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Sophia Loren (Sophia Loren), the first film in 1948, only 91 movie role. This woman was in love with the entire Soviet Union. Incredibly beautiful and charismatic actress and also the most titled in Italian cinema. She received the "Oscar" for Best Actress, and it was the first time that the prize awarded in this nomination for the film, shot not in English. Subsequently, she was nominated for it again and twice on "Golden Globe". She also has a prize at the Cannes, Venice and Moscow Film Festival. But she has another unique achievement. She was awarded almost all the major honorary awards for his contribution to world cinema, namely, the "Oscar", "Golden Lion" (Venice Film Festival), "Silver St. George" "(Moscow Film Festival)," Golden Bear "(Berlin Film Festival), as well as honorary "Cesar" (main film awards in France). Only the Cannes, but I think it is there and received an honorary prize. Archbishop of Genoa once joked that although the Vatican does not approve, in principle, human cloning, he could make an exception for Sophia Loren.

Anna Magnani (Anna Magnani), the first film in 1928, only 49 roles in movies. One of the greatest Italian actresses. Playwright Tennessee Williams wrote for her play "The Rose Tattoo". For a film of this play, she received the "Oscar" and "Golden Globe". As well it has a major prize in Venice and Berlin film festivals for Best Actress. Star on the Hollywood Walk is the star of her name.

Alida Valli (Alida Valli), the first film in 1934, a total of 116 roles in movies. She has participated in almost all the films of the great Italian directors: Visconti, Bertolucci, Pasolini, Argento, Antonioni. At the Venice Film Festival in 1997, the actress was awarded an honorary "Golden Lion" for her long career in film.

Francesca Bertini (Francesca Bertini), the first film in 1907, only 142 movie roles. She became famous in silent films (more than 100 roles), but had time to take pictures and sound films, including the famous "Twentieth Century" Bertolucci.

Gina Lollobrigida (Gina Lollobrigida), the first film in 1946, a total of 65 roles in movies. One of the most beautiful actresses in the world. The owner of "Golden Globe" for Best Actress. She was awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor in person from the hands of Francois Mitterrand. In the 1970s, Jean's career went into decline and almost ended in 1973 in the film "mortal sin." After that, for decades, she appeared only a couple of movies and several times tried suggestions about the shooting on television. At this time, Gene took photojournalism, and among the celebrities whose photos she did was Paul Newman, Salvador Dali, Fidel Castro, and the Germany national football team. In 1973, her work has been published in the magazine «Italia Mia».

Lucia Bose (Lucia Bose), the first film in 1950, a total of 54 movie roles. She starred in many early career and maybe the world would be a famous actress, but in 1956 she married bullfighter and devoted herself to family and almost ceased to appear. Yet she could withdraw from De Santis, Antonioni, Cocteau, Fellini.

Pick Tina (Tina Pica), the first film in 1916, a total of 66 roles in movies. This Italian Tatiana Peltzer. She became famous when he was in old age, but still had the audience remember her image.

Claudia Cardinale (Claudia Cardinale), the first film in 1958, only 104 movie roles. Another great and famous Italian beauty. One of my favorite actresses Visconti, first spoke his voice from the screen in Fellini and denied reciprocity Alain Delon and Marlon Brando. A real star.

Stefania Sandrelli (Stefania Sandrelli), the first film of 1961 ... only 113 movie roles. Star of cult films by Bernardo Bertolucci "The Conformist" and "Twentieth Century." Began her acting career as a beautiful girl, in mid-career played in a candid film Tinto Brass "key" but could become a serious actress.

Monica Bellucci (Monica Bellucci), the first film in 1990, only 52 movie roles. Despite the fact that many consider it a French actress, she still Italian. I'm not wrong if I say that this is the most popular Italian actress at the moment. And one of the most beautiful actresses around the world cinema. I think it makes no sense to write about it many words :)

Giulietta Masina (Giulietta Masina, real name - Giulia Anna Masina), the first film in 1946, a total of 31 movie role. Wife and favorite actress, Federico Fellini. He did the same from a modest Julia Juliet. In his own films it all fell in love with Italy, and then the whole world. "The Road", "Nights of Cabiria", "Juliet of the Spirits»

Silvana Mangano (Silvana Mangano), the first film in 1945, a total of 35 roles in movies. The wife of a famous producer Dino De Laurentiis, a favorite actress Visconti and Pazalini.

Monica Vitti (Monica Vitti, real name - Maria Louisa Ceciarelli), the first film in 1954, a total of 55 roles in movies. Her fame roles in films of Antonioni, and "Silver Bear" at the Berlin Film Festival for his role in the film "Flirting", the debut film of her future husband, Roberto Russo.

Mariangela Melato (Mariangela Melato), the first film in 1970, a total of 60 roles in movies. one of the most popular European actresses of the 70s. The success of the actress brought the role - Lydia in the political drama Elio Petri "The working class goes to heaven»

Ornella Muti (Ornella Muti, real name - Francesca Romana Rivelli), the first film in 1970, only 103 movie roles. Fantastic beauty. Domestic audience, it is best known for her roles in comedies "tameing straptivogo" and "Lovestruck", where she was partnered by Adriano Celentano, with whom she was having an affair. She also starred in the title role in the joint Soviet-Italian film "Life is Beautiful" at the Soviet director Chuhraja.

Asia Argento (Asia Argento), the first film in 1985, only 49 roles in movies. The daughter of a famous film director Dario Argento: "I always dreamed that one day I can make a film in Russia. Even my daughter Russian name - Asya. I gave her that name in honor of the Russian poet Tsvetaeva. "- Once said in an interview with the director. Participated in the famous film "Queen Margot" Patrice Chereau and made a film with Marilyn Manson. Very talented actress and director, but known skandalistka. I think it will still show themselves.

Laura Morante (Laura Morante), the first film in 1978, a total of 78 roles in movies. In the second half of the 1980s became one of the leading actresses of Italian cinema. One of the most popular and sought-after actresses of Italian cinema 1990-2000-ies.

Giovanna Mezzogiorno (Giovanna Mezzogiorno), the first film in 1997, a total of 31 movie role. The rising star of Italian cinema. The daughter of actor Vittorio Mezzogiorno (investigator David Licata from the series "Octopus"). The fame brought her starring role in the movie "Love in the Time of Cholera", where she was partnered by Javier Bardem. I think the real glory she is yet to come.

Virna Lisi (Virna Lisi), the first film in 1953, only 94 movie roles. domestic audiences, it is well-known for starring in the adventure film "Black Tulip", where she was partnered by Alain Delon. But her role was triumphant Catherine de Medici in the film scandalous "Queen Margot", for which she received the "Silver Palm for Best Actress" at the Cannes Film Festival and the César Award.

Valeria Golino (Valeria Golino), the first film in 1984, a total of 73 movie roles. Most viewers will remember her for the title role in the movie "Rain Man", many probably have noticed her in the role in the movie "Frida". In 1986, she won the Venice Film Festival for Best Actress in the film "Love Story».

Luciana Paluzza (Luciana Paluzzi), the first film in 1953, only 74 movie roles. The first Italian actress, who became a Bond girl (the movie "Thunderball"), though not the main one.

Isabella Rossellini (Isabella Rossellini), the first film in 1976, a total of 70 roles in movies. The famous daughter of famous parents, the director Roberto Rossellini and actress Ingrid Bergman. Favorite actress David Lynch, who played his most famous role in "Blue Velvet»

Carla Del Poggio (Carla Del Poggio), the first film in 1940, a total of 30 roles in movies. She made her debut in the title role in the drama of Vittorio De Sica "Maddalena zero for conduct." In 1945 she married the famous film director Alberto Lattuada, in films which sang her most famous role.

Sandra Milo (Sandra Milo), the first film in 1955, only 49 roles in movies. Fame was brought to her roles in "8 and a half" and "Cinderella 80". Sandra Milo by nature has a high falsetto - it was bright hallmark of her sexy blonde kinobraza-temptress.

Caterina Murino (Caterina Murino), the first film in 2000, a total of 28 roles in movies. Rising Star. The fame brought her starring role in the French comedy "Corsican". A few years later she became a Bond girl in the movie "Casino Royale", right up to the end of the film, her character did not live :)

Marina Berti (Marina Berti, real name Elena Moreen Bertolini), the first film in 1941, only 77 roles in movies. Very beautiful actress, who became popular for his roles in historical films "Quo Vadis" and "Ben Hur."

Milena Vukotic (Milena Vukotic), the first film in 1960, only 97 roles in movies. Has played many roles in mostly-starring with famous directors, including Tarkovsky in "Nostalgia", as well as Fellini, Bunuel and others.

Nicoletta Braschi (Nicoletta Braschi), the first film in 1983, a total of 18 roles in movies. The wife of the director and actor Roberto Benigni. Starring role in her husband's "Life is Beautiful" made her famous. She also starred in Jim Jarmusch and Bernardo Bertolucci.

Pier Angeli (Pier Angeli, real name Anna Maria Pierangeli), the first film in 1950, a total of 33 movie roles. A year after the debut of the Italian cinema, she was invited to a major role in the Hollywood film "Teresa". For his role in this film Pier Angeli was awarded the "Golden Globe" in the "most promising newcomer", as well as high-grade film critics, who compared it with Greta Garbo.

Marisa Pavan (Marisa Pavan), the first film in 1948, a total of 37 roles in movies. Success came to her in 1955 for his role in the movie "The Rose Tattoo". The role of Rose, the daughter of Anna Magnani character brought Marisa nomination for "Oscar" and the award "Golden Globe" for Best Supporting Actress.


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