interesting facts about dreams

Interesting facts about dreams

In dreams, we see only the people we've seen anywhere.
The brain does not "invent" new characters. You doubt? In fact, long been proven (though proof of this, I give here will not), that all the people who dream of a man, ever met the man. For example, in forty years, we can dream of the man who ran the car of our grandfather 35 years ago. Throughout his life, we see thousands of people, who then can dream.

Blind people have dreams
However, it is characteristic only for those people who have lost sight of that or any other reason. If a man was born blind, he can not see the dreams, he dreams sound and "olfactory" dreams. People with "acquired" blindness have dreams like everyone else - and black and white, and color, all sorts.

Dreams - are not always what they are.
Yes, a little bit unclear told, but on such a strange and mysterious things as dreams, you can not put too much clear. Sleep - a kind of symbolic language, which our subconscious mind communicates with our consciousness. Most of the dreams that we see, or any other express the emotion.

The human body is "paralyzed" when he sleeps.
It really is. Our brain tries to disable the centers of the movement and physical activity, so as not to hurt themselves, moving in a dream.

External factors influence our dreams.
Indeed, we often see in our dreams that can waft extraneous sounds, smells, touch, temperature of the room where we sleep, or hard pillows. All this is true or otherwise affect on sleep as a physiological process and the dream.

Here's an interesting fact - people who have stopped smoking, they see much more vivid dreams than smokers or those who never smoked. It held a special survey, which found that smokers who quit smoking, see very vivid dreams. Incidentally, the dreams of these people see smoking much less than the usual dreams.

Some people see black and white dreams.
Yes, dreams are seen by all, but about 12% of people see black and white dreams. While scientists can not understand why this is happening, but the fact remains - there are people who have never seen the color of dreams.

Dreams prevent temper tantrums.
Dreams are a reflection of our desires - both conscious and subconscious. That dream will help to conserve our nervous system in order. Not long ago, psychologists conducted an experiment in which volunteers were allowed to sleep for 8 hours, but woke them when advancing "snovidencheskaya" phase. After some time, the volunteers began to hallucinate at the usual time of day, no reason to be nervous, to show aggression.

Dreams can see everything.
Of course, we see different dreams because everyone is different. However, as mentioned above, about 90% of forgotten dreams. This average statistical value, there are some people remember dreams better than others, but there are unfortunate who do not remember their dreams. And these people tell their friends and acquaintances that dreams do not see. In fact, it is not so.

Man forgets about 90% of all his dreams
Actually, I'm not going to surprise anyone by this fact - everyone knows that very few are remembered dream. Just wondering what is forgotten is not a third, and half again as many as ninety percent! Can you imagine how many interesting things forgotten? Perhaps some people would give a lot for having to remember their dreams. And it would be interesting to view other people's dreams. It remains only to wait a little of neurosurgery and nanotechnology ...

When do we snore, do not dream dreams


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