Zheng Fujun: Channel lung is the most vulnerable channel


To study the channels customary to begin with the lung channel. Time activity of this channel from three o'clock in the morning until five in the morning. So if any symptoms occur during this period of the night, so we should attend to the condition of the lungs. I had to treat the woman that every winter, about four o'clock in the morning woke up from the heat, drenched in sweat, and time froze, felt a sensation of cold in the stomach. Pulse diagnosis revealed the presence in the body of the Wind and Cold, and the Fire in the heart, a condition which in Chinese medicine is called "Fire wrapped in Ice".

And the root of the trouble – the deficiency of Qi in the lungs, the lungs are unable to dispel the Fire from the heart and to expel Wind and Cold, and only during channel activity of the lungs, when the Qi in the lungs becomes greater, the body is able to output the accumulated Cold sweat. So I prescribed the remedy of traditional medicine – Bujun Irc (补中益气) to strengthen the lungs.

In "the Imperial medical Manual" (Huangdi nacin) said, "Light is the main dignitary (Chancellor)," that is, this body was given the utmost importance. However, in routine medical practice, the lung channel used except in the treatment of colds and coughs.

In fact, the importance and therapeutic efficacy of the channel of the lungs is huge. The upper part of the channel can help to remove the congestion on the channel of the liver. The middle part will help to get rid of "Dampness" from the abdominal cavity. The lower part is able to solve the problems of weakness of the kidneys. And we remember only about the cough. But the cause of cough is a rare lung disease, often the cough is associated with other channels and organs.

Sometimes the cause of the cough is "Fire in the liver", and can get rid of it only by solving the problem. Sometimes the cough is caused by weakness of kidney activities. And it should be treated replenish qi of the kidneys. Weakness of the spleen can also manifest itself with a cough. In this case you need to restore the health of the spleen. Still have a cough caused by invasion of external Wind and Cold. With this kind of cough you have to fight acting on the urinary bladder channel in order to release Wind and Cold from the body.

Often the cough becomes chronic and is not resolved because its true cause, the root of the disease. Light is a very fragile organ, it can not influence directly, rough. Therefore, there are in Chinese medicine that the expression "to cure lungs it is necessary to harmonize the work of all internal organs."

"The lungs govern qi," said in the "Huangdi nacin", and these words hold great meaning. That is, replenishing qi, regulating the flow of qi, the elimination of dirty qi – it is responsible for all our lungs. And regulating the activity of light we can treat many diseases. But how can you regulate light?

Referring again to the storehouse of wisdom "Huangdi nacin": "the Lungs are responsible for distribution down. Light – water source. The lungs open into the nose. The lungs are responsible for the condition of the skin and hair. The emotion of the lungs is sadness and grief. Allocation of lungs, nasal mucus (snot)".

In this passage not only lists the General functions of the lungs, but this is how it is possible to regulate the lungs. Where is it said? – Ask some – I can't wait!! Then let me give you one example. As stated in this excerpt from "Huangdi nacin", "Emotion of the lungs is sadness and grief." If you are a long time are in depression, suppressed emotions can create congestion to the normal movement of qi. How to get rid of these jams?

Once had to treat an elderly man. He had quarreled with the head, then caught a cold, started pain in the abdomen and chest. At the hospital he was prescribed medication for the liver and painkillers. He drank the course, but the pain is not only gone, but the cough started. I taught him the method of the forced sneezing, he sneezed about ten times, on the face of the sweat and the pain in my chest subsided.

I said that once I started coughing, it is best to drink the medication supports the lungs, namely "Tensuan, Liffey van" (通宣理肺丸), to withdraw mucus. He only had 4 pills a day the pain and cough are gone. In the treatment process, I strictly followed the recommendations from "Huangdi Nacin" – "the Lungs are responsible for distribution down. Allocation of lungs, nasal mucus (snot). The lungs open into the nose".

Translator's note: how to force a sneeze.

Roll into a thin long tube of tissue (the best suited sanitary napkins in boxes. They are usually two or three layers, it is necessary to separate one layer than the tube thinner the better.) Careful rotary motion to introduce a tube into the nostril. Irritating the nasal cavity, we need to sneeze. Some have to try for quite a long time to achieve this. In the period of colds cause sneezing so much easier. It is best to sneeze ten times, so that sweat. This method can be derived from the body of cold Chi, not to allow it to take root in the body. Western cold medicine is usually only driven cold qi inside than cause great damage to health. How to force a sneeze is a simple, natural way of cleansing the body. Suggest to use it at the first sign of a cold. Suitable for children. Helps to cope with allergic rhinitis.

Well, wanted to talk about the channel of light, and he quoted a medical treatise. Very effective point of Yu JI (LU10) to combat shortness of breath and asthma. It needs to be massaged in a circular motion. Many complain about the lack of air, it's like they can't breathe the right amount of air. In this case, it is recommended to massage the point tai yuan (LU9), the point – source channel of light, very effective.

For the supply of kidneys is very well to use the point Chi ze (LU5), it will help to lower the surplus qi of the lungs to the kidneys. Very useful for people who have deficiency of qi in the lower body. Basically, this type includes people with hypertension.

Point Jing qu (LU8) can be used to deal with cough, it is very convenient and easy to massage. Point kun Czuy (LU6) can be used as an adjuvant in the treatment of colds and inflammation of the tonsils. In addition, it helps to treat haemorrhoids.

There is another very useful point Shao Shang (LU11) at the outer edge of the nail of the thumb, it helps to reduce pain and inflammation in the throat. It is best to prick the point of a triangular needle, squeeze a few drops of blood, you will immediately feel relief.

Point of the lung channel

From correspondence with readers:

Question: At the beginning of the Chapter, you gave an example of a condition that Chinese medicine calls "the Fire wrapped in ice" and said that the root of disease deficiency of qi of the lungs, the lungs can't help the "Fire" of the heart to bring the body wind and cold. Why replenish the qi of the lungs, we promote recovery?

Zheng Fujun says: the Heart Is a Fire, the Emperor in our body. If the cold qi gets to the heart, it passes it to the lungs. In the lungs accumulate a lot of Cold, but not enough qi in the lungs, and the lungs are unable to dispel. Therefore, you should replenish the qi of the lungs.

Question: Western medicine claims to be the first stage of lung cancer occurs bessimptomnom. But Chinese medicine believes that there are some symptoms by which one can understand that in light of a problem. Now Chinese medicine is becoming more popular, experts of Western medicine are interested in it too. It would be good to teach people how to recognize the first signs of lung problems that the terrible disease could be diagnosed at an early stage.

Zheng Fujun answers: First of all, remember about the time channel activity of the lungs. If any unpleasant symptoms occur 3 nights until five in the morning, it means that something is wrong with the light. Usually people with emerging problems in the lungs causeless Wake up in the night and go to sleep again just after five in the morning. And it happens almost every night.

About a year after the beginning of the wanton awakening at this time, there is a constant cough, sputum white foam. This is a symptom of the first stage of cancer. Do not wait until doctors of Western medicine will make a diagnosis, because at this stage the instrument is not yet able to determine your condition. Doctors will only recommend antibiotics, thinking that you have pneumonia. Only a year will appear obvious to Western doctors signs of lung cancer.

So Chinese medicine is ahead of the West in diagnosis of approximately 2 years. And if you consistently Wake up between 3 to 5 nights, I advise you to urgently look for a good specialist in Chinese medicine, he can put the correct diagnosis. If the treatment is started on time, there is every reason to expect success.

This is a classic example of what "a Good doctor should treat a person even before the disease has come." Western medicine does not recognize the division of the day into periods of activity of certain channels. And does not recognize other health systems. It turns out that lung cancer mortality is very high. But all these people can be cured!

Reading these lines, you're probably thinking, why is that? Why not heed the advice of Chinese medicine? Maybe modern experts on Chinese medicine is not enough dear? Or it is evidence of the impasse into which went the Western medicine?

If you constantly Wake up 3-5 nights and realize that there is a problem with light, you can begin to strengthen the lungs, stimulating the acupuncture magic point channel point Yu JI (LU10), thus it is possible to harmonize the condition of the lungs. You say that not all doctors of Chinese medicine know about the huge potential of this point? It does not matter! Try to stimulate her and you'll quickly notice the results.

Question: My son is 12 years old, skin problem, legs below the knee as if covered with scales. As soon as autumn comes, suditsya. He combs feet, and then formed sores, sometimes very deep. Before these problems took place with the onset of summer, now summer is a recurring phenomenon. He is a growing boy, ashamed of his sores, doesn't want to wear shorts. Is there some way to help him? In addition, he often complains of headache, as if a stone in the head. Often catches a cold, runny nose, sweating, dry cough. Easy sostojalsja. Was giving him a massage guasha, marks on back are very clear. He had blue circles under the eyes, decided that it was due to poor functioning of the heart, began to drink it with honey and spirulina, circles under the eyes are gone. But all the other problems remained. I ask your advice how to help him?

Zheng Fujun answers: By what you described, it is possible to assume the weakness of lung and spleen. You can try to give medicine Tanglin the Baixo WAN (参苓白术丸)- this will improve the spleen, and Bojun yiqi WAN (补中益气丸). Chinese medicine believes that skin problems talk about the problems with light, activate the point of lung channel, so you can get rid of the root of the disease. published

Author: Zheng Fujun
The Chinese translation of Elena Buyanova

Source: yangshen.ru/kanal-legkih-samyiy-ranimyiy-kanal/


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