Conspiracy Theory: 15 most mysterious death of the famous

Many famous people have died under mysterious circumstances. Causes of death are very different - from murder to overdose, but often the picture of what happened remains unknown until the end, which leads to various conspiracy theories, which will eventually grow and multiply. This is not surprising, because even today we do not have clear and unambiguous answers to questions about some deaths. What if some of these theories have a right to life?


15. Michael Jackson

The death of Michael Jackson has been much discussed, and the attention of the public have not escaped the startling details of what happened. Jackson found dead June 25, 2009 his doctor Conrad Murray, who said that the singer was not breathing and did not respond to resuscitation attempts. an ambulance was called, Jackson was taken to a nearby hospital, where officially pronounced dead. In fact a lot of strange circumstances: - benzodiazepine lethal dose of propofol and the sedative was found in the singer's blood. This caused widespread outrage, as Jackson medications were provided by Murray, thereby treating physician. It is still unclear why the singer took the drug in such high doses; conspiracy theories and speak about murder and suicide with the help of a third-party entity. Whatever it was, although the death was most likely accidental, Murray spent two years in prison for manslaughter.


14. Jim Morrison

Doors frontman Jim Morrison was found dead in a bathtub in his apartment in Paris on the morning of July 3, 1971; he was 27 years old. Mysterious rumors surrounding Morrison's death, fueled by the fact that, oddly enough, no one had an autopsy. Morrison's girlfriend Pamela Courson claimed that Morrison died of a lethal overdose of heroin; She believed that it was a fatal accident and Jim heroin mixed with cocaine. However, although the official cause of death was a heart attack specified, the exact reason we do not know, because autopsy there was no body was in an apartment with Courson, until he was buried three days later in the cemetery of Pere Lachaise. There is something strange and unpleasant that Courson lied to the US Embassy, ​​stating that Morrison has no close relatives, in order to expedite the burial. They say at the funeral was not even a priest. And the last fact as a cherry on the cake: no one knows the name of the doctor, examine Morrison's death, because Courson says he can not remember his name.


13. Bruce Lee

For the first time Lee Brice felt seriously ill May 10, 1973 in the film "Enter the Dragon." He was rushed to the hospital because he was suffering from severe headaches and seizures. Doctors diagnosed "cerebral edema", the treatment was successful, and Bruce was able to return to work. Unfortunately, a little over a month later, July 20, Lee headache again. He complained about it to his partner on the film set, Betty Ting Pei, and she gave him a pill for a headache "Ekvadzhestik"; tablet containing aspirin or a tranquilizer meprobameyt. Later, Lee lay down to rest, but how much of it nor awakened, has not woken up. When Bruce Lee died, all the media discussing this tragic event, the rumors and speculation did not end. According to one theory, it was the revenge of the secret criminal organization called the Triad. Allegedly, they cursed Bruce Lee. Officially, however, it was "death by negligence ': a drug that is part of the tablet was not compatible with Leigh disease, and caused a fatal reaction

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12. Brittany Murphy

Investigation of the tragic death of Brittany Murphy is definitely left behind more questions than answers. Murphy unconscious in a bathroom at his home in Los Angeles, the morning of December 20, 2009. It immediately brought to the nearest hospital, but the doctors have only state death after suffering a heart attack. Murphy was only 32 years. At first, her death is explained only unfortunate circumstances - pneumonia and drug administration against the background of anemia, this combination resulted in death. However, it later emerged conspiracy theories, which are based mainly lay the fact that her husband, Simon Monjack, died just five months after Brittany, and with very similar symptoms. In 2013, the father of Brittany Murphy initiated independent testing of hair, samples of blood and tissue Murphy, and the study found a high level of 10 heavy metals. Perhaps the point here is filthy and it was poisoning.


11. Jimi Hendrix

The rock icon Jimi Hendrix, died September 18, 1970; he was only 27 years old. They say he died in his sleep in the apartment of his girlfriend Monica Danneman, choking on vomit after received the dose of barbiturates, 18 times higher than recommended, and washed down the whole thing red wine. And although there is evidence that in his last days of Hendricks looked bad and felt bad, still many believe that something does not add up in this whole story. For example, there is a hitch: Danneman claimed to have discovered Jimi choking, called an ambulance and accompanied her boyfriend to the hospital, but he died on the way there. However, the ambulance workers were told a different version of what happened when they arrived at the apartment, there was no one other than on the bed of a dead body. It is said that Danneman giving formal testimony, confused and constantly changed his version.


10. Bob Marley

Bob Marley died on May 11, 1981 from malignant melanoma. The strange circumstances of the death of Marley is sometimes associated with the way the disease reggae legend was discovered. And it was so: Marley injured his big toe while playing football and it called a doctor, who is rumored to have made the artist an injection of an unknown drug. Many people, even today, continues to hold the view that it may have been an attack on the singer's life and was the cause of his illness. Doctors recommend to amputate a finger, but Marley refused surgery because of their religious beliefs; melanoma progressed, metastasized to the lungs and brain, resulting in Bob Marley's death in 36 years.


9. Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger was found dead January 22, 2008; he was only 28 years old. A mystery: after all, it was a suicide or not? The actor was lying on the floor of his Manhattan apartment surrounded by a heap of tablets, some of which were prescribed to him, and some - not. Many supporters of the conspiracy theory believe that Heath Ledger so immersed himself in the role of the Joker (in the movie "The Dark Knight"), which was no longer able to separate yourself from the character that drove him crazy. However, this is only speculation, because farewell notes were not, as a cure for anything and everything he bought in large quantities before. Nevertheless, his death remains a mysterious and frightening, and no one knows that he had on his mind in the last days before the tragic death.


8. Natalie Wood

Actress Natalie Wood died on 29 November 1981, the death was declared accidental, and occurred as a result of hypothermia and drowning. It is believed that Wood had fallen into the water during a trip on a yacht with her husband Robert Wagner, a partner in the film "Brainstorm" Christopher Walken and the ship's captain. And all three men say they do not see how Natalie Wood fell overboard. It is found that the blood alcohol content of wood at the time of death was 0, 14 percent; also found in the blood of painkillers. Although these reasons is sufficient to explain the fall overboard, yet there are parts that do not fit into a coherent picture. For example, actress death occurred at about 12 pm, and the alarms have not been submitted for a further hour and a half. In addition, they say that Wood untied the boat - where she intended to go on it? Or rather, why? Well, even suspicious bar: the actress's body was found about a mile from the boat and it was only a nightgown

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7. Marilyn Monroe

Death of Marilyn Monroe August 5, 1962 is one of the most talked about, if not the most discussed, Death Star. Monroe died of an overdose of barbiturates; she was only 36 years old. Although in recent years, their Hollywood icon suffered from substance abuse, along with mental health problems are still many people think that there is something strange about her death. Monroe was found dead in the bedroom of her house at 3 am, it found a housekeeper and a psychiatrist, death was declared a suicide, because it took a huge amount of barbiturates. Nevertheless, there have been numerous theories in the coming years - and that it was not a suicide, and accidental overdose, and that all the fault of the Kennedy brothers, and that this was due to the mafia boss Sam Dzhayankany .


6. John Lennon

John Lennon was murdered Dec. 8, 1980, "born again Christian" Mark David Chapman at the entrance of the apartment house "Dakota" in New York, where Lennon lived. The killing Lennon for many and now remains a mystery, since people can not figure out what exactly caused Chapman bring a gun to the legendary musician and shot five times. Many believe that the facts do not explain everything and that the death of Lennon, must be a part of something larger; there is even a theory about the CIA plot to "remove" Lennon; according to this theory, Chapman was recruited by the secret service. Strange circumstance is the fact that when Chapman was arrested, he had with him was a book "The Catcher in the Rye", and he stated that he had acted in the image of the protagonist of this novel.


5. Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated April 4, 1964 by James Earl Ray Motel "Lorraine" in Memphis. An activist of the civil rights throughout his career received many threats, but this was a risk, and did not believe that because of this he should stop fighting for equal rights. King was shot by a sniper while standing on the balcony of your room. Over the past 50 years, the death of the King became the subject of numerous conspiracy theories; Ray was there just a racist or behind someone standing? There exists the theory that the government was involved in this story, as well as a theory that revolves around pieces of paper with the words "Raoul" Ray found in the car.


4. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley died in the bathroom of his Graceland mansion August 16, 1977 at the age of 42 years. It was said that the king of rock 'n' roll died of a heart attack, but later found out that the blood Presley's death in time found a number of drugs, among them - codeine, which were higher than the recommended 10 times. This information has plunged the world's media as a shock, and they vied with each wail that Presley was killed. At the time of the death of Elvis his health was in a terrible state: he weighed nearly 160 kg and was virtually bedridden. And yet still there are people who wonder what it was: suicide, murder or a tragic accident

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3. Kurt Cobain

The body of Kurt Cobain found an electrician Gary Smith April 8, 1994; Smith arrived to install a security system, climbed the stairs to the greenhouse above the garage and saw through a glass door mannequin lying on the floor (as he first thought). It is believed that Cobain barricaded himself in a greenhouse on April 5 wrote a suicide note, addressed to an imaginary friend named Bodden, injected himself with a mixture of Valium and heroin, then lay down on the floor, put it in his mouth the muzzle of the gun, having rested at the other end of the kicking rifle, and clicked on trigger. The main reason for the existence of many conspiracy theories about this death is the mass nesostykovoy and contradictions revealed during the proceedings, for example, guns examination was carried out by police in Seattle only a month later, and the prints on the gun were lubricated, allowing experts to claim that someone had wiping. Also, many claim that the note written by Cobain, in fact, is not a farewell letter of a suicide, but rather a statement that he ceases to be engaged in the music business. Private investigator, Tom Grant, which Courtney Love hired in an attempt to find her husband a few days before his death, is the main supporter of the theory that Cobain's death was the result of not suicide, but murder. Grant's have some strong arguments in favor of his theory, and he continues to stubbornly defend it.


2. The Black Dahlia

The brutal death of aspiring actress Elizabeth Short - one of the most famous and notorious murders in history. While Short was not as well known as the others on this list, her death is perhaps the most mysterious of all. January 15, 1947 Elizabeth Short's mutilated body was found on a derelict plot of land on the South Norton Avenue in Leymert Park, not far from the city limits of Los Angeles. The body was cut into two parts in the waist area and dismembered. The killer was never found. There is a theory that this murder is connected with the Cleveland Torso Murderer - an unidentified serial killer, but then the theory goes

. 057912e2a6.jpg

1. Princess Diana

There is an infinite number of conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Princess Diana in a car accident August 31, 1997. Mohamed Al-Fayed, father of Diana's friend Dodi, also died in the accident, said that his son and Diana were killed; Fayed had a police investigation in 2004, which resulted in no less than 175 different versions. One of them is based, of course, on the fact that Diana was pregnant with Dodi and, according to rumors, they were engaged, so that their deaths could not be a coincidence: the future King of England is unlikely to need a half-brother with such improper lineage. Another version claims that Diana's death should be blamed paparazzi pursuing car. There is also information about what kind of car Diana rode two unidentified black car, which then sink into the ground like.


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