Inner Smile — being a Taoist technique

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Energy low quality is converted into energy high quality
In Taoism negative emotions we consider as low quality. Many people spend their lives in frustration, sadness, depression, fear, anxiety, and other negative energy. These energies are the cause of chronic diseases and quietly drain our basic life force.

Inner Smile is a sincere smile to all parts of the body including all the organs, glands and muscles, and the nervous system. It produces energy of high quality, which can be treated, and over time, it is converted into higher-grade energy.

A sincere smile sends the energy of love that has the power to warm and heal. Just remember the time when you were upset or physically ill and someone, perhaps even strangers, you genuinely smiled – and suddenly you feel better.

Norman Cusips, editor of “Saturday review”, wrote in “Anatomy of illness” that he cured himself of a rare connective tissue disease by watching old films of the Marx brothers. One of my students cured himself of cancer of the breast, constantly practicing the Inner Smile to the area that was sick.

In ancient China, Master Dao opened the power of the energy of a smile. They practiced the Inner Smile to themselves. She was moving the Qi energy and Qi flow of high quality, this was achieved health, happiness and longevity. Smile to yourself like ideal love, and love can repair and rejuvenate.

The inner Smile directs smiling energy into our organs and glands, which are so necessary for life. Ironically, although we often pay great attention to our appearance, very few of us know what it's like internal organs and glands, where they are located and what their function. Furthermore, we are insensitive to subtle caveats that they send us when we ill treat them, adhering to the wrong diet and leading an unhealthy lifestyle. We like a leader who never pays attention to his subordinates and is greatly surprised when something happens.

If we get acquainted with our organs and glands will begin to understand what they are doing, and learn to hear their signals, they will reward us with peace and vitality.

Good or bad emanations.
The inner Smile is the most effective to neutralize the action of stress. In our modern society we spend millions of dollars in order to find a way to relieve stress. Often, these remedies give only partial or temporary relief.

Inner Smile is closely associated with the thymus gland and increases the functional activity of this gland. In the Taoist system the thymus is the abode of great light, love and vitality Di-energy.

When we are under the influence of emotional stress, the thymus gland – the thymus – is damaged first. In the book “Your body doesn't lie”, Dr. John Dimoda presents a study, which showed that the thymus plays the role of a skilled regulator, which directs the flow of life and the healing energies of the body.

Sir Mak-Farlan Burner, Nobel laureate from Australia, formulated the theory of cancer, which have suggested that the increase in functional activity of the thymus can lead to the possibility to avoid cancer.

One of the types of cells formed in the thymus, a T-cell. The function of T cells is the recognition of abnormal cells and eliminate them. Out of a million cells that are formed every day, some are abnormal. If T cells are not activated by the thymus hormone, the abnormal cells will continue to multiply and become a clinical form of cancer.

Therefore, the thymus plays a key role in preventing cancer during adulthood. In applied kinesiology there is a way to determine in a healthy or in a weakened state is the thymus gland, which Inner Smile is important.

Try with a partner to do this test: touch the area of the thymus, which is located in the connection point of the second ribs with the breast bone below the neck. The first time your partner should not smile and should allow facial muscles and the corners of the mouth down. Let him pull one arm to the side, but this time you try to press on top to drop down. Then try to do the same, but a partner needs to smile and see the difference. It shows that when you smile, you activate the thymus.

Taoist legends say that when you smile, your organs release a beautiful emanation that nourish the whole body. When you are anxious, afraid or are in a stressful condition, they form harmful emanations that block the energy channels and penetrate into the organs, causing loss of appetite, indigestion, increased blood pressure, palpitations, insomnia and negative emotions.

Smiling to your organs, you make them grow, become soft and moist, and, thus, more effective. As a result, the liver, for example, has more space for storage of nutrients and detoxification of harmful substances.

Practice Inner Smile, start with the eyes. They are connected with the autonomic nervous system which regulates the function of glands and organs. Eyes are the first to receive emotional signals and sometimes cause organs and glands to accelerate the response to stress or danger (the reaction of “fight or flight”) and relax, when a critical situation takes place.

Ideally, the eye support a calm and balanced level of response. So just relax your eyes, you can relax the whole body and thus free your energy for functioning.
V. the Process of learning through the Inner Smile

When you are in stress, increased emotionality or spend his life in a state of irritation or fear, your organs will be blocked and your level of health decreases. In vain spent a lot of energy, you become dull, lose their vitality and mobility. It becomes difficult to learn new ideas, but if you will try still something to learn, the essence of the subject will not be remembered and you will not be able to penetrate. In the Tao system we believe that our organs, senses or body parts involved in the learning process.

When you smile to your organs, senses and glands, you establish contact with them and can make a contact with them.

When you are under stress or fear, all the organs and senses are blocked. For example, when someone you dislike, your body doesn't want to accept this person and, thus, not want to his experience and accept his ideas.

1. The main sources of energy hearing

The main sources of auditory energy are the kidneys and their associated organ is the bladder. For example, when the kidneys are functioning well, you are more alert and

therefore easier to learn. The kidneys related to the ears. Auditory sense – hearing – is necessary for learning. When the kidneys healthy, the severity of your hearing increases, and this facilitates the learning process.

The bladder helps in removing toxic liquid, and it contributes to blood purification and smooth flow of liquids. If the bladder is damaged and disturbed kidney function.

2. The main sources of energy speech

The main sources of energy of speech are the heart and its associated organ, the small intestine. The heart gives I setup for study and is the abode of joy. Without the desire or attitude to study the learning process would be difficult. The secret of studying is joy, pleasure and delight. When these factors are present, your body will gain what you learn.

The heart, moreover, is a place of respect and honor. When you are respected, the heart is opened. Language is associated with the heart, and when this relationship exists and works, you can begin receiving and programming your mind a little and bit by bit, digesting what you have learned.

The small intestine helps your learning. When you have problems with the small intestine, can disrupt heart functions. In most cases, in order to learn new things, we need time to take it all of our systems.

3. The main sources of energy of view

The main sources of energy of view, are the liver and its associated organ, the gallbladder. When the liver in x

aurochem functional state, you will be able to be more assertive, decisive and to delve deeper into what you are learning. The eyes are the passage to the liver. When the liver is weak or sick, or when you are in stress or irritation, you are able to make decisions and your vision will be hampered, and this will complicate analysis of what you see and perceive to your brain. A healthy bladder will also help you to easier make decisions.

4. The main sources of energy absorption study

The main sources of this energy are the spleen and stomach. The spleen gives a good sense of involvement. It is connected with the mouth and involves the energy of speech, the voices in understanding what you are studying.

The stomach is associated with the spleen. When the stomach is healthy, you can be more receptive to new thoughts, ideas, and methods. Once you accept them as your own, you will want to learn more economical ways.

5. The main sources of energy smell, and touch

The main sources of energy smell, and touch are the lungs and large intestine. The lungs are associated with good intentions, but the nose and the skin are the passages to them. They are involved in a sense of movement, skin sensitivity and touch, therefore increase the perception of your environment, and therefore extremely increases your ability to learn.

The large intestine is involved in the cleansing and release that makes you more open, physically and mentally. When you are constipated, you are closed, you do not perceive new ideas and do not want to change. Even if success requires changes in small things, some students don't want to change the old ways or ideas. The large intestine is associated with light and helps to enhance their function.

6. The energy of the adrenals gives you the desire to learn

The adrenal gland gives you vitality

and warm energy, or Yang energy of the kidneys. It charges you and gives you the desire to learn. Without vitality you will feel lazy, sleepy and a complete lack of desire for learning.

7. Thyroid and parathyroid glands contribute to the energy expression

Thyroid and parathyroid glands will help you increase your ability to Express your opinion and experience to all the senses could be involved in the learning process.

8. The thymus helps the immune system

Thymus gland (thymus) is a repository of energy, it helps us in strengthening our immune system. It produces energy in the form of enthusiasm and thus, gives you the strength and energy to learn.

9. The energy of the genital organs increases creative power

The genitals are the site of energy storage for the building. When you do not have enough sexual energy, you will work not so effectively and stick to the old, ineffective methods. When you learn how to smile and increase your sexual energy, you will gain the energy to solve your problems in everyday life.

10. The spine is the center of communication

The spine is the seat of control and communication centre. Learning how to send Ulybku spinal column and relax it, you increase your power of communication; you will know how to communicate what you learned through the spine to the organs that they received a new, more effective way of functioning in your system. The spine also knows how to regulate energy networks.

11. Guide the study:

Constant Smile while studying. Smile individual parts and organs of the body, which is immune to the new. For example, if the heart is not willing to accept and be open, Smile to it will give a feeling of joy and pleasure from studying. If the liver has accumulated too much irritation, which restricts vision. Smile it will improve it.

Let the hands, feet, head, chest, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, tongue, anus, and the rest to be actively involved in the learning process. For example, if you are learning a new computer, allow yourself to do or imagine that you – the computer. Look inside and try to understand it; use your hands, eyes, ears and everything else and allow them to be in contact with everyone that you want to study.

Smile my feelings, let me be open and feel the light and joy of learning. Let them be involved in the learning process. Start with a vision; then go to hearing, smell, movement and taste sensations. Imagine or suppose you are going to teach your eyesight to how vyglyadelo that you teach the hearing – as you hear it, smell – it smells introduce your touch sensation to how it feels, taste what it tastes.

Use metaphors in your everyday life that you know or use them as much as possible. For example, you are a gardener or like a flower, and you will be able to communicate with the thing you know if you are a gardener or a flower. Or if you are an animal lover, imagine that the subjects that you are studying animals and their properties are characteristics of an animal.

Just imagine yourself academically. Check out his entire system – your feelings, your bodies, your hands, your brushes, etc., Smile to them; tell them that you love them and want to use them.

Increasing personal power through the Inner Smile

Smile is the most powerful energy of personal power. A sincere Smile your organs will contribute to their strength for the formation and flow of energy to your senses, especially the eyes. The eyes are connected with all organs of the body. Once you learn how to send energy to all your organs. Imagine we have a 63 trillion cells. Each cell produces a very small amount of energy. But multiplied by 63 trillion, the energy becomes enormous. When you are relaxed and calm, you smile, you can maintain energy at a high level and will always be ready to act. Energy levels typically is key.

When your energy level increases, you will have more energy to improve your skills, you will have more flexibility to act, you will know better what you want and how to achieve this.

Smile to your sexual organs. You will have a higher level of sexual energy and more personal power. When the quantity of sexual energy is reduced, the reduced and personal power. Practice how to save and increase sexual energy by recycling. Advertised food and drugs can increase sexual power, but act for a short period of time, if any, apply. They do not increase energy and have a short-term effect. Knowing how to cultivate sexual energy, is the main source of power.

II. Preparation for the Inner Smile

Practice should start at least an hour after eating.

Find a quiet place. At the beginning of the practice turn off the phone. Later you can practice anywhere, in any noise, but while you need to limit distractions in order to focus their internal attention.

Please dress warm enough not to freeze. Do not wear tight-fitting clothes and a belt. Remove the glasses and watch.

Conveniently sit on the edge of a chair for “ischium”. Genitalia does not have to be constrained, as they are an important energy hub. This means that if you're a male, the scrotum to hang freely from the edge of the chair. If you are a woman and practice naked, you should cover their genitals with clothing that they didn't leave energy.

The feet should be separated at hips width, and your feet firmly touch the floor.

Sit comfortably, bend slightly and relax your shoulders and pull your chin.

Put your hands comfortably on the lap, right hand over left. You can feel that the back and shoulders will be more comfortable if you elevate your hands, placing them on the cushion.

Breathe normally. Close your eyes. When you focus, the breath should be soft, long and smooth. After a while you forget about how you breathe. Then focusing on the breath will only distract your mind, which should focus on how to direct the energy in the right places. There are thousands of esoteric breathing methods; you can spend your whole life doing them, but does not accumulate a solid amount of energy.

The position of language: language serves as a bridge for the two channels. Its function is to regulate and connect the energy of the thymus and pituitary, it can lead to a state of balance left and right brain energy. There are three positions for the language. In the beginning of your practice, place the tongue where it is convenient. If they are uncomfortable to touch the sky, place it near the teeth.


Send a Smile to bodies downwards along the front body lines

1. Relax your forehead. You can imagine that you met someone you like, or saw something beautiful. Feel the smiling energy in your eyes.

2. Then let the smiling energy to move to the point between the eyebrows. Let her move to the nose and flow on the cheeks. Feel how it relaxes the skin, then penetrates deeply into the facial muscles; feel how it warms your whole face. Let her flow into my mouth, slightly raise the corners of the lips. Let it flow through language. Fill it to the tip of the tongue. Touch the language of the upper gums and leave it in that position by the time the rest of practice. This connects the two main energy channel", and Managing Functional. Move the smiling energy to the jaw. Feel the release of tension that is usually there.

3. Smile penetrates into your the neck and throat, which also usually feel the tension. Because the neck is a narrowing, although it is the main passage for most systems of the body. Air, food, blood, hormones and nervous system signals move up and down the neck. When we are under stress, all systems are in a state of excessive work; in the neck of the formed “tube” of their increased functional activity, and we experience the numbness of the neck. Be like Tao masters and think about your neck as a turtle neck – let her hide under the shell and to rest from the burden of permanent holding your heavy head. Smile your neck and feel how energy flows into your throat and takes away the tension.

4. Smile the front of the neck where the thyroid and parathyroid glands. It is a place of energy, of speech, and when it is blocked, the Chi cannot flow. When she is tense and leans back, you can't well Express my thought. You will be afraid to speak in front of people, will be wimpy and you will have difficulties with communication. Smile thyroid gland and feel the throat open like a flower Bud.

5. Allow the energy to move the Smile down to the thymus gland – the place of love, of fire, the container of Qi and the seat of healing energy. Smile at him, feel that he has become soft and moist. Feel what it increases is that it looks like PA Bud gradually blooms. Feel the aroma of warm energy and healing Qi that flows then to the heart.

6. Allow the smiling energy to flow to the heart, which is in the left side of the chest, the size of your fist. The heart is the receptacle of love, a place of compassion, a place of genuine respect and joy. Feel the heart gradually blossoming Bud. Send warm fragrant Qi – the energy of love, joy and compassion that spreads from the pulsing heart of all organs. Let the energy of the Smile to fill your heart with joy. Thank your heart for its constant and important work of the pump to move the blood at normal pressure throughout the body. Make it open and relaxed, so it was easier to work with.

7. Move the Smile and joyful energy from the heart to the lungs. Smile with every cell of your lung. Thank your lungs for their excellent work in supplying oxygen to the entire body and freeing it from carbon dioxide. Make that light become soft, moist, like a sponge. Feel the little tingle of energy. Smile into the lungs – and your sadness and depression will disappear. Fill your lungs with the aroma of goodwill, which includes love, compassion and joy. Let the smiling energy of joy, love and goodwill to move down to the liver.

8. Smile to your liver, a large organ, located on the right side at the edge of the ribs. Thank her for her amazing part in digestion – processing, storage and release of nutrients – and its work in detoxifying harmful substances. Feel it becoming soft and wet. Smile again and send a Smile inside the liver. Try to see in the liver irritation and hot temper. Smiling, Eslite them away and place there is joy, love, compassion. Warm Qi promotes the formation of kindness is a natural quality of the liver. When the liver is filled with it, it would flow to the kidneys and adrenal glands.

9. Move the smiling energy into your kidneys, which are located behind, on either side of the spine under the lower ribs. Thank them for their work in blood filtration, excretion of unwanted products and maintaining water balance. Feel them as they become cool, fresh and clean. Smile your adrenal glands, which are located in the upper part of the kidneys. They form adrenaline in situations of “fight or flight” and some other hormones. Your adrenals may thank you by sending you a little extra boost of energy. Smile again, let the Smile will penetrate into the kidneys. Try to see and feel if any of them have the fear. Warmly, joyfully, lovingly, kindly just smile at them, and your fear will disappear. Let the kindness, the natural property of the kidney, to enter and fill, and fill, leak further to the pancreas and spleen.

10. Smile your pancreas and spleen. Initially smile to your pancreas, which is located in the middle and on the left above the waist. Thank it for producing insulin to regulate blood sugar level and enzymes for digestion. Then smile to the stomach, which is located at the lower edge of the ribs on the left side. Thank him for the formation of normal antibodies against common diseases. Feel like it is getting softer and freer. Smile again to the stomach and pancreas; feel and see, not hidden in their anxiety. Let the warmth of joy, of kindness, of goodwill and peace dispel your concerns. Smile of virtue the stomach – integrity – fills it and moves down to the bladder and sexual organs.

11. Lower the smiling energy down to the genital area in the lower part of the abdomen. In women this area is called the “ovarian Palace”. It is located between the ovaries three inches below the navel. Smile the ovaries, uterus and vagina. In men this area is known as the “sperm Palace”. It is located half an inch above the base of the penis in the region of the prostate and the male gonads (testes). Thank them for the hormones and the formation of sexual energy. Let love, joy, kindness and peace to enter into the sex organs so that you become to possess the power to overcome and to limit uncontrolled sexual desire. You will be in control of their sexual actions, but they are not you. Sexual energy is the basic energy of life.

12. Go back to your eyes. Quickly smile with all your organs in the anterior part of the body, checking each if I have voltage. Smile as long as the voltage does not disappear.

Smile digestive system from top to bottom along the median line

1. Make even greater number of smiling energy in your eyes. Let it drain down into your mouth. Make your language, gather a little saliva rotational movements of the tongue in the mouth. Tip of your tongue on the top of the mouth, tighten your neck muscles and swallow quickly and vigorously the whole saliva, making the ordinary sound of swallowing. Inner Smile trace a path of saliva down the esophagus into the stomach, located at the lower left edge of the ribs. Thank him for his important work in the liquefaction and digestion of your food. Feel increasing peace and contentment. Promise to your stomach that you will only give him good food.

2. Smile in the small intestine – duodenum, thin and twisted guts are in the center of the abdomen. Their length in adults is about seven meters. Thank them for what they absorb nutrients to support your health and vitality.

3. Smile to the large intestine – ascending colon, which begins on the right side of the tibia, goes up under the right lobe of the liver; the transverse colon which goes down from the right side of the liver, crossing the abdominal cavity, under the lower left end of the stomach; the descending colon, which goes down through the left lumbar; sigmoid colon, which is usually located between the pelvis, rectum, and anus. Length of the large intestine is about 1.5 meters. Thank him for the excretion of waste and for the fact that it gives you a sense of purity, freshness and openness. Smile at him, feel he is warm, clean, satisfied and calm.

Smile spine from top to bottom at the back of the line.

1. Again, focus your attention on the eyes.

2. Send a Smile eyes inside the body; collect the energy of the Smile in the third eye (between the eyebrows). Inner eyesight direct your Smile PA three or four inches deep, to the pituitary gland, feel the pituitary blooms. Send a Smile in the eyes of the third ventricle (third division, a place of power, nervous energy, the most powerful place). Feel how this place expands, becomes bright, flooded with Golden light that illuminates the whole brain. Smile to the thalamus, where it will form a sincere and big Smile. Smile pineal gland, feel how this tiny gland is gradually increasing. Direct clear and bright eyes in the left region of the brain. Move it back, focus on the left brain hemisphere, then on the right, and then on the spine. This will contribute to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain and strengthen the nervous system

3. Internal direct smiling gaze down to the mid-brain. Feel how it expands, becomes soft. Then scroll down to varoliev the bridge and an oblong brain and to the spinal cord, since the spinal column at the base of the skull. Move the light Inner Smile, which carries the loving energy down inside each vertebra and disc. Think of each vertebra and the disc, which you smiled: seven cervical (neck) vertebrae, twelve thoracic, five lumbar (lower back), the sacrum and the coccyx. Feel your spinal cord and back become flexible and their location convenient. Make that the disks become soft, and the spinal cord is increased and lengthened, making you higher.

4. Return to your eyes and send a Smile quickly down the back line of the back. Your whole body should feel relaxed. Exercises for the back the back line of notes increase of cerebrospinal fluid and calm the nervous system. Smile to the disks holding the latter from deformation due to stress when they are unable to fully withstand the pressure and weight of the body. A Smile is sent to the spine, you can get rid of back pain or to prevent it.

Smile from the top down all lines of your body
Again start with the eyes.

Direct view of his Inner Smile. Quickly smile down the front line of the body. Follow the smiling energy at the midline, and then along the back line of the body. When you gain experience, you can smile from the top down all three lines simultaneously, all organs and spine.

Now feel how the energy goes down through the body like a waterfall is a waterfall of smiles, joy and love. All that you love all my body and appreciate it. How wonderful it is.

Storage of energy Smile in the navel

1. It is very important but the end of the practice keep smiling energy in the navel. The most painful effects of meditation are caused by excess energy in the head or heart. The navel area can safely manage the increasing amount of energy, formed by the Inner Smile .

2. To gather the energy to Smile, focus on the area of the navel, which is approximately one and a half inches deep into your body. Then mentally move the energy in the diverging helix around the navel 36 times; it does not rise above the diaphragm and does not fall below the pubic bone.

Women are starting movements in a spiral counterclockwise, men clockwise. Then make 24 spiraling in the opposite direction and return the energy back to the navel. The first few times in order to guide the movement, you can specify the path of energy, using his index finger. Now the energy is securely stored in the navel area. Now it is available whenever it appeared necessary, and can be used in any part of your body. Thus, you are now finished the implementation of the technology, Internal Smile.

Practice technique every day
Try to practice the technique of the Inner Smile every day as soon as you Wake up. This will strengthen you for the day. If you love your body, you will love others and will work more effectively.

Once you learn how to perform it and will practice it more regularly. If you have little time, do CoE quickly, in a few minutes.

Smile eliminates negative emotions

1. Practice the technique in times of stress, anger, fear or depression. Smile to those parts of the body in which cuis Mr. buetsya tension and pressure and you will gradually feel the negative energy into positive life force energy. Consumption of energy caused by negative emotions, will be transformed into positive energy and vitality.

2. A smile will chase away negative emotions. The energy of a Smile can transform the energy of stress and emotions such as anger, irritation, fear, in life energy, so as much as possible smile.

3. A smile will chase away the pain and disease If you feel pain and discomfort in any part of your body, in any of your organs – smile these body parts, stop they Smile a little longer, talk to them, get their response, until you see that they have become softer, more open or that their color has changed from dark to light.published

From the book by Mantak Chia Inner Smile



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