Overclock the brain or internal virtualization consciousness

Everyone remembers this film? What the hell is he doing Habré? And all that was doing such a post?
Probably because I believe the main link in the IT to me all the same person, or rather his brain. I'll try to tell you about one more opportunity to use your brain a bit more efficient. One of poorly documented features that we use every day, but not always, even to think about it. Everything described checked on me. If there is something I have not tried it, but it is important to talk about that I will celebrate separately. No drugs, devices and bullying on themselves, only public light technique (briefly, awoke and went ahead without even getting out of bed).
And yes ... It's eerily realistic, so much that you try, you can not not talk about this.

That would not have been superfluous cries in the comments, ask all who are ardent supporters of any religion or denomination, as well as convinced esotericists just put a minus in karma and do not read any further. There will be no philosophy and the great mysteries of the universe. And the rest of the request under the cut - try to talk about the practice of dispersal of the brain with the help of built-in functions.

All of you have dreams. And this is normal. How many times do you wake up or they could not believe it was a dream, he was also a real one? How many times have you thought that did / saw something, but in reality it never happened? And how many times have you wanted to watch the dream where you can find lost people? As it would be useful if in a dream someone suggested how to make / mend / fix what a thing is, the project, the car in the end?
As you have guessed, I'm going to talk about the control of dreams, or rather dream about the input and retrieval of information and experiences. That is what is most important for many of us. Why am I asked to not read the post very convinced people - they require studies of Philosophy, familiar terminalogii and mystical purposes. I will talk about the practice, just practice accessible to everyone. And to understand the philosophy and the moral and ethical side of the issue one has to himself, well, or at a special forum.

And so: technology accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, color, religion or mental abilities. There may be a problem only for those who have brain damage or there are irregularities in his work. They are also available for practice, but most likely it will have different principles and different approach (exact data I do not have, no matter whom have not tested).

How it works

I'm not sure that there are people that are 100% know how to go through all the processes in our brain. But we have these special skills are not needed. Many people know what virtualization. And how can it be in our heads?
When we go to bed the brain goes through several phases of sleep, it's too many people know. On the last one, which is called the phase of rapid eye movement (PBS) begins a process very similar to the waking state, with only one difference - the signals are closed inside. Normally, the signal from the eye to the brain, it is processed and the command for movement of your arm, and then enters information about the feedback loop of the hand position and the fact that hand found. However, during sleep, and the signal from the eyes, and the signal arm of the hand, is within the brain. What we did not jerk like cats and dogs, the brain inhibits the signals from the brain to the extremities (the only one who does not obey it is eyeballs, they continue to move, and their movement is easy to calculate whether a person is in a phase or not). It turns out that all we perceive and command ship body, perceived and generated by our brain.
Here's a virtual machine perception.

From mica it should be an interesting fact that it is necessary to use - what do you feel and perceive the virtual body, the sharper the longer your stay at the space dream. (this will definitely return in the techniques of retention).

The most important thing - it's safety!
Anyone who has ever heard of meditation, astral trips (I also infuriates the word, but it is), the management dreams firmly convinced - it is very dangerous. But then the sleep is dangerous, you can see the dream and get stuck there. Or when I did not think about this unfortunate no links? It's all beautiful myths. On stage, which will be discussed, no such dangerous things. The most dangerous - crap in their pants from fear or excitement.
All that you meet in the dream is your subconscious mind with your cockroaches and beliefs. Want enemies and monsters - get a momentary want heavenly delight - "will receive and sign it." When you practice yourself laugh at the way his chest pounding foot, everybody will argue that it is dangerous to the extreme!
Even with all the safety techniques have precautions:
- Not very desirable self-return from sleep (better to wait for the release).
- Not bring themselves to tantrums if it does not. If you can not make a break for 2-3 weeks.
- Before committing life-threatening acts, make sure that it is the phase state. If you are not sure, just enjoy a safe things. Even if you do any practice not forget to include the brain.

On the safety and how it is related to physiology. 1. Whatever has happened, where would you not throw you still throw - FBS lasts a maximum of 15 minutes. When this phase is over, you or throw in wakefulness or just fall asleep in the usual bedtime.
2. Independent exit from the phase space is better not to do with such an outcome, you can return to the body, but the "fuse movement" is not muted. Then you get into your own body that well, or does not obey you. It's actually scary, many even think that died. But scary does not mean harmful or dangerous!
3. You have already returned (well, you are very afraid, who does not happen) and the body does not obey you, you panic ... Relax and just wait for the end of the phase, well, or go back to sleep. Chances are you are in the area of ​​sleep and still can fix you.
4. Beginners (like everyone) are the stops when not rushing, and that's it. Scored and rest for several weeks. Any energy and emotions behave like normal muscle - they sometimes get tired and they need a vacation. The practice should be fun even when not turned. I understand that if you try, the first thing you will score will be this point. But I think you will come back to it.
5. The phase state and the virtual space of this reality is very similar to the reality. Confuse reality with sleep very easily be on guard, and all will have you well.
6. No, not stuck there probably are several levels it is not quite true (although you can try and to try everything). Without these elements, the film Home (Inception) simply would not have happened.

In fact, such cases are rare and usually occur at the beginning of experience. The real problem for this kind of phase of travel - stay within a dream. From there, he throws like a cork out of a champagne. Also, any external sound, rustling touch with fire instantly. But more about that later.

What is it all (which you can do with it)
As mentioned earlier, I am convinced that the use of all the possibilities of the brain, makes people smarter, better. Suppose that in a world where a lot of smart will be more difficult, but the world will be more interesting and more beautiful. In philosophizing and that's enough, move on to the practical side.

1. Entertainment The sweetest component of this phenomenon.
There can be everything: run, shoot, fly, travel, and much more, what can your imagination. Feel like a hero / heroine of love affairs - please wanted to run with a gun and pull a pair of goals - please go to the moon or to Mars - only manage to choose desire.
The only caveat - you have to feel this world every fraction of a second. Relax will not work, and then knock out. Thus lie on the beach in the Maldives will not work, but a game of beach soccer, swim, shark beat quite a normal and useful pastime. And about the moral and ethical side, you can forget - you do not see anybody here, and will never be able to know what you're doing. It's your world, your paradise, your ...
Item can be expanded up to a disgrace. Importantly do not forget to move.

2. Getting information This is the most useful, it is always useful to have information from the depths of the subconscious. Although the account of the source of knowledge is too much controversy. Depending on the world Choose your favorite item (you can all at once):
- A secret cubbyhole subconscious and our brain is able to process and store massive amounts of data, knowledge, skills, feelings and sensations;
- A universal bank information to which the brain can be connected in this state, and to receive and any data;
- A Хроники Akash ;
- A genetic memory;
- "A place for your ideas freely»
The most important thing is - and there is information available. How and where does it come to be seen right for you, but for now we shall understand how to get and check.

I. Preparation of information on living objects.
It can be any friend who may know the answer to a question, any famous person (even Aristotle, the main thing that could explain), an authoritative personality - wise man, angel or someone else, who can only imagine. When your object will ask him the question in the most ordinary and simple formulation. Remember that your brain can come up with an answer and give the desired result (especially when you're waiting for a specific response), this verification is necessary.
Verification is the same - ask a simple question: my name, what is 2 + 2, the nickname of my first cat ... If the answers are adequate, it is possible to believe, and the answer to the main question, but it should always be verified in real life.

An example of the search not of serviceability of the car. The last time the machine started miracles, she sometimes does not start. And the cold is always a half turn, and after the warm-up times simply does not react to turn the key.
Forums give tips but pointed to the starter. It's time to check out, and on the weekends, I seized upon the silence and sleep. The breakthrough was the easiest - I woke up and opened his eyes, saw the pale window opposite the bed, but the window to the left, and then I opened my eyes and there was not already on the verge phase. I reached over to the window, and the feeling was as if I was through zhelotin nemya am drawn to. At some point, viscosity suddenly ended, and I stood in front of the mirror in my room. Normal room at 5 am, dark gray and dull, but this is often at the exit - a weak phase should be done clearly. Feeling all that is around, I once again ofigivaet of realism (I probably never get used to it). I touch, hitting around his hands and tried to make out all that he could and all the colors of the picture blossomed normal sunny day. I rushed to the kitchen on the way to the window, I grabbed the tomatoes and jammed checking taste - pomidarka usual, with the usual taste. From the window I saw that on the contrary just missing nearby high-rise building - means exact phase. I opened the window and jumped out with a run in a window in flight trying to find where my car was parked, but flopped and not making out. It is not, but when you want to appear.
- Artutr! - I shouted as loudly as possible, and represented the face of our "family mechanic».
- Yes, dear, - behind his voice rang with Armenian accent. Turning around I saw from next door comes the one I need. Without looking up from it, I put my hand on the hood of the car, with the certainty that this is mine.
- Tell me what is wrong with the machine: the oil and the plant goes bad times.
He went opened the hood, and showed some gaskets must be replaced (have not tested it, but I think they do).
- And what about the ignition?
- Look in the cabin, it seems there is a problem, - said Arthur, and leaned back to the engine.
I opened the car door, and saw dismantled steering column with hanging wires the ignition. The task was carried out max, and I missed the moment when everything was swimming, and I felt like lying on a bed.
In the morning I took apart the steering column, and it became clear that simply worn castle contact group. So the problem was solved.

II. Getting information from non-material objects.
As in real life - to find the book and read it. And also you can use magazines, paintings, photographs and ... google. Why not? But always try to check it out!
III. To get to the event, or see the events of the plot.
Do you want to look like this or that event, try to be in the midst of it, or watch from the (many would like to look at the epicenter of the explosion at the notorious nuclear power plant). Or maybe you want to see how looks like your finished project, which is at the design stage? Why not?
IV. Right to obtain information directly into the consciousness.
In my childhood, when I was trying to learn from a younger sister, how she knew about the candy and who it is said, I have often heard the answer: I know myself, I know and that's it! I used to laugh, and now is no laughing matter. i>
To use this method, you just have to think that the information is already known to you and try to apply it. It sounds absurd, but it's all about practice. This is the basis of the method, the net information "without crutches." 3 previous method just crutches that help your consciousness to perceive information.

After obtaining the information you need, it is advisable to wait for the release, for that would finally wake up and write (record) result. Often the information is simply forgotten by the vast flow of information and emotions.

In any case, regardless of the results, including the head, re check all results. Do not believe anything blindly!

3. Improvement This topic has little resemblance to the subject of this site, but do not mention impossible.
Everyone understands (if you do not want to believe) that the majority of illnesses from "nerves" or "bad head".
ATTENTION! Is not a replacement of standard procedures, IT accessories. WHEN it came to the manifestation of the disease, simple suggestible ARE NOT trimmed. First necessary to remove Symptoms and severity of effects, and then to treat (can be done in parallel, but not together!)
Our body is clearly subject to our mood. If prolonged depression? And if a few? And it's not the worst. It happens that our way of thinking and acting trigger subconscious routines that we successfully destroy. Such cure drug does not work, the maximum suppress consequences. But it's not a cure, but the delay ... In this subliminal "disease" (well, let's call them parasites subconscious) can be treated with medicines subconsciously-conscious. Yes, it is the very suggestion, but directly on the subconscious, because the filters of consciousness is now weakened.
Treatment phase sleep is not much different from the usual treatment:
I. When in the phase of reality, you are looking for a medication that would have helped you. Not necessarily it should be a real cure, it will come down little blue bottle with red capsules, which will be written, "Out of the Matrix" or "from heart disease." Here the most important thing - to feel the effect of the resulting drugs. Feel the fire flares up in the stomach, as it flows to the affected area and treats. The colorful sensations, the better the effect. Repeat the procedure as often as possible, from once the effect is not much. Repeated repetition of the subconscious mind accepts an idea about the health of the body, and does everything you need.
II. Need to find a doctor, and how the "Obtaining information", you can simply ask what medicine you need, or ask for a procedure or operation, directly into the phase state. Again, it is important to feel the effect. It is far more important than formal procedures.
III. Just feel that recovering the affected area. This is the basis of previous methods. But it is not all passes because the barriers of consciousness and subconsciousness not always miss a thing. The same, only without the crutches.
IV. Separate point it should be noted treating anxiety. In contrast to the rest of the points, this method is used in medicine very often. And fashionable and proven psychological cents often teach their clients by this method, and sometimes enter them into banal hypnosis, where customers are forced to face their fears face to face. And since it is in a phase of very realistic, a person has to face and overcome fears. Strange fact: creating a situation currently where phobia manifested and confronted her in the conscious phase, people are often afraid to stop this. How it works, no idea, but my fear of heights was (no, do not go on the ledges, but adequately perceive fear).

4. Education http://video.yandex.ru/iframe/rbgor/dcmqgf3tto.5627/ video>
It has long been in the world of sport use methods of virtual training when an athlete is sleeping or just lying in the imagination and fulfills the desired movement. The effect is enormous. And it must be applied not only to the athletes. The phase state you may well fulfill manner of driving the car, bicycle.
As an example of how all are worth a parachute jump.





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