On the very first Bond

1. The budget of 1, 000, 000 dollars was spent on decorations 14, 000 pounds. Artist Ken Adam film achieved that at the scenery, which is now considered to be exemplary in all respects, has been allocated 6, 000.

3. One of the biggest problems for the crew became very hot and humid weather in Jamaica, where the main movie shooting.

4. Employee's armory, which gives Bond his "Walther PPK" - Mayor Butroyt. In the next film, "From Russia with Love" takes its role Desmond Llewelyn. The person supplying the Bond Arms, starting with the film "Goldfinger" (1964), will forever be known as the "Q» - «Q».

5. Sylvia Trench - girl meets Bond in the first film was conceived as a character through the whole "bondianu." She reappeared in the movie "From Russia with Love" (1963), but then it was removed from the remaining scenarios. Nevertheless, the record holder was left Trench - she only appeared in two episodes of the epic.

6. Artist Titles Maurice Binder coined the famous silhouettes inside the gun barrel for a few minutes, simply by placing the camera at the end of the barrel of a pistol.

7. Male silhouette in the gun muzzle in the famous movie - not Connery and his understudy, Bob Simmons. In the opening credits Connery not removed until 1965 - the film "Thunderball».

8. A copy of the paintings of the Duke of Wellington, the work of Francisco Goya, stolen in 1960 and has not yet been found, is in the film at the residence of Dr. Ho. At the time of filming the theft of this work was the greatest mystery about her and heard every Briton. Screenwriter Johanna Harwood invited "to ascribe" But it is a crime Doctor.

9. Although the lair But the doctor was located in the town of Crab Key, movie scenes were filmed in various parts of Jamaica, on the beach where they filmed the famous scene in which Ursula Andress emerging from the sea and meets James, and which is now called "James Bond Beach" in the eastern part of Ocho Rios and beaches Lafin Falls. "James Bond Beach» - Laughing Waters Beach was private property and belonged to Mrs. Minnie Simpson of Ocho Rios. Mrs. Simpson was a fan of the novels of Ian Fleming.

10. After the release of "Dr. No" in Italy, the Vatican issued a special communiqué in which he expressed his disagreement with the moral principles professed in the picture.

11. Marguerite Levars, who played in the film Woman photographer Anabella Chang, a flight attendant. Terence Young approached her with the obvious question, "Does she want to play in a movie?". Girl wanted. Her brother-Reggie Carter also starred in the film, playing the role of chauffeur - improvised But the doctor, who drove James Bond from the airport.

12. The basis of the novel "Dr. No" to lay down a scenario television movie "Commander Jamaica", which Fleming wrote for Jamaican television. The main hero there was also a secret agent, too, in the rank of commander, who comes to grips with some archvillain living on a certain island. But the deal stalled, and the television movie script Fleming turned into a book about James Bond.

13. Ian Fleming was so captivated by the beauty of Ursula Andress, in his novel "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1963) he described the heroine Tracy Di Vicenzo (in the film adaptation of the novel it played Diana Rigg), as a girl, very similar to Andress. < br />

14. All women's voices in the film, except for Miss Moneypenny, owned by the same little-known British actress - Diana Copeland.

15. Sean Connery wears a wig in every Bond film, starting with "Dr. No».

16. Sean Connery was chosen for the role of James Bond after the wife of producer "James Bond" Albert R. Broccoli saw a young Connery in the 1959 film "Darby O`Gill and little people." Albert Broccoli also liked Connery in the film, especially the fight Sean impressed with the village bully in the climactic scene of the film.

17. Employees of the Japanese Mission studio «United Artists» misunderstood the name of the movie, read it as a «Dr.? No! »Japanese printed posters with the character for" We do not need a doctor! "Error is detected at the last moment.

18. Wolfe Mankovits was one of the writers of "Dr. No", but he is so not like the final version of the script that Mankovich withdrew his name from the credits. But later avenged - wrote the script for the film, a parody of the 007 "Ka" Royal "(1967), which also starred Ursula Andress - the first Bond girl.

19. The famous photograph where Connery holding a gun at chest level, had to retake the last moment. "Walther PPK" forgotten in the studio. Fortunately, the photographer with an air gun turned out - with him and Connery starred.

20. According to a survey of the magazine Empire and Sony Pictures in 2006, Ursula Andress (Honey Ryder) was named the best friend of all the James Bond movie, James Bond. A scene from the movie "Dr. No" when Andress, like Venus, in a white bikini emerges from the waves became more religious in those days. Once Hanni Ryder was disgusted young Sean Connery in a bathing suit, the bikini became an instant rage, and the young Scottish actor - movie star. British TV station Channel 4 in 2004 called this scene one of the most exciting moments in world cinema.

21. Ian Fleming insisted Roger Moore - as the ideal candidate for the role of Bond, but Moore refused as began acting in television series "The Holy».

22. In 2006, at London auction Christie`s pistol Walther PPK James Bond (Walther PPK), who used Sean Connery in "Dr. No" in 1962, was sold for 54 000 pounds ($ 106, 202). This pistol was the most expensive lot at the time of all previously sold memorabilia from the James Bond films.

23. The famous phrase, "Bond, James Bond» (Bond. James Bond) entered the list of the "100 most famous phrases of Hollywood", compiled by the American Film Institute in 2005. It took 22 place. A quote from James Bond "martini. Shake without mixing »(A martini. Shaken, not stirred) - 90 th.

24. The legendary white bikini Ursula Andress from the movie "Dr. No" was sold at auction "Christie" February 14, 2001. Miss Andress decided to part with a bathing suit, accidentally discovered in the attic of his home. Bikini one hundred percent cotton was sold for 40 thousand. Pounds. His acquired Robert Erol to put in the window of a restaurant chain Planet Hollywood. This outfit, according to Ursula Andress, brought her success. The role of the first 007 girls in "Dr. No", as says the actress, gave her a "freedom of choice of roles and ensure the financial independence».

25. In the classic scene appearance Hanni Rider on the beach, in the film flaunts her famous white bikini. A book on the girl was wearing a belt with a sheath for a dagger. Plus, her nose had been broken, like a boxer - a consequence

26. Since Connery terribly afraid of spiders, the scene with the spider in the bed of James Bond was filmed by a glass partition separating the actor from the insect. However, the episode turned unrealistic, and therefore it was decided to re-shoot the scene with a backup Connery Bob Simmons. Simmons said that the scene with a tarantula crawling on the shoulder of James Bond, was the most horrible trick that he ever had to do.

27. In the two weeks before the start of filming of "Dr. No" played the leading female role has not yet been found. Produced by chance saw a photo of actor John Derek and his wife, Ursula Andress and immediately offered her a role, even without meeting personally with the actress. At this time, Andress was not interested in the work, but a family friend actor Kirk Douglas, read the script, Ursula persuaded to accept the role Hanni Ryder.

28. One of the interior parts of the doctor's lair But there was a window-lens through which one could see the sea fish. In the film library studio the day before filming this scene quickly found a film with underwater photography. But the fish were filmed close up and seemed much larger than life. Then was invented explanation, the doctor but he says that all of the glass increases, like a lens.

29. Artist as Dr. But Joseph Wiseman was the only one of the actors who played villains in the early Bond films, whose voice was not duplicated in the film.

30. One reason why Noel Coward refused the role of Dr. No, was that he had to wear a metal film of hand prostheses.

31. The film is directed by Terence Young, except for "Dr. No", took two more James Bond movie with Sean Connery: "From Russia with Love" (1963) and "Thunderball" (1965).

32. It was originally planned that the first James Bond film will be "Thunderball", but legal squabbles with one of the co-writer (Kevin McClory) have led to the fact that the first has been removed, "Dr. No". Another reason was that the effect of the film takes place in one place - in Jamaica, and the scenario was just one big scene with special effects. It was convenient, since the film's budget was small.

33. On the creation of the famous James Bond theme that sounded in the credits of the first Bond film, is legendary. One undeniable: it was written by the composer Monty Norman. They say that this melody he composed for the musical, which was never delivered. According to another version, Norman heard a catchy melody from street musicians in Jamaica. But be that as it may, the producers have offered to modify the tune and invited John Barry, but the contract he had to relinquish all copyright. Barry decided that the best tit (fee) in the hands, rather than a crane (glory) in the sky. If he knew that it was his arrangement so loved the public. But the "real father" Monty Norman now never misses an opportunity to claim rights to the famous melody. It is worth to someone called Barry Bond's creator motive, Norman immediately takes the offender to court for libel.

34. The machine on which James Bond travels in the movie - blue Sunbeam Alpine 1961. The machine is not equipped with any of the gadgets the Q, but the car saves the life of Bond when pursuing henchmen of Dr. No.

35. The writer Ian Fleming did not like Sean Connery, he believed that the uncouth Scot fuck his favorite child. But after the film, he radically changed his mind. Fleming was so excited about the work Connery, in his new novel Bond "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1963) gave his hero Scottish roots.

36. Although Moneypenny has become a symbol of Britain, actress Lois Maxwell, who played this role - Canadian.

37. The character of Miss Moneypenny was inspired by Vera Atkins - an agent of British intelligence. After World War II Atkins participated in the search for war criminals.

38. The American premiere was delayed because of heavy political climate after the Cuban missile crisis.

39. When James Bond in the film sings the song "Under the mango tree» (Under The Mango Tree), is the first and only time in 007 sings bondiane.

40. The classic scene in which first appeared 007, where we first see only the face of his partner on the card table, and then there is a close-up of the protagonist, and it seems: "Bond, James Bond" was filmed March 2, 1962.

41. The first scene, which starred Sean Connery as James Bond, was the scene at the Kingston airport. He closes his hat from the girl-photographer. The episode was filmed 16 January 1962.

42. "James Bond Beach", the entrance to which is worth 3 pounds, is located directly opposite the villa Ian Fleming's "Golden Eye" near Oracabessa.

43. The budget of the first Bond movie was so limited that the machine superspy blue Sunbeam Alpine 1961., was leased in rental companies.

44. The film's budget was only $ 1 million. But when it was overdrawn $ 100, 000, studio «United Artists» gathered close the project, fearing that these costs will never be repaid.

45. Fleming personally offered the role of Dr. But screenwriter and actor Noel Coward ("Around the World in 80 Days," "Our Man in Havana"). Coward replied by telegram: «« Dr.No »? No! No! No! »(« «Dr. No"? No! No! No! »).

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