Time does not exist — shocking physicists

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Physics made a shocking statement time does not exist. Time for the person definitely exists: we Wake up in the morning, moving forward in time during the day and at some point go to sleep and in the dream, too, continue to move forward in time.

The old adage "time waits for no man" seems quite fair, isn't it?

The problems began when the General theory of relativity describes the laws of physics on a large scale, faced with quantum physics — an area that tries to describe the smallest particles in the Universe, and the theory of corpuscular-wave dualism, claiming that light is both waves and particles, for the first time were tested.

For many years physicists tried to combine two mismatched region by constructing a Great Unifying Equation, assuming that, despite the scale, everything in the Universe must be some connection between them — from particles to galaxies.

A little more than 40 years ago, two ingenious physicist John Wheeler and Bryce DeWitt developed this equation. However, their discovery seemed immediately controversial because if the equation is correct, it is no such thing as time does not exist on the most fundamental level of matter.

Although the concept is confusing, it seems to be true, and what we subjectively perceive as "time" is actually a measurable effect of global changes in the world around us. And the more we delve into the world of atoms, protons and photons, the less important becomes the concept of time.

This opinion is confirmed by the National Institute of standards and technology. NIST is the Keeper of the most accurate atomic clocks in the world, which reconciled all the rest of the watch all over the world. Scientists from NIST claim that their ultra-precise clocks do not measure time at all: time is determined by the marks on the clock. In fact, the time allows us to create order in your life: can't we think of such a thing as "time", there'd be chaos.

Physics seems to agree.

Scientists from the scientific research centre Bistra in Clout, Slovenia, have theorized that the Newtonian idea of time as an absolute measure that is moving in itself, and that time is the fourth current measurement is incorrect. They proposed to replace these concepts of time a new look, which better corresponds with the physical world: time is merely numerical order of physical changes.

But let's dig deeper in this direction ... the Modern philosophical science defines time and space as universal forms of existence, the coordination of objects. Space has three dimensions: length, width and height, and time only one direction from past through present to future. Space and time exist objectively, outside and independently of consciousness.

By this definition, time is another form of existence of objects. The second form.

But can there be a second form of existence? Can there be a piece of wood in the form of chair and the shape of the table?

Did not clarify the question and the wording: time has only one dimension is the direction from past through present to future.

What is the future? Future irreale, it does not exist in reality, it is a way.

Now is also arbitrary, and could be somewhere between future and past, with a zero coordinate.

The past is what is already there, it is rather a symbol, the same way. All these concepts have no physical meaning, which casts doubt on the very notion of time as forms of existence of matter.

In science, the main argument is experience. Who and when did experiments proving the existence of time in nature?

It seems that nobody did it, afraid to be in the role of a man searching a black cat in a dark room, where it may not be. On some examples we try to clarify this problem.

The motion of the Earth in time

In nature everything moves and changes constantly. Planet Earth, going part of the way around its orbit not only changes its coordinates in space, but also changes itself. It becomes the other.

Mentally fixing the Earth at any point, we can't get it the same at any other point. You can therefore say that the Earth passed a certain stretch of road for a certain time when the Earth no longer exists?

We can't go back "yesterday" of the Earth, not because time has one direction, and because the "yesterday" of the Earth anymore. It is, as everything in nature is changing constantly.

The day and night. Times of the year.

The observer in the mid-latitudes on the Earth sees the day and knows that a few hours ago was night. From my experience it makes a logical conclusion that after a few hours night will come again.

Hence he concludes about the frequency of events, and that they exist in time. Also, for a periodically there in time summer and spring, winter and autumn.

But if the observer be placed in a space Shuttle flying in orbit around the Sun, day and night, he will not observe. He will always be from the side of the ship facing the Sun and night on the opposite side. The frequency in this case is lost.

Being on the equator of the Earth, the observer will not be able to determine the change of the seasons. At the equator they are not.

It follows that the frequency shift of the day and night and the seasons can not serve as a confirmation of the objectively existing time.


Very convincing proof of the existence of absolute time is the sound. It exists long, from inception to extinction. From which it is concluded that the sound exists in time.

There is a sound vibration of matter (matter and the like) and is distributed in the wave vibrations of the air.

Sound exists in a gaseous environment, the water and solid substances in the form of weak mechanical perturbation. Subjectively evaluating the duration of the sound, we identify it with time.

On the nearest neighbor of the Earth, the moon has no air, there is no sound. There is no sound anywhere in the Universe. Therefore, by hearing the sound in the air while on Earth, to conclude that the sound exists in time is logical, but subjective.


It is well known that all life on Earth lives and evolves over time. Everything has its beginning and end. The grain sown in the earth, germinates and develops. Over what period of time the germ has reached its maturity?

Nature does not put as a question. All life grows and develops in accordance with the laws of nature. It is impossible to detach the period from the moment of planting the grain prior to its maturation from the overall process of life and believe that this period is time.

This period is part of the overall process of Land development, maturation of the soil, planting the grain, its maturity. The grain then falls into the ground and give new life, and so on without end.

And here the concept of time seems subjective. The misconception is that the development process is identified and ring-fenced over time.


Richard Feynman (1918-1988), American theoretical physicist, one of the founders of quantum electrodynamics were of the definition: time is just a watch.

"Moscow time 12 hours — we hear on the radio, in Novosibirsk, 16 hours, Vladivostok 19 ". The Japanese in Tokyo, the difference with Moscow in five hours. They are so comfortable.

What is this is the absolute notion of Time, which can be so freely treated? Look for the answer to this question. This will produce an experiment. Mentally.

Let's pretend we're at the stadium and see how the athlete ran a hundred meters in 11 seconds. In the second race, he improved his result to 10.5 seconds. What happened?

Here's what happened: for the second time an athlete ran faster, and his race fell. The time value is secondary, the time depends on how quickly fled the athlete and distance.

Let us leave the notion of absolute time alone, and come back to an easy to understand household time. The appearance of it in human consciousness goes back centuries, it is convenient, and mankind has always tried to keep it under control.

Invented and built various devices: solar, water and sand clocks, pendulum clock with weights. Invented a spring watch, chronometer, stopwatch, and finally, electronic and atomic clocks. And they replace us with what is not in nature.

In Russia there was no concept of time. Said: meet me at two bast. This is when your shadow is equal to the length of two of your sandals. And the people of different height and length of the Shoe is different but proportional to its growth. It turned out quite accurately, but only in Sunny weather.

From the past to the future

Speaking of time well to recall the words of the song: "...There is only a moment between past and future..." — a moment is nothing. Strictly speaking, this is not, it does not exist. The future constantly moves into the past. In the present, in this moment, in this nothing and is time, or rather the illusion of time.

If you define time as a notion that encompasses the past and the future, it is from the past which no longer exists and the future, which is still there. In this case, the time consists of two quantities, which are not. Consequently, there is no whole.

Time around?

Time exists always and everywhere. Created by the human mind time surround us on all sides: in everyday life, in science, art, philosophy.

In the philosophical comprehension of existence of matter, we agree that one of the smallest particles of matter — the atom moves slowly in space and that of movement and space, speed and distance determine the time.

But then from the subconscious, there is a counterargument: everything exists in time! Time is always there! And unknowingly committed some razprostranen education, time becomes a kind of all-consuming monster and just because time overcrowded subconscious.

To assume that time exists in parallel with the space, too, is impossible because space is infinite. Nothing, including time cannot exist "close" to the space.

The plane

In the sky with the roar of a flying plane. The observer on earth believes that while the plane was flying from one heaven to another, time passed. That's a normal everyday event rating.

The root cause of this event was the Mind that created the aircraft, aerodromes and ground services. The aircraft was designed to transport. While he is on earth time does not exist.

When the plane will pick up speed and take off, so-called, the flight time will depend on the speed and the done plane journey. The time value is derived. First was speed, speed.

The big Bang

If we consider the hypothesis about the Big Bang in which the universe came from, the question arises: when was the time? Before the explosion, the explosion or when there is Homo sapiens, thinking man? The creators of the hypotheses give no answer.

People thinking asks the question: if the Time when it appeared, in the form of what? And with what properties?

We can say that time is the interval between the two events. But this period appears only as a result of comprehension of his person. If we don't fix them in our minds, the objective events are separated in space with irreversible motion of matter.

The time appears in our minds. And our consciousness is a substitute for the irreversibility of matter in motion — over time, believing that it is the property of Time.

No less interesting is the theory of anisotropic Universe, where matter is compressed and expanded in different parts of the Universe.

Confirmation of compressible matter can serve as a black hole in which space and time are compressed. As a result, you receive a thesis about the direction of time: in a black hole it becomes the opposite.

In time with the changed direction of the subsequent event must occur before the previous one. Figuratively speaking, under the influence of time in a black hole, you can see how alive a dead man, as he becomes younger and returns to where he was born.

Thus, it is possible to cast doubt on the whole coherent theory of anisotropic Universe, if not to take into account the illusion of the existence of time.

Foucault's Pendulum

The pendulum, performing an oscillatory motion, very clearly illustrates the presence of objectively existing time. While in the extreme point, he kind of freezes, and then moves to another extreme point.

Foucault's Pendulum
If the Foucault pendulum there will be hanging motionless, we see that time has stopped (photo from spauda.lt).
He moves in space and time. To pass from one extreme to another the pendulum needs time.

Moreover, if you look at the Foucault pendulum, we will see a graphical image of time in the form of strips left on the sand with a metal rod fastened on the ball of the pendulum.

Each subsequent strip is slightly turned in relation to the previous strip. The ends of these strips are situated at some distance from each other. It is clearly visible to any observer.

But if this observer wants to share with us your opening and send us to Moscow, when we get to St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg, where the pendulum, the pendulum will hang there motionless, and we see that the time is stopped!

If the pendulum is placed on any space body, the effect is the same: the pendulum will stop and not just because there is air resistance on Earth, but because there is friction, gravity, and cannot exist a perpetual motion machine.

At the household level

The person sat on the sofa, watched TV and got up from the sofa. Between "sat" and "stood up" the time has passed, says. He went outside and crossed to the other side. While he was crossing the street, time went by, says the man.

A continuous process of life, people unknowingly crushes on individual events and the gap between them perceive as time.

All processes, from the smallest, occurring in a person's life, to global, such as solar flares, exist independently of time. To find two flashes in the Sun, we perceive the interval between them as time.

Unconsciously highlighting the gap between the flares of the entire process of the existence of the Sun, we fall into the illusion of time.

From part to whole

Our thought processes unwittingly set milestones, benchmarks. A person can not cover everything. We see a large building, and our view begins to slide on its parts. In these parts we judge the building as a whole. And here lies the possibility of error.

Upon closer inspection, the building could be a prop made for the film Studio. In this layout it is impossible to live. Making generalization on the details, it is possible to make erroneous conclusions about the whole.

In the world discovered shrinking and receding Galaxy. After compression, probably, there is an explosion and a new star, the process of expansion. In another place there is another, and we conclude that one star came first and the other later in time.

In fact, the processes of compression and expansion are constant. They are numerous and do not overlap in amplitude. Otherwise the universe would be homogeneous.

Putting milestones in discovery highlights new stars, we give in, the illusion of time, in which posted their appearance and, generally, to say that the stars and Galaxies exist in time.


In Siberia built a oil pipeline with a length of several hundred kilometers. He began to pump oil. At the other end of the pipeline, the oil will be soon. We say that it will take time until the oil appears at the consumer. Here is the argument in favor of the existence of time. But there's no rush.

Time in our case is characterized by the delay between the pump and the appearance of oil on the other end of the pipe. What was the reason for the delay?

First, answer the question, what caused the oil pumping. The root cause was the Mind that created the transfer pump, piping and associated equipment. When I began to work the pump oil because of its viscosity, could not immediately appear on the other end of the pipe.

If the same pipe were to pump gas, he would have passed the same distance faster. The fiberglass cable light would cover that distance almost instantly. The delay cause the oil viscosity, the friction in the pipe, turbulence and the like objective reasons.

At equal other conditions, the propagation time for different substances, our pipeline is different, but add that time is measured, not absolute.

The oil pumping process exists objectively, but if we imagine this process to remove the tube, disappears motivation expectations, and with it the time.

Newton on time

Isaac Newton in his "Mathematical basis" 1687 distinguishes between:

1. Absolute, true, mathematical time, also called duration.

2. Relative, apparent or ordinary, time is the measure of duration used in ordinary life: hour, day, month, year.

We emphasize that the absolute mathematical time does not exist in nature. Mathematics is created by human mind is only the display of nature in scalar, numerical values. Reflecting on the first definition of Newton, we must not fall into a logical trap: the time and brand...escapes the attention of the second definition of time of Newton. In fact, the second definition absorbs first.

In the theoretical developments, we always find ourselves in a "Newtonian trap" and talk about time as something real.

The motion of matter is characterized by rapidity. In case you need to compare the rapidity of the motion of two bodies it is necessary to define them the same stretches of road and to introduce some conditional value is comparable with the rhythms of natural processes.

Usually use the daily rotation of the Earth. 1440 one-to — minute. This is the notional value (time), which can be used to compare the speed of our motion of examined bodies.

For convenience, we way divide by time and get speed. But share the path for a while — this is as absurd from the point of view of mathematics, how to divide not hash on serving and on bicycles.

The philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) argued that time itself does not exist, that it is only one of the forms of human perception of the world, the so-called relation.

Bees in the Universe

The theory of relativity detects the fact that simultaneity of events is not absolute, but relative. This moment cannot cover the entire Universe. The same moment for the whole world cannot be. In the world there is only "now" that separates all the past events and future events. Each system has its own "now" the past and the future.

Such systems in the world should be a immense number. But it is enough to take two systems to understand what they should be summer time. All world space in this case will resemble a honeycomb, each with its own time and space. This conclusion leads us to the illusion of time.

In General relativity Einstein argued that as a result of gravity bend space and time. It is difficult to dispute the great Maestro, but to point out the inaccuracy we have to.

Space by definition is infinite and infinity has no boundaries, cannot be bent. The structure of the space may be under the influence of gravity in some parts to condense and, as a consequence, discharge in the neighboring areas. Unable to bend the trajectories of moving bodies, but not space itself.

Time cannot be bent, because it simply does not exist.

Who discovered the nature of the time and where he registered his discovery? What are the properties of time? The definition of time as duration, the duration of any process requires tools for its measurement.

If we start to measure the time between any phase state of matter with a continuously operating mechanism, for example, hours, the time will always be different at different measurements.

Because the next measurement will occur in "other" time. In the experiment will be the time, we ourselves, too, in his time and those who are not involved in the experiment, too, will live in his time.

There is hope for some kind of universal time, which, on the basis of the special theory of relativity, cannot be. May not be a single "now" due to the fact that no information can be transmitted at a speed greater than the speed of light. In each reference frame will be the time (conditional), said Einstein.

Taught by the textbook

In any school physics textbook we find the chart of the moving body. In the diagram in the framework of Euclidean geometry because it was impossible to depict in the plane the three-dimensional space is discarded applicate, and in its place is the time coordinate.

A typical space-time diagram
A typical space-time diagram
If Time exists in nature, then the time coordinate to Express it because on the graph the time at the zero point of coordinates falls inside of matter, or Vice versa — matter is within time.

But if we understand that Time is a relative concept, a reference time coordinate has a right to be!

In this example we see once again how the great illusion of Time.

Preliminary results

At the household level, the existence of time is obvious and not in doubt. On the basis of evidence is a logical conclusion, which is rooted in the mass consciousness: Time was, is and will be.

This conclusion, which is dominated by the psychological factor, is not based on objective data, experiment why and gives a distorted picture of understanding the essence of time, looking significantly. Here lies the illusion of time.

In this regard, we can't forget our compatriot the Russian philosopher Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov (1853-1900).

He was identified as the main condition of all finite existence, and said that time does not allow neither empirical (based on experience) the explanation of the origin or rational (rational) definition of its essence.

And when they say that time is the order of the phenomena in their sequence (read — in time), then the definition is obvious tautology: the time determined by the time .

All the philosophical explanations of time, not to represent empty codeslave are metaphysical in nature and will be discussed under the names of philosophers.

The theory of Phase, or how to prove the absence of non-existent?

Our mind in motion of matter is typically allocates some of its state, and the interval between man perceives as time. Coherent state of matter in human consciousness merge into a single "river of time".

The analogue of this movement can serve as a film, which captures the individual moments of the movement of the body. When the speed of projection is 25 frames per second (more correct to say one-86400-second part of the revolution of the Earth around its axis) in our brain body movement becomes continuous, constant.

On individual shots, we see the image of the past that no longer exists in its phases. Fix the future can not be, because it is not in nature.

Any movement can be considered as consisting of separate phases. Therefore, we can say that matter is in constant motion phase.

The most obvious example are the phases of the moon, which every night stands before us in its new phase. The process of plant growth is seed germination, stem growth, leaf appearance, and so on. It illustrates the development phase of biological objects. In the animal world we also observe the phase development of the individual.

The Phases Of The Moon

The phases of the moon most clearly illustrate the phase development of biological objects (illustration from the site sanford.com).
The concept of "phase" so of course, this is not to say. But in this case it focuses on the fact that any movement, which seems to be continuous, actually consists of separate segments called phases.

Now it becomes clear that the interval between phases the state of the objects should be considered as the distance between them, not as time.

Matter is constantly moving with a certain speed, and the speed is the distance for artificially created rhythmic period.

Of particular importance is the concept phase of existence (movement) of matter in the quantum theory.

Introduction determination of the properties of matter the concept of "phase" removes the recurring illusion of time. It is clear that time is not a natural phenomenon, and the phenomenon of the human mind.

The phenomenon arises spontaneously in the mind of man whenever he comprehends the duration of some phenomenon or event.

Matter exists in an infinite three-dimensional space of constant relative phase motion.

And finally

Man comes into the world, into a society with established traditions and tenets. Since childhood people absorb concepts that exist in society. He is psychologically difficult to question the seemingly obvious truth. But between "apparent" and true — a huge distance.

The great illusion of time lies in the everyday consciousness and extends to the greatest minds of science.

Statements about time:

Three things belong to man: soul, body and time (... e se si pateva pure alcuna nostra erana chiamare queste le tre sole — ... anima e corpo tempo) ©Alberti L:

Time is a thought or a measure, not an entity.© Antiphon

Among the unknown in the surrounding nature, the unknown is the time, because nobody knows what is time and how to manage it.©Aristotle:

Time is the distance of the movement.© Zenon Of Kition

Time may exist, however, we don't know where to look for him.©K. Tsiolkovsky

And not even thinking holds that there has ever been a time when no time was not. © Cicero

Time goes by for different persons different. © Shakespeare V.

In fact, no time as really existing in itself the essence is not connected with anything external does not exist. What does exist? And there is this external — there are real processes. And time is just a means of measurement. Time is “centimeter” and nothing more. Without this external time not only exists, it loses all meaning.

Just as there is no length as the primary entity. Length is a measure of something external really existing. Just as there is no weight, as the primary entity. Weight is a measure of something external really existing.

This will not be real – it will not be necessary in terms of “weight”, “length”, “area”, “volume”, “time”. All of these dimensional categories themselves do not exist, they are secondary and tied to something external. Weight of what? The volume of what? Area of what? What?

No time itself does not flow anywhere, nor absolute, as in Newton or relative, like Einstein's. Flow (move) the actual processes of the phenomenal world. Will not processes will not need the concept of “time”. © Vladimir Istarkhi

Author Alexander Sarto



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