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The essence of any text identifies what the author pays attention to, and what not. In this work attention is focused solely on the action on the system and achieving results that makes it valuable for practical applications.


The essence of the path

Don't you find it absurd the situation in which you are?

You have time, you have energy, you can act and achieve in this life really important to you results, but why aren't you doing this? The reason you miss your opportunity day after day?

Imagine if every day you spend your precious resources of time and energy correctly for what you have achieved in a month or a year, in 10 years?


To achieve the goals, dreams, your ideal future, what you want, we need to act and act very much – it is the basis of the achievement of any result.

And that's exactly the problem – that we are not doing enough, and incredibly much want this minimum of action. For us, our efforts seem sufficient, but life is so "thinks" it operates on different laws.

So usually we do not understand why everything happens the way we want, why don't we get what we want – that is, we refuse to see the reasons that we are not enough or doing the wrong actions.

And in this absurdity we live in, almost all, except for a small number of people who really work hard and get results, implement their needs in various spheres of life from business and career, to creativity and the spiritual path.

You can say that you are too lazy to act, but that absolutely nothing will change, except for the fact that you acknowledge that you are not complete master of my life, because laziness is the place "for you" those fields.

You must accept the fact that we really do little commensurate to our goals and dreams, otherwise we will live in illusions and expectations about himself and the world, not corresponding to the reality.

Actions lead to results, will not be of sufficient quantity and quality of action – not the results. It's so simple in words, but so difficult to put into practice – but it's the only way.

In human development many problems and so much affects the success of the results, but if action is all good, then the rest is solved almost automatically – what would people target not set, acting, he is able to achieve them.

The system assumes that you already have an understanding of the purposes that you have a conscious vector of aspirations to something. Through systematic work is the forward movement will be very rapid.

Are you ready for this path? If Yes, then start.


A list of priority actions

Basics and control


If the challenge before us is to get the result as quickly as possible – we must understand that we have to act a lot, every day and need something to ease the task of monitoring all of this.

Without control over the action, no systematic work everything will be messy, chaotic, is not stable dynamics and progress – in fact, usually what happens.

Yes, sometimes it happens that spontaneous inspiration prioritizes correctly and we begin to act, but usually not for long and then everything is back to normal track. Therefore, to live, depending on the creative or other impulses is, overall, poor strategy.

Of course, emotions, dreams, creativity, inspiration, spontaneity, feelings are all very important, and is a separate and different field of study, which does not affect the system. Here it is important to understand that without consistency we will not get anywhere – and it certainly may confirm your own experience.

Creativity and consistency must be in harmony with each other – and it gives a very strong and stable result.

System work means that we initially write operation, the time of execution or other evaluation criteria through a list of priority actions.

Around the work with the list is built the whole system of personal way, and only in order to lead you to the result.

We don't get the result due to postponement of action for the future, when instead of start now and today, we are constantly postponing it.

If we put this in the actions list, then we can make them just today, for example, or only 3 days a week, no time but to do that, because within the system of work list report we have to give ourselves every day.

The list in this case completely cut us a path "to waste" because to defer and work with the list at the same time is simply impossible.


Priority actions


The first thing we need to understand is what actions do we need to do and which ones are not necessary.

Probation is what gives, or can give us a result, a "plus", and that this result takes, a "minus" – in the framework of immediate objectives and in life in General.

If we want to achieve serious results – actions, which gives the result should be the priority, and those that take away – not a priority.

No priority actions are many, these include any actions that are done in the "routine" and have no use, and all "doing nothing" and the distractions that it is useless to spend our time, attention and energy.

With regard to priority actions that include the actions carry unique benefits for the body, for consciousness, for the soul, for career, for business, for self, for relationships, etc. We also spend our attention and energy, but, in this case, it is like a investment, this eventually yields a plus and we get more than "invested".

During the day, we accumulate a certain amount of these actions, but, as a rule, the priority of them is negligible. Why? Because the priority actions lack energy, their too lazy to do – because the results we can get sometimes a very long time, and wait for ready not all. But otherwise, they can't have, and so most people don't get them.

Therefore, we must do priority cases as much as possible – you want to shift the balance is not a priority, priority.

To do this, we will work with a list of priority actions.


Making a list


The list is to include those actions or tasks that must be done daily or 3-4 times a week.

It is important to register that gives the result. If you are not sure whether effective action you can just experiment.

Usually prescribed in the form of blocks for every area of life, which will be discussed below.

To develop better complex – there are many useful actions in different areas, and if they do everything together, the result is accumulated faster and it is more noticeable.


The category list


A list of categories that can be used in the action list:

— Day mode

— Food

— Exercise

— Limitations (Internet, PC, phone, etc.)

— Self-education

— Work tasks

— Creativity

— Spiritual development

— Chores, playing with children

and more.




Under such initial conditions, described above, inside you can be resistance to making a list, can be lazy before the work begins.

This happens because in the list of registers that must be performed, and it costs your will, your energy is going beyond the comfort zone.

It may therefore be that resistance is normal, it arises in you in the past, when you wanted to "start running", to get more exercise, change your life, etc.

Only here everything is much more serious, this is the plan that changes lives and it should be ready.

Whatever it is – the list will be necessary, and we should start to work with it, otherwise you will never move really.



To start with the available actions


To reduce the resistance to work, and indeed to begin sensibly – write only what is most available to you now.

One of the main tasks is not to make a list 10 pages, it will be impossible to fulfill. Make a small, but real list and start working on it – then it is always possible to adjust in a big way.

Action needs to suit you, your personality – what you close, it is important for you, so you most harmoniously will develop.

The ideal schedule most suitable to you, will come with a specific time, with experience with the list.

At the initial stage, it is important not even the fact that you will be doing is important in principle to the skill system works, it means every day to do certain actions.

And to do long – term, in fact, working on yourself is necessary for life, constantly improving and adding to the list.

Imagine what would happen if you in the past 10 years every day would make this list and it would have increased? Imagine the result?

It is still possible to obtain if you will begin to do it now.


Right to prescribe the time for action


It is important to not "overdo it" with the time of action, at the planning stage, we are inclined to overestimate their capabilities.

The load should be optimum – it should not be too small, but not large.

If it's too big – you can feel the intuitive resistance on the list.

So write adequate time values of actions you can realistically perform for a long time.

How to understand the adequacy of the value? To try, to experiment for a few days, see your "borders" will, energy and to fix the optimal values "by eye" you are most likely mistaken.




The report is the basis for the work with the list.

The report is around the list, be sure not to miss anything.

Where the action is made to put a plus where not done – minus.

If the task is evaluated, it is possible to put a rating from 1 to 10, or a percentage of task completion.

It is important to fill out the reports honestly, otherwise they would not make sense, although the disadvantages all to not want to, but if they are – it captures the essence of what you have, for various reasons, did not.

Reports must be done daily and for a long time to get the result from performing the action.

The very act of reporting – enables the development of willpower and intention.

If first reports are not easy to do, then it becomes easier, it becomes habit.


Using the timer


In order to correctly estimate the time of action, it is best to use a timer.

Estimating "by eye" – we often incorrectly believe the time and can put yourself advantages when the rule was implemented.

Using the timer makes the action more clear, as we are not distracted by the counting time.

The timer function is in almost all phones, so technically the question is solved simply enough.


To perform actions from the beginning of the day


To work with the list we know my laziness is closer than usual.

This is a great temptation to transfer actions for the evening, but that's just wishful thinking, because if we can't start in the early hours, then don't start and in the evening, nothing to change.

Moreover, shifting to the end of the day you just don't have time to do everything, because the evening time is often limited.

Therefore, all business should try to start doing the morning – so you perform a substantial to-do list.


Better to make a part, than nothing


Sometimes it happens that we put the action within, for example, 20 minutes, but it just did not have time to do it, or know that you can make it only 10 minutes – in this case, be sure to do 10.

Better to do 10 minutes than not to do. In the report, for example, can put the +– in such cases, if done half.

But if it continues constantly, if you know that you can't perform an action – that you may want to fix this low value as the norm. Increase the time gradually until they can move on to new, higher value-time action.

The task of the systematic development step by step we become stronger and actions become easier to do.


The control list for the day


To the list need to constantly go back throughout the day to not to forget anything and not to be missed.

Better to keep it open on your computer, or print it in paper form, to be able to work with him.

After performing the operation, it is better to write the result in the report, because at the end of the day you can get confused in the estimates if the list is large.

Attention to the list lets not forget about the action and to properly allocate priorities throughout the day.


Fight for every plus


It is important to put yourself such a task in the report should be all the pros.

Minus is the fact that you did not do a specific action or does not complete the task. Naturally, this is not good – it is necessary to understand, when you work with the list.

Therefore, whenever possible, need to make a minus a plus, even if you have thought – "well, in this step im not scared" or "I feel better later I will try to do in the evening", etc. don't be deceived by it.

When setting the struggle for benefits – it keeps you in good shape, and most importantly, it allows to perform list, which opens the possibility for amplification.


A fully completed list


When you can complete the list, you will feel the different feeling of satisfaction of the work that you've done everything outlined, and the feeling was one to remember.

To fully implemented the list need to constantly strive for one standard of work.

When the list is done – there will be a natural motivation to strengthen, expand and improve.

This is the purpose of development of system work, but to move forward, you need to do what you need to do now today.


Get into the rhythm


It is important to get into the rhythm of working with the list.

This applies both to the habit of doing the reports and the rhythm of the actions that we do.

For example, when a person is engaged in long-term sport or exercise then the body literally requires training and load.

The same is true of energy and of our consciousness, our will and intentions – it is important to catch the rhythm of work work everywhere, in all spheres.

When you get into the rhythm of the will, this is so exciting, then what I want again and again to return to it, because "weakness" or the ability to act becomes literally unbearable.


Overcoming difficulties in working with the list

The boundaries of the results


When you work with a list, you clearly see its "boundaries".

Boundaries everyone has their own and they really show the level of inner strength, will, motivation which you now have – the type of compliance actions or tasks that you can perform.

Why can't we go beyond these boundaries? There are objective reasons, such as our physical form, our knowledge, but there are also subjective – it's what's called laziness.

What happens is you want to do some action and there is an obstacle, you become "lazy", this condition arises within you, and does not "go" further.

Imagine this analogy:

You started to move – ahead on the way there were a barrier, a big and heavy stone on which is written "no passage", and this stone defines the boundary.

Usually when you encounter such obstacles, and we say well, if I said, "do not pass", means don't pass and we retreat, though our task was to pass on.

It's so simple that I want to cry and laugh, especially to see one of those "stones" that you've already passed, although most are the same, only larger in the front. And sometimes we come up with some completely ridiculous reasons, although we just go ahead and go forward.

Of course go is not easy to "overcome" the obstacle requires inner will and energy. But in this overcoming is the growth, when we act in spite of laziness, we're talking – I have the right to go forward, I have the right to change.

It is clear that if to dive deeply into this question – there is this idea, and if so any obstacle to overcome, generally not paying attention to the laziness, etc. can generally leave this level of development, even fantasy is not enough to imagine.

But then you need to understand that we always need time to adapt, time to constantly get used to the new level of "normal". The higher we climb, the greater the load, and it needed to get used to.

Borders we have a huge number, in part, they have a kind of protective function that we have not broken from over-voltage or liability.

Therefore, all obstacles are overcome, but we must do it wisely – to be bold, but not reckless, have the will but not be a fanatic. It is always important to listen to yourself, listen to intuition to progress on the path was harmonious.


Not to expect quick results


We always have certain unrealistic expectations about the results of the actions list.

It often seems that starting to make, the results we get fast. It can be so, sometimes it happens that the result of actions is immediately visible, but in most cases, the changes occur over a sufficiently long interval of time and they are not immediately visible.

This is normal and you need to accept this fact, not to stop in the first steps.

Sometimes it takes weeks and months until the results come, it is only in theory, everything seems simple.

Therefore, often made the wrong conclusions – that some actions do not work "because I tried and failed". Though actually – it's just there's not enough time for the appearance of the result.


Exhaustion sunk


Often, many begin systematic work on emotions.

Emotions come from the belief or even the hope that in the future everything will be fine.

How long can I hold on to this motivation? It's usually 3 days.

On the 2nd and 3rd day, all about the same as at the first, that is a fast result, we are unlikely to get in addition to heightened emotions, but after 4-5 days it may be worse, because you get tired after the first three days.

This is normal part of the workflow because then it will be better, but if we orientirueshsya on the emotional work, then of course we'll throw on the third day, faced with difficulties.

The future can be beautiful only in expectations, but when we really work on it is the daily steps in the present, and from the point of view of emotional approach is to become boring, emotions are literally burned.

Therefore, there is a saying "over fuse", but the fuse is a priori short-lived, we need to find another source of energy and is not the emotions, is a proactive will.


Time proactive will


During daily systematic work, formed a certain power to act or ability to act.

I call it proactive the will, not the will simply as a reaction to the pressure of the situation from the outside, and their own will as the motion vector forward does not depend on external conditions.

It is not based on emotions is much deeper. It is closer to the intention, coming from the depths of our personality and even beyond its limits.

No motivation? Not a problem – we are.

There is no desire? Then to appear.

No energy? We can do without it.

It is something transcending the normal time, and when it is training – you realize that you really become "stronger". Is the ability to go forward regardless of the circumstances.


How to increase free time


Many people face the deficiency of time in life, when added to the actions list, and especially if it is serious – the time is virtually impossible, maintaining the current schedule day.

The first thing we should start, this has freed up resource time by removing non-priority items and actions that this time eat.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and a non-priority actions we have started to do just because we simply had nothing to do – and then it became a habit.

Write all these actions in a separate document and analyze it – up to supply that consumes the maximum time in the shuffle. If any non-priority actions will be difficult to overcome – put them in the list and systematically work with them. For example, not doing XXXX activity or not more than XX minutes a day on something, etc.

After the reduction of non-priority actions you will have more real free time is the time necessary to complete priority actions.

In order to free up time to optimize the current schedule of the day:

1) Specify priority actions in the time intervals in which they have to do.

2) to Make the action less time, but to increase the quality, but the result is not affected.

3) to Make the action part in advance to the subsequent was faster.

4) to Get yourself extra business, if any.


Justifications and excuses


Maybe sometimes you can visit a different kind of justification or excuse that would reduce the significance of the work and how to "tell you":

– That the reports are not so important.

– What "ignore" today is not scary.

– That can wait for tonight, for tomorrow, etc.

It's the same laziness that tries to log in with "back" and trick you.

Succumbing to such thoughts, we lose the pros, lose the day, and only after the fact realize that "lost ground".


Not into negativity


If the list you have does not go and fall into negativity because this is a bad reaction and it makes no sense

When you are angry, upset – you think it's important that it's part of some introspection, although in fact it is just a waste of your energy.

If you really want to change something after the "failure" – create your will and energy and put it into action "here and now".

This will begin to break the pattern of zahvachennoi negative emotions, and to rectify the situation – then the current day will be equalized and the advantages will be many, the result will be a lot.


Not to devalue the importance of systematic work


We can get used to a certain work and dynamics and to think that anything important we have not do.

But it's not, we get used to good as well as bad, and may seem what used to be the same. But it was not bad – it has now become better.

Understand the contrasts, and when the mode of the day a person's stable, he may not notice.

If this comes, it is a sign to increase the list doesn't stop there.


When it is possible to deviate from the plan


It is important to understand the meaning of the list – his goal is to achieve results, to improve our lives.

It is unnecessary to do the opposite – to fanatically put a list or systematic work as the only purpose to execute "plan for the plan".

Don't lose the flexibility, creativity, mobility despite the limitations of the system work – opposite things can be combined.

Consistency and inspiration are two wings of success, and one without the other is not complete.

There are also some other circumstances that can consciously request to deviate from the plan:

  • Refusal in favor of close
When your family urgently need your time and attention – we need him to do, even if the schedule is violated.

  • Refusal in favor of inspiration
Inspiration is something that happens to us spontaneously, and when it happens it is necessary to shift the priority to make a breakthrough in a particular area. It can disrupt our schedule, but we can get significant progress because of the inspiration.

  • Refusal in favor of events
Events, trainings, events, etc. can also break the schedule, but they themselves are important. It's vacation, and change of comfort zone and new types of interactions, etc.

The only thing that should be in moderation and justified from the point of view of result .

  • Refusal in favor of the body
It so happens that the body requires rest, so you can make conscious breaks for physical exercise, for example for the day.

When we feel not good objectively, then you can deliberately skip most of the list and more sleep, relax, etc.

The result is important and if you instead rest will take it easy, it will only be in the negative.


Gain list

Options gain list


There are three main options gain list:

1) to Register new actions

You just expand and take new actions. But look, that was not spray on a lot of small tasks because they will take too much attention to control.

2) Increase the time available actions

This is the most common way to strengthen the list.

Time gradually increase, let it be very little, but often.

3) to Increase the quality of the action

So for the same amount of time to get the best result.

On this option we usually begin to work automatically when it is executed a certain time or when it has become limited.

In this case, become justified version of the impact assessment from 1 to 10 to achieve maximum quality.


Gradually increase the load


In terms of load system work more like a marathon than a sprint.

The logic of the system operation is based on increasing load – this does not mean that it will be easy. It will be difficult, but the complexity should be tolerable – so this "corridor" of difficulty will all expand over time.

It is strictly forbidden to work flat out, you won't last that long and from the point of view of result, it does not make sense. When you are in a hurry, you are wasting too much energy, and tomorrow you will not be able to work, and you work every day.

So the load should be optimal – but when you started to get used to it, it is a sign that it needs to be increased.


Not be interrupted even for a day


It is important to achieve a constancy in the work – the regularity does wonders, interruptions weaken the will.

Even when you need to relax, write reports, do what you can do in a situation of relaxing, not "let go" of the situation, then to not be upset because of this.

In fact, with the right approach to the work – reporting complicates life in General, it becomes mandatory and important action that we want to do.

Because thanks to this, we are moving forward – and if it's so valuable, it is reasonable to treat it accordingly.


Long term work


It is important to constantly renew and extend its work, in General it is better not to interrupt and make permanent.

The more you do and the better the report the more motivation to do them constantly.

You may question – how long do I need to report? In fact, for my entire life. And the farther you go, the more we need to do.

It's not even a question of "need", you want it, when you become "fans" of his self-development. In "drive" we enter when thanks to systemic work in different areas of life we have developed an increased potential energy and internal forces, when we obtained significant results. It motivates us to move on.


The results

Real change

Sometimes we think that change, but in fact it only changes our internal assessment, and in reality everything remains the same.

When change is real, it does not go unnoticed nor us, nor other people. Usually changes suddenly realized – we don't even think about it because of busy work.

From regular work the body to grow stronger, the energy becomes more, the mind becomes stronger and clearer. There is a changing picture of the world in a more harmonious and adequate – so there is change, what we worked on.

We can say that this transformational change, which define an entirely different plane results.


The increase will


The capacity to act increases, this is something that can be defined as "can" or "can't."

The increase will literally means that before you could not do now, and it's hard to even imagine that I could not before.

This is probably the most important achievement system works – because if it is, then it is possible to extrapolate this work to any actions and tasks in any sphere of life.


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I'm just tired of being strong


You like it more


If successful, a systematic work, self-development to become a part of life, one of the most important.

It gives a feeling of dynamics and changes of a certain constant movement forward.

If you start to work on yourself is difficult, then difficult to stop because it really starts to like it, and like it more and more.

This applies to any field, and it's harder to learn, harder to start – but it will be interesting to develop it further.published


Author: Alexey Babin


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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