Is it real?

So many horror films claim that they are "inspired by real events" or "based on real events." But how many of them really are those? It turns out, not so much. Here is a selection of horror films, supposedly based on a true story

1. "Spell» (The Conjuring, 2013)

Allegedly true. In "Sworn" describes the most difficult thing in the life of ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren. In 1971 they took over the obsessed family house in the town of Peronne Harrisville, Rhode Island. Inside the house, doors opening and closing by themselves, attacking the family spirits, and eventually took his mother, trying to kill her children. It was the fault of the former owner, the evil witch who cursed the land. As a result, the Warrens have cleared the house.
Another important character in the film - Annabel doll. As a reminder of the old things, Annabelle was supposedly obsessed, and Warren locked it in his museum demonic and possessed items to save. The dummy film is placed in one room, and then it turns to the other. When she threw it reappeared in the house. In the life of a doll named Annabelle was locked under the supervision of Warren. Although in real life doll looks less frightening than the movie, so it only gets worse, right? And yes, about this doll was rumored that she is obsessed with and in those places where it is not allowed, and so on.

Data. Family Perron - real. James Wang, director of "Sworn", met with them, conducted interviews and used their stories in the film (funny that as a member of the family Perrone explained, for the most part everything was done during the night). At present Perron family interviewed on camera, and then the footage was used in the trailer for the film. In an interview with «Providence Journal» mother also alleges that, it seems it was something possessed.

Could they invent all this for the money? Of course! But the fact that they do exist, like Annabel doll.

Verdict. Perhaps all this is really true!

"Man-moth» (The Mothman Prophecies, 2002)

Allegedly true. Richard Gere plays a reporter who went to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, to investigate occurrences of "Mothman", such as what his wife saw a fictional character before his death. The filmmakers say that it is based on real events. A film in which a character Gere gets crazy in a time loop, trying to uncover it and stop being an unknown catastrophic event of achievements.

Data. Point Pleasant, West Virginia - a real city. There's even a statue of "Mothman". And yes, there's been a lot of tall tales about the appearance of a "man-moth", which took place in the 1960s. In 1966 and 1967, the years of "man-moth" have seen many times, so much that they inspired writer John Keel go back and write about all the events of the book, based on which the film was made. Kiel even claims that an unknown person had contacted him by telephone that happened in the movie. And yes, a tragic accident on the Ohio River, which led to the deaths of several witnesses to the appearance of "Mothman", in which Keel interviewed also had the place to be. Kiel confirms that he was warned about this accident, although he did not know she was going to happen there and exactly how.
Verdict. Like Bigfoot, "man-moth" - a legend. This is a fun spot tale, but unfortunately, its existence can not be proven. And, unfortunately, the film "Man-moth" too freely interpret the event to be considered truthful. So no, this film does not pass. But the hope to see the next "Mothman" is still alive.

"The Amityville Horror» (The Amityville Horror, 1979)

Allegedly true. It is assumed that a film based on the book by Jay Anson, "The Amityville Horror: A True Story" 1977 years, based on the real experience of George and Kathleen Lutz. In the film, a Catholic priest blesses the house, but he had a problem with a blessing, and he felt a sudden malaise, resulting in losing their faith. The family is going through a series of paranormal phenomena, for example, they see the red eyes in the darkness, find the secret room, from the walls oozing sticky mud, and they have nightmares about a family that was killed in this house. Lutz also learn that the house was prostroen the burial place of the tribe, who worship the devil.

Data. In the year before the Lutz family moved into the house in Amityville, New York, it was the site of the brutal murder of Ronald DeFeo Jr. there shot six members of his family. Many of the alleged paranormal phenomena described in the book of the film Anson: glowing eyes, nightmares, mud, secret room. The book by Fr. Ralph J.. Pecoraro, called the "father of Mancuso" blesses the house and hears a voice commanding him to get out of there.
However, likely that the events of the book were invented. William Weber, an attorney Ronald DeFeo, in 1979, told the magazine «People», he and the family Lutz invented story "after a few bottles of wine».

Verdict. Although the events of the film mainly come from the story, which Lutz told Jay Anson, the story itself is likely to have been invented by Weber and Lutz to earn money on the tragedy DeFeo.

"The Haunting in Connecticut» (The Haunting in Connecticut, 2009)

Allegedly true. Marketers of the film say that it is based on paranormal activity, tested Snedeker family at their home in Southington, Connecticut. In the film, the family moved to Connecticut closer to the center where their child is being treated for cancer. Family discovers that before this was a funeral home, but it ignores the terrible history - at least until such time until starting to happen something strange. Matt, the boy being treated for cancer, phantom visions come, as well as his parents. Matt learns about the rituals of necromancy, held in the building, which led to the death of Jonah served as a medium during the sessions. The house turned out to be inhabited by the spirits of the people whose bodies were hidden in the walls of the necromancer. Ghost Psychic says Matt, you need to burn the corpses and thus release of perfume. The house burned, and cancer Matt disappears.

Data. Even Lorraine Warren, one of the alleged clairvoyants who worked on the case, said that the film is only loosely based on real investigation, and she said to the media that is experiencing a kind of disappointment from the fact that people believe version of the story contained in the film, true. Of course, Lorraine insists that the house was inhabited by the spirits of the truth, but Ray Garton, who wrote in 1992 a book about the case "in a dark place: The history of this ghost," said that everything is a fraud. In an interview with «Damned Connecticut» Garton he said that Ed Warren, husband and business partner Lorraine, said: "All the people who come to us, crazy, and that's why they come to us. Just use what you can, and the rest come up. You write a book scary, right? Well, think of the story and make it scary. That's why we hire you. " Garton insisted that Snedekery not be able to adhere to the history and that he hardly allowed to speak with their son, around which the whole story. But when he talked to the boy, he said Garton, that everything as he thought he saw in the house, disappeared after he started taking drugs.

Verdict. Well, Snekedery actually lived in a former funeral home in Connecticut, but that's not the real story. The film is loosely based on a set of stories, probably invented Snekederami and Warren Garton and edited for printing.

Exorcism of Emily Rose (The Exorcism of Emily Rose, 2005)

Allegedly true. The film is based on a real court case, which took place after German woman named Anneliese Michel died after a ritual expulsion of demons. Of course, the film is a lost young girl - named Emily Rose - really was obsessed, and the investigation of the claim that "the film is based on real events", that could be a real obsession.
The film tells the story of a court case about the exorcism with six demons - including Cain, Judas Iscariot and Nero - possessors Emily. Instead of putting an end to their suffering, Emily decides to live to be living proof of the existence of God and the devil, but her obsession makes her continue to harm themselves and do not have that in the end it leads to death. The priest who conducted the ritual expulsion of demons, convicted of negligent homicide.

Data. The real story of Anneliese Michel quite sad. She was a very religious Bavarian girl when at age 16 suffered severe seizures, and she was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. She was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital for treatment of seizures, but the procedure does not relieve the symptoms, and she began to hallucinate. The treatment did not work, and Michelle began to attribute their symptoms of demonic possession, so she and her family eventually asked to carry out an exorcism.
Priests, to which they are addressed, insisted that she - epileptic and possessed at least until 1975, when Bishop Arnold Renz allowed to hold a ceremony. Michelle has gone through 67 ceremonies for ten months, and spoke of his death as an atonement wayward youth and false priests of the modern church. In the end, she died of malnutrition and dehydration. Priests Ernst Viola and Arnold Renz were charged with negligent homicide, and during the trial, they argued that (like the fictional Emily Rose), Michel has been obsessed Exorcism - including Adolf Hitler, Judas Iscariot and Nero.
The priests have been found guilty of murder, but they received a relatively light sentence - six months in prison (the term was suspended) and three months probation. Later, the Vatican's Commission said that Michelle was mentally ill and was not obsessed, but her grave still attracts pilgrims who believe that it really was possessed by demons.

Verdict. The film does include a lot of details of the case, Michel, including statements that Viola and Renz made during the trial. But it's most likely was just a tragic accident with a girl who underwent a neurological disorder and suffered in their search for a spiritual explanation.

"Strangers» (The Strangers, 2008)

Allegedly true. The story revolves around a young couple remained on vacation in a secluded cabin in the woods. But their peace is disturbed when several strangers in masks puppet decide to invade the house and kill the unsuspecting couple. Trailer begins with the assertion that it is based on real events.

Data. When asked about these "real events", screenwriter, film director Bryan Bertino remembered the following:
"This part of the story came to me from childhood memories. I was a kid, one evening when parents were not home, and someone knocked at the door, and my younger sister said. Behind the door people were asking someone who did not live here. Later we found out that the people knocking on doors in the neighborhood, and if no one was home, broke into the house. In "Strangers" that in the house there is someone, does not keep people knocking on the door, quite the contrary ».
So he could not just say, "No, the film is not based on real events».

Verdict. Not true.

The fourth kind »(Fourth Kind, 2009)

Allegedly true. "The fourth kind" - the biggest sinner in the film category "No, really, it is absolutely real." At the beginning of the film actress Milla Jovovich addresses the audience as the Milla Jovovich, informing us that everything that we are going to see the truth, and this film recreates the real alien abduction. Sometimes the film switches to split screen, and on the one hand will Jovovich as a doctor of psychology Abigail Tyler of Nome, Alaska, and on the other side - the real footage of Dr. Abigail Tyler, with its recorded sessions with patients who claim that they were allegedly abducted by aliens . You see, Dr. Tyler is investigating a series of disappearances in their town, declaring their abduction by aliens. Dr. Tyler also undergone this danger, when the aliens have stolen her daughter and the doctor left paralyzed. The film is all the time trying to convince us that the footage that we see are real 100%.

Data. This is not the case in the "real" frames you see Dr. Tyler actress Charlotte Milchard. The studio even tried to run the site, confirming the work of Tyler, but he was exposed. It was all a hoax. And do the team members on the set say it's a hoax. The only real fact in this film - a series of disappearances in a small town in Alaska in 2005, the year. The FBI conducted an investigation into these disappearances, and according to «Anchorage Daily News» (via CNN), «The FBI reviewed 20 cases and concluded that the cause of their low temperature steel and alcohol." That's what we have.

Verdict. Fake.

Open Sea »(Open Water, 2003)

Allegedly true. The film of 2003 "Open Sea" tells the story of a couple, thrown in the middle of the ocean for a dive. Their vacation in the Bahamas darkens quickly when those two have to fight dehydration and a bunch of sharks. In the end, a man bitten by a shark, and his wife slips into the water starting to sink. History is sold as a "based on real events».

Data. In 1998, the American tourists Tom and Eileen Lonergan disappeared near Australia's Great Barrier Reef. It's pretty clear that this film is based on the tragic events described in the newspaper «Guardian».

Verdict. The film is inspired by real events, yes. But no one can know what happened to the real victims of the tragedy.

The Witch and The Blair Project, The »(The Blair Witch Project, 1999)

Allegedly true. This film was a pioneer of the genre of "found the film", which means a lot, a lot of lies about the film. The film states that "in October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Berkitsvillya, Maryland, while shooting a documentary ... A year later, the film was found." The film shows the three filmmakers in the woods to shoot a documentary about the Blair Witch, Witch and then attacks them and allegedly killed. The studio is fully lined, trying to convince the public that this is real footage. They even made an announcement about the missing.

Data. All this is - fiction. Missing children - actors. Because you already know this, right?

Verdict. You can not say, but yes, fake.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre »(Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 1974)

Allegedly true. Tobe Hooper film supposedly based on real events. These supposedly real events related to the activities of the killer Ed Gein in the 1950s.

Data. Ed Gein - the man really existed, which gave the monstrous deeds. However, he did not kill a group of teenagers Texas Chainsaw. And he's from Wisconsin. They say he wore the skin of their victims on the face and body and tied one of the victims as well as the hunter connects deer on the way to the slaughterhouse. So you can see some similarities between the real killer and "Leather face." But they are not enough to declare a film based on real events. The creators of "Psycho" and "Silence of the Lambs," also claim that their films inspired terrible crimes Gein.

Verdict. Unreal.

"Fire in the Sky» (Fire In The Sky, 1993)

Allegedly true. Sawyer Arizona disappear for five days after the abduction alien spaceship in the middle of the night. On the ship over it repeatedly conducted experiments and then thrown back to Earth.

Data. Travis Walton - a real person who has spent a huge press tour on the release of his book "The case of Walton," written for the film. "Fire in the Sky" has attracted a lot of "I want to believe it," -Attention. Plus nightmarish scene examination of human aliens and classical beam of light makes the film too good to be true. Geraldo Riviera even forced Patrick on his show to confess, believe it or not. In response to Patrick quoted Carl Sagan, which was just great.

Verdict. Travis Walton and Rogers believe that it's true. And if the aliens are reading this right now, we think so too.

"The Possession» (The Possession, 2012)

Allegedly true. If this film is based on real events, and this means that there may be a dybbuk box. Divorced father and his two daughters are dybbuk box, after which one of the daughters becomes obsessed. The father must reach Matisyahu to defeat the demon. Everything turns out for all but Matisyahu.

Data. Cursed Casket gained popularity thanks to its owner Kevin Mannisu who found this object on sale in the Polish Holocaust survivor man named Havel. According to legend, he said, a woman who owned a casket comes into contact with the spirit of unhappiness Dybbuk. Then the evil spirit was imprisoned in this box. But this case is not alone, there are plenty of them.



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