The secret of the three dates. Food — substance, energy, information

Food. What is it? The range of proposed explanations range from the usual "physiological" interpretation of nutrition as a source essential for our body nutrients and calories to the truly cosmic role of nutrition as a method of universal interaction, a necessary factor of evolution, the embodiment of the Law.

One day, a 156-year-old loader from Turkey asked what foods he prefers. Among the favorites was called Phoenicia. Hurrah, the open secret of health and longevity! You just have to eat more dates! — so, think of any normal person. But back to the survivor. "And how many dates you eat?" — I asked him the following question. (Here the necessary dramatic pause!) "Three Grand a day."

Notorious three dates illustrate common to most centenarians the secret of food — moderation. Moreover, this "secret" helps to extend the life of not only humans. Laboratory animals that "from childhood" was sitting on a low-calorie, but full and balanced diet, lived at least twice as long as its fed enough fellow. And, inferior to them in height and weight, greatly surpassed them in physical activity, resistance to stress and diseases (including cardiovascular and cancer).

A sense of proportion in matters of power inherent in animals initially (with the exception of some Pets).

This "measure" is at all different small rodents, for example, due to the peculiarities of their metabolism eat constantly, absorbing the day twice its own weight, and predators eat abundantly, but rarely (lions sometimes once a week). All animals not so much trying to follow the daily rate of food, but maintain a long-term balance of income and expenditure of energy.

If animals in the experiment was artificially overfed and then released "to pasture" rolling "hunger strike" as long as the previous surplus of food was not fully used. People, as a rule, on the contrary — the appetite comes during meal! Explains this approach seems quite reasonable: you want — it means that the body requires; the useful will absorb, and the excess will bring! Is it really so? What is the food? What is essential for our body the elements it contains? And whether here the principle "good must be a lot of"?

Food = a substance

Less is better. Folk mudrosti what is the desired product? Of substances — proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc. what they do to the body? To build your own organs and tissues. Our body also consists of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, etc. But whatever we ate — meat, fish, nuts or vegetables — we are people made from fish, cow, carrot protein, etc., but only of our own. This means that the body has to work hard to substances alien to be tamed, from strangers to turn into your own.

Because the digestion process in one of the meanings is protect their own "self" from "foreign" by its cleavage and transformation into "their". Eaten product the body must first disassemble the bricks — universal elements with no insignias (proteins into amino acids, fats into fatty acids and glycerol, carbohydrates into monosaccharides — glucose, fructose, galactose), and then from these blocks to collect necessary at this particular point of the structure. (Vitamins and minerals take in these processes disassembly-Assembly of the active part.) What happens when "outsiders" is too much, and the body does not have enough time, effort and money to bring the disassembly process to the end?

Nedorazumenie "blocks" of the body to use not maybe in the best case thrown out unaltered (simultaneously overloading the system, removing waste). At worst suit of them in a landfill is not suitable for this place (cholesterol plaques, renal, hepatic and fecal stones, cellulites) and/or attack them as dangerous outsiders who need to be destroyed immediately. Hence, various food allergies (e.g., to trapped from the intestine into the blood nedorazumenij protein).

As a complete "bricks" the body receives from the food eaten will be determined not so much by its quantity as by the effectiveness of its assimilation. And to learn the body is able as much food, how much will he have different "tools" (including enzymes, which include vitamins and minerals). What vitamins and minerals the body is often not enough.

Unfortunately, our body can't tell in pure Russian: "I Want a certain trace mineral or vitamin, which is contained in that product." The body, sensing the lack of a specific substance, declares that the feeling of hunger. Sometimes, in order to fill this gap, one person eats ten times more than necessary. And if he still has what he used to, and not what the moment needs, the famine passes. And the more one eats, the less it is and forces, and "tools", and the feeling of hunger, it is in this situation misplaced remains.

What should I do? How to know what are still asking our body? Remember animals. In search of the necessary herbs, the animal may run tens of kilometers and, in the end, find it, eat well and recover. It means that somewhere deep inside us lies the recognition engine, the ability to listen and hear your body and to correctly interpret what is heard. What is necessary for the awakening of this ability?

Attention training to the needs of his own body and purity. Periodic rest from food: hunger and/or modest food simple natural foods will help our body to "speak" more accurately and louder, and we — better "hear". Still need to our body to know what and when it should "speak". For this purpose it is useful to get acquainted with a great variety of substances, from which you can later choose. Besides, these substances it has to learn to learn, i.e. to have a set of "tools" on all occasions.

How to achieve this? A variety of food on the principle of a mixed bag. And such a course of training for the body is much more effective to carry out in early childhood. And if the child is fed only milk formula, and then chips, ice cream and chocolates — what will the "data Bank"? But it is if you experience one or the other needed the child's body will become to navigate.

Food = matter + energy

Not bread nourishes our nature, but the Word of eternal Life, the Spirit inside him. © Solutionsone nutrients, a process requiring large energy consumption. But we eat in order that to get energy? True, but sometimes Vice versa: we eat so many and of such food that in trying to assimilate the body spends more energy than it ultimately gets.

What kind of energy present in food? What is energy quality product? Food — solar energy storage battery. In pure form and sufficient quantity it is represented in freshly harvested plant foods.

Because plants in photosynthesis to directly capture and store solar light with very high efficiency of about 80%. When we eat are "sun in a can" at least half of the stored in them energy is spent on digestion. But the remaining half for our body is a great gift and help. When our "table" is represented mainly by products of animal origin ("second hand" on the original solar energy), the body got a measly energy crumbs. And these scraps were not always cover the consumption of energy expended on the assimilation of such "heavy" food.

Quite without food man can not live. But only the food which carries the vital energy capable of supporting life and health. This energy is known to us is not limited to the visible portion of the solar spectrum. Food — accumulator of energy of the four elements — earth, water, air and fire (Sun) and distant stars. And in order to be able to take advantage of all these resources, it is important and what and how much we eat!

At different times in different Nations existed (and exists now) a simple recipe: to strive to get up from the table with a "slight feeling of hunger". It does not matter if the physical body think that it is something less. For most often not the body loses, and our habit of abundant and tasty to eat. And even if the body is something less, the "short" on substance he will be more than offset by. Because the physical body the man is not the only one, there are the energy body, which is responsible for the absorption, assimilation and distribution of energy. It also supports the physical body fit and nourish it with exactly what he most needed. But the bloated, lazy body of such an energy "Supplement".

The life force we draw not only from food. An inexhaustible source of cleansing and renewal, allowing us a long time to be "on the rise" with less in the usual ways of recovery — food and sleep, is nature. How will we be able to take advantage of this source depends on us. We are nature and the world, whether active, you are ready to make efforts on the physical plane (exercise, Hiking, swimming, etc.), and on the plan of the soul?

Food is not the only source of energy. The degree of openness to other sources, each person has their own. It determines what proportion of energy we must obtain from food. A striking example — the Russian elders, who had to settle for a crust of bread a day. But we, "mere mortals", there is always a chance to change the "share" to reduce, not only moderating their appetite, but, above all, discovering new sources of energy and opening them.

Food = matter + energy + information

Fruit — a letter, written by the Creator.© O. Ivanovskii grown under the open sky product is a living message of nature, is able to tell us about what changes occur in nature right now — at a specific point in space-time. This message helps the living entity to coordinate its own rhythms and processes with the rhythms and phenomena of nature. But it helps only if received in time. In other words, the food must conform to the specific season and place of residence of the person. The most favorable for this period — the summer-autumn. An abundance of freshly picked herbs and fruits, and not from somewhere in Africa, and directly with our native beds, effectively eliminates the effects of the spring beriberi, "cool the heat" in the summer heat, helps to stock up a variety of elements and... able to saturate a small quantity.

Because the food is alive, and the space is filled with the active energy of the Sun, water, air, Land, and have the opportunity to relax, to be with those and deal with those (that) really love. The other thing is winter and early spring — a period so familiar to us of the decline of physical and mental strength. In this dark and cold period, we urgently need active, warming, quickening the food.

Where is the winter to find fresh, living product? Because at this time in our latitude nothing is growing, and greenhouse and/or pumpkin vegetables and fruits from the point of view of the information does not provide us with full and timely "message." Remember that long is able to store a tremendous amount of life force, energy of renewal and growth? The seeds of plants. Therefore, grains (sprouted and cereals) and nuts — perfect for winter warming and activating the product.

Regardless of the season our menu will include not only the "real" products. How to deal with them? Which energy and information are, for example, sausage, ice cream and other products shelf stable? What if we have for whatever reasons not to choose?

If that we eat very little energy and absolutely no information, but we do not eat for pleasure, but in order to live, to love and to create, it does not matter what our food source is not alive.

What we live — the live source of energy. And awakening this source in ourselves will enable the food we prepare may not of the most pure and fresh ingredients, to make a living, the power of love, gratitude and blessings.

Food is one of the ways we interact with the world. Interaction, which means that we not only receive, we must give. Interacting with food, we receive force and energy that supports our lives. What can we give? Appreciation and gratitude to the Nature that feeds us. Interacting with the world, we not only eat, we are nourished. And what we give, too, has its "substance", energy and information. And we responsibility to the world not so much for quantity as for the quality of our "product" — our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, for their usefulness, timeliness and cleanliness, and the health of those who will "eat".published


Author: Natalia Aderal


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©




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