Heading "the causes of illnesses." Subtle human body.

Subtle human body (part eight).


The seventh is the supreme body of the person, the atmic, or keternym, the human body (from the Kabbalistic term "Keter" - the crown, the crown).

It goes to a distance of 80-100 cm beyond the physical body. People with high energy, it can be even more.

Outwardly, it looks like a golden egg, contains in itself all the previous body. The outer surface of the egg is a protective film thickness of 1-2 cm. This film is strong, resilient, and prevents the penetration of outside influences on man.

Inside the golden eggs clairvoyants can observe the basic energy flow, connecting the tops of the eggs and passing through the human spine. On the surface of the egg is sometimes possible to see the colored hoops of light corresponding to the brightest events in the previous life.

This body provides a link with the Universal Mind, it receives the necessary information to a person and sends to the desired information.

This program is stored the body of human life. In another, it is the circumstances that took the man's soul, bound to Earth in the next reincarnation.

Our fourth (karmic) body reads the program and compares it with actual deeds and thoughts of man. And the divergence starts our "education."

Subtle human body (Part Seven).


Next, the sixth body was called the celestial body.

It extends 60-80 cm beyond the limits of our physical body. Clairvoyants see it as a multi-colored rays of flame coming from the physical body.

At the level of the human body experiences a higher sense - spiritual ecstasy experienced by the result of prayer, meditation and so on. N.

Subtle human body (part six).


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