Zheng Fujun: Most tablets eliminate the symptoms and not treat the disease

When it comes to the disease, a person is in trouble, accepts indiscriminately medicines, but can not get rid of the disease, but only causes damage to internal organs, bleeding waste of blood and qi. And easy essentially the ailment turns into a complex and serious disease.



When the body fails, we don't understand what happened, what to do, how to fight the disease, and often panic. When a person is sick, he is inclined to blindly believe the experts, no matter Western medicine or Chinese, if only someone had given hope for healing.

People want to believe and willing to try all. This point is particularly important a reliable guide and helper. The patient has little understanding of medical issues, in time of sickness, he is weak and helpless.

And I think, if there is no serious disease, the body is able to cope with minor malfunctions, I just help the system self-healing. But I know nothing about computers and are wizards that fix damage to my computer as wizards.

Although usually they just pull out some detail, cleaned, put in place, and nothing more. But I don't know what part you need to remove and clean. Feel the same way and the patients in relation to their own body. The disease may not be serious, but how to cope with it, what to do — no clue.

Maybe it doesn't have to do anything? And suddenly trigger the disease, miss the time? When it comes to the disease, a person is going through, starts indiscriminately to drink a strong medication, but this does not help, on the contrary, drugs are making a failure in the internal organs, waste qi and blood.

And simple fact, the disease eventually becomes incurable.


Why in today's world so many different diseases?

Most tablets aimed at fixing the symptoms and not the diseases.

The first reason is indiscriminate use of pills. What drugs are not sold in pharmacies. But most of them focus on symptoms, not the disease. Manufacturers worry only about how to rid us of the troublesome symptoms, to normalize performance analysis, and not address the root of the problem.

The result is that getting rid of a headache, we gain insomnia, taking control of the pain in the joints, feel that he was more likely to disturb heart, expanded the space of the blood vessels, but there was eczema, get rid of ulcers, but caused damage to the digestive system... put Out the cigarette, but staged forest fire.

Diseases more and more, and more actively treated, the worse the condition of the body. But it would be better not to panic with the advent of the disease. You must overcome the psychological fear of the unknown, you must believe in your body and its ability to heal itself.

In ancient China, there was even a saying:

"You can find a mediocre doctor and not to be treated".

Its meaning is that the result will be the same. To find a truly good doctor is not easy, more likely to run into a charlatan or ignoramus.

The second reason is that we fully commit ourselves into the hands of doctors. Who cures a disease? You need to carefully clarify for myself this question. The disease heals our own body, not the doctor.

Many saw the rowing competitions. The doctor is, in fact, the man who with loud cheers the rowers account. He yells out commands in time with the strokes of the oars, and the team wins. If he wasn't in tact, or if the rowers had left the oars, what's the point of him screaming? In both cases there would be a failure.

I very rarely prescribe patients medications, the body already has a full set of drugs. And use this first aid kit is convenient and simple, no side effects. I'm talking about the active channels and spots.

Some may say that I overestimate the role of active points. And I think that I just don't have enough words to pay tribute to their effectiveness.

Here are some simple examples: in people with unilateral paralysis of the palm of your hand constantly clenched in a fist. During the restorative therapies try to help patients to relax his hands, but his palm again involuntarily compressed.

If at this time to suppress the Polish on the point between the fingers (on the outer side of the palm, at the base of the fingers) within one minute, the patient will be able to relax the palm, and the effect lasts quite a long time.

Or point "first aid" for acute low back pain at a stretching of muscles: crush a couple of minutes on the point of Jin men (BL 63) on the outer lateral side of the foot and to the point, Wei Zhong (BL 40) below the knee, and lower back pain released. If the lower back hurts on the left, to push the point on the left leg, right on right.

Many older people begin to choke, when you climb the stairs. This shows the weakness of the heart. You need to stop, to suppress a minute to point Lao Gong (PC 8) in the center of the left palm and soon will come relief.

I have cited only a few examples of useful and effective points very much. Do not underestimate these little dots, they are precious to promote health and treat disease.


For efficiency, they can be compared with a flyswatter, a simple and cheap device, but for the destruction of flies are looking much better than rocket launchers "patriot" worth millions of dollars. Our ailments are often nothing more than a nuisance, it is easier and safer to use a fly swatter, than to use heavy weapons.

To treat the disease in fact is not difficult, especially in the beginning. Easier just to get rid of the germs of disease, for this you need to learn some basic knowledge and to learn the correct worldview.

Do not run to the doctors at the first sign of illness. You need to keep calm and clarity of thought. If hastily to trust himself in the hands of doctors, their actions can make a mess in the programme of work of self-healing systems of the body, to the extent that the ability to heal itself will be completely lost.

And a little discomfort will grow into a serious disease, the possibility of cure will be lost. To control your destiny, you first need to take responsibility for their health into their own hands.

Why are we so helpless in the face of illness?

Because we don't understand and can't figure out who the culprit is, why it is upon us. Rage and brandishing a sword, striking the innocent.

All the people are afraid of diseases, but diseases are turning points in our maturation and growth, this dialogue leads us our soul. If you listen carefully, it will help us to become better, to change the attitude to life, to understand yourself.

The disease is the question before us, she tells us the direction in which to look for the answer.

However, usually people by any means trying to destroy it, to immure, to suppress the disease, and the disease is changing, tells us not what was going to say at the beginning, by the end of all begins to bear utter nonsense, and our life turns into chaos.

Have a headache have a deeper meaning, the ulcer she wants to warn you about something... These painful conditions are not enemies to us, they bring us a message. But people don't want to hear these warnings, come from the disease in the fight, behave like a cruel king who kills the faithful servant, who brought him the sad news.

Why are we so helpless in the face of illness? Because it is not trying to understand why we sent this disease, and once in a blind rage starts to swing the sword.

Let's treat our illnesses, let us patiently and graciously listen to them. The disease is the question before us, she tells us the direction in which to look for the answer.

Listen to your inner voice, trust from birth inherent in our body's ability to heal itself!

It makes more sense to care about strengthening the body than to treat the diseases.

Unhealthy diet, unhealthy sleep patterns and other habits contribute to the emergence and development of diseases. And our understanding of the status of their own body based only on test results and compliance indicators normal.

There is nothing surprising that he was by himself, not receiving any support in continuously deteriorating conditions for the existence of the body, trying a last effort to ensure the normal functioning of organs and systems that are able to provide daily needs.

In this period begin to emerge and secretly develop the disease, and though the condition of the body deteriorates, but the test results in this period do not show abnormalities. These good results of surveys calm the man, he considers himself quite healthy and has no diseases of any emerging resistance.

The latent period of development may last from several months to several decades, and when the body is losing the last opportunity to deal with harmful factors, comes the same disease.

Possessing "superior workmanship" the doctor can detect the disease even when it resides in a latent, dormant, capable of destroying it in the Bud and not allow it to evolve and restore health.

But where are they, those skillful doctors? Furnished in modern medicine, such that the ability to detect the disease appears only when it is already quite evolved. And trying to regain health after the disease has developed, rather than to plug holes in the dam after the water is already everywhere.

And it makes no sense to talk about prevention. Due to illness people rushing to find the exit, Oh what joy life is there to say? You might be asking where to find this doctor, with higher art? Doctors such units, and to get to them on reception very difficult.


But high art is not actually a doctor, and you yourself!

You do not need to marvel at the magical skills of a specialist, he could only presume, to guess about your illness.

And direct the user in your body — you yourself, you know better than anyone where the weak place is, and what your body is strong, better than any doctor know the real state of his health.

Only we ourselves can build a defense against disease, to master this "high art", to extinguish the spark before fire breaks out. We must take the Palace guards our health into your own hands. Only then our life will be filled with faith and joy.

But most often we do not know how to master the "higher art", do not understand the signals of your body, hear what he's telling us, the more do not know how to resist diseases.

Trying to find some information, but is lost in her abundance, not to understand the thing that there is... And the symptoms are increasing, and something needs to be done.

All this suggests that we captured the main in the highest art — the ability to understand your body, to assess the health, inherited at birth. We don't know what type of the body, excess if we Heat or Cold, Yin or Yang.

Only by understanding the type and inclination of your body, you can learn to understand how to save than to help him. And what should I do next? Each type of organism has its own strengths and weaknesses.


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You should achieve harmony, "nastavlja short due to long", "strengthening the weak by the strong", and that's enough. Act according to circumstances, follow the tailwind.

To cope with the disease, you need to work on her roots. The root of the illness — your type of body. If you know where to apply your efforts, you will become your own doctor, with higher art. And you will not need other doctors.published

©Zheng Fujun

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