10 signs that we live in a matrix.

A few thousand years ago, Plato suggested that what we see may not be real. With the advent of computers, the idea has gained a new life, especially in recent years, when the film "Home", "Dark City" and the trilogy "The Matrix". Well, long before these films the idea that our "design" virtual, found in science fiction. Can our world really literally be modeled on a computer?

10. Simulations of life

Computers can process massive amounts of data and some of the most productive and solutions require extensive modeling. The simulations imply the inclusion of a set of variables and artificial intelligence to analyze and study the results. Some simulation game exclusively. Some involve real-life situations, such as the spread of disease. Some games are a historical simulator, which can be game (for example, «Sid Meyer's Civilization») or mimic the growth of the real life of the community for a long time.

That's what a simulation today, computers are becoming more powerful and faster. Computing power doubles periodically, and computers in 50 years may well be millions of times more powerful than today. Powerful computers allow a powerful simulation, especially historic. If computers become powerful enough, they can create a historical simulation, in which self-aware beings have not the slightest idea that they are part of the program.

Do you think we are far away from it? Harvard Odyssey supercomputer can simulate 14 billion years, just a few months.

9. If anyone could, he would have done

Well, let's create a universe inside a computer is possible. Would it be acceptable from a moral point of view? People are complex beings with feelings and relationships. Suddenly, at some point in the creation of a false world of people that something goes wrong? It does not drop any responsibility on the shoulders of the universe creator, if he does not take an excessive burden?

Maybe. But what does it matter? For some people, even the idea of ​​modeling will be tempting. And even if the historical simulation were illegal, nothing prevents one being taken and create our reality. It would take only one person who thought no more than any player in The Sims, start a new game.

People may also be good reasons for creating these simulations, in addition to entertainment. Mankind may be the face of death, and make our world scientists to create a massive diagnostic test. Simulation can help them figure out what went wrong with the real world and how to fix it.

8. Obvious deficiencies

If the model is good enough, the inside no one will understand that this is all a simulation. If you have grown a brain bank, and forced him to react to stimuli, he would not know what is in the bank. He would have considered himself a living, breathing and active person.

But even in simulations can be schools, is not it? Unless you do not notice some flaws "glitches in the matrix»?

Perhaps we see such failures in everyday life. Matrix offers an example of deja vu - when something seems inexplicably familiar. Modeling can falter as scratched disc. Supernatural elements, ghosts and miracles can also be failures. According to the theory of modeling, people really observe these phenomena, but it is a consequence of errors in the code.
The Internet is stored weight of such evidence, and at least 99 percent of them - nonsense, some recommend to keep your eyes and mind open, and it is possible that something so open. In the end, it's just a theory.

7. Mathematics is the basis of our life

Everything in the universe is possible in some way to count. Even life is exposed to quantify. The project "Human Genome" in which has been calculated sequence of chemical base pairs that make up human DNA, was resolved with the help of computers. All the secrets of the universe solved with the help of mathematics. Our universe is best explained by the language of mathematics than words.

If everything is mathematics, all can be divided into binary code. So, if the computers and the data reached certain heights, functional person can be reconstructed on the basis of the genome within the computer? And if you build one such person, why not create a whole world?

Scientists believe that someone may have already done that and created our world. To determine whether or not we live in a simulation, the researchers carried out extensive research, study mathematics, which is our universe.

6. The anthropic principle

The existence of people in highly surprising. To start life on earth, we need to have everything in order. We are located on the beautiful distance from the Sun, the atmosphere suits us, gravity is strong enough. Although in theory there may be many other planets with such conditions, life is even more amazing when you see the outside world. If any of the cosmic factors like the dark energy would be a little more life, perhaps, would not exist either here or anywhere else in the universe was.

The anthropic principle asks the question: "Why? Why are these conditions so we are perfect? ​​».
One explanation: the conditions were deliberately established with the purpose to give us life. Each suitable factor was set in a fixed state in some laboratory universal scale. Factors connected to the universe, and the simulation has begun. Because we exist, and our individual planet as it is now evolving.

The obvious consequence - on the other side models may be not the people. Other creatures that hide its presence and play in their space, "Sims." Did alien life is well aware of how the program works, and for them it is easy for us to become invisible.

5. Parallel Universes

The theory of parallel universes or multiverse, assumes an infinite number of universes with an infinite set of parameters. Imagine the floor of the house. Multiverse universe is the same as the floors - the building, the structure of their common, but they differ among themselves. Jorge Luis Borges compared the multiverse library. The library contains an infinite number of books, some might differ on the letter, and keep some incredible stories.

This theory makes a mess in our understanding of life. But if indeed there are many universes, where they came from? Why are so many of them? How?

If we in the simulation, multiple universes are numerous simulation running simultaneously. Each simulation own set of variables, and this is no accident. The creator of the model includes different variables to test different scenarios and observe the different results.

4. The Fermi Paradox

Our planet - one of many that could support life, and our Sun is quite young with respect to the whole universe. Obviously, life has to be everywhere, both on planets where life began to evolve along with our own, and those that have arisen before.

Moreover, people ventured out into space, and other means of civilization were to take such an attempt? There are billions of galaxies that are billions of years older than ours, then at least one was supposed to be "frog-traveler." As the world has all the conditions for life, then our planet at all could become a target for colonization at some point.

However, no trace, hint or smell other intelligent life in the universe, we have not found. Fermi Paradox sounds simple: "Where are all?».

Theory simulation can give more than one answer. If life is to be everywhere, but exists only in the world, we are in the simulation. Whoever is responsible for the simulation, just decided to watch how people act on their own.

Multiverse theory says that life exists on other planets - in most models of the universe. We have here, for example, we live in a quiet simulations are currently single in the universe. Returning to the anthropic principle, we can say that the universe was created only for us.

Another theory, the hypothesis of the planetarium, offers one possible answer. Modeling suggests mass inhabited planets, each of which thinks that she is alone in the universe this population. It turns out, the purpose of this simulation - to nurture the ego separate civilization and see what would happen.

3. God - the programmer

People have long been discussing the idea of ​​the creator-god, who created our world. Some are of a particular god as a bearded man sitting in the clouds, but in theory simulation God or someone else can be an ordinary programmer, press a button on the keyboard.

As we found out, the programmer can create a world based on a simple binary code. The only question is, why is it programs the people to serve its creator, as evidenced by most religions.

This may be intentional or unintentional. Perhaps programmer wants us to know that he or she exists, and wrote code to give us an innate sense of what it was created. Maybe he did not do and did not want to, but intuitively we assume the existence of a creator.

The idea of ​​God as a programmer develops in two ways. First, the code began to live, to develop and give the entire simulation has led us to where we are today. Second, blame the literal creationism. According to the Bible, God created the world and life in seven days, but in this case he used a computer, rather than cosmic forces.

2. Outside the universe

What is outside the universe? According to the theory of modeling, the answer would be a supercomputer developed surrounded by creatures. But there are more crazy things.

Those who run the models, may be as unreal as we are. It may be a plurality of layers in the simulation. As suggested by the Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom, a "post-humans, developed our simulation, they can be modeled themselves and their creators, in turn, too. There may be many levels of reality, and their number may increase over time ».

Imagine that you sat down to play in The Sims and play as long as your characters are not created their own game. Their "Sims" Repeat this process and you really are part of a greater simulation.

The question remains: who created the real world? This idea is so far removed from our lives, that it seems impossible to discuss this topic. But if the theory of modeling, at least can explain the limited size of our universe and to understand what is beyond ... a good start to clarify the nature of existence.

1. Fake people facilitate simulation

Even if computers become more powerful, the universe may be too complex to fit into one of them. Each of the seven billion people currently quite difficult to compete with any possible imagination computer. And we represent an infinitesimal part of the vast universe that contains billions of galaxies. It will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to take into account many variables.

But the simulated world does not need to be so complicated as it seems. To be convincing, the model will need some detailed indicators and a lot of almost-defined secondary players. Imagine one of the games in the series GTA. It stores hundreds of people, but you interact with only a few. Life can be like that. You exist, your loved ones and relatives, but all those whom you meet on the street can be unreal. They may have a few thoughts and lack of emotion. They are like the "woman in the red dress", metonymy, image, sketch.

Let's take into account the analogy of a video game. Such games include huge worlds, but only your current location at the moment of time has a value in it the action unfolds. Reality can go through the same scenario. Areas outside view can be stored in memory and appear only when needed. The tremendous savings for computing power. What about the remote areas, you will never visit, for example, in other galaxies? In the simulation, they generally can not run. They need a compelling images in case they want to see.

Okay, people on the streets, or distant stars - is one thing. But you have no proof that you exist, at least in the form in which you are. We believe that the past happened, because we have memories, and because we have pictures and books. But what if it's all just written code? What if your life is updated each time you blink?

The most interesting is that it is impossible to prove or disprove.


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