Heading "the causes of illnesses." Subtle human body.

Subtle human body (part eight).


The seventh is the supreme body of the person, the atmic, or keternym, the human body (from the Kabbalistic term "Keter" - the crown, the crown).

It goes to a distance of 80-100 cm beyond the physical body. People with high energy, it can be even more.

Outwardly, it looks like a golden egg, contains in itself all the previous body. The outer surface of the egg is a protective film thickness of 1-2 cm. This film is strong, resilient, and prevents the penetration of outside influences on man.

Inside the golden eggs clairvoyants can observe the basic energy flow, connecting the tops of the eggs and passing through the human spine. On the surface of the egg is sometimes possible to see the colored hoops of light corresponding to the brightest events in the previous life.

This body provides a link with the Universal Mind, it receives the necessary information to a person and sends to the desired information.

This program is stored the body of human life. In another, it is the circumstances that took the man's soul, bound to Earth in the next reincarnation.

Our fourth (karmic) body reads the program and compares it with actual deeds and thoughts of man. And the divergence starts our "education."

Subtle human body (Part Seven).


Next, the sixth body was called the celestial body.

It extends 60-80 cm beyond the limits of our physical body. Clairvoyants see it as a multi-colored rays of flame coming from the physical body.

At the level of the human body experiences a higher sense - spiritual ecstasy experienced by the result of prayer, meditation and so on. N.

Subtle human body (part six).

Intuitive body.

Fifth, the human body has different names. Some authors define it as intuitive (or buddhic) body - the energy body, concentrating a higher unconscious processes.

This body is a matrix on which to build our etheric (first) body. If we have a occurred in the etheric body, then it is just recovering from a template, which is our fifth body.

Clairvoyants see it as a dark-blue oval, leaving 50-60 cm beyond the physical body. Inside the oval is a void, which is fully in line with our etheric body. That is essential (first), the body fills the void, and thus determined by its shape and size.

Fifth human body easily how to restore and distort our etheric body.

Subtle human body (part five).

Karmic body.

Next, the fourth person's body belongs to his immortal component and the transition from life to life in the course of his incarnations. This so-called causal or karmic body - the body of the soul, which contains the cause of all human actions and information about possible future human actions.

Clairvoyants see the karmic body in the form of a cloud of multicolored bunches of subtle energy, acting at 20-30 cm from the physical body. These clusters resemble bunches body of emotions, but they are more blurred and they are dominated by light (pink color).

It is this body is our own "caretaker" (what in psychology is called the subconscious), which deals with "education" rights in accordance with the requirements of the higher power.

Since the karmic body is located in proximity to the body of emotions and the body of knowledge, it has the full ability to control the thoughts, beliefs and actual behavior. And noticing violations, take measures to correct erroneous beliefs or emotions.

After the death of his karmic human body does not perish, and together with other more subtle bodies sent to any floor of the Subtle World. Floor determined by the amount of positive information about our affairs or errors accumulated during our lives. Or, in a different way, for occupancy "vessel karma."

Subtle human body (Part IV).

The mental body.

Third, the human body has been called the mental body. This body of thought and human knowledge. It is very developed among scientists, researchers and people interested in a certain area of ​​knowledge (history, archeology, botany, and so on. N.). And poorly manifested in people engaged in physical labor.

The mental body is outside the physical body is 10-20 cm and a whole repeats its contours.

It consists of an even more subtle energy - the energy of the mental plane.

The mental plane takes 7-8 floors of the Subtle World.

The mental body has a bright yellow color, coming from the man's head and spreads to the whole body. When a person thinks intensely, mental body expands and becomes more vivid.

The mental body also has bundles of energy, reflecting our beliefs and sustained thought. These clots are called thought forms.

Thought forms can consist of only the energy of the mental body - if our beliefs are not accompanied by emotions. If beliefs are connected with emotions, the thought form energies formed mental and emotional (astral) plans. Accordingly, if we sit steady negative belief (for example, about our government or near relatives), and it is accompanied not tender emotions, the corresponding thought-form painted dirty colors of the astral body.

Thoughtform may be blurred if our knowledge or belief fuzzy and imprecise. On the contrary, it is quite clearly delineated, if our beliefs are stable and complete.

After the death of a man of his mental body also killed - along with its accumulated knowledge. He killed it, according to some reports, on the 90th day after a person's death.

All of the three thin body belong to our material world, are born and die with the man.

Subtle human body (Part Three).

The astral body.

Next, the astral body (or body of emotions) consists of more subtle matter than essential.

This body 5-10 cm beyond the physical body. It does not have a precise shape as essential. It is a continuous shimmering colored bundles of energy. In non-emotional human body is sufficiently uniform and discharged. In a very emotional person, these colorful bunches more thick and dense. And the flash of negative emotions appear as bundles of energy "heavy" and dark colors - maroon, red, brown, gray, black and so on. D.

If a person is emotional, but it is easily appeased, the clots of negative energies in the emotional body relatively quickly dissipate. But if a person has a lingering negative emotions such as constant insults at people or life or permanent aggression against the life or others (the Communists, Democrats, Jews, boss, ex-husband, and so on. N.), These emotions create long-term clots negative emotional energy. These clots in the future have a negative impact on our health.

On the colors of the astral body clairvoyants easily determine which emotions are inherent to this person.

Astral energies create a so-called astral plane, in which live the essence of the astral plane. For example, for the formation of the events we enjoy using egregors that are created from just astral energies and the next, the mental planes. Also egregors lives on the astral plane a set of completely independent entities. In addition, on the astral plane all living entities, and objects created by you in your dreams. And the more vivid dream you have seen, the longer it will remain on the astral plane.

The astral plane has several levels (or floors). The lower floors, as you might guess, are thus "hell" where the souls of the full "vessel karma" experiencing various troubles. We can confidently assert that the lower floors of the astral plane are just the lower (1-2 m) floors of the Subtle World. All the astral plane takes 5-6 floors in the Subtle World. That is, the upper floors of the astral plane are 5-6 all levels of the Subtle World.

Man has the ability to consciously get into the astral body to the plan and see what happens there.

After the death of a man of his astral body also dies, but only on the 40th day. Others, more subtle body can remain on the astral plane, if it holds the load "vessel karma."

Subtle human body (Part Two).

Etheric body.

The first subtle body - is essential, or energy, the human body. This body is a full-time copy of the physical body. It closely follows his silhouette, going beyond it by 3-5 cm.

This thin body has the same structure as the physical body including a part and its organs. It consists of a special type of matter called ether. Ether is intermediate between dense matter that makes up our world, and even more subtle than ether, kinds of matter.

The color of the etheric body, as perceived by psychics, varies from light blue to gray. In a sensitive person, it has a bluish tinge, at athletic, physically strong man in the etheric body is dominated by gray tones.

The etheric body forms a so-called energy matrix of the human body, which correspond to the organs of our physical body. People with sensitive sight seeing all the organs of the human body as it consisted of flickering gray light.

Distortions arising from the energy the human body, at first lead to frustration and then to the degeneration of our physical body (ie, the disease). Most psychics felt hands distortion is just the energy of the body and make it be corrected. If the correct exposure after correction of the energy body takes a physical body healing.

The same body there are different energy flows, including the meridians that are affected in the acupuncture and acupressure.

Since the etheric body repeats the physical, it is sometimes called the etheric double of man.

The etheric body of man has a weight of about 5-7 grams. It has been found by American researchers in the course of the experiment, when a person died, lying on a very sensitive balance (entirely voluntary). During this not routine experimentation it was found that after the death of a person's weight is reduced on these 5-7 grams.

After the death of a man all the subtle body leave our physical body. But the weight is only "transitional" etheric body, the rest of the body too immaterial. After the death of the human etheric body also dies, but not immediately, and on the 9th day. Then it, too, is divided, being close to the decaying physical body.

Some people are able to leave your physical body in the etheric body (the so-called ethereal projection), while remaining conscious and remembering your feelings.

Without the etheric body of our whole system of receptors, nerves and other elements of the physical body does not work - there is no life.

Subtle human body (part one).

Man consists of physical body and subtle bodies of seven more that we do not perceive because of the limited capacity of our senses.

The figure below shows how the subtle bodies are arranged relative to our physical body. They are located not outside the physical body, and inside and around it. They permeate our physical body as water permeates a sponge placed in water.


Together, slim body form his aura. After special training, many people are beginning to see the aura around the diversity of its colors. Moreover, today there are special cameras in which anyone can take a picture of your aura color. However, the camera shoots at once all the subtle body, making no distinction between them. Meanwhile, these differences are very important.

Each subtle body has its own name and performs a specific function. And in different sources there are several variants of names of the same thin bodies. We have to have consistency choose only one of them.


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