What you read, you can completely turn your idea of ​​health and modern medicine and thus radically change your fate and the fate of your loved ones.

Text translated into Russian and printed in
author's vocabulary in 1995.


Dr. Uollok very popular in the United States.
In 1991 he was nominated for
Nobel Prize.


I am very pleased to meet with all of you. I grew up on a farm in the west St. Louis County. In the 50s we started with breeding beef cows. If you are familiar with the breeding of livestock, you probably know that the only way to make money in agriculture - is to grow their own food, their own corn, soybeans and hay. At the mill for us crushed corn, soybeans and hay, adding there are many vitamins and minerals. So we prepared food for cows.

After 6 months, these cows could have put on the market; we made the selection, leaving the best livestock for themselves.

What's interesting, by doing this for the cows ourselves, imagine not taking any vitamins and minerals, and because we were young and wanted to live 100 years without any aches and pains.

That made me very excited, and I asked my father: "Dad, tell me why you and for us not to do the same as for the cows?" And then my father gave me a wise idea, he said, "Shut up, man, you should appreciate what you eat every day fresh food from the farm, I hope you understand it? ».

Of course, I was not a big stick, did not want to lose their lunch or dinner.

Then I went to agricultural school and receiving a degree, became an expert on animal husbandry, on field crops and soil science. After this has gone on for 2 years in Africa. There I was able to fulfill his boyish dream, I worked with Mauro Parkins. It's a great man.

After 2 years, I received a telegram with an invitation to work in a zoo in St. Louis. National Institute of Health has allocated zoo loan of $ 78 mln., And they needed a veterinarian to perform an autopsy of animals that died of natural causes at the zoo. I agreed to come. I had to do an autopsy of animals that died not only in the zoo, but in zoos Brukvoldskom, Chicago, the New York National, Los Angeles-based, and so on.

My job was not only to expose the animals that died of natural causes, but also to find and observe individuals hypersensitive to environmental pollution, because in the early '60s nobody really knew about environmental problems and catastrophes. So, examining the causes of death of people and animals, I did 17,500 autopsies and that's what conclusion came:

"Every animal and the man died a natural death, die of malnutrition, ie from nutritional deficiencies. »

The results of chemical and biochemical analyzes with documentary precision showed that natural death occurs because of malnutrition, and I was so impressed that I went back to the history of the cows.

I have written 75 scientific articles and papers, 8 books together with other authors and one book alone. It sold for $ 140 for the medical students. I published in 1700, newspapers and magazines, appeared on television and where only did not speak. But then, in the 60s, my work on nutrition few people worried.

What to do? I had to go back to study and become a doctor, it allowed me to use all the knowledge about nutrition, that I got in the veterinary school. And, surprisingly, it worked. I spent 15 years in Torkmunde, Oregon, where he was a normal medical practice. And today I want to share with you their knowledge and findings obtained in the 10 ... 12 years.

And if you will take away only 10% of what you hear, you will protect yourself from a lot of trouble, suffering, and save a lot of money for many years to extend your life.

You do not achieve this, ie, do not get additional years of life, do not reach their genetic potential just like that, without any effort on your part.

Now I want to tell you the main
The genetic potential life expectancy is 120 ... 140 years.

Currently, you can count 5 nationalities, representatives of which survived to the age of 120 ... 140 years in the East, Tibet and western China. These people were described as early as 1964. James Hilton, who wrote the book "Lost Horizon».

Old man, according to reports, although I admit that there is some exaggeration, was Dr. Lee from China, who was born in Tibet. When he was 150 years old, he received from the Imperial Chinese government certificate confirming that he was indeed 150 years old, and he was born in 1677.

When 200 years old, he received a second letter. Documents show that he died at the age of 256 years. In 1933, when he died, he wrote about it in the "New York Times", "The London Times", where everything is pretty well documented. Maybe he was only 200 years, not 256.

In eastern Pakistan, lived a group of people who were called Bogas. These people are also known as long-lived. They lived 120 ... 140 years. In the former Soviet Soyuzegruziny who consumed dairy products, live up to 120 years. Armenians, Abkhazians, Azerbaijanis live, perfectly preserved, to 120 ... 140 years. In 1973. in the January issue of "Neyshnl Geographic" was placed separate article about people who have lived 100 years or more. Materials provided with beautiful illustrations, what this famous magazine. I remember three of the many photos.

One depicts a woman aged 136 years. She sat in a chair, drank spirits and participated in the party. It is perfectly fun, not chained to a bed in a nursing home, which still need to allocate $ 2,000 a month from your account. She enjoyed life to 136 years. Another photograph shows two were married couples celebrating 100 and 115 th anniversary of their wedding.

The third photograph depicts a man was collecting tea in the mountains of Armenia, listening to a small transistor receiver. According to the records of his metrics - datyrozhdeniya, baptism, data recording his children - he was 167 years old and the oldest person on the planet at that time. In the Western Hemisphere are known for longevity Indians volkobandy and famous residents of Ecuador who live in the Andes in southeastern Peru, as well as favorite tribes Titi - [ censorship i>] and Machu Pichu. Now, representatives of the old tribe Titi - [ censorship i>] live 120 years.

American Margaret Peach of Virginia, made to the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest American woman, died at the age of 115 years, from malnutrition. More precisely, she died from complications after a fall. Who among you would say, from
What could she die? That's right, from osteoporosis.

A woman died from deficiency, primarily calcium. She did not have cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes, but 3 weeks after the fall she died, because in the body she did not have enough calcium. Very interesting, her daughter said that before his death Margaret Peach has been craving for sweets. This disease is known to the subtitle Pike, more on that later.

Usually, if you're too fond of chocolate, sweet, it means that your body lacks chromium and vanadium.

In one of the third world countries, in Nigeria, a tribal leader Bawe died at 126 years. At the funeral of one of his many wives he bragged that when her husband died, he had all his teeth, and it is a sign that it and other bodies carry out their duties properly. A man from Syria, died at the age of 133 years, in July 1993. It made the Guinness book, not because he was 133 years, many live to these years, not because in the 80 years he married for the fourth time, but because after 80 years, he became the father of a 9- children. If you consider that it is necessary for each child, plus 9 months a year on breastfeeding and the year between each child, you get this hero-maker to become a father and, after 100 years. Here then it made it into the record books. So do not worry guys, you still have hope!

Now a bit of science
In November, 1993. Arizona was made an interesting experiment. Three couples spent 3 years in isolation, where they ate healthy food, which is grown yourself, breathe clean air, unpolluted drinking water. When they left, they surveyed physicians, gerontologists, University of California at Los Angeles. All data - blood tests and other vital signs - entered into the computer of the Los Angeles University, who gave a forecast that these three couples, if they continue to live the same way, can live 165 years. All this proves once again that lived 120 ... 140 years is possible.

The average life expectancy of Americans now 75, 5 years, life master or doctor - 58 years.


So, if you want to win 20 years of statistical life,
not to go to medical school. There are two main things,
you need to do to get
in the number of centenarians.

If you really want to live to be 100 ... 140 years - remember important:
Firstly, the need to avoid the dangers of not stepping on a mine that is meant - to avoid needless and unreasonable risks. Of course, if you are playing Russian roulette, you run out on the highway during rush hour ... hardly live till 120. It sounds funny, but you can not imagine, thousands of people die each year because of such nonsense. And I want you to think about it, where possible, you have to defend and protect themselves. In other words, if you have the opportunity to prevent the disease, especially incurable, you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity.
Secondly, you should do only what is beneficial. You need to 90 supplements: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 basic amino acids and proteins and containing 3 essential fatty acids. Total 90 supplements to the daily diet, otherwise you will develop the disease, caused by their deficiency.
Today write about it in the newspapers, talk radio and TV, everyone knows about it, because our health, longevity and food supplements, and doctors speak with us about it constantly. But not because it forces them to the medical profession. Do not think that physicians are asked to newsmen, no, it is because such information contributes to a better dissemination of newspapers.

My favorite article appeared in the magazine "Times" 06.04.1992 year, and if you have not read it, I highly recommend to get it in the school or public library. Make several copies and glue them on the door in the bathroom, on the refrigerator. This comprehensive article, it says that vitamins can overcome cancer, cardiovascular disease and the ravages of aging.
At 6-instructive pages of this article has only one negative thought, expressed doctor whom the author asks the question: "What do you think about vitamins and minerals as supplements to our diet?". "The absorption of vitamins does not benefit - says Victor Hubin, professor of medicine at New York Medical School Mautsinay - All vitamins as supplements only make our urine is more expensive.»

If you try these words translate into universal language, it turns out that we mochimsya dollars if you take vitamins and minerals, ie, just wasting on vitamins and minerals. That is, he wanted to say. And if it is published, so this is something there. But I must tell you: after has made 17,500 autopsies on 14,501 individual animals from around the world and 3,000 people, and he always wanted to be healthy, with children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren, I believe that not investing in yourself to vitamins and minerals, you are investing in the well-being and improve the lives of medical doctors.

I firmly believe in what we contribute
enrichment of doctors.

Since 1776, and is being before World War II, the US government has spent about $ 8, 5 million. Health care and research in the field of health. Now health care is spent $ 1, $ 2 trillion. a year and this is still very little, because everyone wants to medicine was free.

And I can tell you that, if used for agriculture, or more precisely, for animal health system human type, your chops will cost you $ 275 for 0, 5 kg. And if you use the agricultural system, which is used in animal husbandry, insurance for a family of 5 persons will be $ 10 a month. So you can make a choice.

I am convinced that as we promote the enrichment of medical insurance and with the help of government subsidies, we are also something that should be. And they should send us at least newsletters on the results of the latest medical research.

Are any of you sitting in the audience ever received this information from your doctor? No. Interesting, is not it? I could get you a lot of information. I want to share with you.

Causes of death
1. First. Gastric ulcer:

Have any of you heard that the cause of stomach ulcers - stress. Already 50 years ago we knew in veterinary medicine that ulcers are caused by bacteria in pigs. Afford expensive surgery on stomach pigs we could not, and even if they could, your pork chop dispensed to you $ 275 for 0, 5 kg. We know that there is a mineral called bismuth, through which we can prevent and treat gastric ulcers in pigs without surgical intervention. We did so, and treatment costs about $ 5 per pig.

Treatment with bismuth, tetracycline and other minerals. National Institutes of Health until February 1994. a statement that the ulcer is caused by bacteria, not just the stress, and can be cured.

But medical researchers usually say: "... shows encouraging results that may prove to be beneficial ..." Now, the National Institutes of use is the word "cure" without hints. They say, "cured by combining the mineral bismuth and tetracycline." Those who do not know what bismuth, just go to any grocery store or pharmacy and buy for $ 2 a bottle with the contents of pink. It's called peptobizma. So, 1 tsp per day - and the ulcer can be cured. Again, there is a choice. It can be cured for $ 5 or allow you to cut. The choice is yours.

2. Further, what is the second cause of death among Americans?

Yes, it's a terrible disease called cancer. In September, 1993. the National Institute of Oncology, Boston Medical School, after observations of cancer patients said that they found anti-cancer diet.

The studies were conducted in China for the simple reason that in the province Hinai recorded the highest incidence. For 5 years of the study were subjected to 29,000 people. They were given vitamins and minerals twice the "normal", i.e. If the recommended daily vitamin C 60 mg, the patients received 120 mg.

Alan Paul, the man who awarded two Nobel prizes, said that if you want to prevent cancer using vitamin C, you should use it 10,000 mg per day.

The result: doctors who excitedly arguing with him, already in the next world (the kingdom of heaven), and Alan Paul is alive and well. He was 94 years, he worked 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, she lives on a ranch in California and teaches at the University of California at San Francisco. Once you choose to listen to the advice of deceased doctors or to adhere to the views of Dr. Paul. So, it is normal to take vitamin C and vitamin A - double the norm, nothing bad will happen, as well as zinc, riboflavin, molybdenum and so on. N.

And one group is particularly useful. It includes three components: vitamin E, beta-carotene, the mineral selenium. These three components must be used in the double rate, and if you will extract 0, 5% profit, that's good. In the group of patients treated with vitamin E, beta-carotene, selenium mineral within 5 years, the mortality rate in all cases was 9%, i.e. 9 out of every 100, doomed to die, survived, and those cancer patients who are already considered doomed to death, but who took the three components in 3 cases out of 100 survived.

In cases prevailing in the province Hinai cancer of the stomach and esophagus 21% survived.

In this case, your doctor should send you information. If he did not want to take responsibility, even though it would have to inform you that you can choose yourself. That is why such an attitude to the patients, I think just ridiculous, but on the other hand - this is another confirmation of their indifference.

Further, arthritis. Since September 1993, Harvard Medical School and the Boston hospital were treated chicken protein in patients with swollen joints from arthritis. Selected patients whose condition did not improve as a result of medical treatment. These patients were injected aspirin, prednisone, cortisone, and various methods of physical therapy. The only thing that


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