as desired.

When you put food on the fire, turn on the system scan your consciousness, the state in which you reside at the moment. The food in this case — like film, which takes place in photo - or video camera. If at this time you are watching action movie or listening to bad news, then this information will be recorded on the matrix product and change its properties. If you radiate love, then love will fill the food giving it a very striking quality. The people who will eat it, get pleasure not so much from taste of the range of products, but from the spiritual vibrations, which they will be saturated.

Once, while traveling through India, we came to one of the sacred places of Vrndavana, where there are about five thousand temples, and live an extraordinary and saintly persons. We wanted to go a few dozen miles on the trail around sacred mount of Govardhana hill. We visited various places to which pilgrims seek from around the world, admire the amazing nature... Around mid day we were approached by one local resident said: "I want to invite you to lunch." We thought that the way he earns money but he said, "I'm doing this for free because it's my duty to feed all the pilgrims. You can't refuse". And when we agreed, he with his wife and daughter pretty quickly cooked a couple of meals. It was a very simple and traditional Indian food - mung-dal, small polka dots, which is cooked with vegetables, rice and bread, baked on stones. But how these people cooked, it was a real rite. It's like they were all in meditation and performed a mystical dance. And when they began to treat us, we felt something I never experienced in my life — we didn't just eat, but tasted the Love itself. It was real bliss...

Special properties acquires food prepared by a man who himself wouldn't eat it as fast. If you want someone to really treat, do not eat anything that day, when I cook, and after dinner do not eat too. It is advisable not to inhale the aroma of the food during its preparation. At first glance it looks complicated but actually is quite possible to learn it.

If you're careful, eating cooked their own hands, you will feel that "eat your status", which transferred to the food during its preparation.

Unfortunately, this happens not with all. Generally, people eat in some cafes, canteens and restaurants, where they cook very differently, not knowing of the existence of these simple rules. I remember a very vivid example of life. In my time as a student I was once sent on duty in the student cafeteria, which was considered exemplary. There I saw a terrible scene. Over a huge pot of soup, stirring constantly, stood absolutely cook in a dirty robe. She continuously was saying something, speaking to other chefs, and not allowing them to insert any words in his "monologue". She scolded the neighbors in the communal apartment, told how she was bitten by a dog as she had a fight in the store... however, she was not released from his mouth a cigarette a cigarette and coughed. Her mouth squirted saliva and cigarette ashes poured into the soup, which she continued to stir. Sometimes she was so excited that her hand fell into the pot, and then, bad swearing, she wiped it on the robe... Imagine the condition of people who ate this soup!

After you have prepared food, it is very important how you served it. You can't just pile it in a bowl and stick your family or guests. The table should be very nicely served. Well, if you spread a clean tablecloth, and he will be decorated with flowers.

It is important that all the senses are involved in the process. The eyes should enjoy the food, nose — to enjoy the flavors, the language, distinguish shades of taste, and the ears to enjoy the conversation of cooked dishes. Note one subtlety — if you take the food yourself, it changes its energy-informational matrix and configured for you; even from the skin receptors receive signals to the digestive organs. Therefore, in the East and have taken arms.

As soon as food is taken into the mouth immediately due to the taste buds, the feeling initial taste, or Rasa. The primary taste is of six types: sweet, salty, spicy, bitter, tart and sour. They are mixed to form specific combinations, just as three primary colors obtained six others, and of them — an infinite number of different shades. And similarly, any food generates its own unique combination of taste sensations. As a rule, products is one, two or three flavors, rarely four.

To recognize tastes, you should be concentrated on the sensations. Need to chew food 32 times, and it is important not so much grinding, how much careful mixing it with saliva. So, milk can not drink — it needs to hold in mouth and then swallow, as you do when eating solid food.

Saliva is a unique environment. Secreted by the salivary glands, it is derived from blood and contains the same components as the blood plasma, only in lower concentration. Saliva is able to configure thin receptors on the correct perception of taste. Recognize the many flavors you can only when a sufficient amount of saliva, if not in a hurry and don't block their salivary glands. Probably someone will think, "why do I need it? What do these taste?"

The gastrointestinal tract is arranged so that in response to the receipt of a certain amount of food should be allocated the appropriate amount of enzymes and hormones that facilitate its uptake, and, including hormones, the level of the liver provides a construction necessary for the body plastic and energy substances. In addition, saliva contains an important enzyme amylase responsible for the breakdown of carbohydrates. Amylase is also produced by the pancreas. Insufficient chewing of food for those people who do not work the pancreas or there are problems with the liver, impaired digestion of carbohydrates, especially complex carbohydrates, such as starch. This leads to very serious consequences including the development of dysbiosis. If, however, the normal functioning of the pancreas is the liver, but you are in a state of emotional arousal (whether joy is, fear or anger), food will turn into poison. During an emotional outburst is thrown adrenaline, which blocks the normal flow of saliva, which food is not differentialsa at the level of the oral cavity. In addition, the adrenaline, preventing the outflow of bile, disrupts the activation of pancreatic enzymes. If food is not digested, it will cause the formation of ohms and activation of pathogenic microflora. It is therefore very important to eat in a relaxed state of mind.

If people are not accustomed to chew food, the salivary glands cease to produce amylase, because it is no longer appropriate. "Really, why?" — "thinks" the body, "if the person still does not mixes food with saliva..." But in order to re-stimulate the production of amylase, requires at least 3-4 months.

Tastes change the movement of energy in channels Nadi and mostly affect the tuning fork, the human body. What you eat determines the state of the energy-matrix, and it happens already in the oral cavity. Nervous system immediately is instructed, how many and what enzymes are required for digestion. So the food suitable for your body, she gradually normalizes all metabolic processes. There are diseases that can be cured through only the power supply system.

To ensure that the digestion process was correct, the product should contain all six tastes. We usually like the sweet taste, one that is inherent in most products. Some people prefer sour or salty taste, but not bitter or tart. Meanwhile, in a small amount of bitter taste is able to run a system to detoxify the body and stimulate the pancreas. In order to clear the small intestine, blood or liver, do not need any special medication, but it may be very useful use, for example, bitter cucumber (which we often neglect). In India used bitter melon or drinks containing bitterness, and in our conditions it is possible to do several anything wormwood tincture.

Once in the stomach, food is in the acidic environment provided by hydrochloric acid. The number depends on what you ate. Protein-rich foods require more hydrochloric acid, a carbohydrate — less. Required for different proteins, the degree of acidity determines the receptor apparatus of the mouth. If you are poorly chewed food, took her in a troubled condition or being distracted by TV or a book, this information is read completely. If information is sufficient, hydrochloric acid will be produced in the right quantity.

There is the enzyme pepsin that digests animal proteins and is responsible for their initial processing. In the inactive state, it exists in the form of pepsinogen, which can be converted into pepsin only in the presence of hydrochloric acid. People who are badly produced or no longer have to keep food in the mouth to stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid. If you eat a mixed food, it will digest slower because the carbohydrates are absorbed gradually into the 12-duodenum.

The main biochemical indicator of the saturation of the body — the level of glucose in the blood plasma. There is another indicator of the saturation — stretching of the stomach. But for many people the stomach is too distended from excessive gluttony, and necessary to conduct special treatments in order to bring it back to normal.

If the food is combined, the saturation of blood glucose will be slowed down. Draw it on the diagram.

The bottom line is the elapsed time after a meal, the top — level of glucose (millimole per liter). Rate-from 5.5 to 3.5 mmol/liter. If the glucose level is controlled by the hormone insulin, below 3.5, a hunger center, a feeling of sleepiness, fatigue, as nerve cells begin to starve. If the level is above 5.5, the hunger center will be blocked. We will experience a glut, chills, heaviness or even nausea.

Combined food causes gradual alignment of the level of glucose. Clean the carbs cause a quick saturation of the body with glucose, and a lot depends on what kind of carbs. Products with so-called high glycemic index (sugar, fried potatoes, chips, old potatoes, refined wheat flour, bananas, grapes, rice) cause a large spike of glucose and spike the Manager of its utilization of insulin. Then there is a sharp drop in blood glucose, and only then — it alignment. If such dangerous races is very frequent, there is a syndrome of hyperinsulinemia. At first the person feels expressed fatigue due to consistently elevated levels of insulin. The level of glucose is reduced. Cells of the nervous system feel hungry. Because insulin stimulates fat synthesis, in humans, increased weight. The liver cells gradually cease to respond to insulin, then the glucose starts to grow out. So there is a risk of developing diabetes of the second type.

Once the food reaches the stomach digesting only protein, it goes into the 12-duodenum, where it begins the basic process of digestion. Here are elaborated the pancreatic enzymes: trypsin, completing the processing of protein, lipase that breaks down fats amylase — carbs and lactase — milk sugar.

Then food ball is in the small intestine where digestion begins. There is a very important effect, which in Ayurveda is called virya. In the small intestine there is a group aputnik cells (or audiiton). which are embedded in his gaps, and brush the rim. Being a kind of hormonal reserves and producing biologically active substances, audacity able to regulate the lifespan of various hormones, especially those that belong to the catabolic link that is able to break down energy substrates in the body.

Activation of audiiton can occur during eating, and different food in different ways to influence them, depending on what has viryu: "warm" or "cold" (there is even division by four degrees). This system is well developed from Avicenna, in sufficient detail to describe products that, in accordance with different degrees virji, or activate audacity or, conversely, to inhibit their functioning. Thus, good activation of audiiton product can be digested with the best quality and the components are better absorbed. In the liver they are synthesized from either a plastic substance or energy resources. Therefore, in Ayurvedic system of nutrition is always taken into account, what is the impact of products on audacity.

When food is digested, its components in the portal vein gets to the liver. The small intestine and liver — a kind of protective barriers that do not allow to penetrate the blood many foreign substances. About 95% of the chemical components contained in the food, delayed the antitoxic system of the small intestine and liver. If this barrier for some reason was overcome, and the toxins are in the blood, it can lead to various unwanted effects to the body. Therefore, blood cells and immune system begin to respond to similar products in a definite manner. Turn on the feedback system: develop antibodies, and not on separate substance, but on the whole this product. Let's say you ate the food, all components of which were grown in normal conditions, and therefore do not contain any toxic substances. But you swallowed not chewed and not providing, thus, a normal digestion. Or you ate a product with a large number of chemicals, and poor liver function allowed them to pass through the protective barrier. In both cases, the whole product will be to produce antibodies in the future, he will be perceived by your body negatively: disturbed metabolism, there is an allergic reaction will develop dysfunction of the liver or kidneys.

On the wall of the small intestine brush border is with the active fibers, which provide its departments. The colon is literally dotted with receptors associated with the centers of the spinal cord, each of which governs the organs and tissues of the body. Ballast substances either stimulate or harmonise the centres of the spinal cord and indirectly affect the condition of vital organs and tissue effect (vipak). Therefore, in Ayurveda all food describes not only the principle virji, or way of influencing audacity, but the principle effect vipak.

In the twentieth century decided that they can compare with, and began to Refine food. However, ballast substances are the cleaners of the body, adsorbing endotoxins, excess cholesterol and other products of incomplete metabolism, which is excreted with bile. All ballast substances have an important property: they are able to regulate the work of the large intestine by acting on certain digestion and absorption of all digested components. At this level, remember all the signals. If something has got into the blood through the system of barriers, information is provided on audacity in which is stored the memory of those or other products. In humans, the digestion of which for a long time was wrong, produces AMA, which in some places covers audacity and receptive apparatus of the brush edges, causing distortion of information. Begins to produce antibodies to the products, which are basically normal and healthy. These antibodies can be determined using special immunological studies. It turns out that of the 350 most common foods most people can without any harm to the body to consume only 25-30. As soon as a person clean out your small intestine from the AMA, his diet expands to 70-80 products. If he will abide by the rules of cooking and eating, this range can reach 250-300 products.

After digestion has certain ballast substances: cellulose, agar-agar, pectin.

The latter effect, which considers Ayurveda is called prabhava or specific action of food.Prabhava is not just a chemical ratios in a particular product, but also with the energy-informational effect. The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates will affect the body's condition in General terms plastic, or energy functions. But there is energy-the affinity of certain foods with certain organs. Each product has its own prabhava which may be positive for one and negative on another. For example, watermelon has polozhitelnyh for the liver, because it harmonizes its function, prabhava positive for blood, and improving omelicheva her prabhavo positive for digestion because it contains very good pectin, polomalsya, but negative prabhavo for the kidneys, weakening them and inhibiting hormonal function.

Another example is cranberry with a positive prabhavo for vessels and kidney, but negative for stomach, because it violates its function.

In the Ayurvedic system of very strong herbs or spices are used not only to enhance the taste, but also to eliminate the negative prabhava of different products. For example, a pinch of ginger added to milk products, prevents the formation of "bad" mucus coming out of the upper respiratory tract that such products tend to generate in people living in regions with humid and cold climate. In sour cream add not only ginger, but also turmeric, as the cream is not very good for the liver and turmeric will neutralize this phenomenon.

Each organ has its own energy center, or chakra, which is for him the tuning fork. If this body is not working properly, the center includes a system of self-regulation. To activate it, enough food to enter the small number of plants.

If necessary, activate the system of self-regulation of the heart, include in the diet a little nutmeg. If you want to normalize the function of the liver, add to food saffron or turmeric. Cardamom harmonizes the kidneys, the cumin, the intestines. Anise is used for harmonization of the respiratory center, and Bay leaf-for the restoration of cartilage and bone.

If you have some disease you will have to change the food system.

In order to learn to eat right we need to take into account the many nuances: type of Constitution, blood group, age, presence of diseases, seasons, lunar phases and even the time of day. published

From the speech of I. I. Vetrova

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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