10 great people who were achiever at school. Who would have thought?..

Very often people who do not have demonstrated due diligence in school, succeed in life. Besides, it happens that the child is given the best humanities or vice versa - accurate.

We will talk about 10 famous people who have played key roles in science, politics and culture, but the teachers who tell them that it will be, would disdainfully snorted and laughed.

Albert Einstein

most famous "Losers" in the world - Albert Einstein (in fairness, it should be said that he studied still at Troika). Familiar family remember that the parents of the future Nobel Prize winner had hoped that it would take at least a very low-paying jobs.

Isaac Newton

You can not fight back? Crush the enemy intelligence! It was after he beat up a classmate, Isaac Newton decided to beat that knowledge. As a result, Newton quickly became the best student of the class, and later discovered the fundamental laws of physics, which Einstein relied in his research.

Sergei Korolev

Continuing the theme of physicists: Sergei Korolev, the Soviet rocket designer, the school also did not shine, learning from one triple. Nevertheless, he became a key figure in a space rocket of the last century. That created Queens manned spacecraft "Vostok", which in 1961 went into space, Yuri Gagarin.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky

From physics to the lyrics: Vladimir Mayakovsky. Brilliant poet in the school was still the tomboy. It later became a sort of literary device Mayakovsky: pull, sharp lyrics with energetic rhythms are the hallmark of the poet.

Anton Chekhov

But Anton Chekhov remained so even twice for the second year in high school. But now his works are included in school curricula throughout the world.

Alexander Pushkin

Another great poet - Alexander Pushkin - frankly suffered on the arithmetic lessons at the Lyceum. Maybe it was a lack of understanding of the subject helped him in versification: What else do uninspiring lesson?

Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven was in trouble with math, writing errors. But in writing the music he still has no equal.

Richard Branson

Eccentric billionaire Richard Branson was not a favorite of the teachers. He later explained his poor grades dyslexia - a speech disorder that prevented him from adequately responding to the lessons. At age 20, he founded his first business selling records, and now his empire includes more than 400 companies in various fields, up to space tourism.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Only Napoleon loved mathematics, and other subjects managed to badly. Who knows whether it was the cause of his brilliant victories and crushing defeats ...

Winston Churchill

One of the key politicians of the twentieth century, Winston Churchill was a poor student and frank lazy. However, this did not prevent him twice to visit as Prime Minister of Great Britain (in the most dramatic years for the country) and to receive the Nobel Prize for literature in 1953 with the wording "for his mastery of historical and biographical description as well as for brilliant oratory, with defending exalted human values ​​».

This is - a great example of how people who are not promising in the study, were able to succeed in life. Of course, we do not call to ignore the bad marks your children. On the contrary, to support them, to explain and share their knowledge and experience. But think about it: maybe you should help your child to develop in the channel, which gives him better? ..

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