Three ways to promote health at any age that everyone should know

This publication will introduce You to the secrets of Chinese medicine for quick restoration of health at any age. Materials Dr. Zheng of Fujun has helped hundreds of thousands of men and women, just like You, to take care of their health in their own hands and to break the vicious circle "pharmacy-doctor of pharmacy".

In this article, Dr. Zheng Fujun talk about the main tools and methods that we will need. Very soon You will learn atreh basic ways of caring for your health at any age and make sure that their own to master them you. Because it's easier than You think.

When people come to see me, I see that many of them health-it's not so bad, but some incomprehensible symptoms, the discomfort, that they can't explain, cause them constant worry.

And this concern has a negative impact on their psychological state, which is often worse than a physical ailment.

People worry because they do not understand, where lies the mine, and when it blows up. In recent years people have become much more sensitive to the concept of "health".

Many of us often experiencing conditions such as weakness and lack of energy, headache, bad mood, confusion, inability to concentrate, blurred vision, loss of vision, nasal congestion, persistent stomach pain, pain in the cervical spine, difficulty with morning awakening, poor sleep, feeling cold in the hands and feet, sweating palms, constipation, heart pain, numbness of extremities, anxiety...

We go to the hospital, but there show no signs of any disease, all tests normal... In the end, we put the diagnosis –practically healthy. Although the disease is not identified, but this condition conventional health brings to our existence significant difficulties.

Similar to the one in the living room just a few flies, so what? But they fly and buzz, flashed before his eyes, irritate and irritate.

Let the flies are small, but if the hand is not such a simple weapon like a fly swatter, to get rid of them will not be easy. Many people experience daily the pain of damnation because of minor health problems, and constantly concerned about it. When I receive patients I see that many of them, the problem is not so serious.

But due to the weight associated with disease symptoms on the psyche is under strong pressure, which by its destructive consequences can be much more serious than the disease itself.

We don't understand, where lies the mine, and when it blows up. We are constantly in tension, in fear, and gradually turn into people with unstable mentality. In fact, from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the diagnosis of "healthy", meaning disease.

Perhaps disrupted the harmony of interaction of internal organs and systems of the body, or bad energy flows through channels or in the body accumulated a lot of Cold... These symptoms may expressed very weakly, but the symptoms are already evident.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the diagnosis of "healthy", meaning disease.

It's just the germs of disease, germ.But if you do not take measures, flies in the house get divorced the whole army. Medical devices are not identified deviations, and you're healthy. But this hidden disease can be identified even more dangerous, because the germs of her pesthouse in the greenhouse.

Actually, to be afraid of nothing. All of these symptoms – no more than a couple of flies in your home. Just need to clean up the house, close mesh window that insects have not penetrated into the house and found in it a fertile environment for yourself. Then you need to take the fly swatter to slap a couple of times, and it is possible to live happily ever after in the house.

What should we do?

1) clean the house. The diagnosis of "healthy" suggests that we are wrong to treat your body. Don't eat on time, work when you want to sleep for hours watching TV, visited night clubs. Or a whole day without rest spend at the computer, move a little, eat anything without mode and so on.

Consider carefully, how do YOU feel about your own body?

2) Use a fly swatter. Of course, hardly brought wrong habits to "healthy" body will immediately react to the produced audit behavior.

If you are willing to devote some time for the return of health, I will gladly share with you the art of using a fly swatter. These simple and affordable techniques that will effectively assist the body to overcome the trouble, will accelerate the path to the right condition.

For their own health, we need to learn some knowledge, namely:

Knowledge of the channels and the active points of the body basic knowledge about training the body Fully aware that there are health. So in terms of our learning will include the above topics.

Begin to master the material and begin the path to health!

If the disease – a fish in any body of water it will be driven?

A certain disease corresponds to a particular way of thinking.Way of thinking – a reservoir of disease – fish in this pond.

As you know, in different water bodies there are different kinds of fish. When changing the water quality, some species of fish die. The new water quality is not suitable for this species.

In our case, this organism is unable to develop certain diseases. Therefore changing the environment – changing the mindset – we can get rid of the disease, and from the root of the disease.

The case, which we do, should not be in conflict with our thoughts. Only when the mental and physical efforts are coordinated, we can seriously count on success.

If the soul we feel the need to hide something, and act ahead, if we want to Express outrage or anger, we repress it, we are not able to coordinate forces directed outside, internal efforts are being wasted inefficiently.

It is hardly possible in this case to wait for good results. So, the main thing in the treatment of any disease is the unity of thought and action. Every disease is a specific system of thought, the manifestation of the unformed elements of thought in a perfectly decorated painful syndrome.

The main thing in the treatment of any disease is the unity of thought and action.

We can cut out the tumor, but if it is destroyed without the support of our internal efforts, the disease will manifest itself again in another form, in another place of the body.

And if not refusing the help of medicine, we simultaneously employ self-will, will be able to get rid of heavy thoughts, then removing the tumor, we will fix a certain Outlook or significantly revise Outlook.

Each person has a lot of forces seeking expression. If you do not let them manifest the natural order, they find an unexpected way to come out, manifest itself in another way.

We are not able to resist (and why resist?), but we can choose the path of manifestation. Of way, these are not the same as not the same thoughts and are not the same disease.

Particular disease corresponds to a certain line of thoughts. In a certain pond can be certain fish, but can't be associated in others. Our thoughts are the pond and the disease – fish. If the fish died, most likely – has changed the quality of water in such water fish such of be not can.

In our case, this organism can not develop such a disease. That is, the change in the environment is equal to the destruction of the disease. Moreover, the destruction of this disease in the Bud. Therefore, the water – main, world – most importantly, the root cause. And in some water bodies can wind up not only fish, but crabs and snakes.

The doctor is to be trusted, but more importantly believe in yourself "if that be, let not the disease, if something is not, only let not money!" — popular old saying.

If you think about it, the second part of millet for execution – you need to work hard and the money will be. But how to do so, not to get sick, no one yet invented. People do sport, eat healthy foods, drink medication, but disease becomes less.

Many people show remarkable courage and determination in working the issues, but lose the power of the spirit in the face of disease. And trust the most precious thing they have – their health those who are considered experts on this issue – doctors with their medical equipment and devices.

It is very clear and completely hopeless. If man cannot be the master of your own body, what then do you say? Not funny then all of our efforts, the struggle, the so-called success? What about the freedom of the individual then we can talk?

In good, we must clearly and fully understand the condition of his body and know how can this condition be improved. Only we refuse from given to us the Creator ability to give my body at the mercy of doctors believe the readings of the instruments, not your feelings.

Not to listen to doctors and trust yourself – many the idea seems blasphemous. However, I would still suggest that you should change the established approach to try to at least slightly understand the health issues, and you will be much easier and safer to live, you will not have to worry about health.

It may, however, have to think about the problem of unemployment among doctors. I want to encourage you not to think that this is too difficult, it's much easier than you think! The ability to control their health inherent in us from birth.

Who in your life avoid illness? The disease occurs as if someone had flipped a switch, then goes through certain phases of development. And recovery similar to that involved reverse mode, has earned the program of recovery.

The onset, development of disease and cure depend on the ability of the program to operate in the natural order. Even the ancients noticed this and talked about the "mechanism of diseases".

The onset of disease and the beginning of recovery – it seems that someone seemed to be toying with this switch. An illness similar to infection with computer viruses. First, these viruses are hiding a secret place, and when conditions are ripe, they enter into an active phase, attack the program, and in different parts of the system show signs of infection.

Treatment and recovery is such a program for self-diagnosis and recovery system. Only program to restore the normal activity of an organism is much more complicated than in the case of the computer. The duty of the physician to help the patient to find the executable switch mechanism for inclusion of the program for recovery.

Using acupuncture, massage, medications, the doctor should help the body to start the desired program.

A doctor should not mindlessly play with the switches to interfere with the natural process, damage normally existing programs. After a thorough study and questioning of the patient, the doctor will find where is the switch.

Then, using acupuncture, massage, medications, it needs to help the body to start the desired program. And all the work is finished. With the rest of the body will cope on their own.

The inclusion of the program of recovery is sometimes not immediately evident positive changes in the patient's state of health, perhaps the body needs to sort out with the disease, there is sometimes even a worsening of symptoms.

People mostly do not understand what is happening, I think that the body is not able to cope with the problem. And go in search of ways to alleviate the situation than to violate the normal operation of the program.

Modern medicine defines disease condition: the body weakens, if he does not provide timely assistance can occur death, the body is unable to cope with the problem.

Why you should use medical methods, not to help to bornemanite the switch to activate natural processes of recovery.

This approach is based on the belief that only the freeing of a person from unpleasant symptoms artificial means, can you help him back to health, and all state changes of the body (including positive changes) are interpreted as deviations from the norm, operations, drug therapy, chemotherapy...

And the body affected with the virus and trying to fight it, receives a new blow, as in the saying – the snow still sprinkled with frost. Like the antivirus program in the computer, which is able to destroy the virus, but simultaneously is able to interfere with the normal operation of needed programs, without possibility of recovery.

Either destroying the "enemy" along the way, brings chaos to the work of the established system. The disease moves into a deeper stage, and are unlikely to be able to find the switch to start the program of self-restoration.

Learn to listen to your body. It works by its own internal logic. Some of his works seem to us to be dangerous and wrong, but the result of these disease processes is to improve the General condition.

We need to help the body faster to complete the job and not to interfere with natural processes.

Studying Chinese medicine with an introduction to its theoretical foundations, pharmacology, can even begin to study "Huangdi Nacin" – "Imperial manual". But if you really want to learn Chinese medicine, not only understand it, but to put into practice, then it is best to start with learning the channels.

Channels are formed of meridians and branches. In the human body there are 12 meridians and innumerable branches, forming a network within the entire body.

If you strengthen the channels and promote smooth circulation of qi and blood through the routes inside the body, it is possible to achieve not only longevity, but also to strengthen the body and mind with the existing violations and problems

Channels connect the internal organs, limbs and bones. We can say that every particle of the body – internal organ systems, bones and muscles, skin and hair – all included in the network.

Therefore, if you befall some kind of disease in the respective patient on the network the bell rings, warning of the need for urgent action. We only need to determine which channel the bell rang, and we'll know which organ or system are in disrepair.

In Chinese medicine there is such postulate: "Internal diseases should be recognized on the outside."

In the human body 6 of the main organs (heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys and pericardium) and 6 auxiliary (stomach, small intestine, large intestine, bladder, gallbladder, triple heater). Each organ has a channel that is a total of 12 channels. The channels are mostly symmetrically on the limbs and sides of body.

Channels and active points very much, where to start their development? Twelve channels, more than 360 active points... Sounds hopeless and discouraging.

But actually, the points that we need, not more than 20. If you memorize 2 per day that means in 10 days they will learn. These 20 points will be enough to resist diseases and to give magical results.

First, I will introduce you to 4 points on the stomach channel. This point Liang Qiu(ST 34), zu San Li (ST 36), Feng Long (ST 40), and Xia Ju Xu (ST 39).

Four points on the stomach channel.

If during an attack of acute or chronic stomach pain, pressure on the point Liang Qiu, the pain will cease immediately.

If the pain is concentrated in the cavity of the stomach, we still need some time cushion large, middle or index finger clockwise massage the point zu San Li.

If the pain is felt in the area of the small intestine, should be rotationally massage the point Xia Ju Xu. In the case of treatment of chronic diseases of the stomach, is most effective will help point Feng LUN.

Remember immediately, if the point from which you work, absolutely painless, so it is in this case ineffective. The reasons can be three:

point is detected incorrectly, the disease does not correlate with this point, the low Level of Qi and Blood, to points on the feet information is not supplied. This method is easy to master. Only need a rough idea of the progress of the active channels, and to learn the location of a couple of dozen is needed for you points. And you will be able to help yourself when experiencing stomach pains, headaches, colds, painful menstruation, angina...

The massage of active points is often not inferior to the effectiveness of acupuncture, you just believe in yourself.

Point of the pericardium channel

Here is an example. Once our house was broken Elevator, had to walk the stairs. On the 3rd floor I saw a neighbor from the 6th floor, right hand he held onto the railing, face pale, could not catch his breath. I knew the neighbor of problems with the heart, immediately took his left hand and began to put pressure on the point Lao Gong (PC 8) in the center of the palm.

I massaged her for about a minute, when a neighbor finally took a deep breath, and said that the heart was released. Their feet, exchanging with me meaningless comments, it reached its 6th floor. And such situations are very helpful simple knowledge about effective points, I have met a lot.

I hope to be able to convince You that this knowledge can be very useful. published

Author: Gleb Porogen


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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