10 conspiracy theories, which exist

Since then, as an evil computer from War Games has brought the world to the bottom of the global catastrophe, and Terminator is back from the future to kill all of us, the cyber world is awash with conspiracy theories, tells us that the machines gradually take possession of the world. At the same time exhilarating and terrifying is the fact that someday we still teach machines to think for us. Since the beginning of the 80s, when making predictions, what can evolve "supercomputers", not enough time has passed. Now that it is the very future of supercomputer - it is primarily the Internet, a huge amount of combined user computers and servers. It seems that such a union is not more dangerous than playing online Mahjong. However, in reality it conceals a much greater threat.

Internet in many ways has become an integral part of our lives and many have simply can not imagine my life without him. And while most of us prefer to ignore cookies, personal ads or store passwords (mainly because we are more concerned about photographs of our holiday or a kitten playing the piano) others like Sarah Connor from Terminator or Daniel McCarthy of tyranny, are convinced that everything is much more serious. There are other forces that need to be exposed and stopped. Do you think I'm crazy? Here you have 10 examples of conspiracy theories that already have a place to be.

1. Google
Today it is the most convincing theory of conspiracy. Constant "innovations" that introduces Google, make it a leader in its field. Most of them scares me Google Earth. Many theorists believe that Google Earth - it's tracking system, developed by the government to test the guidance systems of nuclear warheads by capturing your position whenever you use the application. Try Google Earth and maybe your house is on sight, a few seconds from the moment when it becomes a molecule.

By the way, have you heard about Google Apps for Government?


2. Paperless bill payment
Pay bills online is convenient. But how would you have said, any conspiracy theorists, it is only the government's attempt to control your finances. Profitability - it's just a mask. Once you have been drawn, they begin to control you and all your house. That's right - they can just cut you off with just one keystroke. Can you imagine a world where you are suspected of illegal activities, and the state remotely stop all activity in your home? How about just "warning off" in times of national threat? Think about it.


3. Anti-virus software as a form of corporate control.
We all use anti-virus software, well, or at least should. However, according to the theory, antivirus programs themselves have implemented in our computers slow release viruses that affect our hard drives and storage at a time when we want to upgrade your subscription to a particular anti-virus software. Do not tell me that your system has never been infected with Trojans despite all the security measures. Believe me, it's really going on. 4. Skype

Talk about nanorobots do not stop. Once you have "decided" to install Skype, you are also exposed to a certain sound effect, from which just does not get rid of. It is believed theorists Skype - a universal method of eavesdropping. And even when your computer is in sleep mode, Skype continues to monitor. Record all your calls, videos, questions ... Once you were glad that the conversation is not recorded? It is no more ...


5. Wi-fi in public places to keep track of your location

The ability to use the Internet on a laptop directly from the cafe - top convenience, is not it? Tell it to the supporters of conspiracy. They will tell you that using Wi-Fi is nothing more than a state-sponsored project to conduct experiments on mind control. Just think of all the information that is collected in the same place, a group of people who consume the same food. Conceived from which came the desire to buy a second cup of coffee? Thirsty? Of course not.


6. Social networking

The truth, as stated in a well-known TV series, somewhere outside. Let's look at Facebook. Who works there? James Breyer, who at the outset invested in the network, is had links with the CIA. Another patron of the network, Anita Jones, worked in the Ministry of Defence. Very convenient to recruit people and have an impact through a social network that unites us all. Keep this in mind when checking someone's "status".


7. Twitter

If you listen to the supporters of the conspiracy, you understand - "Tweets" is not just annoying, narcissistic thinking about this or that event. Just this year, the Library of Congress said it will keep all tweets forever. Given the fact that most of the tweets are spam or minor posts such as "Mymozhembyt friends if you hate Vasya," one might wonder why they score their servers so meaningless information? The answer is simple. They just keep track of the exchange of a secret code between double agents in other countries.


8. Youtube

If you will look good, then no doubt will find on Youtube bunch of different kinds of video where you warn about various forms of conspiracy. However, there is a theory that really provokes Youtube conspiracy theorists spread their views on this issue in order to be more aware. And the more this theory is closer to the truth, the more efforts are being made to discredit her.


9. Cookies, changing prices on Amazon

Many conspiracy theorists believe that we have a new cause for concern. The fact that there are cookies that control rates Amazon. These cookies are instantly change the price of the goods that we are going to buy, activating even before we have a product to the cart.


10. State Supercomputer

Doing the circle we again come to the fictional supercomputer from "War Games." Some believe that there is a computer power, against which Google sees a child's toy. Did you know that the PlayStation supercomputer and using the same processor?

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