How to respond to a lie

By studying human psychology, we can not fail to appeal to such an important topic as a lie. Since it faces each of us, it is - an integral part of our lives. Let's try to understand the psychology of lying, know what, how and why the usual lie, what are the signs of lies and options for response to it.

1. The study of psychology lie gives grounds to assert that people often say half-truths. False information is tied to the sense of true. As a result of such manipulation, it looks like the whole truth. By the way, half-truths method - one of the key techniques in the arsenal of methods of manipulation of consciousness

. 2. The person is lying, when the party itself is the hero and the events that have taken place in reality, but not with him.

3. Another option lies - the offset in time or space of the events really

. 4. Psychology of lies is that people often "paint" the details of his false information that it seemed more real.

5. In psychology known method lies built on evidence. In the words of Goebbels than a blatant lie, the more readily believe in her. So, what he says the man, so easy to check (and we all know it), nobody even thought that he was lying so blatantly.

6. Liars know that they can be caught, and try to behave exactly as usual, do not look away, do not change the tone, etc. The more a person is lying, the harder it is to catch his lie. There is, however, and such a phenomenon as the reputation of a faithful man. If he never lies, but decides to do it again in five years, most of the people who knew him did not even think to suspect him of lying. And this lie can become evident over time, or may remain anonymous. Another thing is that over time, these people have a tendency to give away themselves. But in this matter, as in many other aspects of stealth and psychology of lies, everything is very individual.

Psychology: how to respond to false
? So, what if you suspect the truth? First of all - be cautious in estimates and analyze information from the point of view of psychology lies. Indeed, many signs of insincerity only indirectly indicate it may significantly adjusted personal-psychological characteristics of people and external circumstances. On the other hand, sometimes you can not explain how to define a lie, but I do believe that something is wrong. Do you feel cheating. Usually, it is inherent in the people, who themselves used to say directly what they want from other people.

If you thought you communicated information may be unreliable, do everything to recheck them. Focus on the first rule of a reporter: The information is not confirmed by the second, independent from the first source - is not information, but simply gossip

. Focus not only on the meaning of what you say. Try also to control verbal and nonverbal means of communication, interlocutor response to questions and all possible features in the complex. Then more likely to make a correct assessment of the information and the degree of its accuracy.

Consider not only what you are told, but also who, when, under what circumstances does it. In other words, the personal characteristics of the speaker and the very situation of your communication. For example, if you know that this particular person is prone to embellishment, he developed a fantasy, it is worth to pay attention to the details of his story. He can tell the whole truth, but to embellish the individual moments simply by virtue of their imagination. Did you encounter such a person, on account of which has already been misinformation of others. Be on your guard, it is better not to take his words and check their faith. If a person does not differ a tendency to manipulate other people, but still tries to do it, you can "calculate". But when you're dealing with a born manipulator, he manipulates others habitually and regularly, to see through his intentions, to understand his psychology lies is not always easy.

In depth psychology lies
Ask yourself whether the person is interested in manipulating you or someone else. What he gets, if the slope you or someone decide to perform an action in their favor? Try to understand how this typically human behavior associated with insincerity and falsehood.

The main thing - do not give themselves once a particular installation. If you set yourself on what you want to cheat, and if you give the installation, which in any case do not want even a pause in negotiations you will begin to perceive quite differently. It is best to think seriously about how to recognize a lie, to be sure exactly of reliability or unreliability of the information received.


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