How to overcome daytime sleepiness?

Our whole life is a struggle. People struggle with laziness, bad habits. To this fight, will agree, we need a specific approach. But with sleep, oddly enough, fight is very simple. Need your will power, and not particularly strong, to adhere to certain rules, written in this article.

How a day can fight off sleep?

There are times when a night passed without sleep. And what if during the day, sleep is not possible, as the case painted almost by the minute? Try to start with a Cup of strong tea. You can use two. Just don't forget the lemon slices. In any case, do not add to the drink mint, as it is known for its calming properties. This is one way to fall asleep faster. Take a cold shower. Another recipe refreshing drink: mineral water, slice of lemon and tablespoon of honey. Mix the ingredients and enjoy the drink in one gulp.

How to overcome sleep if you are driving?

If possible, don't fight with sleeping in this particular case. Because it can cost life your and your passengers. When you feel that the eyes just stick together, stay in a roadside hotel and relax. In extreme cases, simply stop the car at the curb. Sleep at least 3 to 4 hours. If you are in control and confident in their own abilities, you can go without sleep. Only during long trips still stop to rest every two hours. During the stop, leave the interior of the car and stretch your legs a bit.

How to deal with sleep at night?

Everyone knows about that night to restrain myself from sleep quite difficult. For such a case as there is a recipe: Cola with strong coffee. Proportion: 50: 50. Refrain from comfortable for sleeping poses. Do something: talk with others, talk on the phone, or start an exciting game. If you have the opportunity, watch the movie, only not boring.

How to fight off sleep at work?

To avoid such situations from occurring, you should follow the correct mode of the day. Sleep give not less than seven hours. If possible, periodically arrange to myself small breaks at work, during which they will take 20 minutes sleep. During this time, your forces will recover, will be the energy to continue. Drink strong coffee, but don't overdo it. Large amounts of caffeine will affect the heart, gastrointestinal tract. If the work is monotonous, dilute it with activity. You can also say the actions that you perform. Wash your face with cold water.




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