Why willpower and how to develop it?

Willpower - one of the fundamental traits of the modern business man. Moreover, many believe that the strength of will and character there. It's no wonder there is an expression "strong character", which are commonly used to man, has a great force of will. This suggests that the degree of willpower - a very important indicator, on which work should be carried out continuously.

In fact, it often happens otherwise. For example, many people who choose to quit or give up the sweet, but, unable to cope with these objectives, as if relieved to say: "Well, I have no willpower!". But this is not true, because the willpower to have everyone, just not everyone uses it, and seeks to develop. After all, these same people are quite able to force yourself to get up for work and to work conscientiously for a fairly long period of time. And each day.

A person who wants to achieve in his life certain heights, create a career, develop willpower is essential. After all, to find common ground with others, restrain their emotions and often unnecessary criticism, certainly need willpower. It is necessary and in order to survive temporary setbacks that happen in the life of each. Weak people never achieve much, if will always do yourself indulgences.

A man capable of forcing yourself to work, in spite of all the trouble, who knows how to avoid conflict with the authorities and establish relations in the team due to the restrained, highly regarded and has a universal respect. But in order to become so in the eyes of others, you must have great strength of will.

A well-developed willpower is useful in solving everyday problems, overcoming all kinds of obstacles. The strong man is able to eliminate the fear of death, defeat depression, get rid of bad habits, and other shortcomings. The absence of other positive personal qualities to him not as scary as it may cultivate any of them is wanted.

What sort of ways you can develop willpower? Here are a few simple rules.

Rule №1. Do what you want the least.

When you do not want to do anything, but, nevertheless, it is necessary to do the job, remember this rule. Always push yourself to do what you do not. Remember that only laziness prevents us cope with some daunting task. After all, in fact, anyone can do more than he imagines. Perform these tasks counteract the natural laziness and lack of self-belief. The strong man is able to pull himself together, to believe and conquer this laziness.

If you can not believe in themselves, try to inhibit the lazy obstinacy. Bring themselves to fight with her to the point of torture. After the first victories you will feel the change in yourself. Subsequently, this fight will not require such a significant effort.

For the formation of character is very useful in any sport. Personally, I can recommend light jogging at a slow pace. Running is an excellent tool for the development of willpower, since daily to overcome the reluctance to get up earlier than usual, and ending with overcoming a psychological barrier in front of other people.

Do not be afraid to be the "black sheep". People jogging in the morning, cause the respect of others, even if you laugh at them. If you have never ran, start with 5 minutes, at least around the house. Gradually increase the number to 30. Running for half an hour every day, you can not only develop the willpower, but also improve the standard of living. After running - it is the main exercise for heart development. According to specialist doctors daily jogging and a half years, 15-30 minutes a day increases the elasticity of blood vessels and the capacity in half.

Rule №2. Exercise should be permanent. By making concessions themselves, you run the risk of being branded as weak-willed subject again.

Of course, it makes no sense to engage in constant moral self-torture. That's what the weekends off to rest, otherwise sooner or later is possible collapse. However, for the strong man, the development of willpower is the absolute infinity. Completely get rid of thoughts about work activities in the output, so that the next week with new strength to take on her, without any steps back.

That is why the development of will power, just like everything else in nature, it is a gradual process. It would be foolish to jump from a high roof, only to have to overcome the fear, or rush under the ice shower without proper training and experience. It is also foolish, for example, to overcome the stiffness and shyness by a sharp, active involvement in community activities - in this case, failure is inevitable. Start small and go towards the development of willpower slow, gradual steps.

In the first place should be the work of other life values, and exercises for the development of willpower and exercise only help to achieve these goals.

Rule №3. To develop willpower is important to a deep, active desire to become better.

Ask yourself this question: Are you ready to become better than yesterday? And try to answer it thoughtfully and sincerely. After all, with the development of willpower and change your personality. May change some habits and preferences, and sometimes - even the circle of friends. So if the answer is no, stay himself. Not everyone enough time and effort to cultivate.

If you do decide to permanently watching and always remember how important it is for you. For example, you decide to build a career, which requires a lot of work, often at night. Starting the first week of work, after a few days you will realize that they have become very tired. So you want to in such moments do yourself a break!

This is where you have to show willpower. Remember the advice: "Anyone can do a lot more than he really thinks", and still tell yourself that you like to do work and work on conscience. If this work is creative nature, think about how your gifts are needed to other people, what benefits they can bring to them. And feel free to get down to business!

Source: Vitaly Lebedev


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