Inventions, which you did not know (14 photos)

Invisible tanks, climatic weapons, teleportation, and even mind control - this is not fiction, but a reality. Just you still do not know ...

1. invisibility cloak

Invisibility cloak from the Harry Potter books - not fiction, but a reality. And thanks for this is Canada. The Canadian company HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. He said it has created a cloak, but all the detailed information about the invention remains classified. Presumably, the cloak is made of light-refracting material which is capable of as a mirror to reflect things that are around. And while the debate continues over how "invisible" clothes, this may actually make a person, some say the technology is quite promising and effective.
2. Device for the disappearance of objects

According to CBS News, the scientists from the University of California at Berkeley have invented the stuff that makes objects invisible, in fact, makes them disappear. The material consists of a silver mirror, oxide and silicon nitride, which allows it to completely mask the three-dimensional objects, hiding their shape and form, as well as all surface irregularities by light reflection and refraction. Dzharghi Majid, head of the research team, said that so far they only managed to make the "invisible" objects the size of a red blood cell.

3. orgone accumulator

The psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich argued that the world is full of hypothetical "universal life energy" or orgone energy. According to the theory of Reich, orgone energy lifestyle and life in general. On the other hand, the traumatic event can block this energy and cause various diseases. In 1940, Reich invented the orgone accumulator, the device in the form of a cube constructed of layers of organic and metallic materials, which, as claimed himself a psychoanalyst, attract orgone energy, and then sends it to the body of a man who was inside the battery. Reich claimed that he created the orgone accumulator is able to cure the cancer, but the Office of the Food and Drug Administration (USA) ordered the destruction of the device. For violations of provisions Reich spent the rest of his life in prison. He died in 2007. In his will he stated that the information about the principles of its battery should remain classified after his death for 50 years.

4. Advanced drones

And while Congress only negotiate the legal and ethical issues associated with the use of such military equipment, such as unmanned aircraft Predator and Reaper, analysts suspect that the technology has advanced so far that it is now all the information on it is closed to public access. Presumably, at this point in the development of drones are capable not only to drop the bomb or to conduct reconnaissance. There are rumors that the Russian drone "Scat" can attack enemies in the air - something like remotely controlled aerial combat. UAV "Barracuda", developed jointly by Germany and Spain, supposedly able to fire with strafing and perform ground attack. All these projects are classified.

5. Searl Effect Generator

For over sixty years, John Searle kept secret information on the class of free inexhaustible source of energy. In the 1940s, he came up with a generator on the effect Searl, a device that to create a clean and sustainable energy source used rotating around a fixed point magnetic cylinders. At the beginning of the 1960s. Searle began a major advertising campaign to disseminate information about their ideas and obtain funding needed to scale up production. However, instead of support from the US government, he was rebuffed, undermining his reputation in the eyes of the scientific community. However, Searle so confident in his invention, that even now, he still continues to share his vision for the development of the project on the Internet.

6. Anti-Gravity

In 1992, the Russian scientist Evgeny independent Podkletnov invented a way to fully protect any object from the effects of gravity. During the experiments, he placed the subject of a superconducting ceramic disc and said that its weight has decreased by almost 2% - the first sign that the anti-gravity device is possible. NASA, Boeing and other organizations to investigate job Podkletnov, however, have publicly stated that this can not be. Some advocates of conspiracy theory believe that in fact the major research centers approved and possibly even improved Podkletnov invention, but is not willing to give publicity to information received.

7. Invisible tanks

Company BAE Systems AB belongs to the development of technologies Adaptiv, which is able to make military equipment, including tanks, "invisible". Adaptiv - super-secret project, which uses like a dragon's scales Floor, allows you to change the thermal signature of the object. According to company representatives, the tank thanks to this technology becomes invisible to the thermal imaging and radar. So why do we still do not use it?

8. Project HAARP

Any list of conspiracy theories is always headed by a high-frequency ionospheric research program exposure (HAARP). The official version is that the HAARP uses a powerful transmitter to "stimulate the ionosphere" scientific purposes. The energy of the impact of these transmitters is distributed within a radius of a few miles, and contrary to all existing assumptions and misconceptions, they in no way affect the changes in weather conditions. However, since then, as the HAARP project was launched in the late 1990s., The number of dangerous meteorological phenomena around the world has increased dramatically. Is it a coincidence or a pattern?

9. Mind Control

Another conspiracy theory regarding the project HAARP, argues that radio waves can be used for mind control. This technology is well represented in the American thriller "The Manchurian Candidate," the life story of the hero Raymond Shaw. According to the scenario, the messages can be sent directly into the brains of people with the help of radio waves, or even on the mental level through the "remote access", which is the dark side of remote monitoring, the type of extra-sensory perception, which many governments are so interested.

10. Engineering analysis technologies UFO

Since 1947, as a result of the projects the US government began to appear incredible technologies: transistor, fiber optics, night vision goggles, Kevlar body armor, the technology of low visibility, and others. Many conspiracy theorists believe that some of the major technological breakthroughs are the result of reverse engineering alien technology, in particular UFO crashed in Roswell in 1947.

Ben Rich, a developer of aircraft U2 and the SR-71 Blackbird, confirmed this theory, when during his public speech openly declared: "We now have the technology to carry out extra-terrestrial journey ... they are classified only in the event of unforeseen circumstances, they will be known to mankind ... you just fancy something, and we already know how to do it. "

11. Natural Cures

One of the arguments in favor of preserving the rainforest is that there are thousands of natural treatments that can save mankind from diseases. (Some say that homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines have power over it.) Many popular drugs, prescription, intended only to suppress the symptoms rather than the causes of the destruction of disease. Millions of people have become "dependent" on them, so the pharmaceutical industry is not profitable to create effective means of treatment. Perhaps somewhere in the Himalayas, and there is a cure for cancer, but if it can not be converted into money, then it is unlikely to ever be known to the world.

12. Climatic weapons

During the Vietnam War, the US military is sowing clouds over the Ho Chi Minh trail in using silver iodide, causing downpours and thus slowing the supply of food and weapons for the Viet Cong (Viet Cong). When the project was made public in 1972, representatives of the armed forces of the United States stated that the cease use of climate weapons. But what about the floods in Pakistan or a heatwave of 2010 in Russia? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in one of the publications said: "Developments in the field of climate weapons seem to overlook the" design capacity ", causing drought, destroying crops and causing in the" application object "the whole complex of anomalous phenomena. However, there is no evidence that the United States carried out in this way the effect of weather conditions in order to weaken its "enemies".

13. Alien aircraft

Alien ship - it is rather a thing borrowed, rather than someone else's invention. On a military base "Area 51", located near Roswell, held a series of secret test aircraft, which is said to have appeared in the skies over New Mexico in 1947. It is suspected that US military planes are an exact copy of the fallen while the alien spacecraft not only already established using the previously mentioned "reverse engineering", and using the object directly.

In 1947, the Air Force of the United States have launched a project called "Blue Book", in which were studied and analyzed 12 618 UFO sightings. Some believe that the so-called sightings were actually rescue mission, during which the government collected samples of alien technology for subsequent use.

14. Teleport

In 1943, at the height of World War II shipyard in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) was the site of the Philadelphia Experiment, during which allegedly "disappeared in the space of" a fully stocked destroyer "Eldbridzh." When the ship reappeared a few minutes later, the crew members on board, reported that they had experienced nausea and disorientation in space. In all likelihood, teleportation experiment failed.

However, since that time, rumors about the project "Montauk", a series of secret experiments on teleportation, time travel and manipulation of mental consciousness, which was carried out in the 1960s and 1970s. supported by the US Department of Defense, we have made it clear that the study of the ways of moving in space does not stop. It is possible that the goal has been achieved, but we did not know ...


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