Vulnerability in iOS 7 allows you to bypass the password on the lock screen

This week Apple released the latest iOS 7 operating system, which has found a serious vulnerability. It enables anyone to bypass the input PIN-code on the lock screen "Apple" of mobile phones. So, you can obtain access to personal data of the owner of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, bypassing the password.
In iOS 7 there is a vulnerability which allows an unauthorized user to obtain access to personal data of the owner of iOS-devices – contacts, photos and other applications. Fortunately, to ostranenie this bug you can just disable the function of access control from the lock screen.

The loophole through which you can bypass password protection on iPhone and iPad, found a resident of the Canary Islands, Jose Rodriguez. Following a few simple steps, the attackers will be able to view contacts and photos, send emails and SMS.

Source: /users/413


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