Why conspiracy theories arise and how to fight them

In our century zhidomasonskogo conspiracies and conspiracy theories man can be difficult to understand what is really going on around him. And it is not so much in TV, Soviet newspapers and American Internet. The dog is buried in the natural human craving to explain and classify all - traction, which is as strong as the craving to eat or sleep. Understand what is happening right now - then predict what will happen then - that, in turn, will increase the likelihood of survival.

Patterns as the basis of self-training h4> Thanks to centuries-long process of evolution, among us there were only the most capable of learning. Who were not trained, he dies. So for all this long time man has developed its own system of education, the basic principle of which is in the pattern.

The principle of operation of this system of self pretty trivial: everything that happens more than 1 time - is a candidate to become a pattern. All of the following patterns, usually based on the basis of existing patterns. So, beginners will learn to ride on skis using already available to it information about the coordination of the body in space, which he could receive either learn to ride a bike of this, or else, for example, learning to skate it. If there was not a bike or skates, and nothing at all, the training will be based on existing human mined empirically information on walks in the park, or running in circles the stadium during physical education lessons. Obviously, in this case, the training will take place much more slowly than if a person has already had experience training as close to the slopes on skis. Of course, there are exceptions when a person, for example, memorized the wrong pass, which he practiced at home for years, and then went to the coach, who grabs his head and says "better if you come completely without skills (irregular patterns), so I scratch out You fashioned fighter. " It is important to understand that this kind of defective pattern or antipattern will even hinder early human learning. In this particular case, the model of "the more patterns, the better" - does not work.
But in general, if a person has a bit of consciousness and it complies with the correct diet patterns, the number of these patterns mastered in his head will steadily increase the speed of learning new patterns - people will grasp on the fly.

Excess patterns h4> But what if you do not have these basic patterns? On the basis of which to build their own learning?
On the one hand, we could just score and nothing to learn - leave this field blank page. It would be reasonable for example in a situation where a gypsy tells you a few words in Romany and you unsuccessfully try to match them with something that you already know - that leads to the "hanging" of the brain, which in this state quite easily hypnotized. In the case of conscientious objection to "patternovaniya" people would not trapped with a gypsy. On the other hand, people are too afraid not to learn - "What if I miss something?" "Suddenly, this information will be important to me?". He was too afraid of failing to explain the situation in which it is located, because it ultimately fraught with death. That's why so many people fall for gypsy hypnosis - patternovaniya mechanism always works, especially abruptly, he turns on when suddenly it turns out that in some areas of knowledge people complete zero. This is one reason why children who have all the zeros, so learn fast - except them candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner, want to eat more and patterns. And this is one of the causes of the concept of God. God - it is primarily a man's attempt to explain the fact that he could not be explained by existing in his patterns. Can not be explained by science? You sleep on this pattern, codenamed "Almighty"! In such cases, programmers typically used string UNKNOWN.

Another example of excessive patternovaniya is when people inspect boring movie, finish boring book dolistyvaet senseless free newspaper in the subway. In this case, the person again becomes a victim of his fear of the future and the unconscious desire to learn - "What if at the end of the film will be something important?" "Suddenly, at the end of the book will be moral?", "Suddenly, on the last page of the newspaper I see the message magnetic storm, or an earthquake? ". Of course, in order to justify their stupidity and your time, then people will come up with a thousand apologies to the spirit "of any book can be learned something new," or there is "age live - and be aware of all the novelties of cinema", but this is topic for another discussion.

Over the life patterns of a person becomes so much that it makes little sense to continue to self-no. Why? He already knows how things work in this world. He knows how to tie his shoes and knows how to pet the kitten. He knows how to write a resume and how to deal with conflict situations - he already has a solid set for survival. What else do you need?

Years later, this man, even though some intellectual narrow-mindedness, gained fame as "wise men" - superannuation. To such a person will be treated younger - not for the intellect, but for the experience. Such people tend to know everything about everything, and if they do not know, then think out new patterns from existing patterns and at the same moment already "know". That's just knowledge is literally sucked from the finger - it accumulates in exactly the same way that accumulates earnings from non-existent credit money - derived from the air and only. Total, in our country, the whole kitchen teeming with perfect strategy, unworldly philosopher, economist from God pravovikov competent and courageous fighters who certainly know how to run the state, and not "these assholes in power who purposefully ramshackle country." These people - the by-product of their own brains, sharpened on patternovanie. What's more interesting is the fact that apart from the illusions of their own competence, excessive patternovanie fraught with yet another ailment - inventing conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy Theory as an attempt to explain the unexplainable h4> conspiracy theories arises when a person is unable to explain anything on the basis of available patterns - such as the so - man evolved from apes. To fill the gaps in their knowledge and not destroy the existing basic patterns, which are many other derivatives patterns, people come up with a theory that could explain everything. For example, on the pattern of "man - the son of God" can be based pride and respect for man to himself and to his mind. As this pride could help him morally evil times, people do not want to part with this pattern and recognize that man evolved from apes. , Respectively, invents a new pattern that would not be shaken already existing structure. The result - "God created man in His image and likeness", or & quot; ... about 10 thousand years ago in what is now Iraq, was the base of the aliens who were brought as an experiment on the Earth & quot ;. Thus the fact that a person is sick looks like a monkey - it's certainly nothing meaningful coincidence. And anyway Darwin died long ago. What is more likely? What a man - in fact an animal or something that thousands of years ago on Earth were enigmatic settlement little men, presumably from the planet Nubira, which were our ancestors? Most, of course, that a man - just a monkey. But this does not want to believe and to live with this uncomfortable, especially if you want to consider yourself a steep pepper, a descendant of the gods, the great creation of higher powers. That's why lately there so many conspiracy theories about Jewish-Masonic conspiracy, golden billion, reptilians and aliens who rule the world, and so on.

What to feed a conspiracy theory? H4> All these conspiracy theories are fed a sincere desire of man to explain everything that happens with the help of the magic question, "Who benefits?».

This question is often used to get to the bottom of things. Do not know why in the country are those or other events? Ask a question - "who benefits?". Want to know why the war started in Iraq? Ask who benefits. Want to know who rioted in the South-East of Ukraine? Ask who benefits from it and get answers. And this model seems to be materialistic and good, and can explain many events. Heavily anything to oppose this approach, because the thirst benefit de facto recognized by many people as part of the nature of any man.

According to this logic, every event someone stands. The genius of combinatorics, he counted the entire batch of 100 steps forward, foresaw and weighed all the options, prepared a plan A, plan B, plan C, and even plan D. There's not fools! They somehow know exactly what they want. These sales zhidomasony-reptilians.

This conspiratorial logic brings forth the choicest pearls:

1. Turchinov Tymoshenko deliberately ramshackle and Ukraine, because Putin has promised them money.
2. Ukraine "fused" as merged Crimea. Again, for the money from Putin.
3. Yatsenuk - an agent of the State Department, who organized the revolution money for Obama. Because NATO just wants to keep its base still in the Ukraine.
4. The whole world once again conspired against Russia. These bourgeois dream of ruin, Great Russia, and the Russian people to make slaves.
5. Kolomoysky runs at his expense tanks and helicopters because he wants to overcome business Akhmetov.
6. Revolution oligarchs started to pick up on all the prices and thus cash.
7. Timoshenko released from prison because Putin was profitable - it he will buy gas at a high price.
8. On the Independence fought mainly for the money Klitschko. And all these were professional mercenaries from Poland and Montenegro.
9. Julia landed himself in jail to cheat during the time of his release falling ratings.
10. Heavenly hundred shot on orders Turchinova to revolution continued and he was able to become Acting President.
11. Odessa house unions organized massacre Yatsenuk - to unite the nation around the tragedy.
12. Putin planned "Bloody Saturday" on Independence on November 30 to press the rest of Crimea and Ukraine.
13. (this is my theory) - right quadrant - a project of the Kremlin, which was created specifically to justify the invasion of Russia.

And so on.

And though these pearls and deliver a lot of positive emotions, untrained everyman against them powerless, helpless as an unarmed man against breakage - all because of the appearance of "reasonableness", which is based on the concepts of profit and materialism. Assuming that a person does what he does out of ideological considerations, it can be said - "it does it to assert itself, to think better about yourself, so in the end, the hormone dopamine in the brain figachit as drug and it was a thrill from it. " And in any case, even for the most ideological person will necessarily gray eminence, money bag, an invisible figure, in whose hands all dance like puppets. It was he who rules the ball. Spokuha, posony and Murka, Made, everywhere have long infiltrated brother-and godfathers. This strong and stable construction, however, has its Achilles' heel.

Use of health: h4>

When does the heavy downpour, water floods the roads and flooded underpasses, umbrellas sellers get profit. Why was the rain? Well, well, so get to the truth must ask the same question - "Who was it profitable?". Aha! - Get out those umbrellas sellers fabulously get rich on it. It's them! That they chipped in on aircraft that sprayed mist in the sky and caused the rain! And with them to share more surely and sellers raincoats and rubber boots, here are the same Well bastards! Blockquote>
 This simple example has shown that in the world the possibility of accidental processes that were not orchestrated by anyone. Of course, there is a possibility that sellers of umbrellas and truth chipped airline aerosols and so it began to rain, but the probability of such an event is very small, and after the application of the principle of Occam's Razor so generally negligible. I, of course, understand that the world and society are random processes, but some comrades on the events in Ukraine so quickly and quietly blows the roof that had to urgently seek out similar methods to vpravlyat poor fellows brains . This small example can be questioned everything conspiracy theory that all is one, based on the idea, saying that "Made».

There are also more lightweight version:

If the sun shines, it means someone has to. Blockquote>
 And after all these speculative theories could be quite successfully dissect using Occam's Razor. True, then the world would have been much easier and more boring. A world in which there is no evil fate and failure, there is no genetic inheritance and broad bones, the world in which you yourself are responsible for what happens to you, and, finally, a world in which there is a place by accident, and, most likely, there is an invisible hands of Big Brother, which stands behind every malomalski event of your life.

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