British programmer John Graham-Cumming created a blog on Tumblr, which regularly discloses the present assignment of lines of code shown in films and serials.
Highlights of his findings, together with the notes to your attention.

January 2 British programmer John Graham-Cumming decided to evaluate fiction film "Elysium» (Elysium). While viewing it out of curiosity drove in the search engine line of computer code shown in the picture. To my surprise, John found them in the third edition of the manual for developers of software company Intel.

Laying out his observation in twitter, Graham-Cumming received over 500 retweets.

Programmer realized that the idea can be developed in the form of a blog. Uncomplicated entitling page on Tumblr «The source code of the TV series and movie," he wrote his first post for January 3rd. Since then, the blog regularly replenished with new finds John.

Terminator in the film James Cameron actually looking at the code for the 6502 processor used in computers Apple II. He has been borrowed from the magazine Nibble.

Two weeks later, the blog received more than 12,000 subscribers, and Graham-Cumming began receiving hundreds of proposals for publications every day.

In the series "Revolution" JJ Abrams and Eric Kripke's the code open the program to work with biometric data. The creators have attended faithfully.

Despite the fact that the authors of many films made efforts to code looked realistic, most of Cinematographers still coming to this issue in a slipshod manner. Sometimes it is the examples of Wikipedia or any of the programming instructions, sometimes - HTML-codes websites like Engadget, and more often - complete nonsense.

In the suddenly closed the series "Charlie's Angels", aired in 2011, breaking into a safe with a code that solves Sudoku. Easter eggs for the most attentive.

Graham-Cumming told Wired, which dealt with a number of designers working on similar things in the movie, and found out that most of the problem becomes not laziness, and a simple lack of time. Prepare effects or realistic demonstration of the computer is usually required in a very short period of time.

The code shown in "The Social Network" by David Fincher, was written specifically for the film.

But sometimes the directors and employees of the site with the head immersed in the problem. For example, in films such as David Fincher's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and "The Social Network" as shown on the screen displays the code exactly what their characters are trying to achieve.

In the series of "elementary" is actually used said it programming language Malbolge, but in reality, the encrypted message received Holmes says «Hello, World!»

Programmer noted that the codes shown in the movie, abruptly become more realistic about the middle of the nineties. With the increasing availability of the Internet has become easier to find authors like true example. Before that, they had to reprint texts from specialized magazines or come up with a beautiful nonsense.

In the clip of the song Ramona Falls Fingerhold used the source code of the game Doom.

The creator of special effects in the series "followers" and "House of Cards" Bob Landermann in conversation with Wired suggested that for films like "Iron Man" is most often hire specialists in the field of programming languages. If a picture tells a computer genius, the likelihood that viewers will put it on pause and try to read the writing on the screen, much higher.

"I think most people are surprised when they learn that the" screens "for the majority of television series created in less than an 8-hour den.Bob Landermann»

In the series "Arrow" is the code that calculates the position of Jupiter's moons.

According Landermanna, "garbage code" can appear on the screen and because of copyright issues. Sometimes designers have to significantly modify the running program to avoid a lawsuit. Often visualization simply preparing for monitors that are far in the background, and the director suddenly decides to change the viewing angle and hastily done work in the frame close-up.

In hacker cult film "Password" Swordfish, "" real code used to break the symmetric encryption algorithm DES, developed by IBM in the seventies.

Once Landermanna asked to make the screen to send mail to the series "White Collar." The computer had to stand away from the camera, so as an example of the designer used a screenshot of your mail, with a lot of personal information, including purchase on Amazon and the invoice study. Ironically, the computer, it was decided to show a close-up. After the release of the season on DVD Landermannu on e-mail for a long time to come humorous letters.

Code from the movie "Storm of the White House" while watching the trailer to his surprise found himself the author.


At the end of his interview with Graham-Cumming said the obvious: to create quality code on the screen, you need to at least know a few programming languages ​​and understand how they differ from each other. If you take an existing program and modify it to fix the names of variables and comments, it is almost impossible to find online, but it will not lose its credibility.
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