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In the next month, constantly tell yourself: "I approve of myself." Say it to yourself 300-400 times a day. The more the better. Let this phrase all the time be with You, be Your prayer. This phrase will make the surface of your consciousness everything that opposes her.

When You think a negative thought like "How can I approve of myself when I so fat?" or "it is Foolish to think that this will help me" know that for You it is time to take control of your thoughts. Accept the thought as it is, and release it to God. In parting, gently say, "I release you to God and approve of myself."

Some of us will think that this exercise is silly, stupid and meaningless. Let these thoughts pass quietly through Your mind, they have no power over You, of course, provided that You yourself do not elect them. Such thoughts — Your resistance to change.

No matter what, You need to continue. Do not pay attention to what You will say. If You will be able to say this phrase to myself when someone does something You disapprove of, You internally know that You are in the process of spiritual development.

Our thoughts have no power over us as long as we do not obey them. Thoughts themselves have no meaning. We give them value, and we, only we, choose a value that we wish to give them. Part of his smobriety is freedom from the opinions of others.

If I constantly said that You "purple pig", You would have either laughed at me or said I was crazy. You would in any case not believe it. Much of what we say to ourselves, equally improbable. If you believe that Your qualities are in direct proportion with your figure — it means to believe in patently absurd.

Often what we consider our flaws, is an expression of our individuality. This is our uniqueness. Nature never repeats. From the very beginning of life on earth no two similar snowflakes, or raindrops. And every Daisy is different from the other.

Our fingerprints are as different as we are. So nature intended. If You are willing to accept that, You will constantly compare themselves with others. Try to be like others — then dry my soul. We came to this planet to Express ourselves. I personally didn't even know who I am, until then, until the beginning of your spiritual quest in life.

So, let's drive away the thoughts that make us unhappy, let us make things that we like to be with people with whom we feel good. published

©Louise Hay


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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