Very powerful practice of self-healing, which was practiced in ancient China. Sages reach the practice of health, happiness and longevity.

In Taoism negative emotions is considered as low quality energy.

Many people spend their lives in frustration, sadness, depression, fear, anxiety and other forms of negative energy. These energies are the causes of chronic diseases and quietly drain our basic life force.

Inner Smile - a genuine smile to all parts of the body, including all the organs, glands and muscles, and nervous system. It produces high quality energy that can be treated, and eventually it is transformed into an even more high energy.

A sincere smile sends the energy of love, which has the power to warm and heal. Just remember, when you were upset or physically ill, and someone, perhaps even a stranger, you genuinely smile - and suddenly you feel better.

Kazips Norman writes in "Anatomy of the disease," he cured himself of a rare connective tissue disease watching old Marx Brothers movies. One of my students cured herself of breast cancer, is constantly practicing the Inner Smile to the area that was sick.

In ancient China, Tao Masters smiles discovered the power of energy. They practiced the Inner Smile to themselves. She moved chi energy flow of qi, and formed a high quality, this was achieved by the health, happiness and longevity. Smiling to himself like the pleasure of love, but love can restore and rejuvenate.

Inner Smile directs smiling energy into our organs and glands that are necessary for life. Ironically, even though we often pay much attention to our appearance, very few of us know what it is like internal organs and glands, where they are located and what their functions are. Moreover, we are insensitive to the subtle warnings they send us when we mistreat them, adhering to improper diet and leading an unhealthy lifestyle. We are like a leader who never pays attention to the National Assembly and his staff greatly surprised when something happens.

If we get acquainted with their organs and glands, we begin to understand what they do, and learn to hear their signals, they will reward us rest and vitality.

Inner Smile is the most effective to neutralize the effects of stress.

Inner Smile is closely linked to the thymus and increases the functional activity of the gland. The Taoist system of the thymus is the seat of the beautiful light, love and life force energy-Dee.

When we are under the influence of emotional stress, thymus gland - the thymus - the first is damaged. In the book "Your body does not lie," Dr. John Daymop da presented a study which showed that the thymus plays the role of skilful regulator, which directs the flow of life and the healing energies of the body.

Sir McFarlane Burner, Nobel Prize winner from Australia, formulated the theory of cancer, which made the assumption that an increase in the functional activity of the thymus can lead to escaping cancer.

One type of cell which is formed in the thymus is a T-cell. T cell function is abnormal cells in the recognition and elimination. One million cells that are formed every day, some are abnormal. If the T cells are not activated thymic hormone, the abnormal cells will continue to proliferate and turn into a clinical form of cancer.

Thus, the thymus plays a key role in preventing cancer during adulthood.

In applied kinesiology there is a way to determine in a healthy or in a weakened state of the thymus gland, for which the Inner Smile is of great importance.

Try it with a partner to make this test: tap the location of the thymus, which is located at the junction of the second rib to the sternum below the throat. The first time your partner does not have to smile and should allow the facial muscles and the corners of his mouth down. Let him pull one arm to the side, but this time you try to push it from the top to close it. Then try to do the same, but at the same time a partner has to smile, and see the difference. This shows that when you smile, you will activate the thymus.

Taoist legends say that when you smile, your organs release the beautiful emanations that nourish the entire body. When you are angry, afraid, or are under stress, they form harmful emanations that block the energy channels, penetrate into the organs, causing loss of appetite, indigestion, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, insomnia and negative emotions.

Smiling their bodies, you make them grow, to become soft and moist, and thus, more effective action. As a result, the liver, for example, has more space for storing nutrients and detoxification of harmful substances.

The practice of the Inner Smile start with the eyes. They are connected to the autonomic nervous system which regulates the function of organs and glands. Eyes are the first to receive emotional signals, and sometimes make organs and glands to accelerate the response to stress or danger (the reaction of "fight or flight") and relax when a critical situation goes.

Ideally, eyes calm and maintain a balanced level of response. So, just relax your eyes, you can relax your body and thus free up your energy for the operation.

When you are under stress, increased emotional or spend their lives in a state of irritation and fear, the work of your locks and your performance level is reduced. Waste a lot of energy, you become dull, lose the vitality and mobility. You become difficult to learn, to put forward new ideas, but if you try and still learn something, do not remember the subject matter and you can not grasp it. The system Tao, we believe that our bodies, feelings, or body parts are involved in the learning process.

When you smile your organs, glands, and senses, you are building a relationship with them and can communicate well with them.

When you are under stress or fear, all the organs and sensations are blocked. For example, when someone does not like your body does not want to take this person and thus does not want to get his experience and accept his ideas.

1. The main sources of energy hearing
The main sources of energy are hearing the kidneys and related bodies - the bladder. For example, when the kidneys are functioning well, you are more careful and therefore easier to learn. Work related to the work of the kidneys ears. Auditory sensations - hearing - is required for learning. When the kidneys are healthy, the severity of your hearing loss is increased, and it facilitates the learning process.

Bladder helps in removing toxic liquid, and it helps to cleanse the blood and the smooth flow of liquid flows. If the bladder is damaged, broken and kidney function.

2. The main sources of energy speech
The main energy sources are the heart of the speech and the associated body - the small intestine. Heart I setup provides for the study and is the seat of joy. Without craving or mood to study the learning process would be difficult. The secret of study lies in the joy, pleasure and enjoyment. When these factors are present, your whole body will get what you learn.

Heart, moreover, is a place of respect and honor. When you are respected, the heart is open.

The language associated with the heart, and when this relationship exists and works, you can start getting your mind and program slowly and piecemeal, digesting what you have learned.

Small intestine helps your learning. When you have problems with the small intestine, may interfere with the function of the heart. In most cases, in order to explore new, we need time to take it all of our systems.

3. The main sources of energy
The main sources of energy are the liver and its related bodies - the gall bladder. When the liver is in a good functional condition, you will be able to be more assertive, decisive and delve deeper into what you are learning. Eyes are a passage to the liver. When the liver is weak or sick, or when you are under stress or irritation, you are able to Re decisions and your vision will be difficult, but it can make an analysis of what you see and perceive for your brain.

Healthy bladder also help you make decisions easier.

4. The main sources of energy assimilation studied
The main sources of this energy are the spleen and stomach. The lien gives a good sense of inclusiveness. It is connected with the mouth and involves the power of speech, to vote in the understanding of what you are learning.

Stomach associated with the spleen. When the stomach is healthy, you may be more receptive to new thoughts, ideas and methods. Once you apprehend them as your own, you'll want to learn new ways to be more economical.

5. The main source of energy of smell and touch
The main energy source of smell and touch are the lungs and large intestine. Light associated with good intentions, and the nose and the skin are the passages to them. They are involved in the sensation of movement, cutaneous sensitivity and touch, thus increasing the perception of your surroundings, and therefore extremely increases your ability to learn.

The large intestine is involved in the purification and liberation that makes you more open, physically and mentally. When you have constipation, you are closed, you do not perceive new ideas and do not want anything to change. Even if changes are required for success in small, some students do not want to change the old ways or ideas. The large intestine is associated with light and helps to strengthen their function.

6. Energy adrenal gives you the desire to learn
The adrenal glands give you vitality and energy to warm, or yang energy nochek. It charges you and gives you a desire to learn. Without the vital energy you will feel lazy, sleepy and a complete lack of desire to learn.

7. The thyroid and parathyroid glands promote energy expression
The thyroid and parathyroid glands to help you improve your ability to express your opinions and experiences to all the senses may be involved in the learning process.

8. The thymus helps the immune system
The thymus gland (thymus) is the seat of power, it helps us to strengthen our immune system. It produces energy in the form of enthusiasm and thus gives you the strength and energy to learn.

9. Energy genitals increases the creative power
Genitals are a place to store energy for the building. When you have an insufficient number of energy ... you will work ns so fruitful and will stick to the old, inefficient methods. When you learn how to smile ... and increase its power, you gain the energy to solve your problems in daily life.

10. Spine - communication center
The spine is the site of the control and communication center. Learn how to send a smile to the spine, and relax it, you increase your power to communicate; you will know how to communicate what you have learned, through the spine bodies, so that they have a new, more efficient way of functioning on your system. The spine also knows how to regulate the operation of the power grid.

11. Guidelines for super-learning
The constant smile while studying. Smile individual parts and organs of the body that are resistant to the new. For example, if the heart is not willing to accept and be open, smile give him a sense of joy and pleasure of learning. If there are too many liver irritation which restricts vision. Smile it will improve it.

Let the hands, feet, head, chest, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, tongue, and to the rest to be actively involved in the learning process. For example, if you are learning a new computer, allow yourself to act or to imagine that you - the computer. Take a look inside and try to understand it; Use your hands, eyes, ears and everything else and allow them to be in touch with everything that you want to study.

Smile your feelings, let them be open and feel the light and joy of learning. Allow them to be involved in the learning process. Start with a vision; then proceed to hearing, smell, movement and taste sensations. Imagine or guess what you are going to teach his vision that looks like what you teach hearing - as you hear it, smell - it smells, introduce your tactile sensations with the way it feels, tastes - what are its taste.

Use metaphors in your daily life that you know, or use them as much as possible. For example, you are a gardener or similar na flower, and you can communicate with the thing, you know, if you are a gardener or flower. Or, if you are an animal lover, imagine that the things that you are studying animals and their properties - these are the characteristics of the animal.

Imagine yourself in the whole school. Check out their entire system - your feelings, your organs, your arms, your hands, and so forth. Smiled at them; tell them that you love them and want to use them.

The increase in personal power through the Inner Smile
A smile is the most powerful energy of your personal sily.Iskrennyaya smile bodies contribute their forces to form and flow of energy flow to your senses, especially the eyes. The eyes are connected to all organs of the body. Once you learn how you send energy to all your organam.Predstavte, we have 63 trillion cells. Each cell generates a very small amount of energy. But multiplied by 63 trillion energy becomes ogromnoy.Kogda you are relaxed and calm, you smile, you can keep the energy high and will always be ready to act. The energy level is usually the key point.

When your energy level increases, you will have more energy to improve their skills, you will be able to act more flexibly, you better know what you want and how to achieve it.


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