Three female energy or what made silent

When we talk about women, we remember her angelic qualities. We reread "Fascinating Womanhood", listen to lectures Vedic authors. And we understand that everything is correct. Even if we do not do so, the feeling is correct - there. Yes, certainly the ideal woman should be so.

But is this just? Only if the pink and fluffy? Only if understanding and forgiving?
When we completely reject the other part of the female essence, thus creating a lot of problems. And for themselves and loved ones. In the Vedic tradition, the female energy is described as consisting of three elements. And they are called - the names of Vedic Goddess, Goddess of the same is in any other mythology

. What are the three energies have in a woman?
Energy Lakshmi - the goddess of fortune
Energy Saraswati - the goddess of knowledge
Energy Durga - the goddess of destruction
We often talk about knowledge and creativity - and thus cultivate energy Saraswati. We talk about how to love and care, to increase the welfare of the family - inspiring to the exploits of her husband. And it's about the Lakshmi energy.
But about the power of Durga, we rarely speak. But is that enough for us? For those who have developed a script good girls too - in one, if not everyone? For those who are accustomed to deserve love and try to save the parents? But in the post-Soviet space, we are almost all in varying degrees, suffer from this syndrome.
Therefore I'd like to discuss this topic separately.
Let's start with the fact that the energy of Durga has in every woman. And this energy - originally female. We often confuse it with the male energy, even more often - do not give her release. Because it's kind of not very good. Wrong. Not according to the Vedic canon.
It says only that we know nothing about this energy. Nothing at all. So let's start to get acquainted with it.
Does this male energy?
The first question usually arises when we try to determine the sex of this energy. Going by women, do not want to once again plunge into the male. And very often we put in energy Durga label "Men, do not touch the dangerous" - and pass by
. And absolutely nothing. Because it is very easy to distinguish - the vector of energy direction:
The male energy - the energy of competition, struggle and conquest of lands and leadership. That is, the male energy is always directed outward. For other people, the world around. Man protecting loved ones, capable of feats and sacrifice.
Durga female energy - the energy of self-defense, rescue in emergency situations, the energy of self-preservation. The female energy is always directed inwards. Protecting your children, if a woman makes a part of itself. So fast and accurate reaction to it - as if in danger of no other person, and her leg or arm
. Is this good energy?
In general, the word "good" at this point, with respect to energy jarring. But that's how we usually evaluate the situation and their behavior. Be good and be right - for most of us means "to be loved"
. To understand what this energy is necessary, let's look at what it offers. In what situations do we need it.
Let's start with extra options. When a child is in danger, every woman can become a tigress. Lashed out at the offender or to snatch the baby from the jaws of danger. Can we call it as a bad or useless?
When there is a difficult situation - the loss of a breadwinner, war, crop failure are women able to not only survive, but also to save the children. Remember the horror stories of besieged Leningrad, in what ways, and how strongly mother helping children to survive in such extreme conditions.
But whether it is necessary in everyday life? Maybe it's a secret room where you need to enter only in difficult moments? In peacetime, it may be wise to lose from her key?
God nothing is given to us for a reason. And all that is given to us by God - has a good purpose and useful for all applications. Most of all we suffer in the event that if any gift is labeled as: "This is bad!"
. What can happen to a woman who does not enjoy the power of Durga?
She does not know what he wants.
Strange transition? But let's look again at the root - the energy of self-preservation. If the desire of women - is a part of her, the ability to desire - the basis of its survival
. It allows you to deal with a bad.
This again is about self-preservation. In my understanding, the women who allow themselves to beat, humiliate and insult - commit a double fault. Not only do they destroy his soul and his nature. They also indulge their weaknesses and vices of a loved one, which again and again will make a fatal mistake. And then you have to pay for it - even if he does not understand
. She could not bring her husband - it lacks firmness and understanding of the importance of this process
. She is sorry for him, to talk to already want, then physical affection. He is looking for an excuse to give up without a fight. Does it work for him.
It can not inspire her man.
After all, women's desire - the engine of progress of men. And in hard times need such a problem that inspire. Survival and payment of the apartment - not the scale. But happy with the new wife a ring - that's another conversation. Goals should always be set much higher - it is necessary to "on the way". But a woman who does not enjoy the power of Durga, be ashamed and uncomfortable to ask for a dress or a ring, when the house is not paid for the light.
She does not have an opinion.
She can marry the person who just called, even if he knows that it is not the same person. She can go to school there, where it is necessary to parents, and not where the heart is torn. All her life she can do the work that hates. To be friends with people from communicating with whom it becomes bad. Communicate with those who use it.
It lacks firmness to say "No».
So she does everything for everyone - and has neither the time nor the energy for themselves. It is trouble-free. Everyone knows it. And many are.
It can not maintain its cleanliness.
Very often, the girls begin sexual life, for fear that they will throw. And often women agree on the bed, deep down knowing what they are used. In this way they not only destroy themselves but also harm these young guys. Which is not to know that, too, will have to answer for it.
She can not put limits and to protect your privacy. Therefore, in her soul can leave marks each. And she had nothing to say. And if there is anything, that conscience does not allow. Anyone can lead her life. Not she.
Without this energy can not be self-esteem.
Because in order to feel worthy - you need to be able to answer
Just one story
In the Vedic literature tells about a queen. Her husband had gone to war, she stayed in the palace. But the king of the battlefield has found a great superiority of forces in favor of the enemy. And for a moment, got cold feet.
So he just ran to the palace, to stay alive. But there it was waiting for a surprise. Native and beloved wife refused to open the gate. Moreover, she said that does not recognize him as his wife.
"My husband was brave and courageous. He never leaves the field of battle out of cowardice. He will fight to the last. And either win or die »
What was the king? Just back on the field and win. Despite the superiority of forces and their own fear.
What energy helped the queen to retain the rigidity of their position, not to give up the slack? Of course, the energy of Durga.
On the one hand it seems a bit cruel. But if you look deeper? If the king was at the palace - what would happen to his people? And with his manhood? How would he feel, knowing that fateful moment of cowardice?
And that is the basis of the Queen of the act? Cruelty? Or love, which helped her husband to reveal their best qualities and overcome the defects?
How to use it?
That's the most difficult question. Because on the one hand - this energy is. And it is needed. On the other hand, any guidance on the use of energy - partial, schematic, and takes into account not all aspects. Because let's - the main points
. This energy is needed. If you suppress it in yourself, you will have a blast. Either inside - with disease and health problems. Either outside - and can suffer nothing guilty people
. On the other hand, if you decide that this energy - the basic, you can at least commit follies. Rude to everyone and for any reason, to seek his righteousness and recognition. This is real emancipation and feminism.
The answer is that Durga energy must be inextricably linked with the other two components. And this condition is mandatory. After all, education without love - it's just heartless management. A sense of self-esteem, without concern for others - this image of Snow Queen
. Rule one. Energy Durga - the only one of the energies of women
. The other two are related to love and care (Lakshmi) and creativity (Saraswati). Between these three components must be a balance.
Take care of yourself, your beauty and your body
Take care of your loved ones, cook food with love
Take care of the beauty and comfort of your home (all of which feeds energy Lakshmi)
creativity Learn how to live - and to apply their knowledge (supporting energy Saraswati)
Learn to bring loved ones - and strictly with Love inside
Say "no" to people and events, with which you are not on the way
Clears the debris in his home and his heart (and thus maintain the energy of Durga)
The second rule - that energy can not be a push
. For example, when you rise from a protest that significantly more work - it does not need to suppress. No need to smile, as if you are satisfied. Do not lie to people, do not be hypocritical for the sake of goodness. Otherwise, this energy is accumulated so much that you can not control yourself - and an explosion happens. It will happen in the "safe" place - in your home. And this energy will pour out on any of innocent children or spouse.
But it does not need to rush to extremes and aggression and rudeness. The best way to express your protest- is when you have the rod inside, you know what you want and that you deserve it. And with a sense of this web is strictly talk about what you do that will not. With the right attitude - you will not even ask why you decided to
. The third rule. This energy woman may be used only for good purposes.
Only for the common good. Child Rescue - this is understandable. And the salvation of his own soul? And the salvation of his family? And the salvation of her husband, leaving in alcohol or another woman?
Or examples of different opera - correctness at work, a clear procedure for the queue (that no one got), to bring about change from her husband by threats and abuse ...
The fourth rule. Find a use for in your life. Peace and everyday.
For example, on a regular basis to clear the debris and make the house cleaning. Treat and ozdaravlivat home. Protect your happiness. Take care of your inner personal space.
At first it all seems complicated. Especially good for girls who can not even fill the bed in the morning - not that deny man. But through trial and error comes understanding of these faces - even where it is not necessary, and where it is high time to transfer mode "Durga"
. Be holistic in their femininity!
Author Olga Valyaeva


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