Matrix: Villains and Savior


Following a vote, we will talk about the Matrix.

Q & amp; A

What is it this time? Two large consistent theory about the Matrix, each divided into several small ones. As always, the Easter eggs and small theory spoiler hidden in order not to overload the article.

It's about the fact that the Matrix in the Matrix? Nope. This theory I do not like, even though it is so popular that is already on the verge of the canon. As for me, this theory is terrible, because with the help of this trick can be explained by anything (it's just a dream). In addition, do not forget about Occam's razor, the theory introduces new entities that are not necessary to explain

Why should I chitatMatritsa -. This anti-utopian cyberpunk. Talking about it, we have to roll all that is discussed in the resource: robotics, AI, programming, energy, etc.

Spoilers? Of course, a lot. All respect to the trilogy and Animatrix. Other works such as "Goliath" or The Matrix Online in this case is irrelevant. First, as described very strange events (such as the collision of cars with strangers), the second - because it is a misery in terms of plot, IMHO. There is also a small spoiler of the game Mass Effect (really big).

Matrix sated various symbols and references. This is to put it mildly. Reasons for the speculation is too much and that is why I decided to concentrate on two themes.

1. Cypher villain in the film - is quite arbitrary concept. Just think in absolutes Sith good drama does not recognize absolutes. Much more interesting when the antagonist is motivated by something other than the desire to prevent the protagonist. In the Matrix there is such a character. Cypher. About him, and will be the first part of the theory.

Speaking of villains in the first matrix In the first film, there is a separation of funny characters. All the "good" guys are round or oval glasses.

At that time, as "villains" prefer rectangular.

If you know about it in the beginning - you will notice the spoiler:

1.1. Cypher had to be izbrannymVspomnite as Neo sits in his cabin, and it comes to Morpheus. He says he should apologize to Neo that there is a rule that frees man has reached a certain age - it is impossible. The brain does not accept the truth and Morpheus seen it. Then he tells the story of elected and says that he had no choice. So, there is a strict rule that you can not release the adults, and to violate this rule is possible only in exceptional cases.

From the file that shows Neo Agent Smith, we learn that Thomas Anderson or 37, or 28.

According to his passport, date of birth September 71 th

According to records in the database - March 1962

I personally tend to the first option (Although if you take the age of the actor, closer still, second). But let's say Neo, still 37. Then we can say that 35-37 years, it is already too late, in order to be woken up.

From a conversation with Cypher Smith at the restaurant, we know when Cypher was awakened:

«you know what I realized for the first 9 years? Fortunately in the dark »

9 years. Actor Joe Pantoliano older Keanu Reeves for 13 years. The film also seems that older Cypher Neo.

Be that as it may, it is obvious that Cypher released in conscious age, and do not know why, because the rule prohibits this.

Look further. Cypher was in love with the Trinity, and they some awkward dialogues, we can assume that for a short time, it has provided Trinity tokens. It turns out that according to the forecast of Pythia, Cypher could be elected.

Now imagine the story: Morpheus leads Cypher and tells him how soon he (Cypher) otkungfuit all agents and save humanity. Trinity like him, the team is looking at him as a hero. On the basis of the same conversation with Cypher Smith, the latter particularly like the attention. He certainly respected as a leader and Morpheus believed him until he said that Cypher will save the world. But it soon turned out that the Cypher not be elected.

Perhaps Morpheus also led him to the Oracle, she also said Cypher, that he is not the one and Cypher is killed. Neo quite calmly reacted to the news that he was not elected, he was glad. But Cypher - it was a tragedy. He was disappointed in the leader who lied to him, he lost his beloved, who became interested in this new type, he can not do anything significant, but is forced to live in this cold world and have the same cereal every day. Not surprisingly, all he can think, "why did not I take another pill!»

1.2.Morfeus knew of the coming betrayal beginning of the first film, we hear talk Cypher Trinity:
- have you heard?
-heard that?
Are you sure that the line is clean?
I'm sure finitely.

At this point the police burst. Immediately after Trinity finished with them, she calls Morpheus:

- Morpheus, the line is traced, I do not know how
. I know, they cut the cable.

After that, we hear talk of agents who say that the informant did not disappoint, and now they know the target name.

Morpheus is smart enough to at least suspect that something was wrong after the attack on the Trinity, but he did not investigate the incident and is surprised to the fact that the agents have calculated Neo, just after Trinity conversation with Cypher.

It is likely that the Pythia told Morpheus Cypher of betrayal, and even convinced that you can not interfere, because it is a betrayal to launch a chain of events, thanks to which Neo would be elected.

If you doubt the determination of Morpheus - remember the scene where he talks about the Neo agents


The whole scene is great and the music, and the woman in red. But that said Morfus Neo:

"... The Matrix - is a system, Neo system - our enemy, but when you're inside, look what you see Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters minds ever...?. the people we are trying to save. But until then, these people are still a part of the system and, therefore, they are our enemies. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to wake up. Many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system, will fight to protect it.

Now imagine that the conversation is between a recruiter in a terrorist organization and newcomers. In fact, Morpheus says, our goal - the highest, and the end justifies the means.

lazy programmers Speaking of that scene. Wachowski specifically took on the role of extras twins, in order to make it seem like a lazy programmer in the design world, too lazy to register each person individually and simply skopipastil half.

I've highlighted a few, the rest you can search for yourself.

Morpheus settings are fine. Remember the iconic scene where Neo Trinity break into the building, where they hold Morpheus. Now, look at the scene from the perspective of ordinary guards who work in this building. One of them even did not have time to drink coffee, when Neo emptied the clip into him. In fact, Neo and Trinity could simply cut down or divert. Though somehow try to avoid casualties, but instead, they made a real massacre.

And if you still have doubts, they themselves Wachowski belonged to Morpheus, here is a clear illustration:

Morpheus offers Neo the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Having tasted it, Neo forever leave "Eden".

1.3. Who helped Cypher try steykVernemsya to the scene, where the Cypher at a table in the restaurant with Agent Smith. It was at this meeting Morpheus Cypher rents. But who connected it to the matrix, and even if he joined himself, we know that without an operator, you can not get out of the matrix. Even if you can and it was risky, as anyone could see him in a chair and read on a monitor what is happening.

You've got to remember two things.

1) Mouse offers Neo a good time with a woman in the red, it causes a smile, but not surprising.

2) when Neo is suitable to Cypher, who is frightened, and then he says, looking at the monitor, I saw a blonde, brunette, redhead ...

Cypher Mouse could ask to arrange a date with a girl in a red and constantly on the lookout until he finishes. Moreover, he could not ask for Mouse look at the screen. To be sure, he could have done it a few times and make sure that Mouse is looking. Even if he looked at the screen - would have had to kill only him, but it's better than the whole crew

. It can be assumed that the mouse would not hold a meeting in the matrix (too dangerous), but it could use a boot program. Cypher, at the same time, could write a program that would allow him to go into the matrix of the designer (we know that it is possible for the stage, "we need guns, lots of weapons"). Maybe that's for the writing of the program Neo and Cypher found. If you agree that Morpheus was aware of the impending betrayal, we can even assume that he will do everything to Cypher's plan succeeded.

Ironically, just before he died Mouse looks at the poster with red woman who killed him and

And about Cypher During the meeting with Smith, Cypher put forward their demands. He says:

- I do not want to remember anything, anything, you know? And I want to be rich, someone important, like an actor

It's funny because the actors, though they may be rich, but hardly "critical." Although there were a few exceptions. And, for the sake of clarity, Smith at the beginning of the dialogue called by the name of Cypher:

- We agreed misterReygan

2?. Let's move on to the next big topic: mashinyIz Animatrix we learn how the conflict developed. AI is becoming more common in the world, but people treated them as slaves. All this lasted until one of the robots killed a man. This spurred hatred of machines and around the world, a wave of violence. Then the machines are gone and built their city called 0, 1 (it is possible to appreciate the modesty of machines). Next - stocks rose sharply 0.1 and the economy was booming, strong production destroyed the production people, caused unemployment, which led to an armed conflict. Machinery greatly outnumbered the people and then they (the people) have decided to take a desperate step: forever hide the sun behind the clouds. Machinery captured people and began to use them as an energy source. After some time, people have started to grow.

2.1. Machinery obviously do not hate the people on any phase 1) Create your city, they continued to deliver the goods to people, although in this there was no need
2) human killing machine caused a storm. It was the first case of self-defense and the
3) after the final victory, the machine not only enslaved people, they put them in a virtual environment where everyone can be happy (the first iteration of the matrix). What the enemy did so with the defeated enemy? And not just the enemy, let us call a spade a spade, close the sky - it was an attempt of genocide.

2.2. Power Source? The human body, no matter what Morpheus said, can not be a source of power. First, no matter how much energy does not produce the body, this energy needs to feed not only machines, but the very matrix (how's this server), and if we add to that the energy expended in the body growing and sustaining life in it, it does it is necessary to find out who owes whom. In fact it is a violation of the 1st law of thermodynamics, but who cares.

Problems with rendering Remember that scene?

Someone hates it, someone on the contrary loves. But as a fact, at some point, it begins to seem that you look Pixar cartoon. In the forums, people explain it this way: "program" should be elected fairly severe, because they are constantly causing glitches in the program (like waves before take-off), Smith, as the opposite of a favorite, also must weigh a lot. Therefore, the larger the Smiths, the worse. At a time when agents piled on Neo, we again see a decent picture. Apparently, due to the fact that the objects stop moving.

We can assume that the machine did find some way to effectively get energy from the human body, but why? The first generation of solar-powered, but what prevents the machines to replace the power supply? For example in the nuclear reactors? Or wind turbines (with the wind, then they all rules) or whatever. With the absence of economic barriers, free labor, high intelligence, and the desire to survive the car had to master the closed fuel cycle in the course of a dozen years, maximum.

For highly AI - cars behave like something very much silly

In addition, we know that people are not used as a power source to the end of the third film, otherwise, the machine would not let them go under any circumstances.

2.3. Machinery set up Zion, and all the equipment for lyudeyMy know that they are at least 6 times reconstituted matrix and destroy Zion. What for? According to the architect it is needed in order to identify people who will not accept the program. Now imagine these two dozen people with atrophied muscles that somehow got out of the city cars and get to a safe place, and then built the city, etc. Pretty hard to imagine such a thing. Zion, as well as ships and all the technology was not created by the people escaped from the first matrix.

The ships that we saw in the film punching made in the USA. (The label on the ship: MARK III No. 11 / Nebuchadnezzar / Made in the USA / Year 2069. Mark 3:11 - "And the unclean spirits, when they saw him, fell down before him and shouted: You are the Son of God.") Now consider . Matrix created six times, each time elect deduced two dozen people. The third film, about 250,000 people live in Zion. At this growth would require much? 100 years? In total, about 600 years. With all due respect to the American industry, like any other, but the technology of this level of complexity can not live 600 years, not to mention the paint.

Next, a small observation. Zion, in addition to the reference to Jerusalem is similar to the name of the city cars. The first city cars called 0, 1 = & gt; zero one = & gt; z-one [communication Juan] = & gt; Zion

It turns out that the car is not just freeing up people to escape from the matrix, but also provided them with everything you need (including machines running on geothermal energy (and that prevented them from himself to use it?))

But if so, why they end up destroying the entire population of people? What are they afraid of? let's look at the people in Zion:

Then take a look at the machine city.

What harm could cause people cars ?? At the end of the first matrix Neo menacingly says into the phone, I'm coming for you, but in the second part, we see that the maximum of what he can do - is to kill all the agents. And to hell with them, the matrix, as it works well, and the city is not in danger.

And about glamorous people in Zion Why are all the dark? They had never seen the sun's rays, but for some reason they were all dark.

A: The lack of sunlight, was to cause a lack of vitamin D, which would lead to serious consequences. In order to avoid this, apparently, people in Zion had some time to spend in the tanning bed.

2.4. Machines next zero ZakonuA Now the main question: What did the car all the time? They have no religion, they have no one to serve, all that they need - is the source of power, but what's the point? They have not started to cosmic expansion, but could not even began to spread on the ground. What do they do in the evenings? How to spend the weekend? And off from what? I mean, what they still have a job, in addition to defense, attack and support matrix?

Now my theory. If you played Mass Effect, you remember, the key question that must be answered reapers (if you have not played - it does not matter, the question was about how to resolve the inherent conflict between the living and the AI) I think the machine working on the same issue, but they have found the answer.

What machines are afraid of? People simply can not hurt, even if the release of all those who in the matrix. And we know that revenge is not inherent in the machines. Observe and something else. Let all the people were released, but the status quo in relations with the machines survived. As billions of people will live without the sun? What will they eat? How to develop the technology? It's certain death. It does not have a year as throughout the earth, people began to destroy each other for resources. I think in this case the machine will perform the same role as the Reapers in Mass Effect, they strictly control the people, in order to avoid their total destruction. When Zion reaches a certain level of population - the city destroyed in order to avoid a painful death from starvation. In fact, it is the same idea of ​​zero law of robotics, which is in conflict with the first.

2.5. Elected really IisusTo that the appearance favorite - the idea of ​​the architect, we already know from the second film, but what if he lied about the reasons or do not know them?

The machines were created to serve. They were supposed to save humanity. It seems to me, it is that they were busy.

Let's say the car was originally sought peace, but bitter experience, they know that people are exposed to xenophobia, intolerance to machines, especially after the defeat in the war. Но держать людей в рабстве, также недопустимо для машин, ведь это никакое не спасение. Нужно было придумать, как помочь людям увидеть возможность мирного сосуществования. При этом, идея о мире должна была исходить от людей(сами машины не раз предлагали мир людям). Помимо всего прочего, люди — их создатели, какой ребёнок не хочет любви со стороны родителя. Быть Тиранами над людьми для машин было бы невыносимо. Но как привести людей к идее мира? Как заставить их понять?
Решение: Смоделировать мир, в котором машины смогут внушить правильную мысль всем людям. Первая матрица была утопией, в которой все были счастливы. Нарисовать такой мир, в котором люди и машины помогают друг-другу жить, было довольно очевидной идеей, но, как мы знаем, люди не приняли симуляцию. Пришлось искать другой выход.

Нужно было внушить правильную мысль в рамках привычного людям мира. Кто-то из людей, тот за кем пойдёт все человечество, должен был сам предложить им перемирие. И кто подойдёт на эту роль лучше чем пророк спаситель? При этом нужно сделать все, чтоб люди не почувствовали подлог(а машины уже знают, что люди восприимчивы к обману) малейший намёк на манипуляцию и люди возненавидят их ещё больше.

Тогда и был придуман цикл(почти такой же как в масс эффект) и только тот кто разорвёт этот цикл, может считаться носителем свободной воли. Тот за кем пойдут, поскольку он сделал все наперекор.

Дальше нужны были люди вне матрицы, которые были в курсе ситуации, поскольку люди в матрице не пошли бы за пророком, просто потому что им так сказали. В случае, если Избранный не разрывал цикл, все следы предыдущего эксперемента должны были быть уничтожены.

Вспомните, когда Нео приходит в город машин и говорит с их главным насчет Смита, тот спорит с Нео.Когда же последний предлагает мир, злобный бог-машина тут же подключает его к матрице. Позже, если вы посмотрите сцену прямо перед тем, как все Смиты будут уничтожены, вы заметите, что импульс(или что бы это ни было) запустивший цепную реакцию шел по проводам к Нео, а не от него. Если бы Нео каким-то образом уничтожил Смита — сигнал должен был идти от Нео к серверу, а не наоборот. Получается именно машины в итоге уничтожили Смита и Нео, по большому счету, не был для этого нужен.

Кстати, о главной машинеВ титрах можно узнать, как она называется:

Бог из машины. Это довольно хорошая самоирония.

После окончания фильма пройдут столетия и предание о Нео будет передаваться из поколения в в поколение, обрастая мистическими подробностями. Пройдёт лет 300 и это станет полноценной религией. Она очень удачно ляжет на идею о конце света и втором пришествии. И главным заветом этого нового мессии будет мир с машинами!

Этим и объясняется переполненность христианской символикой. Название корабля, прозвища героев, название города, общий сюжет, все это могло быть тем или иным способом, навеяно машинами, для того, чтоб люди подсознательно чувствовали схожесть.

Для укрепления мира машины помогут людям восстановить землюМне кажется, за 600 лет они разработали всю технологию, чтоб разогнать облака и терраформировать землю. Почему они не сделали этого раньше? Две причины:

1) Люди будут ценить помощь, а не данность.

2) Люди отключившись от матрицы, должны увидеть результат действий своих предков, для них это должно стать реальностью. Тогда, они как и Сайфер осознают, что все это время машины защищали их от правды, а не держали взаперти.

ВыводыТаким образом машины сделали именно то, ради чего они были созданы, они спасли человечество от самого себя. При этом, они реализовали гениальную многоходовку(на 600 лет вперёд!) на что, в принципе, способны только суперкомпьютеры.

Есть много историй о том, как машины уничтожат человечество, более того мы уже сейчас начинаем боятся ИИ. Постоянно мелькают новости то о Маске, то о Хокинге. Но надо учесть, что это люди а не машины полны шовинизма идей о расовом превосходстве и.т.д.Это мы, в 21-м веке, все еще ведем религиозные войны и верим в гороскопы. Так что опасаться стоит скорее за ИИ.

Небольшой бонус В этой статьеxmeoff задает вопрос о том, почему в Матрице симулируется именно 1999г.?

Вот моя версия. Для начала надо понять что в матрице, если и существует понятие времени — оно должно сильно отличаться от времени в нашем мире, иначе машины не могли бы сотни лет все держать на одном уровне, даже с учетом ребутов. Также это может объяснить финал первой части(нападение на корабль), когда события в матрице и события в реальном времени идут не синхронно. Мы знаем, что действие происходит в конце шестого цикла и именно на конец приходится 1999г. Мне кажется, на то две причины. В конце 20-го столетия, были две темы, которые в том или ином виде волновали весь мир.

1) общие религиозные настроения, страх перед апокалипсисом.

2) это был год, проблемы Y2K. Хотя к тому времени многие специалисты были уверены, что миру ничего не грозит, но СМИ раздували проблему. Именно в этом году пришло реальное осознание того, насколько мы зависим от машин и это осознание пришло к людям, у которых ещё и своего пк могло не быть.

Пользуясь этими настроениями машины добивались двух целей:
1) люди отключенные от матрицы, по большей части, готовы принять апокалиптическую реальность
2) эти люди склонны понимать свою зависимость от машин и легче примут новые порядки

На этом все. Предлагайте новые темы в комментариях и голосуйте за следующую в опросе.

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