Tibetan Lama: 6 types of lies of European civilization

Of course, when I say such things to people in person, they just break out the pliers, and they begin to argue. But there is no truth, that is, the objection is not the true content. It's just a reaction. How to drip saline for amoeba, and it will begin to shrink. That's all. But the amoeba, unlike people, doesn't mind, she honestly responds, fully immersed in their conditionality clearly.

The man is guided in the same, in fact, respond, concept of rightness. Not truth as an undistorted reflection of reality, namely, personal right. This is the essence of his response. To really start to understand (or at least get a chance), he needs to make an effort ceasing to respond, and use this released energy to move to understanding.

If you try to do so, you may discover from the words of this Tibetan Lama is a kind of extract that will give you the effect of catalyst to a small but real changes.


Just understand first that what he says is present in us, because we all generally grew in the body of European culture. And all the phenomena specified by this Lama, the present and live in the us, even if the concept (by direct intention or contradictions) we don't agree with them. You can say all this is not so for us, it's too tough look. No, just the Lama pulled out the "rude" things to the surface, and in us they are hiding under a bushel, under a thick soft layer of habits not to notice that we are following every minute. This habit, which we call the saving ignorance. Although it does not save us from anything. So...

"Whenever I teach the basics of the Vinaya, my students are surprised that lie in Buddhism, refers to the major black acts.That the lie is in the same row as murder, theft, fornication. You, men of the West, does not believe the lies something very serious. In fact there are, in your opinion, a white lie.

You are even convinced thatin a e l g u t. Including llamas, and priests. That this is your trouble.

That you do not consider lying a serious offense? Or that lying priests, you ask? All at once.

Understand that your priests are not to blame. You didn't leave them any other choice. But I think that the priests laid the Foundation of a number of falsehoods, which now is Western society. What else could they do? They had to choose between greater and lesser evil.

I think that the root cause of everything was Jesus.

Now some of you will think: of course, llama can't attack our religion and our teachers. But I'm not attacking you. I lamented. Jesus, like priests, are not to blame. Except for one thing: He was too you dissimilar.

You managers, business people. Jesus was not a man of business. He was a great poet. A dreamer. Now it seems that I again criticize Him, because for you "the dreamer" is a swear word. But this criticism is contained in your mind and not mine. Why should I consider "the dreamer" a dirty word? I myself am a dreamer of sorts. Moving to Europe with the purpose of preaching the Teachings was very naive on my part, and only the dreamer is capable of naive actions.
However, I don't regret this move. Preaching in Europe – a great way to become a bodhisattva. The Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha. I hope some people understand now, and I fear I was referring to.

Jesus was a great dreamer, a poet and idealist. But not just a dreamer. I think that He has achieved everything I dreamed of. He dreamed that others achieve it.

And you, the Europeans, called themselves His disciples, so you had to do something. Jesus, unlike Buddha, did not leave you no method, no consistent path. Poets do not leave of techniques. Liberation can be achieved by going in small steps. The Kingdom of God can only jump. Or several jumps.

Jump first:love your neighbor as yourself. This is what we call l o d W o n g, the development of a compassionate heart.

The leap second:give all that you have, and follow the teacher. What is called the Buddha's first monks.

These jumps were for most too large, and the chasm between them impassable. And here the priests were only one. To pretend. Lie. Lie like you've jumped. Are already flying. What are the chances to land safely. In fact, you didn't even get off the ground.

And honor could they do? To say that no one will ever be like Jesus? But then your religion does not need. Then the people will remain what they were. So I had to pretend.

Thus was laid a number of untruths. These untruths will determine the whole life of Western society. They – the first thing to teach a child.

Let's look at them more closely.

The first lie: the world is constantly evolving. It used to be worse, now better.

Lie the second: democracy is the best social system.

The third lie: wealth and glory is a measure of how good people.

Lie the fourth: there is the eternal, perfect love between a man and a woman.

The fifth lie: between a man and a woman in a spiritual sense there is no difference.

Lie six: things and words, which they represent, are one and the same.

Lie seven: in your society, very few bad people. And if they appear, they are quickly punished.

The eighth lie: you're a Christian.

I'm not going to talk about each of these wrongs. About democracy, for example, I have already said. I will tell only about some.

So, the first lie:the society is developing. But, strictly speaking, I don't see any evidence that society develops. And not because I'm malevolent alien. I think your society has evolved up to about the mid-nineteenth century. In the XIX century it reached its peak. It was recently, but it already was. It was then written your best book and best music. Of course, by themselves, books and music do not show the level of development of society. Important degree of compassion. When I read Dickens, it seems to me that the measure of empathy that his characters feel for each other, will never be achieved you again.

Develops only a technique. And here lies another one of the untruths that you believe. Do you think that technology is man's best friend. Believe me, that machine guns, which fired on Tibetan monks who were not their friends.

In every society there are the third Varna: Vaisya, the merchants. People who love money and know how to do them. A lot of them. Sometimes they are the majority. But we can't all be merchants. You think that can. You've been convinced of soldiers and priests believe that they should be as rich as merchants, that they should love money and be able to do them. And they believed, in the end.

Now your priests and civil servants trying to make money. At someone it turns out. The one who preaches or how should is, it turns out bad. As a result, these people feel inferior. Defective man rarely like the woman. This women begins to think that the strong men around the left, although men are not at fault. Then the woman takes over the tasks of men and becoming masculine.

Or the man believes that if he earned enough money, he should get "compensation" in his personal life, sexual pleasures. And here we come to the fourth of lies.

Of course, no eternal love between a man and a woman there. There is an eternal compassion. Not sure how you even came to this idea. Maybe Jesus could love an ideal love, and it was eternal. You pretended to become almost like him. But you didn't.

As a result, almost every Western girl who gets married thinks that it has achieved the goal of his life. She expects her husband will be God. Gods among the little people. The result of excessive expectations lead to great disappointment. Men have deceived me, they are not gods, the woman thinking. Women all better. So again there is a Le... love. In fact, men are not better and not worse.

Men d R u g and E. Men and women are completely different, unlike each other beings. There are many men's thoughts that the woman is just not interested, and Vice versa. But Western woman, deceived by the lies about the spiritual equality of women and men, the man tries on female size. Of course, she finds it all the worse, because men cannot bear children, it is less hardy, less handsome, and his intuition is weaker. It's like that to evaluate the horse only as a vehicle for movement. Of course, the motorcycle faster, stronger. But the horse R a z u m n a.

School teachers are doing a great evil, when you put a sign of equality between men and women. They make those other miserable. They increase the number of Le... and... But you think GOM... normal, you gave them the same rights as ordinary people. And we have masculine women and effeminate men cannot be ordained as a monk. And for the nuns – quite different bans, to monks-men.If Buddha was born among you in our time, you would put Him in jail for discrimination.

And the man in your society gets several mistresses, instead of having several wives. He cannot have multiple wives because you believe that there is only one eternal perfect love. And so, having mistresses, he also feels guilty. Almost all of you feel guilty in front of the priest, who as a child spoke to you of the sermon. For example, because you said that you, like every man, must be rich to love a woman perfect love, to love as Jesus or Buddha, of all people. But you feel that you can't do that. Why religion bothers you. Why so few people in Western society now I go to Church. I'm not saying that many wives is good. I think the less the better. And yet many wives is better than a lot of mistresses.

Of his wife the man cares. As a mistress you can quit, when she ceased to please. Or to kill. After all, the mistress is for a Christian a sin, and killing his mistress, you think that killing is a sin. Isn't that right? You protest, but it is true. Remember "Carmen". This is your European Opera. Officer kills a Gypsy woman for what she took a lover. In Tibet, of course, this also happens. Passion strong in all peoples. But between us and you there is a difference.

We honestly say that man is desire, hatred and jealousy. This is bad, but they are, and to leave the monastery, not everyone can. So we're trying to tie desire, hatred and jealousy in the bonds of public morality. And you say that the desire among men to different women can not appear. Because it is contrary to the ideals of eternal love, it is not Christian. You pretend that desire at all. And it rears its head and kills all.

And now lies sixth.

You are deeply convinced that things and words are one and the same. That word always corresponds exactly to the inner essence of things. Moreover the written word. Think it also comes from religion, because in the beginning of the gospel of John is thatthe word was God and God was the word. You learn at least the basics of Prajna the Paramitas, you would understand that it is not. I do not argue with the gospel. There is a difference between the Word of the gospel and the words we speak. All your training is built on words, terms, concepts.

Without words you feel completely helpless. As soon as an original philosopher or a preacher, the first thing you do is search the words, term, definition. You want to find a shortcut.Do you think that labels explain the essence of things. Here are examples of labels: Plato is an idealist. Jesus is an idealist. Buddhism is a philosophy and not a religion. But these labels do not explain anything, nothing at all. After all, if Jesus is an idealist, and idealism is a bad thing, in your opinion, your religion is bad.

Why you don't think about it? You call Buddhism a philosophy, and believe that you already know about our religion. But unless you've had a taste of Buddhism? Of course not, don't be fooled. And who told you that Buddhism is not a religion? As if we have no temples, no preachers! You just haven't found the Buddhism of his stereotipov here and say that Buddhism is not a religion but a philosophy. You just comfortable to think so. After all,philosophy is, for you, is what determines only the mind, not life. Philosophers are harmless, they do not interfere with the rich to be rich, and the poor – poor. But you're wrong. Buddhism defines life. Therefore, it is a religion. Your scientists are wrong, even if they are doctors and professors.

You Europeans generally believe in the titles, especially the Germans. In such as "Professor", "teacher", "doctor", "priest". Do you think that the fact of naming a person a Professor is already doing him a sage. But why? Similarly, you naively believe that your school teachers always teach kindness and truth, just because they are teachers. They have a teachers diploma. And the paper doesn't lie. When two thousand years ago, your teacher taught that the earth was flat, and then you believed them. After all, they also had diplomas. You seem to have forgotten their own school, forgot how hated her. For me it was a shock to know that most of you in childhood did not like their teachers.

If you don't like the teacher, then why go to him?

Because you can't not go. After all, you were led to believe that "teacher" is always the teacher, if he has a diploma. That doctrine is always welcome. And you always strived to lead other people to do good, they want it themselves or not. This is a trait of a man of the West. The striking naivete of adults, who for twenty years time to forget all your senses and believe in a fair, intelligent and kind teachers. But again, I don't think you so naive. You just prefer. After all, if the school is bad, if it carries your children evil, then you have something to do with it, isn't it? But what? Because you never learned how to teach themselves. And do you know what is the truth? If you're going to teach their children themselves, you will repeat the same falsehood repeated by school teachers.

The habit of all things denoted by the words leads to the fact that you don't see things. Educated you have is not the one who knows things and who knows all the words. For example, a good priest you have called is not the one who intuitively feels that what is good and evil, and the one who read all the books about good and evil. Our lamas also read books. But they must see what is behind the letters. If people can not see what is behind the letters, W e d R e a Buddhist monastic Institute, he can't pass the exam. And at the European Institute he become a doctor.

And you believe in your professors, teachers, and priests. But somewhere inside you feel that they are reproducing these lies, are the eight kinds of wrongs. So you turn away from them. You say: this life is not real. I'd rather live a real life. For example, get a mistress.

And after all – the final lie. The lie that you are Christians, that is followers of Jesus. To be a follower means to do the opposite, then you are a Christian, of course. I think antichristian also Christians. In a sense, the opposite of a sheep a sheep, and a horse – horse. For example, because sheep are obedient and meek, as sheep energetic. You call yourself a sheep herding Jesus. But in reality you sheep who wandered on the field and forgot about the fact that someone tending. Well, in any case, the RAM is closer to the sheep than the goat. But the problem is that many of you are starting to study the Eastern religions. As a result, you become someone unknown. Neither goat nor sheep. RA DOE Luh DOE.

But what you do in this case? If you have been paying attention, then you can answer yourself.

Stop believing in words. Words are not things. Words are pronounced by the people. And people lie. Stop believing in untruths. And firmly zatvorite your ear for advice. Do not trust anyone. Even I you don't have to believe. What's the use of believing if you don't understand?


Faith without understanding gives rise to fanaticism.

Discard the image of the Saint-in-the-world, which from childhood you were taught preachers. You're not Jesus. You can't love all people. You are not required to have one eternal love of your life. Not your duty to be rich. You are guilty that you do not understand women and they don't understand you. And you are not given the right to force anyone to do good. As you can, even if you do not know what is good?

And then go closer to things. Somewhere words as possible. And there give an honest assessment of ourselves. Give yourself a diagnosis. Search for a doctor. But don't sit passively in his anticipation.
Take the sword of meditation and fight those snakes that lived in your garden under the leaves of crook. After some time you can again begin to read books.

This is the Buddhist way. Assume that there are Christian. I have not tried it. Run and jump across the chasm. Maybe in flight, you will grow wings. But first it would be nice to find those who know how to fly. I don't think they are in every Church. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think I know a way to distinguish the master of flight from those who only talks about flight.

The master does not say lies. Unrighteousness in flight over death. published

Author: Kyosang Rinpoche

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