98 most interesting facts about the human body

The human body - is incredibly complicated and confusing system, which still baffles doctors and researchers, despite the fact that it has been studied for more than one hundred years. It is therefore quite natural that part of the body and the normal functions of the body can surprise us. From sneezing to nail growth - that's 100 most bizarre and interesting facts about the human body.

The brain - the most difficult and least studied the human body. We have a lot of it does not know, but nevertheless here are some facts about him.

1. Nerve impulses travel at a speed of 270 km / h.
2. To work brain requires as much energy as a 10 watt light bulb.
3. The cell of the human brain can store five times more information than any encyclopedia.
4. The brain uses 20% of the oxygen that enters the bloodstream.
5. The brain is much more active at night than during the day.
6. Scientists say that the higher the IQ, the more people see dreams.
7. neurons continue to grow throughout life.
8. The information passes through different neurons with different speed.
9. The brain itself does not feel pain.
10. 80% of the brain consists of water.

Hair and nails
In fact, it is not living bodies, but remember, the women fuss over her nails and hair, how much money they spend on care for them! If the case can tell his lady a couple of these facts certainly appreciate it.

11. Facial hair grow faster than anywhere else yet.
12. Every day, the average person loses 60 to 100 hairs.
13. The diameter of the female hair half as much as men.
14. The human hair can support the weight of 100 g
15. The nail on the middle finger grows faster than the other.
16. per square centimeter of body hair as much per square centimeter of the body chimpanzee.
17. Do blondes more hair.
18. Fingernails grow about 4 times faster than on foot.
19. The average life expectancy of a human hair - 3-7 years.
20. It should be bald at least half of it to become noticeable.
21. Human hair virtually indestructible.

Internal organs
We do not recall the internal organs as they do not bother us, but it is thanks to them that we can eat, breathe, walk and all that jazz. Think about this, when you next time zaurchit stomach.

22. The largest internal organ - the small intestine.
23. The human heart creates enough pressure, which is sufficient to blood splattered on the seven and a half meters ahead.
24. The acid contained in the stomach can dissolve razor blades.
25. The length of the blood vessels of the human body - about 96 000 km.
26. The stomach is completely renewed every 3-4 days.
27. The surface area of ​​a human lung is equal to the area of ​​a tennis court.
28. A woman's heart beats faster than men's.
29. Scientists say that more than 500 functions of the liver.
30. The aorta has a diameter almost equal to the diameter of a garden hose.
31. The left lung lower right - to have a place for the heart.
32. It is possible to remove most of the internal organs and move on.
33. The adrenal glands change size throughout human life.

Body functions
We do not really like to talk about them, but they have to deal with them on a daily basis. Here are a few facts about not the most pleasant things that relate to our body.

34. The speed of a sneeze is 160 km / h.
35. Speed ​​cough can even reach 900 km / h.
36. Women blink twice as often as men.
37. A full bladder reaches the size of the ball for softball.
38. Approximately 75% of the products of human activity consists of water.
39. On the feet is approximately 500,000 sweat glands, they can produce up to a liter of sweat a day!
40. Over a lifetime, a person produces so much saliva that it is possible to fill a couple of pools.
41. The average person produces gas 14 times a day.
42. Earwax is essential for the health of the ears.

Ce & CS and procreation
Ce & kc - largely taboo, but a very important part of human life and relationships. Procreation is no less important. Perhaps you did not know about them a few things.

43. Every day in the world is 120 million sexual acts.
44. The biggest human cell - the egg and the smallest - sperm.
45. During the first trimester take ennosti & women often dream about frogs, worms and plants.
46. ​​The teeth begin to grow in the six months before the birth.
47. Almost all children are born with blue eyes.
48. Children as strong as bulls.
49. One of 2 000 children is born with a tooth.
50. Fruit acquires fingerprints at the age of three months.
51. Each person is a half-hour of his life was a single cell.
52. Most men Erek & tion takes place every hour or every half hour during sleep: after all, the brain is much more active at night.

We perceive the world through the senses. Here are some interesting facts about them.

53. After a hearty lunch, we hear worse.
54. Only one-third of all people wholly sight.
55. If saliva can not dissolve something, you do not feel the taste.
56. Women from birth developed a better sense of smell than men.
57. Nose remember 50,000 different scents.
58. Pupils dilate even for minor disturbances.
59. All people have their own unique smell.

Aging and death
We grow old throughout life - so it is arranged.

60. Mass of cremated human ashes can reach 4 kg.
61. By the age of sixty, most people lose about half the taste buds.
62. Eyes lifetime of the same size, but the nose and ears grow a lifetime.
63. In 60 years, 60% men and 40% of women will snore.
64. The baby's head is a quarter of its growth, and to 25 years in length of the head - only the eighth of the total body length.

Illnesses and injuries
We are all sick and injured. And it is also quite interesting!

65. More often than heart attacks occur on Monday.
66. People may be much longer without food than without sleep.
67. When you burn up in the sun, it damages the blood vessels.
68. 90% of the disease occurs due to stress.
69. The human head remains conscious for about 15-20 seconds after it was cut off.

Muscles and bones
Muscles and bones - is a framework of our body, thanks to them we are moving, and even a lie.

70. You tense up 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown. If you do not want to strain your face - smile. Those who often and long walks with sour, knows how hard it is.
71. Babies are born with 300 bones, but in adults there are only 206.
72. In the morning we cm taller than in the evening.
73. The strongest muscle in the human body - language.
74. The hardest bone of the human body - jaw.
75. To make a move, you employ 200 muscles.
76. Tooth - the only body incapable of regeneration.
77. Muscles halved slower than pumped.
78. Some bone is stronger than steel.
79. The feet contain a quarter of all the bones of the human body.

At the cellular level
There are some things that you will not see with the naked eye.

80. per square centimeter of the body contains 16,000 bacteria.
81. Every 27 days, you literally change the skin.
82. Every minute in the human body dies 3 000 000 cells.
83. People lose about 600,000 particles of skin every hour.
84. Every day, the body of an adult produces 300 billion new cells.
85. All the prints are unique language.
86. In the body of enough iron to make a 6-inch nail.
87. The most common blood type in the world - first.
88. The lips are red, because a lot of capillaries under the skin.

A couple of interesting facts

89. The colder the room where you sleep, the more likely that you had a nightmare.
90. In tears and mucus contain lysozyme, an enzyme that destroys the cell walls of many bacteria.
91. For half an hour the body releases as much energy as it takes to boil a half liters of water.
92. The ears secrete more earwax when you are afraid.
93. You can not tickle yourself.
94. The distance between the hands outstretched to the side - this is your height.
95. Man - the only animal that is crying because of the emotions.
96. Right-handed people live, on average nine years longer than left-handers.
97. Women burn fat slower than men - about 50 calories per day.
98. Pit between the nose and the lip has a name - the nasal groove.

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