False in our lives

How rarely do we have started to meet with honesty in our lives. The world in which we live is thoroughly permeated with unrestrained words and unfulfilled promises. In this world all lie. Lie of our favorite politicians and religious figures. Lie doctors and teachers. Lie parents and friends. They do not even have to try to force yourself, it happens easily and naturally. And most importantly - we are systematically vrёm themselves and others.

Unfortunately, in the modern age there are few words that mean. Speaking of something to another person, promising something or reassuring him, we ourselves often do not take their words seriously. And often we do not take seriously the words of promised ourselves. Alas, we learned too early to come to terms with the double standards and have adapted to live in the open spaces of our "white" lie. We have forgotten that any lie deprives us of integrity leads to a gradual self-destruction, the inability to be happy and healthy, and in following this lead to the loss of the meaning of our existence. False - it is a snowball that is gaining its momentum, pulls you into an avalanche, from which is already very difficult to get out and make yourself understand that the really important


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I'm sure most people are, in principle, agree that a lie - it's bad. However, almost everyone will tell you that there are situations in which lying is not only possible, but also a must.

Not everyone will be typed boldness to say that it looks bad boss and girlfriend won the five extra kilos. Not everyone is able to honestly answer the question to his partner, "and you cheated on me?" Really for us it makes no sense to invent a little during the interview, wanting to get a better job? Why not hide the news about his financial troubles or illness of loved ones, so they are not nervous or worried about us?

We vrёm constantly. Vrёm man, promising him an appointment without planning it really is. Vrёm, when we say that today complete the project, and the mind knowing that it is physically impossible. Vrёm when we say give the money, not even knowing where will be able to find them.

We promise ourselves that this year zaymёmsya their health, let us live easier and happier, but are not showing serious intentions to make significant changes in the life necessary to achieve these goals. Over time, the habit of talking is not what we think, taking root in us. Inability to keep the word turns into real trouble - you are no longer regarded as a reliable person. If you do not find a reliable, then you undermine the foundations of credibility. A loss of trust inevitably leads to rupture of human bonds.

People are divided into 2 categories. First yourself trying to force myself to believe in what they say, though somewhere deep down, realize that their words a little force. The latter learned to lie almost consciously, creating from his lie variegated designs, vesting lies in new forms. And he and the other case - the road to nowhere

. Imagine yourself in the place of the person you just lied. Imagine that at the moment when you promise a person something which is not going to carry out, he already knows about it. As at this moment would feel this man? How would you feel in that moment, when I heard the lies close to you man? I am sure that at least you would have felt betrayed.

Now imagine what feelings are formed inside of you every time you lie to yourself? False - this is the main reason for the total lack of self-love and, as a result, and lack of love for others. According to statistics, the least trusted by others, those who most lie.

In our life becomes a lie very ornate form. Sometimes we communicate well, not to say the obvious lies, while holding in the consciousness of the fact that people will be able to understand from our words is not what it actually is. We reserve the unconditional right to lie in extreme situations, in disaster situations, misfortunes, when at stake is our life, relationships, reputation, health or money. Alas, all these strategies in life is only one - the failure of the strategy

. Lies in relation to other people - it is the basis for the loss of deep relationships with them. Lying to yourself - this is a guarantee of unhappiness, suffering, and loss of self

. In order to create within itself a philosophy total honesty try to calculate how many "little lie" or wrong you are, not thinking, talking for a whole week. Try to force yourself to read this text, do not put it off to the side, and to arrange for themselves practice what I call "the day of the truth" by giving myself to be absolutely honest in relationships with other people, and, above all, in the relationship with oneself .

Whenever evading proper action, you develop the habit to do wrong. Lying again, you develop the habit of telling lies. Promising someone to do something, be sure to do it. Crashed, but do. Wait for my word as if it affects your life because it really depends on it. And remember - "less words, more business", because people appreciate it
. Author: Anton Rudanov


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