Pride, selfishness (PART ONE).

RUBRIC "cause of the disease."

Destructive thoughts.

Pride, selfishness (PART ONE).

& Quot; - You're too serious about yourself, - said slowly don Juan. - And perceive themselves as damn important person. This must change! After all, you're so important that feels entitled to be annoyed at the slightest pretext. Is so important that you can afford to turn around and leave when the situation is not the way you want. Perhaps you think that thereby demonstriruesh by their nature. But this is nonsense! You - the weak, snobby and narcissistic type!
I tried to protest, but Don Juan is not allowed. He said that because of the bloated self-importance in my life I did not finish until the end of a single case. I was struck by the confidence with which he speaks. But all his words, of course, fully comply with the truth, and I was not only angry, but also great frightened.

 - A sense of self-importance is the fact of what to get rid of, - he said with authority & quot ;. ©

In the Christian religion pride refers to one of the deadly sins. And I must say, not without reason. That pride, self-importance, is the cause of suffering and illness, often incurable, as well as death. That pride is the source of all harmful thoughts and emotions. After all, when a person puts himself above anyone or lower, then it starts to condemn, despise, hate, annoyed, to make a complaint. A feeling of superiority over the other gives rise to arrogance and desire to humiliate (word, thought, and deed). Self-importance generates huge subconscious aggression, which then turns against the author.

This feeling is the desire of man to put himself, his mind, his wisdom above the universe, God, above anything or anyone in this world. A proud man can not and does not want to accept the traumatic situations in their lives, that is, those situations that do not meet his expectations. He has his own understanding of the world, and he believes that it is the most reliable and best. He seeks to subjugate the world, often through violence. Therefore, any discrepancy between his views on how the world should be, is in his heart burst of aggressive emotions: anger, resentment, hatred, contempt, envy, pity, and others. This, in turn, leads to various diseases and death. Pride - a sense of inner superiority over the other, or vice versa, belittling yourself. This is primarily the result of a misunderstanding of his true place in the universe, their purpose in life, lack of awareness of the meaning and purpose of life. It turns out that all of the energy is spent on direct or circumstantial evidence of his innocence, to fight with the world. Imagine that the cell begins to fight with the whole organism and defend their interests, ignoring the interests of the whole organism. Whether such cells of the body? Can the cell body to dictate their terms? No. The body will seek to get rid of it, otherwise this will turn into a cancer cell.


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