False facts

We all love interesting facts. On the network now walks a huge variety of historical facts and photos that are sometimes just "ducks". In this set for you to collect several well-known photographs that describe interesting stories, but are in fact a hoax. Is it - robot librarian from 1950?

and seemingly left photo can be similar to the example of an old-fashioned automation. But this - the work of Photoshop.

The photo shows a vending machine "robot" who sold cigarettes in Berlin Zoo in 1955.

Anyway, the truth about this picture is even more bizarre than the fictionalized version. According to the title in the Getty Images: «Machine thank customers for payment of cigarettes, and at the same time give advice on road safety. The scene of traffic accidents in the eyes of the robot designed ».

Is it the economy class airfare in 1960?

We love to romanticize the "good old days". And yes, some aspects of commercial flights were once more, as if to say, luxury. But now, in the 21st century, we often forget about the incredibly high prices, low speeds and terrible discrimination yesterday airlines.

The photo above shows the alleged "Economy class on an airplane of Pan America 747" in the 1960s. The only problem? This is not a real plane. This - the layout produced by Boeing to show what they were like 747.

Yes, the future of air travel was supposed to be awesome. But in reality, they have never been so amazing how dreams aircraft manufacturers.

Is this boy was a real chimney sweep?

Photo on the left shows the supposedly small chimney sweep early XX century. But if you wonder why he had no shoes, and soot on his face as if there was there deliberately, I found the answer. This is actually a picture in 1980.

According to Getty Images in the photo four-year old boy from London in fancy dress. The photograph on the right real underage workers of the early 20th century. Have you noticed distinct differences in how happy they work?

Is Teddy Roosevelt went on the American moose?

Everyone knows that Teddy Roosevelt was a bully. Roosevelt embodies the American ideal of masculinity, so that it has become a staple of popular culture of the 21st century. But if Teddy went on the American moose?

Unfortunately, no. The photo above was part of a collage made by the press for elections in 1912. Roosevelt served as a member of the Party of elk, which explains why it was invented fake. His opponents also went to the charms of their parties: an elephant Taft, Wilson on a donkey.

But we can not help but wonder what it would be like if today Roosevelt acted as a Libertarian. Their party mascot - a penguin. That would be a real test of courage.

Is it - a prototype of the modern "home computer" in 1954?

The image above shows the supposedly futuristic "home computer", developed by RAND Corporation in 1954. And it would be a wonderful exhibit of retro futurism. If it was true.

The image was taken during the competition for Photoshop, arranged Fark in 2004. And this forgery was surprisingly long shelf life. Even in 2007, I ran across this image almost every week. These days, most people know that it is - a fake, but you'll still see it here and there.

Are these three dogs survived the wreck of "Titanic»?

Yes, all three dogs survived the wreck of "Titanic". But do these three dogs ...

"The dogs that survived were so small that it is doubtful that someone noticed that they brought in the lifeboats," - said researcher Dr. J. Joseph Edzhett Yahoo last year.

Two dogs from Pomerania and dog from Beijing were really the only dogs, survivors of about 12 dogs on board. Unfortunately, dogs are depicted above are not saved.

Is it - is a real picture of the battle of the First World War?

Yes, technically it is - the "real" picture of the First World War. But the photo looks too perfect for the middle of the battle. This photo is a complex image.

Australian photographer Frank Hurley took this picture. Or, more accurately, a collage. By combining different images, in this case attacking planes in the sky and on the ground battlefield, Hurley created a photo that does not transmit what "actually" happened during the war.

Hurley has created the problem of their photos and they are incredibly controversial today. But he did not just create complex images, it also organized shifts in personnel. Hurley defended his photographic creation, arguing that they were war far better than ever could have limited time technology. But nearly a century later, they are still positioned as a "real».

Was it the first ever built camera?

No, in the photo above 1900 is not displayed the first ever built camera that was allegedly photographed the second ever built camera.

It is easy to expose, because anyone with a basic knowledge of the history of photography know that photo technology appeared before 1900. But more than 1,600 retweets on a single Twitter account saying that there are many people who want to believe it.

This camera was really the biggest ever built up to that time. But it was not the first camera.

Just answer the question - if the first camera, on what camera it remove?

Is this a bomb killed a man who took this photo?

On our last photo Japanese bomb exploding on of flight deck of USS Enterprise in 1942. The bomb, which allegedly killed a photographer who took this picture. But this is not so.

Yes, this incredible picture was taken a brave American photographer, documenting the Battle of the Eastern Solomons August 24, 1942. But this bomb, despite the impressive size and beautiful effect, caused minor damage to the ship and the person who took the picture. The responsibility for this error, however, can not be assigned to the Internet. Obviously picture was incorrectly signed, when it was archived American troops.

Photographer named Robert Frederick Reid really died that day along with 37 other men on board the USS Enterprise. But he was not the same man who made this unusual photo

Source: p-i-f.livejournal.com


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