Mental and physical blocking — how to get rid of unnecessary

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Chakras are energy centers, which accumulate in itself energy for our bodies (and our body), is a funnel entry and exit of energy from the outside, that which is poured in the Universe or transmitted through the energy flows. Funnel catch them and distribute according to "openness and permissible volume of their tanks", that is, how people allow free space on the designated drive memory.

As in computer – there is a definite and limited size of the hard disk, we maintain a variety of files that appear in the process of our activity (or wandering) on the Internet. Over time, we fill that space, and sometimes zahumlje, since information is the primary substance of our Universe (remember "in the beginning was the WORD") and it continuously evolyutsioniruet.

It has a tendency to become outdated, lose their relevance. Information associated with the element of Air and she is so lively and the fast. How often we clean their computers – it is easy for us to part with their vaults and deposits of different files (images, various tips, etc from the category of "maybe useful" and to which we NEVER come back again)?

The same applies to life – we privatives I to things, objects, States, people etc and even if they do not serve us, still continue to take place. The fault is not just us and our habits, fears, etc., but a system that sharpens our brains in the direction of consumption and program us that we all need it! Actually – we don't need so many things. I do not remember who one of the enlightened masters said it, but the bottom line was that "in our world there are so many unnecessary things" – someone wants them to sell to enrich themselves and suggests that we need them, and someone wants to get rich to buy more again, unnecessary or not so necessary things.

If you read the book Megre about Anastasia (and not only of them, the world is full of different examples of how people manage small), then you know that a person can perfectly live without savings around myself of unneeded stuff. It's only cluttering up his space. The Tarot card Devil picture of people chained to the material, this picture is deep symbolism and meaning that material and our possession do not allow us to be free. We become attached to the place where our stuff – we can't leave him (you might take) so we become slaves to things. We begin to "want" other people's desires – that is, to have something without which we would be well treated and could be happy, but we have faith that without it we are nobody and nothing. We need some support in life, to feel good. But we fall into traps from which it is very difficult to get out.

Our energy system begins to atheletica, chakras are overloaded, instead of energy easily and freely fly through our channels, it crashes like a brook after a heavy rain through the bumps and grooves with great difficulty. This is called chakras were blocked – they do not have enough space for the passage of energy.

Even Christ said in the Bible that we should live like birds and not be tied to material because it is difficult to go into the Kingdom of God like unto the eye of a needle with all its belongings, and the richer the person, the greater the load over the shoulders – all this to carry away there where all is intangible.!

Now back to "our sheep," that is to our real life from philosophy. How to clean these chakras and say goodbye to unwanted? Because these two things are very interrelated. As above so below. For good reason, the first tip / axiom / beginning of all beginnings in the ancient art of Feng Shui (science of harmonizing the energy space) to get rid of trash and deposits in order to make room for the energy flow!

In psychology, transformatsiia and alchemical, astrology too, there is a method like holding on the physics of certain actions on cleaning the surrounding space – we offer cabinets and shelves, put things in order on the desktop and in drawers, clean your body – inside and outside using different cleaning procedures, cleaning the house and release unnecessary or necessary, but unnecessary things.

That is, the number One is the physical elimination of the unnecessary and superfluous – sometimes you want to clear this place of all and one button to delete all the hundreds of letters in the mail or those files that already barely fit on the disk in the computers, but something does not do it and that something needs our immediate attention.

And next is action number Two – the conscious observation of oneself inside prevents the part with the "relatively" expensive us stuff? What are we afraid of? We don't trust the world that he supports us and we surround ourselves with a false "physical airbags", so calm our cowardly Ego, because he needs to create the illusion that we are safe once we consider this world as a hostile place for himself.

The key in many practices is to Forgive and Let go. Most life lessons are taught exactly that – to learn how to let go of our attachments. The Buddha taught non-attachment, Christ taught forgiveness and pereorientirovano to another.

Release the need to not only physical things, but also their habits or internal clamps in the form of “I don't....”

When for example a sore throat – OK, this is the 5th chakra. Today, the social network Vkontakte was synchronous info – copy:

As we do block your chakras

1. The first chakra is red; the coccyx Connection with the Earth, responsible for vitality of a person.

Blocking happens if the person feels fear. This condition blocks the first chakra. To improve performance and unlock don't put your fears aside, and put them before my eyes. View the “face” your fears. Disassemble them “on the shelves”.

2. Second chakra – orange color; slightly below the navel, is responsible for creative implementation and fulfillment of needs.

Blocking happens if the person feels guilt. It is a devastating condition. Everyone who experiences it, feels like a sticky cocoon of hopelessness. The release occurs as well as in working with the first chakra. Don't walk away from it. Understand what you see your guilt. Look at the situation from the other side.

3. Third chakra – yellow color; the navel is the energy center of our body, is responsible for the power of our intention.

Blocking happens if the person feels shame, the DISAPPOINTMENT. Unfortunately this we are taught even in schools. Trying to constantly shame the child, telling him: “do not you feel ashamed?” This interlocking not only the third but also the second chakra. Unblocking of chakras is no different from unlocking the first and second chakras.

4. Fourth chakra – green, heart, participates in all processes of human life.

Lock occurs if a person feels sorrow. It is no less destructive emotional state. When this chakra is closed, then the person feels uncomfortable, painful condition in the region of the heart. Lock more difficult to remove than other chakras, because all of this accompanied by a state of apathy often gives man the opportunity to take a sober look at the problem. Need a lot of willpower, to a state of grief try to analyze the situation, to see the cause and look at all the other side.

5. Fifth chakra – blue color; the throat, opens the work of the metabolism, communication.

Blocking happens if the person chooses lies and lying to yourself. This is probably the most difficult – not to lie! Especially if we are dealing with people who constantly lie. They and others see the deception, even if they do not cheat. Unfortunately the lie is “contagious.” If you get into this state and look how it is born, you will see that it's like a virus that is passed from one to another. It's hard to be immune to it, difficult, but possible. Do not reply to him the same, do not try to deceive ourselves about something. Be honest before him.

6. Sixth chakra – blue color, the middle of the forehead, the third eye, tunes the body to the contact with the subconscious, the spiritual will.

Blocking happens if the person feels the separation, living with illusions. No need to take on more than you “can carry”. “Star syndrome” always leads to a fall. You become blind and deaf to everything. Really take what you have. Not that to a neighbor. Don't try to get above the middle. Dreams can come true, if they are real.

7. The seventh chakra – the color purple, over the head – connection with the cosmic energy.

Lock occurs if a person has a strong earthly attachment. I mean everything – house, job, car, people, etc. you Need to learn to let go. The most difficult is to let go of the person we love. But accepting that love is not material, it is also possible to do. Do not take your earthly bindings for the dogma. Do not place the mark everywhere my, let go of everything.

It follows that the cure for a sore throat is to be honest with you. Not very helpful, right? Wherein? How? And still a lot of questions.

How then to understand how to cure throat? I'm personally looking for the cause so – see "where you step on a throat to an own song"? That is, the 5th chakra is our expression, how we broadcast ourselves to the world, its inner content, its Truth or Truth, which is why we came here. To be oneself and without regard for all the conventions to be faithful and true to yourself and your Goals in Life (that which the Soul chose for this incarnation). But we are so scared, so determined to afraid to show themselves, afraid not to please others, afraid not to fit into the rules, so somewhere silent, and then comes not as we would like. Of course this is justified by the circumstances and our "pseudo-weakness" to deal with them.

To be able to do this – we need to be bold, to take its power and transform this world and its awkward ways to make this world better and cleaner. Bend it under itself, through the efforts and sacred work on ourselves first and then spreading that light around.

For example, the total harmonization of the chakras involves constant work on balancing through osoznaet and efforts. I've been doing Sahaja Yoga and studied its teachings, in fact it is working on your chakra and energy system is a daily action in the form of meditation, which is constantly conducting cleansing rituals (e.g., meditation immersed in saline solution feet or cleansing/ balancing chakras by candlelight). Only everyday work produces results – at least six months after this work the first results are overall improved energy, chakras and channels are opened and are opening more and more.

You clean your house every day, wash your hair and body, and what will happen if you are very busy during the week and never wiped the dust? It is the same within you and your energy system – it needs regular cleaning and balancing! Your attention.

You follow your state and pay attention, with love to satisfy your needs.

It is not always easy. I see the reasons for his sore throat, but I need to overcome its internal congestion to dust when pressed for time. I got a new job and a very “want to please everyone” – work involves speaking and therefore the throat “shrunk” from internal tension.

Another facet – I want very much to say, but do not physically have time. Start looking at what prevents this, the reason always turns out one – lack of self-love and self-acceptance. If I fully accept myself, others will catch up!

The throat of Louise hay and Lise Bourbeau:


Cause of disease

The inability to speak. Pent-up anger. Inhibited creative activity. Unwillingness to change themselves.

A possible solution, promotes healing

How great it is to pronounce sounds. I freely and joyfully Express yourself. I can easily speak on their behalf. I Express my creative “I”. I want to change.


Emotional blocks

As you know, the throat is very responsible authority in human life. Diseases of the throat are three main metaphysical values. If sore throat is accompanied by difficulty breathing, she says that in life a man of little ambition.

If the sore throat is stopping to talk, see LARYNGITIS.

If we are talking about the feeling of TIGHTNESS if a person feels that they took him by the throat, then someone forces him to do something or to say that he feels that He was putting pressure on him.

If a person feels pain in the throat when swallowing, he should ask himself the following question: "What kind of situation it's hard for me to swallow at the moment? What the piece will not go down my throat?"Maybe it's some kind of strong emotion or failure to take a person or new idea. Such difficulty causes of human anger and aggression turned against himself or another person. Often, when a piece does not climb in a throat, the person feels like a victim and takes the position of "poor me, poor".

Mental lock

It is in the throat centre is responsible for the work; therefore, if you have a sore throat, you have to empower ourselves to create and do whatever you want, without stepping on your throat, not blaming themselves and not afraid to disturb others. Instead of being angry at yourself for wrong decision or a rash act, learn to accept with love what you create. Only the quanta will be able to reveal their individuality.

Here is an example from my personal life. Several times I have started a sore throat when speaking in public; I was a hard pill to swallow – the need for five evenings in a row to speak at conferences or lectures overtime. It seemed to me that my body tells me that's too much and I start feeling sorry for yourself. In fact it told me that I, without any coercion, was himself a schedule. The pain disappeared as soon as I decided to all the conferences and lectures with love, how hard I had it.

It is interesting to note that connects the throat heart and head, or on a metaphysical level, love for sebee I am. Creating your life in accordance with your true needs, you realize your individuality, your I am open to abundance. So if you allow yourself to build your life at your own discretion, this will help you to develop your creativity. Do what you think is necessary, even if you know that someone from the people around you may not like it.

If you feel that you took by the throat, know that it's just your perception of the situation. No one can take you by the throat, if you don't allow it. Don't worry that some people may be your pieces which do not climb into the throat, you will not be able to control them. The one who seeks to control others, does not remain neither forces, nor time to build their own life.


Anger interfere to say. Fear prevents to speak. Me dominate.

A possible solution, promotes healing

Can I ask for what I want. I have complete freedom of expression. In my soul world. I am extremely talented (talented).


Laryngitis is an inflammation of the larynx, the organ with which we make sounds. Laryngitis is characterized by hoarseness, cough and sometimes difficulty breathing.

Emotional blocks

Partial or complete loss of voice indicates that the man does not give himself to speak, because is afraid of something. He wants to say something, but is afraid that he will not hear, or that his words someone does not like it. He tries to "swallow" their words, but they stuck in his throat (often that is why in the throat there is pain). They tend to break out – and usually, they do it.

Laryngitis may also occur because of fear of being not up to par, not to justify someone's expectations in terms of words, speeches, performances, etc. the cause of the disease can be fear of authority in some area. It is also possible that person is someone said something and angry at himself for saying too much, let slip; he promises himself in future to keep my mouth shut. He loses his voice, because he feared to be spoken again.

Sometimes a man wants to Express something important to him with the request, but prefers to remain silent as she is afraid of failure. He can even use all sorts of tricks and evasions to avoid some important conversation.

Mental lock

Whatever fear you're going through, it only hurts you, as it denies you ease and does not Express itself. If you continue to restrain yourself, that in the end hurt you, and hurt not only your throat. Express what you feel, and you will discover a energy center, which is associated with creativity and is located in the throat.

Understand that you will never be able to find a way of expression, like all without exception. Give yourself the right to Express themselves in their own way, and others recognize this right for you. Know also that your opinion is no less important than the opinions of others, and that you have the same right to freedom of expression, like all other people. If you ask someone about something, the worst that can happen is you get rejected. But if the person denies you, it doesn't mean he doesn't love you or denies your very essence. He just refuses to your request!

Everyone has their own personal reasons and blocking, so we need a very close look inside yourself and try to see where and what is happening in the clip. Illness was given as a tool so we can see IT and HEAL yourself.

R., the author of the letter, writes that he lives alone and lacks communication, is one of the functions of the throat and you should consider where and what you can find is communication, how to Express yourself freely without fear that others will not accept and will not appreciate and will not like. The key as usual – in the direction of in the direction itself – where there is rejection and undervaluation of themselves, where there is a DISLIKE to her. Where to get the courage to open up a little more, closer to the other, to give him a piece of their warmth?

It's all there inside! We just have to find it.


Author: John King




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