The most casual and the most successful inventions

Waving not only people but also technology. Our attention is constantly present inventors their inventions that were created over a long period. However, there are inventions that are not worked at all. They appeared by themselves. These inventions completely invisible in our days of modern technology, however, are irreplaceable.


The title of the Creator of the crossword claims to be multiple people. One of them – the prisoner once V. Orville. The camera man absolutely nothing to do, and he had nothing to do, began to put the letters in the word. He wrote on the floor of the chamber, which was paved with square tiles. The result was very unusual. Prisoners were invented rules of the game. Then he sent in the local newspaper his invention. When he was released from prison, Orville received to your Bank account a large sum of money.

Kiev cake.

Like all the inventions on this list, the recipe for this famous cake was born by accident. One worker in a confectionery factory did not put in the fridge beaten egg yolk. The next morning the foreman decided to make a cake from what was left from the previous working day, at your own risk. To the surprise of the chief of the cakes turned out crispy. The anniversary cake of these cakes were presented to Brezhnev.


A chemist, very ambitious, Roy Plunkett, for quite a long period worked to create one of the subspecies of freon. Once he had the idea to put a container of tetrafluoroethylene in the freezer. In the morning the young chemist took a substance that is not destroyed under the influence of fat acids, water and alkalis. As the resulting material had a high frost resistance and heat resistance. The invention was instantly interested in the military. Today it is an ingredient widely used in everyday life. As you know, is a substance called Teflon.


American P. Spencer, improved one device called the magnetron, which is able to generate microwave radio signals. Previously, these signals were used in the first radar. Once when the engineer was near the magnetron, he wanted a candy bar that he kept in his pocket. Drew Spencer bar in molten form. Due to such a minor event, the engineer realized that the microwaves can be widely used not only for radar.

Sirtaki dance.

The dance also originated accidentally. E. Quinn for some time before filming the last scene of the picture "Zorba the Greek" broke his leg. The problem lies in the fact that the scenario it needs to execute the dance with jumping. In connection with the current situation, the scenario was slightly modified. The result is what now is called "Sirtaki".



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